Author: WhiteWolfCub
Genre: Humor/Romance
Category: Harry Potter
Warnings: Slash between Sirius/Remus, violence and the concept of insanity.
Summary: Dumbledore decides that all of the sixth years need to learn more about the muggle world. So, he takes Gryffindor's group to St. Dante's insane asylum, where they meet one Remus Lupin.

Notes: It has been a long time, and I have thought some things through very carefully. I had lost my ability to write, like, it felt awkward, so I decided to try and get it back by doing this chapter. So, I'm really sorry if the next two chapters are crap, because I am really trying to get things back in order. (O.o;) Heh, review yes? Also, a lot of people have been emailing me about my reviews I give to their stories. Basically, whenever you see the phrase 'continuation yes?' it is me. Unless someone ripped it off, or the other way around. So, that is the answer to all the people who email me about my reviews! If you don't like it, block me. Please don't though…

-Chapter Three-

The night was ghastly, the wind blowing at a top speed. The windows shuddered painfully against their edges, making a moaning sound. All the lights were turned off from within the building, only the main entrance illuminated to the grimness of the outdoors. Only one person remained outside, the wind whipping around him like a blanket to his nimble form. Gently, he wrapped his arms tightly around himself, a shiver passing through him like a wave.

All he could do was stare.

Remus locked eyes with the figure at the front gate, watching with a mixture of awe and apprehension as the long and pale fingers grasped at the gate with a burst of energy. Remus squinted against another sharp gust, pulling his hair back from his eyes to continue to watch the figure in front of him. His hazel eyes squinted, making out a struggling form against the bars.

Remus scrunched his nose, looking at the figure with a hint of disgust.

The coiled fingers around the bars loosened briefly, shaking with frustration or fury, Remus wasn't able to tell from his distance. Slowly, as if the very action was hurting the figure, bright yellow eyes looked up, boring rhythmically into Remus'. Shaky breaths were wheezed from the half dead figure, and Remus couldn't bring himself to look the other way.

The figure made a deep, guttural sound, raising its head against the newly falling rain; the droplets coming down like bullets onto the two occupants. Remus took as step back as the creature moved forward, its head hitting against the bars. Remus winced, not only at the action but at the sight of the…creature. Its skin looked melted, coming off in disturbing rolls of gray skin. Its yellow eyes were wide and blank, looking as eerie as a red moon. The pale fingers tightened uncontrollably against the iron bars, a bend completely forming in the black poles.

Remus winced, taking another step back. He jumped slightly, when, at the worst of times, a crack of raging thunder resounded through the sky. Remus shot his head up, shielding his eyes against the rain to search for any lingering lightning. Swallowing, he looked back again, his head colliding with the creatures, shaking the wits out of Remus. A terrified gasp reached Remus' mouth before a slippery (and gooey, Remus noted) fingers wrapped around his upper arm, giving a wrenching tug.

Remus whimpered, his shoes digging into the pavement, both him and the thing coming to a complete stop.

The yellow eyes turned slowly back to him, the orbs depriving any sort of protest from the trembling youth.

"Remus you shouldn't be outside," Sirius' voice cut in from the entranceway. The tall, black haired teen looked worried, his hair tied into a quick bun. Sirius glanced at him again, this time taking a more serious look. "What are you doing out here?"

Remus blinked, hazel widening as he snapped his gaze back to where the thing had been holding onto him. It was gone. He shook his head, looking from right to left in a hurried manner, unsure if he truly was going insane. Trembling, he wrapped his arms around himself, crouching into a little ball. He distinctly felt warm hands grasp his shoulders, shaking him gently. Sirius' caring voice came floating towards him in a steady way.

"Hey, you're soaked to the bone," he said. "Let's get you inside before you catch a cold…or worse."

Remus stood up on shaky legs, brushing Sirius off before turning towards the building and walking inside, ignoring Sirius as the boy followed, sneezing as he went. Remus looked back, his gaze retuning to the front gate.

I'm so stupid; to think I had been seeing that corpse Remus silently spoke, shivering to himself again.

Stepping into the little shower cubicle, he let the warm water wash over him, a frown etching on his features. Sniffling a bit, he slid down the side of the shower wall, wrapping his arms around his knees.

I'm going insane.

