Ranma 1/2

Altered Destinies: A scary thought

What's happened so far: Zilch, nodda, nothing, this is the start.


Derek leaned back in his chair as the steady stream of information passed before him. So much to do, so much to do. He had to fix that whole mess in 435687. 234891 was still in need of some real work. He also had to hunt down some more of those renegades that were messing everything up so badly, toying with timestreams that were perfectly fine.

He took in a deep calming breath and mentally ordered the display to stop on 379443. That looked like an interesting one. Who would have thought that person would be the cause of so much destruction? Talk about the best of intentions going awry.

He examined the data more closely. No point in even trying to fix the base timestream, it was hopelessly gone. Well, after that last disaster Derek was glad. This would be a simple enough fix. One little twist of fate and everything would be fine.

"Not so fast Derek. I got another challenge for you." The female voice at his side announced. He listened as she detailed what she expected.

"Hmph, you really don't have much respect for my skills, do you?"

"If you pull this off I'll give you some respect."

"I'll hold you to that." He said with a smile. This was too easy.

Chapter 1

Kasumi listened by the doorway as her father talked with the stranger who had come to visit. She was finding this whole situation really exciting. Father was home after over a year away in training, whatever that meant, and this other man had come home with him. Now they were talking about the man's son and about a marriage. Kasumi just couldn't keep her curiosity at bay.

"Sounds like an excellent idea, Tendo. So, which will it be?"

"Hmmm, I'd say Akane would be the logical choice. She's Ranma's age."

Akane is going to marry this Ranma? But, Akane is still practically a baby, she thought to herself. This was all quite confusing. Kasumi decided to get her mother to explain it properly.

As she thought this, Nabiki sneaked up beside her. "What's happening?" She asked in a whisper as she too began listening.

"I don't really know. I think Akane is going to marry some boy named Ranma." Kasumi whispered back in response.

"Really?" Nabiki suddenly became excited and moved closer to the common room doorway.

"Yes, sounds good, but do you think they'll really go for the idea?" The strange man asked.

"Of course they will." Her father responded.

"I wouldn't be so sure, Tendo."

"Well, if you're worried then perhaps we should have them get to know each other first. Maybe we should raise them together."

"Wonderful idea!"

"Then it's decided. You can take Akane and-"

"Wait a second, Tendo," the man quickly responded. "Don't you think that it would be better for them to grow up here? I mean, you have this big house and the dojo..."

"Well, I suppose but I already have three daughters to raise-"

"What's one more child to raise when our two families will be joined and our family legacies assured?"

"Hmmm, quite right."

"Did you hear that?" Nabiki asked. "We're going to have a boy in the house." Kasumi nodded silently.

"Okay then, we'll just make a few arrangements and-" the man began.

"Not so fast, Saotome. I may agree with your reasoning but I'm a bit suspicious of your motives. You're trying to unload your son on me I think." Her father replied, suspicion in his voice.

"Not at all Tendo." The man responded, a bit nervous.

"Hmmm, well then, you should have no problem with a little exchange then."


"Yes, I'll raise your son and you can raise one of my daughters. How's that?"

The man went silent for a moment and the two Tendo daughters exchanged confused and worried looks. "Okay, Tendo." The man finally responded. "So which will it be?"



Kasumi remembered that fateful day over ten years ago. It had been so strange to be sent to live with some strange man she barely knew. She still to this day questioned her father's reasoning behind that decision. Her mother had certainly not been all that approving but she had agreed. The Saotomes had been nice enough but it still took time to adjust to. Then the memories of what happened later returned to Kasumi. Curse them all, she thought to herself angrily.

The boy named Kasumi trudged on down the street, his eyes locked on the wet pavement below. He was in a very bad mood. That damnable rain had caused the transformation that he was getting quite annoyed with. It had been shocking enough at the beginning but since then it had caused nothing but trouble.

Kasumi looked up from the puddles on the ground to the mound of black and white fur beside him and lightly cuffed the panda on the back of the head. It growled a painful and meek protest as it looked back. Kasumi scowled back at it in response.

The panda quickly brought out a sign. 'What was that for?' the sign read.

"For this whole stupid mess!"

'It wasn't my fault! It was all just a big misunderstanding!' the panda replied with another sign, a pleading look on its face.

"Not this time, Mr. Saotome. You're not going to get forgiveness that easily ever again!"

'Come on Kasumi, have a heart.' The panda now had tears in its eyes.

Kasumi could feel his anger begin to give way to sympathy but quickly turned his eyes away before the feeling took hold. "No! I've given you far too many chances as is! We're going home and that's final!"

The panda growled out another plea but Kasumi wouldn't let himself be effected. He was going home and was going to try to get over all that had happened to him. Of course he'd never live a normal life again but he could try to live a close approximation of one.

He stopped at the gate and looked at the sign: Tendo school of anything goes martial arts. He was here at last. He turned to the panda who gave one last desperate attempt to change Kasumi's mind, begging on its knees. 'Please Kasumi, just give me a bit more time to set things right.' It pleaded with another sign.

He briefly started to consider but then quashed the thought. He wouldn't let this pitiful excuse of a parent mess up his life any longer. "Not a chance, and don't you even think of running off. You've got a lot to answer for."

The panda slouched its head in despair.


Nabiki stood by the kitchen table, slicing several carrots into thin, even slices. Her mind wasn't on her work however. Nothing this boring or tedious was satisfying or mentally stimulating enough to keep her mind on it. Still, Nabiki always reminded herself that it was better than the alternative. Instead she was running over a few ideas that just might improve her cash flow a bit.

