Like I said before, faster updates! This is a really exciting chapter, and I hope you'll like it, because I enjoyed writing it. It has an unexpected plot line, and I doubt that any of you thought about this possibility. Oh well, enjoy!



Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny all went down to the Great Hall for breakfast. Today the former three's schedules today contained charms right after breakfast, followed by two free periods, lunch, and then Transfiguration. Ginny's differed, of course. S, because she was in a different year.

All None of them couldn't wait for that evening, though. That was, hopefully, when Terra would reveal her plans about the potion. For all four, the day went by at snail speeds, and it was extremely hard to pay attention in their classes.

Finally, the time came. It was the time they had all been waiting for all day. It was the time of the meeting with Terra.

They all made their way to the Room of Requirement right after dinner, and presented Terra with the potion ingredients they had gathered and the information that Lupin's closet was all padded up. She thanked them, and then started right into an apology. "I'm sorry about how I treated you all yesterday. That's not important now, though." She added, "In about an hour, come back, and I'll have the potion ready. That's also when I tell you what we have to do."

"Wait," Hermione's voice said coming from the back of the group as they made their way out the door, "We didn't get all of the ingredients. There is still the copper alloy." Terra sat there, laughing to herself, and said, "That was just the list of everything all the things I needed, everything in the potion. I had already gotten some of the things,. tThe copper alloy included. In fact, I'll probably have a surplus of some items. Now come back in an hour, and d. Do some homework in the meantime; I'm sure you have a lot from today."

One Hour Later…...

The foursome was were making their way back to the Room of Requirement, while pondering, as they were had been since the night before, what Terra's plan was. By now they were fully put out by the incessant wondering, and were growing very impatient with their friend. After walking in front of the empty stretch of wall three times and making the door appear, they entered the room, and saw Terra waiting for them. She said, "Ok, so this is the plan…"


I'm sorry, but this chapter was getting too long with the plan included, so I broke it down into chunks.