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Leo was about to answer when Chris orbed in. He looked at his mom, who had a hint of hatred in her eyes. He got the reason for it because there was Leo standing in front of her.

Chris also looked at him with pure hatred.

"What the hell are you doing here? I thought they told you to leave and never come back." He said pointing to Paige and Phoebe.

"Chris please I just want to help you defeat the phoenix demon." Leo pleaded

Chris couldn't believe what he was hearing. Leo wanted to help him defeat the demon Chris knew that if he handled the demon by himself he would die because he was still weak from the last assault on his life. The person who caused that wanted to help him defeat the demon. He wasn't buying it.


After he said that, he doubled over in because he was still hurt. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige ran to him. Leo also tried to move but Piper's hand stopped him.

She turned to Chris and said softly "Peanut, please go rest you need your strength."

Chris nodded, gave a scowl to Leo, and orbed back to the attic to rest.

Once Chris was gone Piper turned to Leo and said "Leo you're the reason he will die fighting the demon and all of the sudden you care about him."

"Piper I realized that I care about him, and I believe that he is my son."

"Bull shit, Leo you can't JUST realize that you care about him and now accept him as your son. It doesn't work like that, either accept or you don't." Paige said pissed that Leo could think he could come and just change his mind like that.

"She is right Leo, I would love to have you help him, but what makes me think that you not going to turn around and hurt him again." Piper said

"Leo, Chris was right, I can't believe you want to help after you hurt him countless times. He doesn't need a father who wants to hurt him one minute and the next love him." Phoebe said joining in. She really did not want her broth-in-law here

Leo knew that they weren't going to let him help but he had to try. He showed a worried face for Chris. Piper still was not convinced that Leo wanted to help.

"Leo, I want you to leave and don't come back." Piper said

Leo looked at her sadly and orbed out.

Phoebe said "Why don't we turn in for the night and we can figure out a way for us to help Chris vanquish the demon tomorrow."

All three nodded and they went upstairs to sleep.


The next morning Piper woke up and went downstairs and into the kitchen. When she got there Paige and Phoebe were all ready there with the book of Shadows.

"What are you girls doing with the book?" Piper asked

"Trying to figure out if there was a way for us to help Chris when the demon shows up." Phoebe said.

"I hope you found something because I am getting really worried that something really bas is going to happen to my son."

Paige and Phoebe looked at each other then at Piper and Paige said sadly "I am sorry Piper, but Chris was right you can only kill the Phoenix demon with elder powers, and since Chris is the only one with them he unfortunately has to do it on his own."

Piper started to cry her baby boy was going to die because he was the only one that could defeat the demon.

Paige and Phoebe went over to her comfort her.

A minute later their moment their moment was interrupted by a crash coming from upstairs. They ran upstairs to check on the boy.


When they reached Wyatt's room Piper breathed a sigh of relief because he was all right. She went to Wyatt's crib to pick him up and all of the sudden another crash came this one shook the house.

Piper looked up and screamed "CHRIS!" She ran up the stairs with Wyatt in her arms and her sisters coming behind her.

They opened the door to see the demon that attacked the day before.

"CHRIS!" they screamed the demon turned to the sisters and had his eyes set on Piper. He threw a fireball at her.

Chris saw this, jumped in front of her, and threw his hands out lightning came out of them and hit the demon.

The demon just laughed, "Is that all you got little white lighter?"

When the demon said that Chris put all the power he had into his hands.

The demon screamed and burst into flames.

Chris fell to his knees, because he was very weak because he had used so much energy.

The sisters ran over to him and they all knelt down.

Piper asked concerned "Chris are you all right?"

Chris said "Yea, mom I am just weak right now. I just need to rest."

"Thank God, You had me so worried." Piper said as she bent down and hugged him

"Chris I thought you said that would die though." Paige added Piper looked at her with a look that said you wanted my son to die.

"Chris don't get the wrong idea we didn't want you to die we are just curious as to why you didn't.

Chris thought for a second why he survived. "I guess it's because I am stronger then I thought. I didn't think I would beat him and live."

"Well you did and we are so proud of you." Piper said as she and her sisters and Wyatt went to hug him.

"Love you Kwiss." Wyatt said giggling and hugged him tighter.

"We love you too Chris." The sisters said all together

"I love you all." Chris said smiling

He really felt like he was apart of this family in this time.

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