Part 5 – discoveries

Sitting on one of the clouds the elder thought back over the past few hours and more importantly he thought about Chris.

When the girls stopped grams from becoming a demon killer, Chris changed into a hippie at the same time as Penny and she mistook Chris for her dead first husband. He knew the house inside and out including where the fuse box was without hesitation. He knew everything about them that any normal Whitelighters, even if they had read history books wouldn't possibly know.

He had the same eyes as him, the Halliwell stubbornness, he was the spiting image of Piper, he knew Phoebe's daughters' personally including what demons they had vanquished. He almost had a fit when Penny suggested he could be Leo's son. He was half witch, half Whitelighter, he had come all the way though time to save Wyatt and had constantly put up with them being downright horrible to him and let's not forget he had the same power as Piper.

Putting all these things together like a jigsaw puzzle the only possible answer Leo could come up with was that he was related to them and he was pretty sure if he told those little facts to a complete stranger they would draw the same conclusion.

A part of him was trilled with the fact he had another son who apparently would grow up to save the world but the other half wasn't. The other half kept reminding him of how when he had first arrived he had thrown the man across the room, how he had lied to them every second of every day and how Chris had split him and the love of his life up.

"Shit!" he suddenly yelled, causing all the other elders who were meditating to snap their eyes open and look in his direction.

"Leo we do not swear, it is against the rules!" One of the many golden robed robots, as he had heard Chris once call them, said.

"Yeah well this is an exceptional circumstance." He snapped, it had just fully registered in his brain that if Chris was his son, he had just caused his own existence to be put in jeopardy, he had basically commented suicide the day he split him and Piper up and that was just another question Leo now had, why did he split them up?

"It is?"

"God if it's true!" Leo cried and covered his face with his hands, causing the few elders which were meditating to turn and look at him as if he was crazy.

"If what's true?" The same man asked, curiosity getting the better of him. Leo just glared at him before orbing off not wanting to explain him self to his colleague, right now he was more concerned about his possible son.

When the elder re miteralized, he found himself in the middle of san Fansico Park. Looking around he tried to locate Chris, he had sensed the witchlighter somewhere in this area, he just couldn't figure out where he was. Looking at the clock which hung underneath a lamp post Leo saw it had just gone half two on a Sunday morning.

"What the hell is he doing out at this time?" Leo said to himself, usually he could sense people's exact location, but Chris wasn't his charge so it was slightly harder to find the future man. Plus it was quite obvious that the future hybrid was trying his hardest to block the elder for some unknown reason.

Walking though the park he heard sirens in the distance and realised he was quite close to a main road, he kept going forward as his Chris vibe kept getting stronger with each step he took. A gust of wind blew past him and the elder had to stop dead in his tracks as a huge chill ran though his body, it was bitterly cold outside, more so than usual.

In the distance he could see some statues and instead of walking he orbed over to them, wondering what they were. As he appeared in the middle of the stones he saw a body which he instantly realised was Chris, fast asleep on the floor. Shock evident in his face, Leo paused for a second or to before kneeling down to check the kid's temperature. As he reached his hand out and touched the half breed's arm to his horror he realised he was like ice.

"Chris?" he said and shook him gently to try and wake him up. The sleeping twenty year old just rolled his head to the side in response but otherwise he didn't stir. "Chris?" he tried again, this time shaking his shoulders harder.

"Hmmm." He replied but refused to open his eyes, he just wanted to sleep and he seemed to be in a pretty deep one as Leo's constant shaking didn't awaken him. Sighing, the elder put his hand on Chris' chest and orbed them both to p3 where he placed Chris on the sofa he usually slept on.

"Bianca." He mumbled, clearly dreaming about the women he loved. Leo felt a small twinge in his heart; he had almost forgotten that it had only been a few weeks since she had died. Having very nearly been in the same position with Piper he almost knew how the witch felt and couldn't understand how he was bearing up so well. But then again Chris had barley spoken to them since coming back unless it was to do with demons.

