Author's Notes: These are mini-stories done for the 50gravi challenge over at LiveJournal. The pairing is Shuichi/Maiko but I doubt it'll go anything past a brother and sister relationship... I think. If it does, you shall be warned!
Title: Punk Rocker.
Author: Elfish Etyma.
Theme: Punk #37.
Rating: G. (K... K?)
Warnings: Silly little pink-haired freaks and patient younger siblings.
Disclaimer: Well gee-golly-gosh, I don't think I own anything to do with Gravitation. Do I?
Summary: Shuichi learns why hairdressers exist.

Maiko was leant against the wall, before she rapped her hand on the door for what had to have been the fifth time in less than a minute. "Shuichi?" she called, and sighed when there was no reply. "Come on, Shuichi, it can't be that bad." She watched her sock clad feet as they twitched and she shifted them slightly as pins and needles began to form.

"Oh but it is!" came the whine from her brother. "It's gone horribly wrong."

"What, are you bald now?" she questioned, and she sat up a little, interested now that she wasn't being ignored any longer.

"No! I am not bald, Maiko!"

"Then it can't have gone 'horribly wrong', now could it?" she resorted easily, and somewhat smugly Shuichi secretly thought. "Just open the door and show me."

"Do you promise not to laugh?" he questioned, in a sullen manner, from behind the still closed bathroom door.

"I promise, Shuichi." There was an ominous click as the bathroom door was unlocked, and Maiko stood up as her brother slowly peered out a little. "Come on, Shuichi! Take the damn towel off your head."

"Don't say I didn't warn you," Shuichi muttered in the general direction of the floor even as nimble fingers screwed themselves up in the towel and yanked it off. He closed his eyes tightly.

"Oh wow. Mum's going to kill you."

The once black-haired male twirled a lock of wet hair, nervously, between his fingers. "It wasn't meant to go pink."

"Shuichi," Maiko said, dead-panned, "that's not just pink. That's bright, shocking, slap-in-the-face pink."

The now pink-haired teen flushed and started to nibble on his bottom lip. "Well, what do you think of it?"

For a moment, there was silence in the Shindou household, something that hardly ever happened, before Maiko grinned brightly and put a hand on her hip. "You look like a punk."

"Does that mean I'm going to scare old people and get tutted at?"

"Don't forget the disapproving looks, nii-chan!" Maiko cut in happily.

Shuichi smiled, seemingly put at ease with his sister's easy going attitude, and ruffled his still damp hair. "I… think it suits me."

"You could always re-dye it if you don't like it."

He thought about how much dye he'd subjected his hair to that day and thought against it; it would, no doubt, fall out if he tortured it anymore. "No, I think I'll keep it. What better way to be noticed by potential producers, eh? They'll see me from miles away!" Here, he laughed almost manically before he lifted his sister into the air. "I'll become a star in no time with hair like this!"

A delighted laugh left Maiko's lips as she was lifted. "Nittle Grasper watch out! Shindou Shuichi is coming through!"

"Bigger, better and brighter than ever!" Shuichi laughed as he put Maiko back onto the ground. "I've got to tell Hiro! See you later, Maiko!" He kissed her on her cheek before he ran off down the hall; he slid over to his shoes, jammed his feet into them and was out of the door and half-way down the street before Maiko had even had time to get her breath back.

She sighed and shook her head at her older brother's antics, and smiled indulgently as she calmly walked to her own bedroom. "Mum is so going to kill him," she cackled to herself.