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If anyone were to travel deep within the western mountains of the Country of Earth, somehow find their way across the sharp rocky outcrops that surrounded it; chance upon the abyss like fissure that sprouted from the eastern most side of the massive mountain range, and climbed down the sheer drop, where caves of all sizes covered the darkened walls, they might chance upon a peculiar sight and immediately jump to all of the wrong conclusions.

That is, if they managed to enter a particularly well concealed cave.

After all, seeing two naked, sweating young men entangled with each other would make even the least judgmental human on the face of the planet jump to conclusions. In the end, they wouldn't know that the young adults were naked because of an underdeveloped healing technique that required skin to skin contact to work more effectively; they wouldn't know that the blond had been the one to use this technique and thus had successfully saved the one with long dark hair from certain death. Nor would they see the sweat as the exertion of controlling and absorbing such dense, previously demonic chakra to heal all external and internal injuries of the previously mentioned youth.

Indeed, that would be the farthest things from their minds as they would be having a heck of a lot of trouble containing massive nosebleeds.

They would, however, think that the two, very handsome, extremely fit boys had just had wild passionate sex with each other, and upon seeing that one of them already had what seemed like a massive erection, they would wrongly assume that maybe they were intruding, for surely another round would soon follow.

The relieved, relaxed, almost sated expression that the dark haired youth wore would point to this fact as well. And after taking all of this in, the intruder would deny any and all other explanations, since whatever perverted thoughts their brain had come up with would be better then any truth.

However, luck was with the two young men, as no one would stumble upon them or even come close to finding them, as the nearest person to their location was no less then fifteen hundred miles away. And even then, they had no shinobi training, so finding them would be an impossible feat.

If they did decide to have wild kinky sex with each other, no one would ever notice.

Still, the fact remains that the one with the dark hair has only just started to recover from his previously fatal injuries, so the last thing that would cross their mind at the moment was to take advantage of the fact that they were completely naked. Or indeed, that they probably wouldn't object to these obtusely mentioned activities.

So get your minds out of the gutter.

A breeze entered the cavern and swirled within, filling the cave with fresh, chilly air and cooling their bare, heated bodies. Naruto just turned his head slightly from where it rested, upon his sleeveless orange vest, and saw the silhouette of one of his clones standing at the entrance and manipulating the air circulation within.

Nodding at the clone who was maintaining a constant breeze, Naruto looked at the boy sleeping on his shoulder. Truly, he had never thought that using this technique would be so successful. Neji had been completely healed and no side effects had appeared as of yet. He doubted that anything would happen, since the almost poisonous quality of the Kyuubi's chakra had disappeared with the beast's death. But he was still keeping his eyes peeled for anything out of the ordinary.

The young Hyuuga had just commented that his chakra reserves and stamina had been replenished, and besides some mild disorientation and the loss of control over his own chakra, that no side effects where present that he could see.

Still, it had been a long and tiring process, consisting of three twenty minute sessions with about an hour of rest in between. Neji had just fallen asleep when they were finished; the relief caused by the absence of the pain, that had permeated his whole body for three days, lulled him to sleep almost immediately after his leg was completely healed. Naruto had to reposition the dark haired boy against him when finished, and he wondered if Neji would mind the embrace.

The older boy hadn't seemed to mind it earlier, and even if the feeling of another body so intimately close to his was a decidedly odd feeling, it wasn't an unpleasant feeling in the least. For someone like him, who had never had any sort of intimate contact or physical reassurance, it was an altogether new occurrence and an experience that he didn't want to end just yet.

He rubbed the stiff muscles on his friends back with his right hand and traced random patterns on his own bare skin with his left, his eyes unfocused and looking at the ceiling, thinking.

He had resigned himself to being alone for a long time yet after Tsunade-obabaa had told him about the effects that merging with the Kyuubi had on his body. He could not say that the perks that came with the merger weren't excellent, since he was strong enough to fight a whole war by himself. But a relationship at this point would have been almost impossible for him.

