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Uzumaki Naruto couldn't quite describe the thoughts that ran across his mind as he continued his search across the rock-strewn valleys of Earth Country. Many things had happened in his eighteen years of life, but none were more imperative than the end of the war at the moment.

True, the Snake-bastard was dead and his former teammate had been dragged back to Konoha after his failed attempt to kill his brother. Akatsuki had failed whatever nefarious plot it had concocted, and even now only a couple of members still remained alive, even if they were rendered useless after everything was said and done.

However, the costs of these victories had severally weakened Konoha and it was all the opening that the Hidden Rock Village had needed.

They had mobilized a great number of shinobi, probably in an attempt to assuage their wounded pride because of their loss at Konoha's hands in the last Great Shinobi War. But they had underestimated the Leaf's strength once again, costing them dearly as they tried to pierce through, what they believed, were weakened defenses.

However, Konoha's strength has never been and never was in its numbers, but in the extreme power and skill that each one of their individual shinobi controlled. That, along with their comradeship and collaboration allowed the leaf-nin to react quickly and push back any approaching attacks. And as the Rock-nin hesitated when faced with the power shown by the diminished number of the Leaf was their fortune sealed, for they allowed Konoha to organize itself and mount a decisive counterstrike.

They had allowed enough time to call for backup, and it had arrived in a haze of red chakra.

Naruto himself was single-handedly responsible for pushing the Rock-nins back into their territory and out of the Country of Fire, making it so that Konoha didn't even have to resort to calling their allies in the Sand. With the complete powers of the Kyuubi absorbed and under his complete and precise control, Naruto rained destruction upon the Rock's forces for a whole week without any rest until the boarders of the Fire Nation were secure.

His red eyes and clawed hands became as feared as the torrents of chakra that he expelled when in battle; an army of frogs and Shadow Clones following at his heals. It was because of his restless intervention and massive distraction that the Leaf was able to quickly infiltrate the Earth country and rapidly sabotage their supplies and facilities, efficiently crippling their attempt to wage war against them

It was the shortest war in history. It had lasted the whole of a month.

Still, Rock-nin were nothing if not stubborn, so it took the complete incapacitation of their force to make them entirely withdraw. It took Naruto to actually infiltrate their Hidden Village and mount a massive attack for them to recall all of their ninja back. Of course, he didn't actually kill anyone, but over half of their shinobi force was completely incapacitated and forcibly retired from active duty by the end.

So it was that with their village in shambles, their Kage humiliated and their attack a complete failure that the war ended. The Leaf-nin had quickly withdrawn from the Country of Earth and a peace treaty was being murmured about between the two nations.

Still, there was someone who was unaccounted for and Naruto was hot on his trail. If he had anything to say about it, no one would be left behind.

They had combed the whole country for any of their fallen and injured comrades for the last few days as they slowly retreated within their borders and their village once more. But one of his friends was missing, and even though he was tired, battered and bruised, he refused to leave one of his precious people behind.

As a result, he had been given leave to search for his missing friend knowing that the mere sight of him would scare whatever opposition that he could encounter. The fact that on his own he was a more effective search team then the whole Inuzuka Clan combined was also taken into consideration. Not to mention that after he alone had thwarted an entire war, only Tsunade herself, the Godaime of Konoha would even dare stand up to him and deny his request. But she knew how stubborn he was and how much he cared for his friends, so she did not have the heart or a reason to deny him.

This is what leads Konoha's Most Surprising Ninja to where he is at the moment, searching the mountains of Earth Country for one Hyuuga Neji.

Neji had been sent on a solo mission to sabotage a supply line on the west of the country, which, even though remote in location, could still pose a threat to Konoha. The only message that they received was a short missive stating the success of the mission some days ago, but no sign of the Hyuuga had been seen since.

When he arrived at the border outpost after helping with the withdrawal of their forces, Naruto had set out to find him. He was one of the last to report in but he quickly asked for the rest of his friends and their conditions. No one dared to deny him the information and Tsunade herself, who was overseeing the deployment of their forces, did not even try to stop him when he found out about it and set out to find his missing comrade.

Summoning one of the bigger Toads as a means of transportation, he arrived at the site of Neji's mission in less then six hours. There he found that the report of the mission's success was correct, as the bridges that would have allowed the Rock-nins to bring supplies through this route had been completely destroyed. But, as he deployed over one thousand clones to search for his friend, he found signs of battle and the scent of the lost member of Maito Gai's former team.

