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Green Waters

Prologue (3 years before it all begins)

Narrative/Normal POV

Thirteen year old Terra slinked through the dark alleys. She was following a tall silver-haired man.

He had on purple robes that were decorated with constellations and phases of the moon. Upon his crooked nose was a pair of half-moon spectacles. His long silver beard was tucked into his over-sized belt and he walked quickly with powerful and purposeful strides.

She followed quietly, scampering behind him in the shadows. Her brown hair tied up in a ponytail swished around her head. As her sharp eyes followed the man's every movement she hid behind whatever was available.

She was almost positive the man had no idea she was there. That was until he suddenly stopped, turned around, and said in a bemused voice, "You may come out now."

Terra gathered her wits and boldly stepped out from behind the corner of a building to face the old man. Standing under a streetlamp she could see his distinguished features that came with old age and her black clothing seemed to yearn for the shadows once more.

Standing tall she was about 2/3 his height. Still she then asked in determined and steady voice, "Who are you?" Inside she was shaking in anticipation and was clinging to her last threads of hope.

He chuckled lightly and said, "Well I was hoping you would know seeing as you are following me. Not to mention the fact that you were more than likely sent by the Minister of Magic." As he said this his thoughts strayed to the pompous Minister, Cornelius Fudge.

Then his curiosity turned his attention back to the young girl.

As soon as Terra had heard him say that her face broke into a smile and she started jumping laughing and squealing in excitement. She was ecstatic because her biggest wish came true.

She spoke aloud to herself quickly with much enthusiasm, "I knew it! It's real! He really is him! That means that it's all true! I knew it all along!"

Her face shining with hope and amazement she asked him in a hurried rush, "Are you Albus Dumbledore? Is there really a Harry Potter? How is Sirius? Can I meet him? Oh, and I want to meet Ron, Hermione, and Remus too. Plus, I really want to go to Hogwarts, if there is such a place. Is it really as magnificent as it says in the books? So far they only go to Harry's third year. You have to tell me everything!" Her face glowing in the dim light she awaited his answers.

Dumbledore on the other hand stared in mounting shock at the young girl. He then asked in a patronizing voice that barely concealed his alarm, "How do you know all of this?"

Terra laughed before realizing he was serious. Then she muttered sheepishly, "From all of the Harry Potter books." Dumbledore's mouth dropped open slightly in surprise.

"You know, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, and the new one Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban though there is supposed to be four more."

Dumbledore mumbled to himself in hurried anxious whispers, "But...But that means…all muggles…they know…who would've…oh dear…this puts us in a sticky situation." Dumbledore paused for a moment, then turned to the young girl and asked sharply, "What is your name?"

"Terra," she muttered meekly.

Dumbledore nodded and added in a softer tone of voice, "Well as you probably guessed I am Albus Dumbledore." Her eyes lit up at this fact but he continued, "Now then, Terra you said your name was?" She nodded quickly.

"Well we have a lot to talk about. I have some questions about these books and I am sure you have questions for me as well. Am I correct?" She nodded again. "Hmmm…"Dumbledore mused aloud obviously pondering something.

More in control of herself and her emotions than before she interrupted him timidly, "Sir…Is Harry Potter real? Is there really a Lord Voldemort?"

He was caught by surprise at the question and the fact that she said Voldemort's name without so much as a flinch so he answered truthfully, "Yes they are as real as you or I. Harry right now is at Hogwarts seeing as it is May 22nd and Voldemort is currently in hiding. His whereabouts are unknown."

Her eyes opened wider in shock before she exclaimed, "Wow! Can I go to Hogwarts?"

He sighed heavily not wanting to upset the young girl. As he did this he quickly reached out with his senses to see if she was at all magical. What he found surprised him even more so than the discovery of the books. It seemed that Terra was an extremely powerful witch, even if she didn't know it yet.

If she were taught correctly she could have powers that rivaled the Dark Lord's and his own. He decided quickly on his answer knowing it would be for the best, "No," Her face fell. He quickly added, "I'm sorry. You see I was hoping to personally train you Ms…"

"Ms. Galiseo." She was in complete shock so it came out a whisper. She collected herself and said in a more audible and excited voice, "Ms. Galiseo. And do you really mean it? Will you really train me?"

He smiled as his eyes twinkled and danced in the moonlight. He replied with a chuckle in his voice, "Yes, I will. But first we have much to talk about Terra. Now if you would just hold onto my arm we will apparate to Hogs Meade. Then walk from there to Hogwarts. I believe in my office we will be able to talk freely. Also then we have no chance of being overheard there."

So Terra scampered forward, excitement running through every part of her body and mind. She clutched Dumbledore's arm and her last thought before apparating was 'I am going to be a part of the magical world. I must be the luckiest muggle girl alive.'

Yet her appearance in the wizarding world wouldn't be for another three years. During that time Dumbledore would train her in ancient and powerful magic that sometimes only she could do. She would surpass him in powers and would harden her heart to become a ruthless fighter.

She would become a power so great that only one wizard could be greater. Yet it fell onto her shoulders to train him. After all, who else could?

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