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Chapter 5

Light flashed up into the night sky next to the room Al, Winry, and Ling- sat in.

"Oh my, oh my. It's already begun." Ling said stretching.

"What is it? Fireworks?"

"Not exactly. It's the signal to strike." Ling grinned at Alphonse. "Are you coming?"

"This will lead us to the person who killed Mr. Hughes. If we are even partially responsible for his death then I think we need to see this through to the end."

"Are you going?" Winry asked.


"When you get back you have to tell me everything that happened, kay?"


"You'll come back..." Winry said, her concern finally showing through. "Whatever happens you'll come back won't you?"

"Yeah I promise."

Hawkeye and Fury emptied round after round at Gluttony. All the bullets finding their marks. Head, neck, heart, liver, kidney. But the holes quickly healed leaving Gluttony there watching them.

Clik, Clik.

"What's wrong? Bullets run out?" Gluttony asked, then a grin spread across his face. "Oh goodie. Time to eat!"

Fury froze unable to comprehend the creature in front of him or his unavoidable demise. A spark shot past him and Gluttony was thrown out the window by a blast of fire.

Hawkeye and Fury turned around to see Roy standing there his hand outstretched.


"Who the hell was that fat guy...? Lieutenant! Are you hurt?" Fury asked looking down at the ground where Gluttony fell.

"WHY DID YOU COME HERE SIR!?" Hawkeye yelled scaring Fury and Hayate. "Our lives are insignificant, sir! If you just let us die here, you could have plead ignorance of this affair, but now you've outed yourself to the enemy! Sir, you are a total idiot!?"

"Okay, okay I get it I'm an idiot!" Mustang said rubbing the back of his head.

"Hey our target is moving sir!" Fury said from next to the window.

"Hm?...Okay good. The 'nest' is clear." Roy said looking down at Barry chasing his body.

"Sgt. Major begin recovery! Don't leave even a scrap of trash behind!" Mustang said to Fury.

"Yes, sir!"

"Hayate," Risa said. "Don't leave his side."

Then they raced down the steps


"Yes, sir?"

"I'm glad your alive."

"Sorry to have worried you sir."

Havoc was running down the road when they arrived in the car, his mask still covering his face. Falman following closely behind.

"Where's our target?"

"Barry's pursuing him. Please hurry, sir."

"Falman if anyone asks you were being held captive by the one behind the prison attack! Play the victim!" Roy ordered him.

"Yes, sir!"

"We'll pursue the target!"

"COLONEL!" Alphonse yelled running up to them.

"Alphonse? What are you doing here?" Falman asked surprised.

"This has something to do with Mr. Hughes's murder doesn't it.. "Alphonse asked Mustang through the open car window.

"Well. Are you coming or not?"

"Yes, sir!"

"Ron?" Hermione said after a minute. "Why isn't it working?"

"He could be making sure that he knows the spell. Keep trying."

"Um... Okay." Hermione was worried though. It hadn't taken this long with either her or Ron. The effect was almost instant both times. She stayed there for another two minutes reminding herself how much she needed Harry. But nothing happened. Harry didn't appear as expected.

Hermione opened her eyes and looked over at a confused Ron. "Maybe it didn't work?" She asked.

"Lets go ask him."

The two of them hurried from the classroom and out into the hall, half expecting to see Harry walking to them with a disappointed look on his face. But the hallway was empty. The door to the unused classroom that they had been doing the spell in, was closed.

Ron reluctantly opened the door to find no one inside. The room looked like a tornado had gone through it.

"H-harry?" Ron's voice broke.

"Don't panic he can't have gone far." Hermione said putting her hand on Ron's shoulder. She wasn't sure if she was trying to reassure Ron or herself more. Pulling out her wand she laid it on her hand. "Point Me to Harry."

Hermione's heart stopped when the wand didn't even twitch. Well maybe it was already pointing at him she reasoned. She turned the wand around and tried again. "Point Me to Harry."


"What does that mean?"

"I-I don't know."

"Achoo!" Harry rubbed his nose and wondered if he was getting a cold. They had been on the train for ten minutes and already he was getting bored. Although he wasn't going to mention that not with Armstrong around. He quickly learned that Armstrong had was VERY proud of his ancestry.

