Part 2- YOU LOST Paige!

"What do you mean you lost Paige?" Chris asked as he and Leo joined Piper and Phoebe in the attic, with very little explanation coming from Phoebe as they raced up stairs. From what he gathered she had blinked off like a warlock after going though a box.

"Well, it was really weird. I mean, one second she was here and the next second... poof." Phoebe explained using her hands to emphasise the poof as she turned to face the two whitelighters.

"It kind of happened after she put on a pair of Grams' boots." Piper explained a confused look on her own face.

"Grams used to cast a spell on her clothes when she was younger." Leo said quickly realising what had happened. This earned him quite a few looks from the other three witches in the room, each of them raising their eye brows.

"Wait, you knew Grams when she was young?" phoebe asked as she looked over to Piper who had an unreadable expression on her face.

"Yeah, we crossed paths once or twice when I was a young Whitelighter." Leo replied, causing Chris to give him a very weird look, that was not something he wanted to imagine!

"Ewww." Piper said and then repeated it again and again as phoebe nodded in agreement, her husband knowing her grandmother before she was born was just too weird.

"When you were a young Whitelighter?" Chris repeated he was sure his dad had been a Whitelighter for over sixty years so he wouldn't have been very young when he met grams. "You were a Whitelighter before she was even born." He muttered under his breath, only Leo seemed to have heard that though and he shot him a look that clearly said that if he knew what was good for him he would keep his mouth shut.

"Well, I barely remember it." Leo replied with a nervous grin, the truth was he remembered every last detail of what he used to get up to in the sixties; he just didn't want his family to know that.

"Eww" Phoebe said, thinking the same as Piper.


Shaking his head, but deciding to take Leo's advise not to mention that to his mother Chris decided to try and get the sisters back on track, he really did not like thinking about his father being born before his grandmother, and probably even her mother was.

"Well, if the boots did belong to your grandmother, then we better summon her from the dead. Maybe she can tell us what happened to Paige." Chris stated, knowing full well that Leo was lying about remembering the events in the past; he had an excellent memory except when his youngest son was involved. For some reason though he didn't tell the sisters that, deciding hearing stories of Leo and grams would just freak him out to much, never mind the charmed ones.

"Okay, let's get the candles." Phoebe said as she reached out to grab Piper's arm.

"But you..." Piper continued before being cut off by phoebe pulling her away from the scene in front of them. Chris had to admit he loved it when his mother couldn't let something drop it was just so dam funny to watch … unless it involved him of course.

As the sisters gathered the candles, Chris turned to face the elder, his brow creased and a look on his face which clearly said that they would find out eventually what ever he wanted to hide. Leo chose to ignore him however as he helped Piper set up the candles before getting back to his feet and standing next to Chris as Phoebe began to light them.

"You know, if I hadn't taken over Paige's room, this never would've happened. This is my entire fault." Piper said as her brain began to wonder just what had happened to her littlest sister and if she was okay.

"What's done is done." Chris and Leo replied, causing the two remaining charmed ones to turn and face them, bewildered looks on their faces as Leo smirked and Chris looked away, towards the attic door.

"Okay, you two really need to get a room." Phoebe said with a grin as Piper nodded in agreement. Leo shook his head but he could have sworn he saw Chris mouth something which wasn't very nice, lucky for him though, neither of the sisters noticed and if they had of down, they wouldn't have been able to understand it, simply because he had been speaking in Spanish.

Walking back over to the candles, which were now set up in a circle Phoebe pulled open the piece of paper and began to recite the spell.

"Here these words, here my cry, spirit from the other side, come to me, I summon thee, cross now the great divide."

Both Leo and Chris stood up as the spiritual lights appeared in-between the candles, but for entirely different reasons. Leo stood up to be polite as since he was first became a whitelighter he was trained to be polite to passing spirits. While Chris stood up because the green goo on his foot multiplied and shot his leg forward, slowly covering his whole shoe.

"Well, it's about time you called to say hello. Oh my darlings!" Grams said as she materialized and hugged her grand-daughters one by one, not paying any attention to Chris who was shaking his leg, trying to get the goo off him. Even Leo who was standing next to the guy didn't seem to notice.

"Ah, we got a problem." Piper said instantly getting down to the reason they summoned her, ready to get her sister back. Grams smiled before looking over to Chris , but what she saw made her mouth drop.