He looked at his cock with his head tilted, noting his member's solid composition, like any of the muscles of his body. It was not a true erection, but the sight was slightly disconcerting nonetheless, even after all this time. After all, he could probably have sex nonstop without even being turned on. Between his massive stamina and healing factor, there wasn't even a limit to his endurance.

He was the best sex partner that any woman could want.

But the consequences of intercourse with him would be extremely daunting. A one night stand with him would guarantee a pregnancy, no mater the techniques or method used for protection, since it seemed that he had S-rank level sperm. And really, it was not even certain if only one baby would result from a pregnancy induced by him. As it was, not only would any woman that he became intimate with would have to be completely infertile, but they would have to be strong enough to have sex with him.

Tsunade had warned him that when he had sex with a girl that he had to be externally careful, least he hurt her during the act. The razor sharp claws and fangs, along with his natural strength would have been enough of a deterrent for most girls to even try anything with him, even if he was extremely good looking, according to what he had been told. The fact remained, he had become one of those "look but don't touch" kind of things.

Because of this, he had not thought that he might find any sort of relationship with anyone but himself. After all, however temporary they might be, his Shadow Clones still had their uses.

His thoughts were interrupted, however, when his wandering right hand encountered some particularly soft skin. Massaging slightly and softly raking his claws across the smooth expanse, he quickly became aware of two things; one being how utterly fascinating Neji's ass was, and two being the growing erection that his companion was now sporting.

It made his own member twitch slightly.

Slanting a sideways glance at the young Hyuuga, he noticed that the other boy was still sleeping, since this was probably the first time he had the chance of resting after several days of missed sleep. Yet the slight smile and flushed expression betrayed how his body was feeling about his particular ministrations. It fascinated him, these reactions, even as Neji unconsciously rubbed himself against Naruto's thigh.

True, his Clones had helped him relive some of his sexual frustration, making him inordinately aware of his own body (after all, every time a clone was dispelled, he was given whatever experiences that that clone had gained; it was very odd at first when he gained the experience of being fucked by himself, among other things), but the feel of another's body against him, reacting as Neji's was now, was completely different from anything he had experienced before.

He had considered the prospect of a male lover, seeing as whatever issues that came up when talking about him and sex with a female could be instantly dismissed when considering the same things with a man. The physical aspects of the relationship wouldn't be restricted, especially if the guy was a shinobi. His excessive fertility instantly stopped being an issue, along with his strength, and, depending on the guy, his claws and fangs would not be an obstacle.

In fact, he just needed to perfect his healing technique and he would be able take care of any consequences that could come up in the heat of the moment; he would be able to heal any scratches made by his claws, at the very least.

But he hadn't known of anyone who he could be in a relationship with. And he had considered almost everyone he knew. Sure, he hadn't exactly searched to see if any of them were gay, but he had been sure that the ones he had been attracted to had been as straight as they came.

And yes, he had been attracted to a couple of guys. Who wouldn't with guys like Neji and Sasuke-bastard running around? Those two were probably better looking the nine-tenths of the female population of Konoha. Still, if he had known that the Hyuuga would be interested in him in any way, he would have already made a move a long time ago.

Loneliness was something that he wanted to avoid at all costs. And even though he had great friends, and a sort of strange kind of family, there was still that longing of having a partner he could share his life with; be it girlfriend or boyfriend. He wanted to understand what romantic love was and how it can evolve, as he had seen amongst some of his friends and as he saw within his village. He wanted to experience the closeness that comes from knowing someone so intimately and who at the same time knows him as well. What would it feel to be a part of someone else's life and be a part of their lives as well?

He looked at his white eyed friend, who was still flushed, still rubbing himself slightly against him (and probably enjoying it, if the slight murmurs were anything to go by) and wondered if he could have all of that with him.

However, there would be a time later on when he would be able to sort everything out. As it was, it had been almost a month since he had slept more then a few hours at a time; Drifting to sleep with these thoughts, he tightening his grip on the other boy, questions dancing across his mind.