Naruto knew that Neji was one of the best Jonin's in Konoha, but it seemed that he had been discovered and pursued. He found several sites of failed ambush's, which was expected seeing that the young Hyuuga's Byakugan had a range of a few miles. Still, it seemed that there were several teams of Rock-nins present and they gave him quite a chase as well as a good fight, if the bodies scattered around were any indication.

But then he reached the place were the battle had been resolved. Here Naruto found clear signs of Neji's fight, if the marks on the grown were anything to go by, as there was a clear impression that can only be caused by multiple use of the Heavenly Spin or Kaiten. However, that is where every lead ends; He didn't find any tracks leading away from the fight.

Nevertheless, he didn't see Neji's body anywhere or any signs of him at all. There was too much blood around for him to determine if the young Hyuuga was injured, since what he found could easily be from any of the others shinobi. Yet, the obvious sings that these Rock-nins had fought with the Hyuuga prodigy were there; from the slight marks and bruises that spoke of sealed chakra points, to signs of internal damage done by precise Juuken strikes. It all added up to a Hyuuga beating the crap out of every one of these enemy shinobi.

Yet, said Hyuuga prodigy was nowhere to be found, so Naruto assumed that Neji had kept running after he had defeated these guys in case there were more on the way. The fact that there was no trace of anyone leaving the battle gave him hope that his friend had just covered his tracks as he slowly retreated. But it worried him that Neji hadn't reached any of their outposts or camps, or at least attempted to contact anyone.

Finishing with his investigation, he and his Shadow Clones quickly dispersed and started out in a tight search pattern. He found signs of other enemy patrols around, which would explain why Neji didn't contact them. It had only been a few days since the war ended and the Rock probably recalled every active shinobi back to their Village in an attempt to reinforce their defenses there before they did anything else.

Seeing as this is such a remote location, it would mean that the enemy patrol would have only left recently, and if Neji was injured enough that he couldn't slip past a few patrols, then he would have found a good shelter to rest in and regain his strength until such a time when he could escape without drawing attention to himself.

With this in mind, he quickly directed orders to his Clones and he started searching for places where Neji might have used for refuge, which quickly led him far away from any path and into a set of very treacherous mountains and cliffs. Soon he found his first sign that he was in the right path about twenty miles from where the fight took place, and some seven miles from where the Rock-nin patrols passed through.

It a matter of minutes he had a clear trail that made his heart sink as further evidence that his friend was more then slightly injured showed themselves. He found puddles of dark blood and places where Neji had obviously stumbled and fell. It led straight toward a sheer drop, where darkness concealed the true depth of the fissure which he was looking down upon.

Taking a deep breath, he crouched on the edge and looked down, his elongated pupils adjusting to the darkness. It was an ingenious place to hide, since even his eyes, which could see in complete darkness, could not find anything. Turning, he ordered half of his clones to completely conceal their tracks, not knowing what state he would find his friend in and not wanting any enemy shinobi to find them.

The other half of his clones came to stand in a long line across the end of the cliff and as one they started walking down, all of their senses in alert, looking for any sign of the Hyuuga. If anything, he was more determined to find him quickly.

Information started filling his mind as clone after clone began to dissipate after their jobs had been finished. As it stood, their tracks had been quickly covered and any signs that Neji had passed through there had been erased. Soon, nothing would remain to mark their passing. On the other hand, as he and his clones descended further into the darkness, he could see several caves on the rock face, and he ordered several of his clones to enter each one and search.

Neji could be unconscious or worse. But he quickly pushed that thought out of his mind. The Hyuuga was probably low on chakra, so he wouldn't know he was here until he was closer to his resting place, and he was probably too tired to signal him.

Still, he hoped that he was not too late.


Hyuuga Neji had never felt as hopeless as he did at the moment. True, he had completed his mission, but a number of enemy ninja had detected him and given chase. He ran and evaded several ambushes for close to three hours, but there were a great many enemies in pursuit who later caught up to him and tried to overwhelm him.

The Hyuuga style of fighting gave a great advantage when faced with multiple enemies, but there was only so much a single Hyuuga could do when faced with so many high level shinobi. He had defeated them, of course, but the consequences of that victory were giving him a fair bit of trouble.

Then again, due to their high tolerance for pain and because of their training, shinobi could survive things that would spell death to a normal civilian. But even ninjas had their limits and Neji was quickly reaching his.