"Well, you're not the only one." She said simply causing the whole family to turn to face Chris who was by now struggling against the slime which had crept up both of his legs, he looked far from impressed at the turn of events and even slightly worried.

"Orb out." Leo ordered with a slightly worried look on his face but Chris' expression simply turned to one of panic.

"No, magic makes it grow. Summoning her spirit already gave it power." He replied, hoping they would believe him. Whilst it was true that summoning Penny had probably made it grow, the potion he had taken had by now warn off, meaning it was feeding off of him. And while the witch lighter was fairly certain he was no way near as powerful as Wyatt, he was still the son of a charmed one and an elder, meaning he held a hell of a lot of magic, even if he didn't have a lot of power.

"Oh, you must be Chris, the new Whitelighter." Grams said seeing him properly for the first time. Chris raised his lip slightly and was very tempted to roll his eyes as the slime moved up his body. "You know, he doesn't look very qualified for the job." Grams whispered to Leo, he simply chose not to reply.

"Chris, just let me blast it." Piper ordered, ignoring her grandmother completely.

"She's right. Orb" Phoebe yelled as it grew up him even more. Chris shook his head, for a completely different reason than before, for he honestly didn't want Piper to blow it up encase it got him to, it always sounded like it really hurt, especially if you judge it by the screams of the demons.

"Oh, for heaven sakes, listen to them. We'll find a way to vanquish the foul thing later." Grams said when it got to Chris' neck. Reluctantly he orbed and Piper shot her hand out and blew up the goo which scattered into a million pieces and disappeared into the floorboards just as Chris orbed back in. The young Whitelighter sighed, allowing his heart rate to return to normal as he shot his hand out to support himself. The girls just smiled and followed their grandmother out of the attic, not even bothering to check if he was okay.

"So what happened in Penny's time which you don't want the girls to know?" Chris asked when the sisters had completely vanished, speaking though rigid breathes, that was certainly not an experience he wanted to go though again, it almost felt like the slime was draining his energy away.

"Like I'd tell you" Leo answered while he made his way out of the room after the Halliwell. Chris sighed at that, relieved to be left alone for a moment or two and leant back against the wooden wall. He almost jumped a foot when he felt it moving, shortly followed by a long groaning noise. As he backed away from the noise he managed to trip over one of the still lit candles and crash to the floor, succeeding in setting his trouser leg on fire. Swearing rather loudly he held his hand out and tele-orbed a glass of water to him self. Tipping it over his leg, he jumped to his feet and let out a hiss, it was a lot colder than he had anticipated.

The mixture of noises gained Leo's attention who immediately poked his head back around the door wondering what the hell was going on.

"What happened?" He asked when he saw Chris dancing around the room with a very wet leg. Realising that he had been seen, Chris turned around rather embarrassed and grinned in only a way he could pull off.

"Well, either the neighbour's skipped work and their groaning from their bedroom caused the house to shake or I know where the blob is."


"Shhh. Everyone quiet." Leo said as the two angels walked into the living room after a long discussion on how Chris knew what the Willard's got up to in their spare time and of course who the blog was inside the walls.

Piper, Phoebe and Penny all stopped talking and turned to face the whitelighters before straining their ears to listen to the house making strange noises. As they shared strange looks, Chris walked to the furthest away wall and put his ear to it.

"I think it's in the wall."

As soon as he said that the wall cracked and the young man had to jump back and move away from the yellow plaster which sounded very much alive, acting more like a small child than a grown man.

"Yep, it's in the wall." Leo replied with a grin, finding Chris acting slightly childish rather funny.

"Okay, we're gunna need Paige. It took the power of three to vanquish this thing in the future." Chris continued, ignoring the look everyone was giving him completely.

"What? If you knew that, why didn't you tell me that in the first place?" Piper scolded her Whitelighter in frustration as she folded her arms, making him feel as if he was three years old all over again having been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

"Because I could barely get two of you together, let alone three. Besides, this thing's not that big right now and I thought two could handle it." Chris responded rather quickly, thinking completely on his feet, that was part of the true at least, the rest of it simply was he had added his own power to the mix in a hope it would make up for one of the charmed ones, obviously it did not.

"Leo, you take point. Chris here is much too green to guide my girls." Grams said looking at the newbie in disgust. Piper grinned at Chris' expression but Phoebe kept hold of her dead serious face as she studied the man in front of her before jumping up in the air and placing her hand son her hips..