They woke up in mid afternoon. Or more precisely speaking, Naruto woke up in mid afternoon and his movements, in turn, disturbed the Hyuuga's rest. "Go back to sleep, Neji," he murmured softly as he disentangled himself from the white eyed teen, wanting to make sure that they had enough to eat.

When the raven haired boy murmured something unintelligible, rolled to his back, and fell asleep once again, Naruto gave a slight sigh of relief. He needed the time alone to think things properly, after all. Knowing Neji, he would bring up the topic again soon, and he wanted to have an answer ready for him.

He quickly made four Shadow Clones, who in turn used the Transformation Technique to hide the fact that they were completely naked. Two of them moved out of the cave in search for food. Another clone quickly began making hand-seals to help him manipulate both rock and water in one corner of the cave; by the time he finished a hot bath would be ready for them to take. The remaining clone went to the smallest cave he had selected and began to prepare everything for a meal to be made.

Naruto just sat down on the corner of the earth-made bed and looked at his friend with open curiosity, taking stock of himself as well. They were both filthy; dirt clung to them from the soft earth that made their resting place; neither had washed themselves in a few days. Dried blood clung to Neji even if all of his injuries were healed, and if he wasn't mistaken the feeling of something sticking to his left thigh, then he had proof that Neji had had good dreams.

If nothing else, it seamed that his friend appreciated his body.

Not to say that he didn't appreciate Neji's body as well; the boy was one of the most handsome men in all of Konoha. It was only his iron-clad control that allowed him to avoid getting truly aroused. Even with days of sweat, grime and blood sticking on him, Neji was definitely good looking. At least in that respect there was not a problem in sight. If nothing more could come out between them, at least they could try a physical relationship. For some reason, however, he didn't think that this was the only thing that the Hyuuga wanted. And if Naruto were honest with himself, he knew that it wasn't the only thing that he wanted as well.

A relationship, then, he decided. They could always give it a try. After all, he had a great deal of respect for the other teen, and they were already friends. If nothing came of it, he knew that they would still remain friends, since both their temperaments would allow nothing less.

Steam reached him then, and he looked over to see the large bath that his clone had made with a few techniques; with rock from the floor and walls of the cave and some very simple water techniques. As it was, the clone would remain close to the water to keep it hot with chakra and filter it while they bathed.

Standing up and stretching he heard the satisfying pop of his bones falling into their respective places; he slowly walked toward his sleeping friend, undaunted by his state of undress. He had never been shy, and the embarrassment that he felt the day before was only because he hadn't known what reaction to expect from Neji. Now that he knew that the other teen didn't mind, there was no reason to feel embarrassed.

Kneeling on the ground beside the Hyuuga, his rigid yet unexcited penis bobbing with the movement, he shook the other boy awake, a sunny smile on his face as he looked down and the drowsy white eyes that were slowly opening. "Hey, how're you feeling? Any side-effects?" he asked softly, helping the other teen to sit up slightly and take stock of his condition.

There was a slight pause as the Hyuuga closed his eyes, probably concentrating on his body and his chakra circulatory system before they opened again and he white-eyed youth answered him in a scratchy whisper, "My chakra has been restored, but I can't control it. If I were to make a guess, I would say that I have already absorbed a quarter of the chakra that you have given me. My wounds are all healed, but my coordination is almost nonexistent; I don't think that I could stand up."

"That's good then. If you continue to absorb my chakra at this rate, then it will take no more then two or three days for the rest to be absorbed, if we're lucky maybe less," he paused, and took a few scrolls out of his orange vest, "your muscles are probably stiff as well. Not to mention that we both stink," he said, opening one of the scrolls and swiping his bloodied thumb across it.

Neji looked at him curiously as he took a sleeping bag out of the scroll and set it aside. Some toiletries, plates and chopsticks followed. They were all a bit banged up, what with constant use over the last month. He didn't have any extra clothes and he had lost his towels a couple of weeks before. This was all he had left that could be categorized as personal items, since the rest of his scrolls contained only weapons and the like.