It was the third day since he had completed his mission and two days since he was attacked and injured. He had managed to escape undetected, but there was only so much he could do with the extent of his wounds. His chakra was dangerously low seeing as he had used his Byakugan for the last two days almost constantly, looking for when the patrols would lighten up enough to allow him to escape. Still, it had not happened and as he lay there, on the cold stone floor, darkness surrounding him, he felt his hope slip away with his blood and evaporate with his chakra.

Closing his eyes, he was just about to give up when light flooded his hiding place. A place deep within one of the fissures of Earth Country, hidden between mountains and rocks, concealed by a darkness so deep that few would ever think to look for him there.

But still, as consciousness started to slip through his fingers, he detected a presence approach him that he had not felt in nearly a month. And for the first time in two days, a smile graced his tired features.

"Neji?" he heard the voice, full of concern, as a hand cupped his face, "Neji, I need you to wake up," the voice said again, but he couldn't open his eyes, he was too tired, so he allowed himself to fall into darkness, hope flaring brightly to life as he leaned into the warm touch.


Hyuuga Neji looked as if he had crossed the very depths of hell. His long hair was in disarray, his face dirty and scratched; he was bleeding from several severe injuries, and Naruto knew that the Hyuuga had to have slowed down his heart rate and eaten a few blood replenishing pills to allow him to remain alive until now. His clothes were torn and blood-soaked, and he could clearly see a great many superficial wounds, probably made by weapons that he wasn't able to dodge.

Still, Naruto would do anything he could to help, and at the moment there was a great many things to do. Composing himself, he quickly set to work; he ordered some of his clones to find fire-wood, food and water, others to secure the perimeter, and others still to search for another couple of caves for their use. As things stood, the smell of blood that permeated this particular cave was a pain in the ass, especially when his sharp sense of smell was taken into account.

With that done, Naruto quickly turned to his friend, taking a deep breath, even as three of his clones stayed around to help. He removed Neji's tattered shirt, almost having to peel it from the Hyuugas skin, careful not to aggravate any of the injuries as he pealed away the dried blood, and looked over his injuries, noting the broken ribs and punctured lung first, and then the wounds, bruises and scrapes last. He noted the broken leg and hemorrhaging and was amazed that his friend was still alive.

He wouldn't be able to move the older boy much and he would need to clean the wounds first and foremost. Healing him would be very tricky, but he knew of a way to do it. For that, however, he needed to have Neji awake and aware; if not, the risk could be too great.

Sitting back on his heals, Naruto quickly ripped what he could of Neji's clothes, taking care to leave any of the useful bits, separating what could be used for bandages on the side and handing the pile of blood-soaked and caked remains to one of his clones to dispose.

He took note of the small, smokeless fire that was quickly set up in the middle of the rather spacious cave and set out to clean Neji's wounds, giving his fellow Jonin one of his own blood replenishing pills, which he had to coax down his throat.

What with the few medical supplies that he had, he needed to use all of his resources well. His clones were hard at work and a basin made out of rock and filled with water was quickly placed at his side. At the same time, another clone took the scraps that remained of the Hyuugas shirt, along with the still whole pants, and went to wash them, both for later use in the case of the pants, and for current use in the case of the shirt.

Naruto himself quickly took off his orange vest and folded it under Neji's head, and then ripped his black t-shirt with his claws so that he could use it to clean the blood from his injured friend's body. Slowly and with care, he started with the boys face, ignoring how clones come and went to get everything ready. The water on the basin was regularly changed as he wiped the wounds clean and quickly wrapped them with the bandages he had at first and then with the strips of torn shirt, both his and Neji's, last. He took care to set the bone on the older boy's right leg and wrapped it tightly, knowing that this was the best he could do for now.

Now he needed to wait for the young Hyuuga to wake up.

He allowed one of his clones to take his place and went to check out everything else. At the moment, there were only six clones left; two of them stayed with Neji, one was out hunting nearby, one was in the cave were he would move Neji to and the other two were patrolling, or on watch.

When he entered the cave where he was planning to move Neji to, so that he could heal him, he noticed that there was a bed of soft earth, made by a technique on one side, and another smokeless fire on the middle; Water and another basin along with some fruits that other clones had collected stood close by.

The other cave was small, but it was well away and would allow him to cook fish or meat at a later time without the annoyance of the smell or smoke. Nodding in satisfaction and knowing that he needed to get back to his friend, he entered the cave where he was resting and found white eyes looking back at him.