"Umm excuse me can we go back to what you just said?!"

"What?" Chris questioned as he turned and looked at the middle charmed one strangely, he truly couldn't understand what the witch seemed so mad about… and neither could anyone else in the room as they all sent her identical looks of confusion.

"Don't remember what you told us when you first came here do you?" Phoebe continued, pausing for a second as the clogs in Chris brain began turning but no matter how hard he tried he couldn't get what she was referring to.

"It took the power of three to vanquish it in the future?" Phoebe repeated the same angry look on his face, that's when he realised and started hacking his brains for something to say to her other than the truth. "What happened to Paige dying in your time?"

Piper and Leo gasped at that and they both turned to look at Chris, distrust floating in their eyes all over again. The witch lighter actually started sweating under their heated gaze, not knowing how to respond as the past people advanced on him.

"Yeah that's true she did die when the titans attacked." Chris mumbled, diverting his eyes from everyone in the room.

"Really so how was the slime vanquished then?" Piper asked, edging closer and closer to Chris, fire in her eyes, her hands twitching as she got ready to blow him up.

"Mel, Patty and Prue!" He replied rather reluctantly, gazing at the ground as he cursed himself for having to revel apart of the future.

"Who?" Grams asked, putting herself in front of her granddaughters- she already didn't trust the new Whitelighter and the dead women was getting ready to send him flying though the nearest window if she had to, she may be living in the after life but she still packed hell of a punch and no one messed wither her family.

"Melinda, Patricia and Prudence Grace!" he repeated this time looking Phoebe straight in the eye. "Your daughters, the future power of three."

His eyes slowly travelled upwards, studying each expression the four people held carefully. They all seemed to be debating with themselves whether to trust the man or not, after all it wasn't very often he mentioned anything about the future, let alone the charmed ones' children.

"I have three daughters!" Phoebe cried a small smile slowly appearing across her face. Chris nodded in confirmation before casting a look his mother's way who still had the look of uncertainty in her eyes. He really hated having to say anything about the future but it was either that or get lynched and as long as he didn't tell her who the father was or when she would have them, he couldn't see much of an impact on the future from that small statement.

The three women and the elder exchanged looks but eventually nodded accepted what he was saying. This of course caused Chris to breathe a huge sigh of relief but quickly bit his lip when Leo glared at him.

"Phoebe has three children!" He stated looking at him carefully. Chris could only nod in response unsure where Leo was going with that statement. "You sound like you know them!"

All four sets of eyes soon turned to face him as those words left Leo's mouth all of them now wondering if that was true.

"They're the Charmed ones children, of course I know them!" Chris replied, clearing his throat a little as he struggled with the words, unsure of how to sound like they were just acquaintances and hide the love for the girls from his eyes.

"Were you friends with them? Friends with Wyatt?" Piper asked, noticing something almost unreadable in Chris eyes, it almost looked like grief, but that couldn't be right could it? Why would he be grieving for children who couldn't be older than twenty, surly they were still alive, weren't they? "No future consequences crap!" She added as she recognised the familiar posture Chris held.

"I… umm…Yeah I suppose you could say we were friends, Melly and I certainly were, she was… A pretty cool kid!" He replied, trying his hardest to seem indifferent about it, like they were merely old friends who drifted apart and not cousins who were separated by death.

"Was?" Phoebe asked, raising her eyebrows, causing Chris to close his eyes and fall into silence for once not having a response, how could he tell his aunt that her daughters were all dead before they had even been born. It turned out though that he didn't need to say a thing, the uncomfortable silence answered everything.

"Right…Well it's time to give this floundering ship a rudder. Now, which boots did Paige put on?" Grams said getting straight back to business, while she was happy the haliwell line was going to continue with girls she knew this was not the time to celebrate or mourn for their lose.

"Red go-go boots." Piper replied sitting back down next to her sister, putting a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"We've got a problem. Those boots took Paige back to the summer of love, which was one of the most crucial times of my life."

"What do you mean crucial?" Phoebe asked, being brought back down to earth, choosing to just put the information that had slipped from the whitelighters mouth to the back of her mind, at least for now.

"Your grandfather, Allen, rest his soul, was a sweet man, but he lead me straight down the hippy-dippy trail."