He also unsealed some writing material and summoned a carrier pigeon using one of his many scrolls and sent a brief message to Tsunade. At least that way they wouldn't have to worry.

"Now, how about a good bath, ne?" he asked, and at Neji's nod, he bent over slightly, treading his arms beneath the other boys legs and his back and lifting. In his state, Neji wouldn't be able to do much of anything for a day or so. He set the older boy down at the edge of the stone bath and started undoing the bandages on the Hyuugas legs, torso and arms while his clone held the white-eyed teen up from the side.

Not a word was said by the older boy, but he could see that Neji was following his movements with his eyes, a slight smile upon his lips and a warm sparkle in his white eyes.


Seeing Naruto move was as fascinating as it was arousing. The loping grace with which he walked, the way the muscles of his arms and chest shifted as he untied his bandages and even the way the muscles of his jaw and cheeks twitched at every turn, making it seem as if the blond was constantly smiling; what with the was his lips persistently tilted in a lopsided fashion. He had always admired the other boy since their fateful confrontation during their first Chuunin Exams, and that admiration had grown and changed as time passed and the blond had returned from his training with the Toad Hermit. Their friendship had grown and he had bared witness to Naruto's changes from an awkward, lanky teen, to the most powerful shinobi in Konoha.

Of course, the fact that the previous demon vessel had the best body that he had ever seen had also played its part in his observations of the blond.

Still, he had watched from afar whenever he could, and seeing that the range of his Byakugan was almost three times that of Hinata-sama, well, it could be said that no-one ever knew of his interest in the other Jonin. Truly, he had never though he'd ever be in a situation where he could express his interests in the other boy, and indeed, that he wouldn't be turned down straight away, if gently by the other. But it seemed that lady luck and lady fate had been conspiring slightly to give him this chance, and he would be a damn fool if he didn't grasp it with both hands.

His cheeks pinked slightly as that thought came into his mind and took a sharp turn to the gutter when Naruto shifted slightly and his hard penis bobbed along with his movements.

He would indeed need his two hands to get a hold of it.

Coughing slightly and shaking his head minutely, he was moved out of his thoughts when Naruto looked up from where he was removing the last bandage from his right leg; he marveled at the fact that there wasn't even a scar left from the heavy wound, but then, apart from the whisker-like marks on his face, there wasn't even a single scar on the whole of Naruto's own body, so he should have expected something similar, "Alright there, Neji?" he asked, his eyes squinting slightly as he tried clearing his throat again, "right, maybe a glass of water wouldn't be amiss."

It took the whole of his training as a Hyuuga to not pass out from blood loss when Naruto walked away from him and bent down to get one of the cups he had taken out from his scrolls. If he didn't already know how oblivious Naruto was to his looks, he would have thought that the blond was doing it on purpose. So he just maintained a blank face and nodded as best he could when Naruto walked back to him with a cup full of water that did wonders for his sore throat.

Indeed, he just concentrated on the top of the other shinobi's body when he came walking back. He was unsure if he would have been able to hide his reaction if his eyes had wondered downward while the blond was waling toward him with all the grace of a predator.

Then again, his muscles weren't responding all that well, and only the fact that he was being held up by one of Naruto's clones prevented him from becoming an undignified pile of boneless mass on the floor. So there was still some hope.

"Now then, lets take a good bath, because I'm not sure about you, but I stink," was the only warning he got before Naruto lifted him up without warning and stepped into the artificial hot springs of sorts that the clone had made. He was, however, pleased to note that Naruto settled down cross-legged and placed him on his lap as if it were the most natural thing in the world. He just leaned into the chest of his friend with his head on top of the blonds shoulder and the other Jonin's arms around his waist, holding him up and keeping him in place.

He fell into a light doze as they soaked in the hot water and muscles he didn't even know were still tensed and cramped started loosening.