Good, he was awake.

Quickly making his way toward the injured shinobi, he dismissed the two clones and noticed that the other teen had just woken up a few minutes ago. Sitting beside his friend, who had a pained grimace stretched across his face, he just started checking the bandages, "how are you?"

"Better," was the short, scratchy reply and Naruto gave a sigh of relief, helping the boy to sit up slightly and gave him a drink of water.

"Good," he started, knowing that it would be better if he explained everything quickly, "but you have a great many injuries still. The broken ribs and punctured lung are the worst of it, as it could lead to complications sooner rather then later. The rest of your wounds are not that serious, but you do have a broken leg. I can tell you that you can't be moved, since that would just make the internal bleeding worse," here he paused and looked his friend in the eyes, "you have a few options, but I will let the decision up to you."

Taking a deep breath, he calmed his nerves, knowing that he needed to remain calm, "first, I can go and bring help, but that would take a couple of days at least, especially if the Rock regroups by then. We could risk transportation, but as I said, moving you is extremely risky at the moment, and the last option is that you allow me to heal you myself," he finished, his face serious.


Neji, for his part, understood the first two options completely, even with the hazy state of his mind. As soon as he woke up he thought that those were the only options that he would have available to him, so he was extremely surprised by the third option.

Looking at Naruto, who stood at his side, his respect for his friend reached new heights. He knew that the young Jonin in front of him was the strongest Shinobi in Konoha, and the last thing he had heard of him he had been holding a whole army by himself, and actually pushing them back. The fact that he was here now, searching for him, probably meant that the war was over, since the Hokage wouldn't send her strongest shinobi in a search for a single person.

True, from what the clones had said, he knew that the Rock-nins had been defeated and that Konoha was retreating, but he was deeply touched that Naruto would care enough for him to come looking for him personally. If it were any other person, they would have only found a corpse with how his condition was at the moment. And even if Naruto had bandaged him up, he was still far from stable.

He looked over at the solemn blue eyes of his friend and took the time to take stock of his rescuer. The slit like pupils in the shining blue eyes were wide because of the lack of light; he knew that Naruto was the same height as him, even if his wild golden hair gave the illusion that he was slightly taller. The whisker-like marks on his cheeks were more pronounced after he had absorbed the Kyuubi, even if the middle one was more prominent, followed by the ones bellow and then by the ones on top. It gave him a particular feral look which was offset by clearly defined features. His ears were slightly pointed and his fingers were extended into very sharp claws, which he knew could be retracted with some effort.

It was when he looked at the clawed hands that he noticed that his friend was bare-chested and saw the black bandages that covered some of his wounds, and deduced that his head must be resting on the orange vest. Truly, it was softer then he would have thought.

But that was neither here nor there. At the moment he needed to focus on his options, the first option would have been the one with less risk, considering that Naruto could reach Konoha in half a day on one of his Toads, and then bring someone to stabilize him enough to be moved, but the time constraint could be too much, at the fastest possible speed it would take thirty hours. With his internal bleeding, he didn't know if he could last that long. Sending a messenger asking for assistance would take much longer, seeing as they would have to dispatch a whole team, who would take too much time and could be killed on the way if they ran into Rock-nin.

Naruto was probably the only one who could cross Earth Country without opposition at the moment. Anyone else would need too much backup, and that would mean that they would take even more time to arrive.

The second option would have a greater risk, but the risk lies in actually moving him. Any jostling could mean a worsening of the internal bleeding, which would shorten his life expectancy dramatically. Naruto could coordinate a medic team to meet them in the border, and they could probably reach it in eight hours in one of his Toads, but all that jumping around could literally kill him.

Going on foot would take too long. So it's not even feasible.

That leaves the third option.

He knew for a fact that Naruto only knows first aid, maybe a bit more. As his enormous amounts of chakra prevent him from having the control necessary to pull off any medical techniques; so how would Naruto heal him himself?

He focused his eyes and turned his head slightly to the left to meet Naruto's gaze, taking a small breath and trying not to jostle his ribs, he just decided to look for a better explanation of the third option, "How can you heal me yourself, Naruto?" he asked, his voice a mere whisper, rough with pain.

