Hey guy's This is my first fanfiction and crossover, I hope you like it, I have tried to spell all the words right, but it isn't easy. There are some spoillers in here form the saga of Darren Shan, it is held betweene book 9 and 10, and Charmed, from the 4. season. If you haven't seen of read that fare in the two series, don't read this fanfiction, but if you do don't blame me, I warned you!

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Chapter one

Piper was frustrated, she had bills to pay, and no band to play, and all she whanted was to go home and eat diner with her famiiy, it was bearly dark, and still time to make dinner, hope there isn't any demon that whant to ruin it. Piper took all the papers with her and went to her car.

She was in her own world when she drove home.

In a street with many victorian house's there was a teenager walking, hi's name was Darren Shan, he was thinking, here he was alone, no , he was dead, what could he do without him. It felt like he coulden't functiond, he was going on autopilote. Darren didn't even know that he was walking in the middle of the road. The rain was falling down, Darren was all wet, there wasn't one dry place on his body.

He looked up to one house, I guess they live a normal life.

Then out of nowhere two light's were heading fore him. Darren reacted fast, he jumped up in the air. The car saw him and stopped, Darren landed on the front of the car. The woman inside was in shock, two people was running out of one housse, and was yelling Piper, he guessed that it was Piper in the car.

Piper went out.

"Are you okay, I didn't hurt you did I?" she sounded so soncern abaut him. He looked like a 16 yearold boy, and he would have done much to be that right now, bet he wasn't , he was one of the night.

Piper reached out her hand and helped him of the car.

"Piper are you okay, are you okay?" She asked me and Piper.

"Yes Phoebe, Paige can you park the car?"


Piper led Darren in to the house.

She sat him down in a chair, Pheobe hedded fore the kitchen, and came back with two cup's with tea. Darren wasn't found of tea, but was polite and took it. He drank the whole cup in one moutfull.

"You whant more," Phoebe asked.

"No thanks, " Darren manage to say, it was the first two words he spoke in a long time, he had stopped talking, didn't have anyone to talk to, or to talk abaut.

"You sure your okay?" Piper asked.

"Yes, you didn't hit me, I manage to jump hig enough to not get hit," Piper thought there was something strange abaut the boy, he looked so sad, so full of thought, so yong, but yet he acted lik he was much older.

Piper didn't quite get how he had manage to jumpe so fast and high, but she was so glad she hadn't hit him.

"Do you have any place to stay?" Phoebe asked, but couldn't get where it came from. Darren thought it was weird too, but I thought he looked lost.

"Actually no, I don't,"

"Well you are welcome to stay here, it is the least I can do fore almost running you down with my car," Piper said and smiled.

"Thank you, I would love to stay here, it is a wonderfull house,"

"Do you think I could take a shower, I'm cold, and wet," that wasn't totaly true, he wasn't cold, but he should be, without a jacked in the this wether.

"Yes, follow me,"

"I am sure you can borrow some clotes form my husband" Piper said.

"Thank you,"

They were abaut to go up the stairs, and Pheobe touched his shoulder, he felt her stiff up, and could hear Piper react in the sofa. Then it was over, and they continue to walk.

"Let's find some clotes, okay," She found somthing and threw it at him. "This should fit you, the bathroom is right down there. Come down in the kitchen when your done, it's soon dinner. She smiled at him. Darren could see right through the smile, but smiled back. She went down, he wouldn't run, he felt safe here, but he had to know what was going on. He could hear Piper and Phoebe talk downstaris.

"What did you se?"

"In the premonition I saw Darren being shot by some sort of arrow, I think it was an wodden stake," Phoebe said. That said everything, a vampire hunter was after him.

"A wooden stake, that sounds familliar, " Paige didn't say more, but Darren new they would figure it out, they werent normal people, but he felt safe, and if they new he could just explane, he hoped.

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