Author's Notes: These are mini-stories done for the 50gravi challenge over at LiveJournal. The pairing is Shuichi/Maiko but I doubt it'll go anything past a brother and sister relationship... I think. If it does, you shall be warned!
Title: Some Extra Fat.
Author: Elfish Etyma.
Theme: Cringe #7.
Rating: G. (K... K?)
Warnings: Silly little pink-haired freaks and patient younger siblings.
Disclaimer: Well gee-golly-gosh, I don't think I own anything to do with Gravitation. Do I?
Summary: A Mother's Wrath and a Father's Apathy are greatly underrated.
Notes: Thank you for the lovely reviews!

Shuichi toed the carpet with his bare feet as his very irritated Mother stood in front of him, hands on her hips, as her left foot tapped rapidly. 'Uh oh,' thought Shuichi, as he looked back down after he'd braved a glance up. 'She's well and truly pissed off.' It was the foot, really, that gave it away; not the fact that her face was flushed red from anger, or the fact that she'd shouted herself hoarse when she'd first caught sight of Shuichi's pink hair.

"Your hair!" his Mum moaned for the fifth time. "Your beautiful, normal, black hair! What have you done to it!"

"I, er, dyed it?"

"Well I can see that!" she now yelled, as melodramatic as always – Hiro had always said he'd got his over-excitable nature off his Mum. "But why?" Shuichi didn't answer, but he could see his sister stood in the doorway as she silently laughed at him. He frowned slightly. "Don't you be pulling faces at me! Look what you've done to yourself! You look like some common-place ruffian."

"Maiko said I looked like a punk."

His Mum's eyes flashed ever-so-slightly. "Oh so your sister knew about this, did she now? I'll be having words with her for not telling me before you got back in!" Shuichi shot his sister a smug smile as she angrily glared back at him. "I suppose you knew about this, too, did you?" His Mum now rounded up on his Dad, and the man didn't bother to look up from his newspaper as he spoke for the first time during the whole rant.

"Of course I didn't, darling."

"Don't you 'darling' me! Have you even seen the state of your son?"

The man sighed slightly as he lowered his newspaper and looked his sheepish-looking son up and down. He didn't seem in the least bit bothered. "Does he still have two eyes?"

"What—yes, of course he does!"

"Eight fingers and two thumbs?"


"All his limbs in tact?"

"Of course."

"He's not got a girl pregnant, has he?"

"DAD!" Shuichi finally spoke up, his cheeks were flushed red as he looked at his Father, who looked right back at him evenly; still in wait for his answer. "Of course I haven't!" he spluttered, still red in the cheeks.

"Then that's okay." And with that, Shuichi's Dad snapped his paper back open and began to read it once more.

"What, that's it!" his Mum spluttered and Shuichi cringed. "You've got nothing to say about his hair?"

"Has it fallen out?"

"Oh for crying out loud, no!"

"Then I have nothing to say."

"You really are impossible! You," her attention turned back onto Shuichi. "To your room, now. I've got your Father to deal with."

Shuichi pulled his face in sympathy before he left the room as quick as humanly possible. He met his sister on the stairs. "You're a sadistic little git, did you know that?" she sulked. "What kind of big brother doesn't protect their little, defenceless, sister from their Mother's Wrath?"

"A big brother that was getting laughed at, you cow."

"Moooo," replied Maiko, as they both walked up the stairs, their Mother's voice already in full-swing as she, without a doubt, ranted at their Dad for his blasé attitude. "May I be a carnivorous cow?"

"Yeah, but you've got no teeth, so you can't chew the meat and you'll die of starvation."

"Nii-chan!" Maiko whined and thumped her brother on his arm, and he winced in reply. "That's not very nice! Let me eat you!"

"I sharn't," was Shuichi's sullen reply. "If it was left up to you, you would have let Mum eat me." Here, he turned the water-works on and pouted at the brunette. "So you don't deserve to eat me."

"Humph, you're all bone anyway," Maiko sniffed before she walked off.

Shuichi, however, called after her. "Just because you're beginning to harbour some fat, Ma-i-ko," he said, his voice sing-song. She turned around furiously at the suggestion and Shuichi cupped his hands around his flat chest and began to make kiss sounds; large eyes widened to look innocent. "Ooo, look at me! I'm all grown up!"

The girl flushed heavily and huffed, folded her arms around her chest, turned on her heel and stormed off to her bedroom. She closed the door with a slam and leaned against the wood, before she looked down at her breasts. "I knew putting tissue paper in my bra would be too noticeable," she moaned to herself silently, cheeks reddened, her brother's voice still audible through the door as he continued to joyfully mock her. "…Damn brothers."