Here the blond fidgeted slightly before he noticeably squared his shoulders, if the shifting muscles were anything to go by. He sensed it before he saw it, and as Naruto molded some chakra the seal that used to house the Demon Fox appeared around the younger Jonin's navel, "you know that all of the Kyuubi's chakra is within the seal, right? Well, without the Demon controlling it, all of its negative aspects are gone, but the chakra is still different, thicker then normal chakra" he explained, placing a hand on his stomach, "I've tested it a bit, and it has regenerative and healing capabilities. However," here he paused, his cheeks turning slightly pink as he scratched the back of his head with his free hand, "You need skin to skin contact with the seal for it to work."

That was actually pretty impressive. He wondered why Naruto looked so embarrassed about it, so he asked, making the teen blush a little more before explaining, "Well, the thing is," he started before clearing his throat and visibly controlling himself, "for it to work we would need to position ourselves in such a way that our chakra coils are aligned, especially those close to the seal, and when I tested it with my clones, it was best if the skin contact was with the whole seal."

Neji watched Naruto as he said this and slowly, very slowly, comprehension dawned on him. Looking at the seal, he noticed that a third of it was below the waistband of Naruto's long baggy black pants. Oh. If it needed skin to skin contact, then they would need to get naked. Right. With his broken ribs, he would have to lie down with his back to Naruto so that their chakra coils would align right. He could lie down on his stomach, but that would put pressure on his already broken ribs.

And then he remembered something and completely understood why Naruto seemed so embarrassed.

His face carefully neutral, he voiced his next thoughts, "are there any side effects to this?" his voice still a rough whisper even after Naruto gave him another sip of water.

"Well, that's the risk of this; I've only tried this on small animals and my clones. I could channel the chakra through my hands, but as the chakra enters my coils, it mixes with my own and gets diluted, so it would take a lot to do anything, and that would cause your own coils to get damaged for anything significant to happen. If it were a minor injury I would have suggested that. However, since it's so serious, it's better if I just channel the chakra straight out of the seal. The only side effects that I know of are the possibility of chakra burns, a boost in energy and a disruption of your chakra system until the foreign chakra is completely absorbed."

Looking at it from different perspectives, it was the best option he had available. There's the fact that in any other occasion where he wasn't in so much pain and with the risk of death by blood loss hanging over his head, being naked with Naruto would have been a bonus. Then again, he didn't know if his friend would be interested in anything of the sort. There was a visible lack of anything even resembling a relationship in the blond's life, and they had speculated many times before why that was. After all, Naruto had grown up into one of the most desirable men in Konoha.

Maybe it would be a good time to ask him.

However, he needed to stay alive for that first. "Okay Naruto, lets try it. I don't think I can make it any other way."

Nodding, the blond just stood up and created three clones, one of which transformed into a stretcher. He was gently lifted and placed on the stretcher and when they reached the mouth of the cave, he noticed how much fresher the air was. Screwing his nose slightly at the acrid smell that he hadn't noticed before, he took small breathes and looked upward, taking note of the late hour.

He was taken a couple of caves over where a merry fire was burning; looking at the slightly reclined bed of soft earth close to it from the corner of his eyes, he was glad that Naruto had taken everything into consideration. Truly, how had he ever thought of the blonde as an idiot?

As it was, he noticed how silent his friend was, but decided not to comment on it. Bringing a basin of clean water over, Naruto looked over at him briefly; his cheeks tinged pink and started undoing the bandages around his stomach, cleaning the wounds slowly to avoid aggravating any of the injuries.

Then Naruto simply cut his underwear at the sides with his claws and the next think he knew, the orange vest that had before served as a pillow was now draped over him, allowing him some modesty when the remains of his boxer-briefs were disposed of. Not that he needed modesty anyways.

He took note of the resolute set of Naruto's shoulders as the other Jonin took of his sandals first and then his pants, leaving him in a pair of black boxers. By now, the blonds face was almost red, so he closed his eyes to give his friend some privacy.

What Konoha didn't know was that there was a method in which the Hyuuga acquired their iron clad emotional control. Since even the worst of the clan could activate their bloodline to the minimum, and the minimum still allowed them to look through solid objects, it was safe to say that the Hyuuga are the best perverts there are.

Since they are able to use their eyes, they need to learn to control their reactions to what they see around them. Because of this, a Hyuuga has no shame, for they learn to appreciate the human body in all its forms since such a young age.

Hinata was a very rare exception.