"You were a flower child?" Phoebe interrupted, trying to hide her amusement.

"Yeah, well, don't rub it in. What's important is that Allen was killed by my best friend. I didn't know it then, but she was evil. And I walked in right after it happened and well, let's just say that my peacenik days ended fast, along with that bitch Robyn. If she hadn't killed Allen..."

"You'd still be a flower child." Leo finished for her, while he continued to glance in Chris' direction out of the corner of his eye; he couldn't help it if the guy had mistrust written all over his face.

"And the Charmed Ones would be dead. I know I'm a ball buster. But it kept me alive to protect my girls from all the demons that came after them as kids… Now I cast my return to owner spell on a lot of clothes that summer, so..."

"So we get to go back there? We get to meet our grandfather?" Phoebe said, going all hyper again, Chris rolled his eyes at that, knowing from bitter experience meeting your family members before they died was not the easiest thing in the world.

"Don't make too much out of it because whatever you do, you can't change the past or tell anyone you're from the future."

"And you most certainly don't get to tell him who you are!" Leo added with a disapproving look.

"Well, why does he get to?" Phoebe said sulking pointing at Chris who rolled his eyes.

"Because I know what I'm doing." He said with a fake cocky smile. It was quite obvious why he got to do it, if he didn't the world was going to go to hell at the hands of his almighty twice blessed brother. Yet he couldn't help but laugh at the fact Leo had just told the girls they couldn't reveal their identities when that was what he was trying to get him to do all along, he should probably remember that one for later.

"Not from where I'm standing. I'll stay here with Leo and the newbie to contain the slime, until you can bring Paige back to vanquish it, okay? Okay, go, get dressed. You are going to the summer of love." Grams continued, eyeing Chris suspiciously.

As Piper and Phoebe left with their grandmother to go and get some of her Hippie outfits, Chris held his hands in a chocking position and walked forward but Leo grabbed his arm.

"Don't!" he warned looking the boy straight in the eyes which resembled his so much. Chris stared right back at him before looking away and sitting down on the couch. "I know she can be annoying but she doesn't trust men very easily."

"She trusts you" Chris pointed out, deciding trying to kill a ghost wouldn't have been the smartest move in the world; they were already dead after all.

"Well that's because I've known her a long time, she's suspicious by nature."

"Don't you find that weird?" Chris asked, raising one of his eyebrows.

"What that she's suspicious?"

"No, that you were born before your son's great grandmother?!" Leo laughed at that before shuddering slightly, now that he thought about it he could tell why Piper and Phoebe were so grossed out at the fact he knew their grandmother.

"I don't think about it like that!"

"Really?!" Chris asked surprised, it would always plague on his mind, then again he was talking to his mother before he had even been conceived so really he couldn't actually talk. Although it still freaked him the hell out to think about it.

"Really, it would play havoc with my mind if I did."

"Whatever." Chris said, sounding to Leo very much like a teenager, making him once again wonder how old the future man actually was.

"Don't worry you just have to prove to her your not out to hurt her girls. She doesn't like anyone at first." Leo said after seeing Chris staring at the spot grams last was, feeling for some reason that it was his job to reassure the young man.

"I know… she didn't like Wyatt when she realised he was a boy blah, blah, blah…" Chris added in an immature voice, forgetting for a moment that he wouldn't know something like that.

"How do you know that?" Leo asked instantly suspicion in his voice once more. Chris knew way too much about this family for his liking, it just wasn't natural.


"Know she didn't like Wyatt when she first saw him?"

"Friends remember! Why else would I come back to save him" He answered in a matter of fact tone as he looked away just in time to see Grams walking back down the stairs, the girls' no longer in sight.

"Well where ever Paige is they are too." She said as she entered the room, purposely walking over to Leo and ignoring him.

"You sure about that?" Chris asked in a voice that just screamed sarcasm. In his defence he hadn't actually met the women very much in his time, even growing up she half distanced herself from Wyatt and him when ever she visited, only concerning herself with her granddaughters, so he didn't know how she reacted when questioned.

"Are you questioning me?" Grams asked, still very wary of him.

"No… I was just hoping to see Mu… charges dressed as hippies." Chris answered, realizing what he was about to say just before the last 'M' left his mouth… if it had well that really would have topped off a prefect day.

"Mu charges?" Grams repeated. Chris nodded knowing full well he had come very close to saying the word mum. "English these days... kids just make words up don't they?"