Seeing the young man shiver, Leo grabbed a blanket and put it other him, even if he wasn't his son, he was still somebody's, probably someone he worked with and he knew if Wyatt went to the past he wouldn't want him to freeze, he would want someone to take care of him, not fight him every chance they got.

Leo was about to leave when Chris mumbled something else, this time to do with his son.

"Wyatt, don't!" he called out and turned onto his side so he was facing Leo properly. The elder bent back down to see sweat pouring off Chris' face, concern all over his own.

"Don't do it!" He said this time louder. Leo, who obviously had no idea that he was dreaming of the day Wyatt killed their cousin, couldn't help but wonder what the boy had done to Chris, for there was nothing but pure fear in his voice.

"She's just a kid! DON'T" he screamed and started rolling from side to side, his breathing deep and ragged.

"Chris!" Leo said firmly and shook him, a lot harder than he had done in the park. Chris didn't wake up he just continued sweating and tossing about.

"Chris, wake up!" Leo ordered and again shook his shoulders. "Chris you're dreaming and you need to wake up!" He tried for a thrid time, staying scarily calm. Chris stopped moving and his eyelids flickered slightly. Keeping his hand on the man's shoulder Leo stopped shaking him and just stared into his confused eyes.

"Dad?" he said slowly making Leo's heart jump into the sky. It was one thing to suspect it, it was a completely different matter to have a twenty year old say it.

"No it's Leo!" The angel said quickly, snapping Chris out of his dream.

"What?" he stuttered whilst sitting and wiping his eyes and the sweat from his face, not understanding what was going on.

"You were dreaming… Are you okay?" he asked after a minor pause between his sentences. Chris nodded but kept his head in his hands. "You sure you're not cold?"

Chris glanced up at Leo strangely as he sat down next to him.

"Falling asleep in the park is not the best idea, especially in the middle of October."

"I fell asleep!" He said as he brought his head back and lent it against the wall. It was more of a statement than a question but Leo still answered.

"Yeah, what were you even doing there in the dead of night?"

"Thinking" he eventually answered with a sigh. Leo waited patiently for him to elaborate but he never did.

"About Bianca?" He guessed. Chris inhaled sharply and turned his head away from his father, indicating that he was right.


The future man completely ignored Leo; instead he just gazed at his hands which were quivering slightly.

"You know talking about someone who's died isn't the worst thing in the world!" Leo said softly, putting his hand on his shoulder, but Chris quickly shoved it off before pulling the duvet covers up as he shivered faintly.

"I'm serious Chris, bottling things up is not a good idea!"

"Says you!" he finally replied.

"Says everybody. Your mum turned into a furey when Prue died because she kept her true feelings hidden." Leo stopped and bit his lip, realising he had said your mum and not Piper, it was a genuine slip of the tongue but Chris didn't even seem to notice.

"So, like I haven't heard that story a million times before."

The elder swallowed hard grasping the fact Chris had just admitted to being his and Piper's son, without even meaning too, he probably didn't even realise what he had done.

"Presides I don't blame her for dying."

"No but you blame yourself!"

"Your point? It's my fault she's dead, he wanted me not her, I dragged her into this battle and he killed her."

"She has a name you can use it! And in that case if it's anyone's fault it's 'his'."

"No it's not!" He snapped angrily. "He can't help it! He didn't mean to do it, He's not supposed to be evil, he's…confused."


Chris wasn't really registering what he was saying, if he was, his normal response would have been spoken right about now.

"Yeah I'm really going to tell you that. It'll just give everyone another reason to hate me. I can hear it now…. Your brother is the source of all evil so you obviously are evil too!"

If Leo was holding a pen it would have toppled to the floor as he literally froze in shock. A crazed gun man could come charging into the room riding an elephant and he wouldn't have even battered an eyelid as he stared at Chris in absolute horror.


"Yes my brother, you happy now? My brother killed her, my brother terrorises people with his powers, kills innocent people, kids, for fun. My brother is evil! So why don't you orb along to the girls and get them to vanquish me right now?" He yelled now on his feet, completely unaware of the effect his words were having on his father, who at that moment felt like he was falling in a bottomless pit.

