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Battle/kicked out

Chris was sitting on the top of Golden Gate Bridge thinking about how he broke the Charmed Ones trust yet again. He had done it before all those other times he had just not told them everything about himself. They had told him to leave and never come back This time Wyatt was kidnapped by a demon. He sat there remembering exactly what happened:

He and the sisters were looking in the Book of Shadows trying to figure out what demon had attacked them earlier that day and how to vanquish it. All of the sudden they heard a noise coming from Wyatt's room so they ran upstairs to see if he was alright

When they got up there it was too late. The demon had picked Wyatt up from his crib and shimmered out but not before dropping an attheme out of his hand. While the sisters were in shock Chris walked over and picked it up and said "We can scry for the demon with this." They all went up to the attic and did just that.

They scryed for the demon for about five minutes before they him in an alley on the north side of the city. They all orbed there.

When they materialized they looked around for a trap but they found no visible one. All of the sudden a fireball came hurtling out of no where and hit Chris in the shoulder and he bent over in pain.

About ten demons shimmered at that point and the battle began. Piper blew about three up. Paige was getting fireballs thrown at her, which she gladly threw back at them. That action had caused four other demons to incinerate. Phoebe was kicking some serious ass but Piper had enough and said "Phoebe grab the potions and spell Paige orb Wyatt over to me."

"Sure thing, WYATT!" She said as Wyatt who was sitting behind the demons who they were fighting was bathed in familiar blue orbs and sent to Piper. Piper said to Chris "keep an eye on Wyatt while we finish this. Chris nodded by this time he was on feet. He grabbed Wyatt and moved to the side.

The girls said the spell and threw the potions and the remaining demons. They screamed as they burst into flames. After that was done Piper went over Chris and took Wyatt from him and they orbed home.

When they got there they found a very distraut looking Leo. "Piper where were you I was worried," he said

"Paige take Wyatt upstairs Leo Chris needs healing first then I will tell you" She said. Leo nodded and put his hands on Chris's shoulder and they glowed. Chris's wound slowly closed up.

"Now, Piper will you please tell me what happened" Leo asked worriedly expecting the worst, which is what he got.

"Leo we were fighting demons that had kidnapped Wyatt," she said calmly but the look on Leo's face was asking her why was she being so calm about it.

He then turned on Chris looking as though he was going to kill him. "I'LL BET THIS IS YOUR FAULT, YOU WALK INTO OUR LIVES AND CLAIM THAT SOME DEMON IS AFTER WYATT BUT IT'S OBVIOUS THAT ARE JUST SAYING THAT JUST SO YOU CAN GET CLOSE TO US AND KILL WYATT WHEN THEY ARE NOT AROUND!" he screamed chris couldn't say anything in his defensebecause just then Leo had punched him. Chris stumbled back onto the couch. He then turned to Piper who was not mad but had a stern look in her eyes.

She spoke "Chris, until you can actually tell us what is going on and why you're hereexactly I don't want to see you." By this time Paige had come downstairs to see what was happening

Chris was shocked that Piper would kick him like that he looked at Phoebe who had the same stern look on her face as Piper. He not getting help there so he said "Sorry" and he orbed out with his head down because he didn't want then to see how much they hurt him. Paige caught a glimmer of a tear on his face before he was totally gone.

So now here he was crying because he had let then down again. He wondered to himself 'how am I going to fix this?'