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This is a one-shot. Simply following a little escapade of the quest in the Wetlands you can do with the murlocs and the wrecked ship. I was jsut bored and wanted to write this and share my little theory on what happens when you kill these things by the dozens in one area...

Hope you enjoy it.


Disclaimer: World of Warcraft belongs to the brilliant company, Blizzard Entertainment. Not me.


"Thank you, Shace. This was very kind of you."

"Any time, sir. Good luck with your recovery..."

The young human warlock stood up straight again from having handed the dwarf the murloc fins.

Revenge was always a problem when it came to the Wetlands or any other land in the Eastern Kingdoms lately. People everywhere were suffering hard lives... all the monsters were coming back after all, and they couldn't care less who they hurt.

But it wasn't like the horde... it almost seemed stupid to prey upon something that was mindless to its actions anyway, just to bring back some type of feeling to relieve loss.

It was silly. Murlocs were smarter than some of the creatures around... they knew how to fight in packs, how to use their teeth and claws as weapons, not only astools... they knew how to kill. But they didn't know why they were doing it.

She had learned long ago from a mage scholar in Stormwind that to them, everything was just a territory war, and that everyone was an enemy but their own kind. Prejudice maybe, many believed that, but Shace almost saw it as a race of beings that refused to open up in case their "territory" was taken away.

It made sense. Nevertheless, it didn't give anyone a reason not shove them into extinction. So yes... she'd helped the ditraught man who had begged for assistance in bringing them down.

"Oh, Barnaby! I forgot I needed to warn you..."

"What's going on?"

"It's an omen! We're all going to perish!"

"Abandon Menethil!"

She should have told the guards first. Three of them and an old woman were leaning over the harbor, looking fearful, terror in their eyes.

Funny how ignorance could make you that way...

"The murlocs bleed water... but it comes out sticky."

Shace left the man with that knowledge and went to tell the other frightened people before the problem led to a stampede of insanity.

She supposed it was the Murlocs way not to leave the world without a parting gift of their own. Their skins leaked oily water... but it was clear as the real thing... and it took hours of scrubbing to get it off.

What had the guards studied in their training that kept them from knowing THAT?


Hope you enjoyed it even a little bit. Yeah, no real plot. Just for fun. Again, a little escapade and thinking can go a long way... or just mess with your brain till you let it out.