He relaxed completely for the first time in a couple of weeks.


The water was filthy not five minutes later, and Naruto had to signal to his clone to help the water circulate. Without jostling Neji's dozing form, he quickly made a hand seal and conjured another clone within the makeshift bath before sitting back and relaxing. This clone quickly fell into helping the other and between the two of them they managed to clear out the dirty water and replace it with new hot water while using their chakra to keep everything flowing smoothly.

If nothing else, it was very relaxing, and he leaned his head into Neji and closed his eyes, reclining slightly as he did so.

It wasn't long after that that the other two clones he had sent out came in, taking whatever they had collected toward the cave where food was being prepared. Soon, the cave was being aired again, the bed of soft earth, which was slightly bloodied, was disposed of and the rest of the cave was cleaned. The sleeping bag was set and the extra clones dispersed themselves, leaving only three; one cooking, another one at the mouth of the cave standing watch and helping the air circulate with a wind technique and the one that was sitting in front of him in the water with his hands made into a seal as the water continued to whirl around them.

He nudged Neji slightly as he sat up straight, seeing as they had soaked enough as it was. The Hyuuga just sighed and burrowed into his chest and neck, murmuring something under his breath.

He stood gaping for a minute at that, since he had never seen Neji so relaxed before. Indeed, when they had been in missions together it always seemed as if the other boy slept with a stick up his ass. "Hey, Neji," he called out again, poking the older boy slightly, "come on, Neji, wake up. Your cold bastard reputation is going down the drain here," he said, and became amused when the other boy muttered something that sounded distinctly to 'I don't give a shit.'

"Right," he chucked, "I always thought that the foul-mouthed bastard was Sasuke, not you."

But try as he might, the other boy didn't stir, so he just gave up on the Hyuuga and let him sleep, motioning to the clone that stood in the entrance of the cave to bring him his soap and other things while the other clone that sat in the bath with him helped him in holding Neji up comfortably. It was a little difficult at first, but they managed to wash the other boy's long hair with only minimal maneuvering; even if it did take four tries to get it clean.

After that, he simply sat Neji in his lap again and began scrubbing the dirt and blood out of the Hyuuga with the help of his clone, being extra careful just in case some of his wounds remained.

Still, he and his clone encountered a not so little problem when they reached the other boys waist, and Naruto tried yet again to wake the Hyuuga up with minimal success, since Neji just snuggled up to him some more and mumbled some nonsense in his sleep before promptly going quite again. His clone and he shared a look and shrugged at the same time, soaping up and continuing with what they were doing, his clone taking charge of Neji's hard-on since he was bettered positioned for it then Naruto himself.

"If nothing else, you seem to have a liking for my body, ne?" he asked in a low voice, watching his clone's hand with interest along with the little noises that Neji made in his sleep. "First my thigh and now my clone's hand, really, Neji," he kept speaking to the sleeping boy, "is this why you never took a bath with me before?" he asked, his voice becoming teasing as he kept washing his friends legs, mindful of where he was previously injured, since it should still be a bit tender.

One of his eyes, however, never strayed far from watching his clone and its ministrations, washing Neji's waist, hips and upper tights; Gently lathering the other boy's fantastic ass with a quiet efficiency that Naruto found hard to believe that he had. The way that Neji's cock twitched every now and again drew his eyes instantly as well, as it looked like it was getting harder with every twitch.

It was as if it were making some 'come hither' motions. And who the heck was he to refuse such obvious invitation?


Hyuuga Neji was not as out of it as he led Naruto to believe. He was an elite shinobi of Konoha after all, and even if his coordination was shot, his chakra control was useless and his muscles felt like putty, it did not mean that he was not a master at the ninja art of deception.

True, it was incredibly difficult to fool Naruto nowadays, but the situation he was in was completely in his favor for him doing just that. Not that he would do anything to hurt his friend, but he knew that the blond had a lot of things to think about, so who was he to interrupt the other Jonin's ponderings by being awake? That fact that his muscles were so relaxed and not under his control just lent credence to this as well.