"I don't know what he was doing."

"Perhaps it was some sort of protest?"

"Remus has always been kinda silent…"

"Yeah, well, now poor Anna has to deal with her patients plus Remus, who has a really bad cold."

Sirius sat at his table, twirling his food endlessly around the cheap plastic plate, listening to the gossip going on right behind him. He grumbled in irritation as another sneeze was coming on, cursing himself for being so weak against the rain. Still, he couldn't help thinking about what these women were saying. What was Remus doing out there? Was he trying to escape? Sirius shook his head, from what he had seen, the boy was only standing there, gazing at nothing.

Well not nothing…he was staring at the gate Sirius thought, chewing on his bottom lip.

"You know, you should really eat your food," a voice came from behind him, startling Sirius out of his thoughts. "Wouldn't want you getting as ill as poor Remus."

Sirius turned around, his eyes brightening at the sight of Anna. "Hey," he greeted softly.

She smiled in turn, taking a seat next to him. Her gentle hands clasped over Sirius' shaking (shaking? Sirius noticed) ones, holding them firmly.

"I can ex-," Sirius started, but Anna shook her head.

"Remus is sorry," she said, smiling. "Here, this is for you." She slid a clean piece of paper over to where Sirius was sitting; releasing the hold she had on his hands. With gentle movements, she silently got up and left.

Sirius blinked, unsure of what he wanted to do. He stared at the paper with a mixture of apprehension and excitement. Why did he care what Remus had to say to him though? He should just, unfold it, laugh at it, think on it for a while, and then later confront Remus about it.

I'm talking like Remus is a friend Sirius mentally snorted.

He took the paper with care, looking at it carefully before opening it, opening it up to reveal the little message scribbled on there in a hurry. Sirius smiled to himself, even Remus' handwriting was good when in a hurry.

He looked up, reading the little message over and over again, trying to make sense of what he was reading.

I think I'm actually crazy

Sirius blinked.

What the fuck?

To James, nothing was ever to be taken seriously. If you were in detention with a particularly strict professor, make a game out of it. Make their hats levitate above their heads while writing 'I will not pull pranks' over and over on a piece of rotten parchment. If your most treasured best friend never comes back after a class trip, laugh about it while strangling the professor in charge of that group.

Choking the Headmaster is not a good idea though.

James sat rigidly in the seat before Dumbledore's desk, glaring daggers at the old man. If anyone would come in right now, they would probably send James to Azkaban for attempted assassination on one of the greatest wizards ever to exist. James narrowed his eyes even further.

"I take it you are worried about what has now befallen your bosom buddy," Dumbledore started, folding his wrinkled hands in a wrinkled heap on the desk.

James raised an eyebrow.


Did he even want to know? James shook his head furiously, biting his lip before speaking. "Cut the crap, Sirius hasn't come back from his trip, and that was a month ago!" He yelled, kicking the chair back as he stood up in a hurry.

Dumbledore didn't seem worried about the sudden burst of anger. "It will be a while longer, but he will return."

James made a strange strangling sound in his throat. Eventually, though, he took a deep breath, nodding his head to tell himself too actually calm down and listen to what the old man was saying. Picking his chair up in a seemingly defeated way, James sat down again, this time choosing to vent his anger into his twiddling thumbs. He looked up at Dumbledore, a clear message of 'are you happy now?!' going through their gazes.

Dumbledore at least had the decency to look slightly hurt. "Sirius chose to do this of his own free will," he said.

"How much persuasion?" James asked.

"Not much," Dumbledore replied.

"How much persuasion?" James repeated, this time putting a little more force into it. He smiled in satisfaction as Dumbledore nodded.

"Quite a lot."

James nodded in understanding; after all, he knew how stubborn his best mate could be. Shaking his head to clear the meaningless thoughts, James stared strait into Dumbledore's piercing gaze, holding his breath. "Where is Sirius?" He asked, seemingly strained.

"I have something I need to explain first," Dumbledore replied, and James couldn't help get the impression the old man was skating around his question. "This is very important so you can later understand Sirius' mission."

Mission? He makes it sound like Sirius is at war… James thought dryly.

"Go on," James added, hopefully to make it clear he was listening.