He was thinking longingly of the trolley lady on the Hogwarts Express and wishing he could buy some licorice wands.

"What are you doing?" Harry asked looking over at Ed. Ed finished his sentence in his travel log and looked back up at Harry.

"Taking notes."

"Can I see?" Harry asked getting up and taking a seat across from the young alchemist. Ed smirked slightly and handed the notebook to him.

"A travel log?" Harry asked confused. Ed laughed.

"Every Alchemist has a code they use to keep track of their research without having to worry about someone picking it up and reading it. Especially if they are doing something they shouldn't be...Human Transmutation for example..." Ed said taking back his notebook.

"I knew a guy once that wrote his notes as a cookbook. Flame uses girls names and dates to keep track of his. Every alchemist is different and that's why even state alchemist don't know all there is about alchemy. Some codes are almost impossible to break." Harry nodded slowly. He could understand that he guessed. Codes weren't really used in the wizarding world but they were often used in the spy movies that Dudley had loved to watch when they were little.

Harry moved back to his seat by the window when Armstrong came back into their compartment. He watched the scenery flash by him but wasn't paying much attention.

"Are you sure this is where he went?" Mustang asked Barry looking at the building Barry's body just went into.

"I'm positive."

"Lab number 3...A military run alchemical research facility, It's under the direct contol of the fuhrer-president himself. The evidence points directly to the top." Mustang said, "All right, we know where he's hiding, that's all we need for now. We're pulling back."

Barry wasn't listening though... "Muhahaha!"

"Hey! Get back here!" Havoc called after him as he dashed straight into the research lab, right after his body.

"That bastard's completely lost his mind." Havoc cringed and he watched Barry cut through the lock and forced the gate open.

"How convenient." Roy said a scary gleam in his eye.


"Out of my way! I ain't interested in chopping your meat!" Barry yelled running down the corridor, butcher knife gripped tightly in his left hand. "Where are you hiding old meat of mine? There's no use in running because my soul's leading me right to you."

"Listen up! We-re in pursuit of a murderer who fled inot this building! All personal must evacuate immediately!" Mustang Hawkeye, Havoc and Al strode down the halls with purpose trying not to lose Barry.

"Sir, what's going on?" A man asked saluting Mustang.

"You heard about the incident at the penitentiary earlier today? We pursued the perpetrator here. Leave the murderer to us. Have your men bar the exits."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Shall I call reinforcements sir?"

"I've already called them. Now watch those exits!"

"When did you call reinforcements?" Alphonse asked once they were out of earshot.

"I lied."

They made there way thought the facility keeping an eye out for any suspicious movements. They headed down the stairs into a basement.

"Colonel." Havoc said pointing to a locked chain link fence. Alphonse broke the lock and the four of them stepped into a dark hallway that looked like it hadn't been used in a decade.

"Which way did Barry go?" Mustang asked looking up and down passage way trying to figure out which direction to go.

"Should we split up into two groups, sir?" Hawkeye asked.

"Very well but don't stray two far. Report back if you see any sign of him."

"Yes, sir!"

The group split into two Havoc and Mustang going left and Hawkeye and Alphonse going right.

"Lieutenant I'm not getting in the way of the mission am I?" Alphonse asked uncertainly.

"Not at all. Your alchemy is really coming in handy. I'll be counting on you if there's something that we soldiers can't handle."

"Oh...Yes ma'am!"

"This place stinks of violence." Havoc said pulling off his mask. "It's almost like a prison."

Mustang walked passed him and walked into a room just off the hall. "This must be an abandoned lab. Abandoned long ago, from the looks of it."

"Whatever they were doing here, it doesn't look like legitimate research." Broken glass bottles and half burned papers covered the floor making it impossible to move without making any noise. Havoc stepped over a puddle of what looked suspiciously like dried up blood.

"What on earth were Envy and Gluttony doing? Not only did they fail to finish you off, but they allowed you to come here. I guess I underestimated you. " A soft voice said from the shadows. Both Havoc and Mustang pulled out there guns and aimed for the other person in the room.

"How could you? First you stood me up for our date, and now to find you in a place like this. I thought we had something..." A woman in a skin tight black dress walked out from the shadows.