So he could tell with all certainty that he knew what was making Naruto so embarrassed, which was rare in itself, even if the teen didn't have anything to be embarrassed about. Literally. It had been a topic of conversation within the clan for a long time, as it had happened after the blond had absorbed all of the Kyuubi's chakra. In the end, a few months after the Demon was no more, something strange started to happen. There was speculation regarding the side effects of the merging, including the inhuman amounts of stamina that the boy processed, but it took a lot of spying to find out the reasons for this particular phenomenon.

It seemed that upon merging, the Kyuubi's chakra did a number on Naruto, which resulted in a perfect example of the male body. Each and every muscle and detail were fine tuned and refined. He had so much chakra running though his system that his body was constantly getting stronger and perfecting itself, to the point were every time he uses a certain muscle, this muscle just gets stronger with every use.

So when he started making use of a particular part of his body, as any teenage boy does, something different happened. Naruto became the first man to ever have a permanent erection; or at least, the closest thing to one that has ever been seen.

And truly, it was a sight to behold, as every Hyuuga can say.

Consequently, when he heard the rustle that meant that Naruto was removing his boxers and then came the sounds of him undoing the bandages that kept his very healthy, erect member in place, Hyuuga Neji didn't react in the slightest. For Neji had long ago learned to control his reactions to any perverted thoughts. Even when the best looking man in Konoha is getting naked beside him and he wants nothing else but to activate his Byakugan and see him from every perspective. After all, the bandages that the blond wears to restrain his unrelenting hard-on do take away from the wonderful view.

He was perfectly calm when he heard that Naruto was lying on his back and when the two clones moved the stretcher on top of Naruto and lowered him slowly. It was ingenious the things that the boy came up with while using his clones. When he was comfortable enough, the stretcher disappeared in a puff of smoke as the clone was dispelled.

And suddenly, he could feel only soft skin and hard muscle beneath him. The heat coming from Naruto's body chased away whatever chill had been gathering since he had been hiding in these caves. He relaxed completely; resting his head on the blond's right shoulder as warm hands moved him into a more comfortable position.

His hair was gently gathered and moved out of the way, and Naruto maneuvered their bodies so that their chakra coils would match the best. Still he was a few inches too high, but he felt the younger Jonin steel his nerves.

"Neji, you should know…" he started, but he interrupted with a whisper.

"I know, Naruto, I don't mind. Really. We can talk about it later, when I'm not dying of blood loss."

With a gulp, Naruto finished moving him into place and his very hard, very warm and very big cock was suddenly resting between his ass cheeks; and really, Neji thought that there were probably a great many people who would have wanted to be in his position. If it wouldn't have scared Naruto shitless at that moment, Neji would have made short work of parting his butt cheeks and giving Naruto's member a good hug.

As things stood, Hyuuga Neji gave no outward reaction to this or his naughty thoughts, allowing Naruto to breathe a sigh of relief and finally relax. If anything, the white eyed teen praised the Hyuuga in his mind once more. If not for the intensive training that they gained at being discreet perverts, he was sure that Naruto would not have reacted as well.

The blond was probably very insecure about his condition, which would explain why the teen was still unattached, or hadn't gone out with anyone for that matter. But considering the circumstances, he could probably get some answers if he approached the issue correctly.

His thoughts paused however, when a thick, almost syrupy kind of chakra began to seep slowly thought the chakra points at his back. It was an odd feeling, but not unpleasant in the least. He could feel Naruto not only controlling the flow of chakra, but actually directing it after it entered his body. Slowly, very slowly, his ribs began to mend, and Neji marveled at the technique. The chakra was also beginning to mix with his own, and even if he could feel his chakra flow become slightly irregular, he felt his energy coming back quickly, which is a very peculiar feeling, especially after being on the verge of chakra exhaustion not five minutes earlier.

His breathing eased as his lungs were repaired and within thirty minutes, the worst of the damage was completely healed. And he marveled at the technique even more. Even Medic-nins couldn't heal bones like that.

He turned his head slightly and noticed that Naruto was sweating quite a bit; it seemed that the effort to make this work was more then he had anticipated. Still, the other boy was in deep concentration, focusing in the lacerations on his torso. But the strain of directing the chakra was obvious, "You should rest a bit, you know," he commented lightly, so as not to startle the blond.

At his comment, he felt the chakra within his body recede into Naruto once more, which was a decidedly odd feeling. Panting slightly, Naruto relaxed completely and Neji did his best to ignore the hardness resting hotly against him. He had questions about it, after all.

Taking a slight risk, he removed the vest from on top of him, exposing them to the chilly air of the cave and took both of Naruto's hands and placed them on his stomach with his own, allowing for the slight breeze to reach the blond, who seemed to be slightly startled by his movements.