If anything, he should have been embarrassed when his body had started to react without his permission and he found that he couldn't do anything to control himself. It gave him hope when he noticed that Naruto didn't do anything when he found him rubbing up against his thigh last night. And what a thigh it was too, with all those muscles and that smooth soft skin—

He knew that he should have done something, but really, his body just ran off without consulting him, and would he to do anything when it felt so good? Not to mention the fact that Naruto didn't seem to mind. Indeed, the blond just started playing with his ass, which only fueled his reactions further and was even slightly pushing him into his thigh, though he thought that the blond didn't really notice that much.

It took him a bit to fall asleep after Naruto did, even if he was extremely relaxed, but the way that the blond's claws kept caressing his ass even while sleeping drove him to distraction. He was tempted to just rub against the other boy's thigh again, but managed to gain some modicum of control over his treacherous body and just fell into a deep slumber.

Now, as he leaned against the former demon vessels chest, hot water and seam surrounding him as he was carefully washed from head to toe, he couldn't bring himself to do much more then keep up his act.

When Naruto started talking in a low voice, he thought he had been caught, but the contemplative way in which he asked the first question said that he was speaking to himself, even if he could admit that he had taken more then a liking to the other shinobi's body. All in all, that was a vast understatement.

Which was a good thing, since his double-crossing body was once again doing what it should not be doing and his cock was harder then he could remember it being before. But then, having two Naruto's lathering up every corner of his body was not something he had expected. In a way, he should have, he supposed, seeing how many times the other boy used his Shadow Clones, but for some reason he never thought that the blond would use them for anything other then battle.

The idea just made him twitch even more.

But was that thought hot or what? His mind took a sharp detour to gutter tower, where the Gutterkage gave his mind the mission of thinking up all the different ways in which Naruto could use his clones for things that didn't have anything to do with being a shinobi, and had very much to do with being a horny teenager. Even then, it took all of his considerable control not to jump when either the clone or Naruto started washing his balls. And Kami-sama, did that feel good.

It had taken him no more then three second to find Uzumaki Naruto attractive some time ago. He had known that he wasn't completely straight, but it wasn't until he come upon the blond shinobi training in noting but a pair of black baggy shorts at the bottom of a waterfall that he confirmed his suspicious of not being adverse to the male half of the spectrum. But then, it could also be that he just Naruto-oriented.

After that, he developed a bit of an obsession with the blond. Not that he let anything show like Hinata-sama, but compared to him, she just had a minor case of admiration for the demon vessel. And fuck, he never knew that having another person stroking him would feel so damn good. He didn't even try to hide his groans, but he did keep up the ruse that he was still asleep.

"You know Neji," came a sudden whisper in his ear as if the other boy could read his mind, "you can't fool me for too long," and he just shuddered against the blond's chest, not even opening his eyes. Well, damn. He couldn't even keep up the ruse when Naruto was distracted. He must really be out of it.

"I know," he answered in kind, bucking slightly into the hand that was stroking him leisurely, as if telling it to get moving, "but I thought I could give it a try."

"And why is that?" Naruto asked, and he could feel the two extra hands washing and massaging his back. If he didn't know better, he would have sworn that the other boy was talking about the weather, even if he was talking is that low voice of his. It made him shiver ad want to moan out loud.

If nothing else, it was a blow to his pride as a Hyuuga. He was cracking like a missing-nin left to the tender mercies of Morino Ibiki.

But he was putty in the others hand, and couldn't even stop the moans that come out of his mouth when he was squeezed and the clone's hand started going faster then before. The fact that Naruto's hand had found his ass didn't help either.

"Well," he started answering and even to him his voice sounded breathless, "I know that you needed some time to think about what I said last night. So I pretended to be asleep so that your thoughts would be uninterrupted."

"So you rubbing against me should have helped me think, huh?" and was it just him, or was there a growl accompanying that teasing question.