"Chris…" he said quietly, then considerably louder, slowly snapping out of his trance.

"What you want more? Well how about the fact I don't blame him for her death? That I still love him despite what I monster he is, that I would do anything to save him!" When he finished yelling he held his head and sat back down, as far away from Leo as possible.

"So you travelled though time." He mumbled, not quite believing his sweet little baby would grow up into a cold hearted killer. Chris hunched down in his seat, blocking out what ever Leo was saying. The elder put his hand on his son's shoulder, but it was shrugged straight back off once again.

"Leave me alone Leo!"


"Just go away!"

"No Chris, Now you're going to listen to me! It's okay not to hate him…"

Chris turned his head back to face the wall, not wanting to even look at the man but Leo saw the water in his eyes and knew his suspicion was correct.

"He killed Bianca, Chris, and millions of others but its okay not to hate him, because no matter what he's still your brother and no one can make you forget that."

Chris stood up and started to orb off but Leo who suspected he was going to do something like that was ready for it and yanked him back down. When the twenty year old witch reappeared he scowled at Leo and looked away again. With an exhausted sigh Leo tried once more.

"Look at me!... I said look at me!" He ordered and Chris slowly turned his head to look at Leo's face.

"It's not your fault Bianca's dead! She was killed by evil but that doesn't mean you have to charge round the underworld trying to kill him, because that's what this is all about really isn't it? You hate yourself because you won't kill him, you won't take revenge!"

Chris inhaled deeply and Leo nodded, knowing he got it right.

"What do you know?"

"A lot more than you think actually."

"Tuh…" he said and shook his head. As Leo opened his mouth to speak Chris jumped off the sofa and thinking he was going to orb off again, the elder grabbed his arm, but let go as he walked out of the room after feeling how cold it was.

"This isn't healthy!" Leo cried out as Chris grabbed a beer bottle. The father to be instantly took it off him and smashed it on the floor. "And that is not the answer! If everyone resorted to alcohol to block out pain we'd have a serious problem on our hands."

The witchlighter scowled and turned away to stop Leo seeing him wiping tears from his eyes, but he did anyway.

"Pretending you're not upset when you clearly are wont help either! Bianca's dead! She's gone for ever. The women you loved is never coming back! Even if you change the future the person you know won't exist anymore. The five year old we all saw will grow up to be someone completely different. The person you knew is dead! And no amount of meddling in the past will ever change that!"

Chris sat down on one of the benches and rested his head in his hands. He then started shaking and burst into tears. Leo smiled sadly and put his arm around Chris' shoulders as he finally mourned Bianca's death.


A few hours later Leo orbed both himself and Chris back to the manor. Chris was already fast asleep but was still freezing cold so the elder put the fire on to try and warm him up. As he was about to orb off back up to the heavens, piper walked into the room in her dressing gown.

"What's going on?" She asked as she saw Chris fast asleep on her couch.

"Shhh!" Leo whispered and brought his finger up to his mouth. He led Piper into the kitchen and closed the door behind them.

"Care to explain?"

Leo opened his mouth to tell all but stopped himself, he couldn't do it, he couldn't tell piper who Chris really was. Not that he didn't want to, but it was just he didn't think it was fair on their son to wake up and find the sister's all over him. From the conversation they had a few weeks back on the bridge he realised they were all dead and he didn't think Chris could handle that at this precise moment in time.

"He fell asleep in the park thinking about Bianca, he has only just fallen asleep again so don't wake him, besides he's freezing."

Piper nodded and the elder orbed back to elder land, Chris' secret could stay that way a little while longer.

The end

(a/n) okay so that's it, thank you everyone who read this story and reviewed it too. I hope you like this chapter. I originally planned a sequel but have lost all inspiration for it so instead just imagine that everything from here on happens like it happened on the show, only Leo is a lot nicer and doesn't act at all surprised when Phoebe tells him he is going to be a dad again. Thanks for reading! Bye for now!