"Relax, Naruto, rest a bit. I can feel that my ribs and lungs are healed, so I think it would be best if we wait before continuing," he said, and slowly moved to lie on Naruto's right side, easily moving within the blonde's arms to get comfortable; pressing himself to the other Jonin's flank and resting his head on the others shoulder without aggravating his broken leg and other assorted injuries.

He could feel how tense the blond was, and he was sure that the other teen had never been touched in such a way. Then again, he hadn't either, but since he was taking the initiative for now, he could adapt to the feeling much more quickly. So without further thought, he placed the discarded vest across Naruto's groin, simply closed his eyes, and waited for the other to relax.

"Thanks you for coming for me, Uzumaki, I doubt that anyone else would have been able to find me as quickly as you did." And that was all it took.

Naruto turned sheepish and gave him a light squeeze, closing his eyes in thought and keeping them shut as they spoke. "Don't worry about it; I'm sure that you would have done the same for me."

"I would have, but if it were you, Hokage-sama herself would have come looking." Which was true enough; the Slug Sannin would have moved all of Konoha to search for the blond.

At that comment, Naruto snorted and mumbled something about crazy old hags, but he was not certain. As it was, he had a few questions to ask, "Naruto?"

"Hmmm. Yes?"

Oh, well, it's always best to go straight to the point with him, "Why were you embarrassed about doing this? I mean, it's an extraordinary technique, and from what I've felt, you have nothing to be ashamed of," and as he said this he ran a finger lightly across Naruto's hardness, making it twitch, before resting his hand on the other boy's stomach.

Naruto gave no reaction and seemed to have gained control over himself. He was probably trying to analyze Neji's behavior since he rarely acted like this, even if blood loss could be attributed to be at fault if the conversation turned out for the worst.

"Do you really want to know?" he asked, taking on the same indifferent and slightly relaxed tone of voice that Neji was using himself. This was good, and if the finger drawing patterns on his bare back were any indication, then the outcome of this conversation shouldn't be too bad.


And so Naruto explained most of what he had known already about his seemingly constant hard-on and several more things that he hadn't thought about. It was different hearing it from him, and he could understand how such a thing could become awkward and uncomfortable. However, it seemed that it was not as they had suspected, it was not that Naruto was sexually excited all the time, it was that the muscles had hardened in the same way that all of his muscles had. It was in interesting thought, but if that's how it is normally, then what exactly would happen if he got his blood pumping?

His hand twitched to test that theory, but he held off.

Then came the reason why Naruto had not perused anyone yet. He was incredible fertile, it seemed. He would only have to sleep with a girl once to get her pregnant. According to Tsunade, no kind of protection or technique would work in holding off Naruto's super strong sperm at bay. Only if the girl was completely infertile would he be able to have sex with them without risk. And really, what teenage guy wouldn't be scared shitless at the thought of being a guaranteed father the first time he slept with someone?

He was sure that there were a couple of things that Naruto left out, but as he burrowed slightly into the warmth that the blond seemed to radiate unconsciously, he decided to ask a question that had already made itself comfortable in his mind.

"Have you considered just having sex with a guy?"

Really, it was an innocent question.

Naruto just chuckled, and he let himself hope, if only a little, "Are all Hyuuga's perverts?" he asked, shocking him to the core. That was a clan secret! "Anyways, of course I've considered it, but it's not a topic that comes up in regular conversation, you know?"

"That's true."

"Why do you ask, Hyuuga?" he asked with a playful tone in his voice, "are you offering?"

And at that moment he turned his head up to look at the blond and waited until he shifted enough to meet his white eyes, and with a completely serious face he answered.

"I am."

And with that, he pulled himself slightly upward and brushed his lips with the shocked blond. It was a soft touch, and the next moment he was once again resting his head on the other boy's shoulder, eyes closed and relaxed.

Naruto, for his part, simply shook himself and wrapped his arm around his injured friend in consideration, the surprise melting slowly. "I'll think about it, Neji, but for the moment we should rest. We can talk about that a bit later, after you're completely healed."

"Of course."

Silence filled the cave for the next few hours, but thoughts flowed unrestrained within the minds of both young shinobi. Both would have been surprised to learn what the other was thinking, but seeing as one was a Hyuuga and the other was mentored by the infamous Toad Sannin, it is safe to say that their thoughts were completely unwholesome.


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