"But your thigh was so tempting," he said with a mock-whining voice, still breathless, even as he drove his member into the clones hand. He should have known that Naruto would be the type to talk during sex. Not that he had any experience in that department. For all he knew, everyone talked while having intercourse. Damn, he knew he should have paid more attention when he was watching those people going at it while training his Byakugan.

His train of thought was interrupted, however, when Naruto reclined against the wall once again, using the hand that was holding his ass to position him better. The clone that was giving him the hand job just moved into a slightly squatting position to get better access to his cock. He felt like some pampered prince at the moment and just kept his ayes closed against Naruto's neck. A part of him didn't mind being washed and taken care of, so he indulged for the moment and allowed himself to let go slightly.

"And then you put me into a situation where I was tempted into offering a hand as well."

"And it's a very good hand, too," was his breathless reply as he rocked in the blonds lap and into his clones hand; his movements becoming more frantic by the second. The steam of the hot water, along with the way that Naruto kept massaging his ass took its hold then, and he came explosively. He felt boneless and he barely noticed when the clone quickly made some hand seals to change the water before it disappeared in a puff of smoke.

Neji knew that he should pull himself together, but he didn't give a rat's ass about his Hyuuga dignity or anything of the like and just relaxed further into Naruto. It was only when his breathing evened out that the blond boy spoke again, "Don't you think that this is all going a bit fast?"

He just shrugged his shoulder, and answered in a whisper, too comfortable to raise his voice, "truthfully? I wouldn't know, seeing as I have never been in any type of intimate relationship before. If it makes you uncomfortable, let me know. I haven't been able to control my body's impulses as I should and as you are probably doing right now, and even if I could, I do not think that I would go to the trouble of actually controlling them at the moment. If possible, I wouldn't mind doing it again or returning the favor, as it where."

"I see," Naruto nodded, "Then how about this? We get to know each other a bit better today and discuss this before committing to anything. We wait until after we are in Konoha and you get checked up by Obaachan before to start anything else, I don't want to make your condition worse because I got horny and jumped you. As is, I would prefer if you weren't completely disabled and uncoordinated if we do decide to give this a shot."

"Fine, but don't blame me if I still can't control my reactions around you for the next couple of days."

Naruto just chuckled slightly and made another clone, even as the smell of cooked meat reached them, "I won't blame you if you don't mind me helping you out a bit," he teased slightly.

"Good," Neji nodded decisively and found himself giving the blond a small smile, "you have yourself a deal," he said with complete seriousness and he would have held up his hand if it were not trapped against the blonds side.

"Good, now let me finished washing myself and we can get something to eat," the blond said, motioning for his clone to pick Neji up so that he could wash himself without any obstacles. "I don't know about you, but I'm starving," Naruto exclaimed, taking up the soap and starting to wash himself thoroughly.

And as Neji watched his friend wash himself in front of him, he couldn't help but wish he could help him scrub his golden skin at that moment. As it was, it took him quite a bit to fight his train of through from taking that all too familiar road of filthy thoughts that seemes to become prominent when close to Naruto lately.

He started a mental list of things to do and made sure to put meditation somewhere near the top. He would need all of his training to keep himself in check, at least until Naruto became assured of his feelings and took the initiative, like he always did.

Still, when Naruto started to scrub that fantastic ass of his in front of him, he decided that meditation might not do the trick alone and maybe some of Hokage-sama's drugs would be needed as well. He feared of getting a hard-on every time he thought of Naruto otherwise.

Not that that was a bad thing at all.

At least, it wouldn't be a bad thing when he could be alone with Naruto. The problem would be that he feared what would happened if he got distracted and lost control while in the Hyuuga Compound. It was bad enough when all of his family could see through walls and teased him without mercy after his first wet-dreams. Kami-sama only knows what kind of bastards the Hyuugas are. He didn't want to know what would happen if they got wind of his lack of control now that he was almost twenty years of age.

He shuddered. It was not a comforting thought. At all.


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