"The threat with Tom is rising-," Dumbledore started, but cut himself off at James' confused stare. "The man that has been causing a lot of ruckus lately, he calls himself Voldemort but…"

"I see, continue."

Dumbledore nodded, clearing his throat to begin again. "He is recruiting many witches and wizards for his cause, some going willingly some being captured. Right now, he has what he calls a 'Werewolf Waiting List' in which he captures teenagers and converts them into werewolves for his cause. This is his current mission as of late, but eventually, if his plan does succeed, he will move on."

"What does this have to do with Sirius?" James asked, intrigued despite himself.

Dumbledore raised a hand, silencing his question. "Do you know the Lupin family?" He asked.

"Yeah, my dad and mum work directly below them at the Ministry," James replied, nodding his head. "They are the head of their departments, really good. Apparently, the Ministry has been doing great since they came about sixteen years ago."

"Did you know they had a son?" Dumbledore asked, smiling in relief that he wouldn't have to explain the Lupin family.

James, however, shook his head in answer to the next question. "Maybe a long time ago, but he died when he was five. All over the Prophet my mum said."

"Yes well, Remus Lupin isn't exactly dead," Dumbledore said. "In fact I had just found him a month ago."

Month ago…? James thought, confused. Our trips were a month ago.

"You see, Remus is in a difficult place for me to easily access him and get him here, but in an opportune place for Tom to get to him," Dumbledore explained, suddenly very serious. "Mr. Black is quite skilled in socializing, magic, and getting people to notice him, he was the perfect one for the job."

"Perfect…for the…job -er, wait a minute, he isn't some employee! Sirius is a student, like me!" James retorted loudly. Dumbledore chortled happily.

"His mission is to simply coax Remus into coming to Hogwarts to finish out his school career," the old Headmaster explained lightly, but, a thoughtful look crossed his features. "I can deliver that nice little mirror Sirius has in his trunk to him, I'm sure you could talk to him all the time then."

"WH-How do you- we never-!" James stuttered, looking embarrassed.

"Oh I know many a things," Dumbledore responded.

James sat in silence, looking at the polished wood of the headmaster's desk with false interest. What if that Volde-guy came to get that Rem-whoever? Sirius wouldn't have a chance to defend against an ambush. Hold on though, Sirius' group went to that insane place right? What if the crazy people hurt him?! What if they render him…insane!? I have got to contact my bosom buddy!

James stopped all of his thoughts.

Bosom buddy? Oh man…

"I'm retiring. I think my services to this place have been completed."

"Alright, you are free to go then," the woman behind the desk said, smiling a bit at the head doctor. "Did you hand in all your paper work though?"

Blaire McCoggan, the head doctor to the St. Dante's Mental Hospital, was finally retiring after being conned into working for Muggles for ten years. Blame Albus Dumbledore for that, if people wanted to point the finger. He was a nice guy though, never raising his voice against the people, never prodding too much when examining a patient, he was all about being the doctor -the nice doctor.

"Yes, everything is handed in and signed," he smiled warmly at his boss, making her blush.

"T-thank you Blaire, it has been a pleasure all these years," she said kindly, standing up and extending her hand to him. "I hope the new hospital treats you well."

Blaire stood up as well, grinning from ear to ear. "Thank you, I intend to do my absolute best while being there," he said softly, shaking her hand in reply.

Her grin suddenly shifted. "I'm afraid his paperwork won't be ready for about another week though," she said softly.

"Not to worry, Remus is a special case right?" He said, still keeping that smile. "The hospital will have time to set everything up for him then. Honestly though, I can wait." He added the last part from noticing her worried gaze.

"In a week you will come pick him up then?" She asked.

"Yes, in one week," he said. He bowed and shook her hand again, grabbing his coat on the way out. Clicking the door softly behind him he let a small smile fall to his face. His yellow eyes reflected deeply from the lighted hallways, and the tile on the floor made his shoes clack rhythmically as he walked. Stiffening at the sudden burn on his arm, he raised his white coated sleeve, revealing a burning skull with a snake passing through it.

"You called Master Voldemort?" He whispered softly, apparating away when no one was watching.

Sirius stood in complete silence, watching as the doctor apparated to wherever he was going, making sure to keep himself hidden from view around the corner.

"Who's Voldemort?" He asked softly.


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