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"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. In those days we really believed that to be the worlds one and only truth."

Alphonse Elric

The FullMetal Alchemist.

Beginning Episodes.

Six years later.

"It's an arcane charm used in times of war as a way of getting to the place that you were needed the most on the battlefield." Professor Flitwick's voice carried across the classroom.

"It's very old and was first used in the Goblin Rebellion, which I'm sure you remember from studying them in History of Magic in your Fourth year." He said looking sternly at the class of Seventh years. Professor Binns' ghost standing next to him nodded in agreement.

"Your combined homework, that will be due next time is a five foot long essay on how to perform the spell, practical application during both war and peace, and battles this spell has been used in.

"And for anyone interested in extra credit, 10 extra points on your assignment and five house points for anyone who tries the charm. Make sure you're in groups. Also as this spell goes off your personal magic strength and your reserves which I don't expect any of you to have yet, you should only be able to go about 50 to 100 meters away from were originally standing. Don't do them alone!

"Class dismissed."

Harry and Ron had been slowly sinking into their seats as they listened to Professor Flitwick, praying that Hermione would somehow forget that they existed. Ron and Harry looked at each other and decided bolting would be the safest way out. Grabbing their books they darted from their seats. Unfortunately they had only gone three steps before Hermione grabbed their robes.

"Let's go to the Library! I can't wait to try out that last spell!"

Ron and Harry sighed resigned to their fates.

Three hours later found the Golden Trio still in the Library just finishing up their essays.

"Done!" Ron exclaimed throwing his quill down. "When he said arcane he meant it. That was Horrible!"

"Let's try it!" Hermione was almost bouncing in her seat from excitement.

Groaning Ron buried his face in his hands. "But Mione!"

"Oh stop complaining. The faster we do this the faster I'll play wizards chess."

"Really?" Ron asked, wide eyed peering over his hands.

"Yes, now hurry up!"

"Yeah Harry. Hurry up!"

Harry just rolled his eyes as he followed his friends out of the library.

They stationed themselves in a classroom down the hall from Transfigurations, using the classroom next door as the place they would recite the spell.

"Harry. I think Ron and I should go first just to make sure this works."

"But Mione! I don't want to go first." Ron said pouting.

"I was planning on going first Ron." She said sighing. "Anyway, we need to make sure that this works without any problems, because we don't want Harry to end up across the castle."

"Oh I guess that works."

"Now when I leave this room just think really hard that you need me. And make sure to feel it okay?"

Both boys nodded, unable to speak because they were afraid their voices would give away their nervousness.

"Okay I'll see you both in a minute. Don't forget feel the need." She said as she walked out the door.

She walked into the other room and settling herself recited the spell. "Carpere quo mei neccessitas sum!"

Her wand twirled in circles and swirls forming a complex array through her movements. A crack resounded as a bright flash of turquoise light lit the room.

After Hermione left the room Ron and Harry closed their eyes and thought as hard as they could that they needed Hermione. Ron had finally realized that he loved Hermione just earlier that week. Something that Harry was extremely happy about as he'd known since the end of second year, almost five years ago. He thought of how he wanted and needed her by his side. Harry on the other hand thought of all the support and comfort Hermione gave as a friend and how he needed her and Ron to stay at his side and help him through everything.

The sound of footsteps walking towards them caused their eyes to fly open.

Hermione stood in front of them, the exited grin on her face telling them that the spell had been successful.

"That was great!" She squealed and started dancing around.

Ron and Harry smiled in relief. "Okay Ron. Your turn." Hermione said pushing him out the door. "Remember to annunciate!"

Hermione then took Ron's spot and they both concentrated on needing Ron.

Ron stepped into the unused classroom muttering about bossy people. Taking a deep breath to calm himself down, he slowly recited the spell, his wand movements not as flowing as Hermione's but still precise.

With a flash and a crack he disappeared.

Okay Harry it's your turn." Ron said from beside Hermione.

Harry nodded and smiled. Walking out of the room he paused and turned back. "Goodbye. See you soon."

As Harry disappeared around the corner Hermione wondered if she would ever see him again. But quickly shook off the warning as unnecessary worry.

Harry entered the room quickly as he recited the spell again in his head to make sure he had it correct.

Taking a shaky breath he steeled himself for a transportation similar to a portkey. Raising his wand he slowly began to twirl and spin his wand through elegant and precise patterns his voice commanding as it resonated thru the room.

"Carpere quo mei necessitas sum!"

The room was engulfed in a strong wind throwing loose papers and supplies around the room followed by a flash of blood-red light.

Silence fell on the empty room but for the sound of drifting papers.

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