Chris was about to snap back with 'he was not a kid' when Wyatt started blubbering on the baby monitor. When Leo got up and left the room he gave Chris a warning glare to keep his mouth shut and asked Penny if she would like to see her great grand son. She obviously said yes so Chris had no choice but to follow them, it was either that or sit alone in the living room fighting off the slime.


"The way I see it, we're all targets for the slime. We need a plan to control it until the girls get back." Grams said as soon as Leo managed to settle Wyatt, which took a lot longer than normal, almost like the sensed what was wrong.

"In the future, everyone tried to control the demon with no name. But it can't be done." Chris said annoyed, his family had come up with the same suggestion when he was younger and he clearly remembered the slime in a jar idea, he had to admit that had probably been the worst plan that the charmed ones had ever come up with, he was actually embarrassed for them.

"That's hardly a winning attitude, young man. And why in heaven's name couldn't the people in the future find some name for that thing?"

'Because every time someone got close to it, it ate them.'

"Speaking of the future, what's so awful that happens to Wyatt?" Leo asked, wondering what Chris had meant by the last comment about his son and just why he would go to all this trouble to save the twice blessed from a demon.

"You know I can't tell you that."

"Come on, I'm an Elder." Chris just shrugged his shoulders and turned away, studying the room carefully, he was sure he had just heard something.

"Excuse me, back on point. Uh, the slime? I'm taking suggestions." The eldest witch in the room stated. Wyatt who was still feeling hungry reached out for his bottle that was sitting on a tabled next to him, but try as he might he could not reach it.

"We could orb it to an ice drift."

"Nah, that's bad." Chris said whilst shaking his head, sometimes his father really was stupid, that actually was probably worse than trapping it in a jar, his mother's idea if he remembered correctly.

"It's not bad, it's awful. You can't orb that thing, it feeds on magic."

"So what's your great idea?" Chris snapped, this woman was really starting to annoy him.

"Are you giving me lip?" she asked anger evident on her face at the future man's disrespect. "Weren't you ever taught to respect your elders?"

"No." he said simply "I was taught to screw them as many times as possible and that their sole purpose in life was to destroy as many lives as possible!" He continued, while resisting the urge to poke his tongue out. He didn't however when he saw the look Leo was giving him. "Sorry forgot you were one of them."

"You really don't like the elders do you?" Leo asked as he placed Wyatt back into his cot.

"No!" Chris replied simply before he glanced over to where his brother lay as he saw blue orbs coming from his crib. "No!" He yelled once again before he ran towards Wyatt just as the slime demon shot out of the wall to swallow him. Leo, begin closer quickly grabbed hold of his son, turned and ran out of the room and down the stairs as the slime was zapped by electricity.

"Hold on. I think it's stopped." Leo said slowly as they reached the hallway.

"Get Wyatt out of the house. If it tries to follow, I'll fire off an orb or two to distract it." Chris said quickly, the baby was a real liability and he couldn't risk anything happing to either of them. With out Leo he wouldn't exist and without Wyatt… well the world wouldn't. Good or Evil he was still needed. Turning to the matriarch of the family he decided to ask if she was okay with that.

"Yeah, it's just what I had in mind."

Leo stepped forward as Chris mumbled something under his breath and carried Wyatt towards the front door. As he got closer the green slime oozed up into the windows, blocking off the doorway. Upon seeing this Leo quickly rushed into the kitchen to try the back door.

"What'd it do? Split in half?" He asked as Chris entered the room, looking slightly less panicked than the other two family members.

"How do we get out?" He asked in return, confusion written on his face as he looked towards the kitchen door which lead to the basement, hearing the same noise as he had before.

"I don't know. Orb?"

"The last time I orbed, that thing almost swallowed me whole." Chris yelled to him as he carefully walked towards the work top, eyeing the blob in wonder.

"What do you think, Penny?" Leo asked, for once knowing that Chris was right, besides he wasn't about to risk Wyatt's safety for anyone.

As the father and son turned to the doorway they saw Grams standing their wearing tie-dyed sixties clothes, looking fairly amused and calm.

"I think love conquers all. I think that we should take the demon into our arms and make it feel safe." She said simply. Leo's face fell at that as he took in the older woman's appearance, he soon realised what must have happened and turned to look at Chris, however what he saw made his blood run cold…