"Are those carrots ready?" Mrs. Saotome asked as she turned from the stove. Nabiki nodded as she finished the last cut and handed the cutting board with the carrots to her. As Nodoka returned to the stove and added the carrots to a pot Nabiki moved onto her next task. She didn't make it as a loud knocking caught her attention.

"Could you get that?" Nodoka asked.

"Sure." Nabiki replied as she headed off to the door. She didn't go too fast mind you. Anything that got her free from the tedium of kitchen duty was something to be savored. The knocking repeated itself as she finally reached the front door. She slid it back and looked at her visitor.

Actually she looked into his chest and realized she was just a bit too close. She looked up a bit, then a bit more until she looked into his face, a face etched with weariness. "Hello," he greeted in a pleasant but tired voice.

"Oh, hello," Nabiki replied as she took a step back to better examine this new comer. As she already noted he was quite tall, possibly even taller than her father, and obviously older than her, maybe 19 or 20. He was dressed in a soft yellow and red outfit that seemed just a little small as his well built frame filled it completely, emphasizing every muscle. His brown hair was bound together in a long ponytail that must have gone down to the mid of his back. His face, well there was only one way Nabiki could think of to describe it, gorgeous. She could hardly keep her heart from fluttering. Nabiki shook off the thoughts that were beginning to come to the surface and reset her appearance as that of host. "Ah, can I help you?"

"I'm sure you can." The man said then frowned as he looked off to the side. He quickly shot out his hand and pulled a large mound of fur into view. "Where do you think you're going, hmmm?" Nabiki took another step back, this time in shock, as she realized that mound of fur was a panda. After the panda seemed to slouch to the ground in despair the man turned back to her. "You wouldn't happen to have any hot water would you?"


"Saotome!" Soun roared out in outrage as he confronted his one time friend.

"Now Tendo, it's not a bad as it-"

"My daughter changes into a man and you call that not bad!" Soun shot back as he grabbed Genma by the shoulders, a bit too tightly for Genma's comfort. "How could you be so reckless?"

Everyone at the common room table watched mutely as Genma desperately fought to come up with a response. Nodoka looked no more amused than Soun at this whole situation. Nabiki looked pale, probably due to the rather queasy feeling she now had. Akane had an angry scowl directly solely at Genma. Ranma seemed to be pondering something.

Kasumi, however, was fighting a war with herself. She would be all too pleased to let Genma go down in flames, but the part of her that had been tempting her early was still hard at work. She was home now, no longer under his care and she really didn't feel like going through a night of sleeplessness if she let this go on.

"To be fair it was an accident. He didn't know about the curses." Kasumi finally said. It was a bit of a stretch. He knew damned well that the springs were dangerous and that they were called 'the cursed springs of Jusenkyo'. However, she'd been as big a fool, especially seeing as how her life with Genma should have warned her about actually agreeing to go there in the first place. Well, that was ending now.

Soun looked over at his daughter then relented and released Genma. Genma gave Kasumi a thankful smile but she returned only a brief disapproving glare.

"Well Saotome, it seems my daughter is more forgiving than I. Be glad."

"I should have made you sign that contract." Nodoka said aloud as she shook her head.

"It was-" Genma began.

"We'll talk later." Nodoka snapped back as she stood up and turned to Kasumi. "Come with me Kasumi, I'll get you settled in. Nabiki, please take care of dinner." Nabiki nodded and headed off to the kitchen as Kasumi followed Nodoka upstairs. She lead Kasumi to a large, basically empty room, where Kasumi dropped her pack. "I'm sorry, but Ranma took your room-"

"It's all right Mrs. Saotome. I didn't expect anything else. Besides, I'm used to sleeping on a hard floor."

Nodoka nodded, not sure if Kasumi phrased it that way to be exact or because she was bitter. "I'm dearly sorry about all this. I should never have allowed him to take you on that training trip. You must be angry with all of us."

Kasumi looked over at Nodoka and tried to call up that feeling but found it quickly crumpled with the sad look on Nodoka's face. "I suppose I was, somewhat, but how were you to know?" Nodoka seemed uncomforted by Kasumi's excuse for the error in judgment. "It doesn't matter now. I'm home and I'll survive." Nodoka again nodded then turned to leave just as Akane walked in.

"I don't need to ask how life's been treating you." Akane commented with a bit of amusement. Kasumi smiled as she hugged her little sister. "I missed you." Akane said as she returned the hug. A moment passed and they finally released each other, Kasumi giving Akane a good look over. She'd obviously been keeping herself fit. She was trim but firm, probably from martial arts training. Her hair was still in that old short cut that Kasumi found a bit boyish but now it seemed to suit her quite well.

"You've grown up so much since the funeral." Kasumi noted.

"So have you."

"Yes. So, how's life been treating you?"

"Well enough, I suppose."

` "Are you and Ranma getting along? When's the wedding planned?"

Akane's pleasant attitude changed to a guarded one. "We get along fine. I don't know about the wedding."

Kasumi examined her sister intensely, trying to discern her true feelings on the subject. "Is there some problem?"

Akane scowled and began pacing the room. "Well it's... I mean we... I don't want to trouble you with my problems."

"Not at all." Kasumi reflexively responded.

"Well we... we... he's..."

"Don't you like him?"

"Oh, I like him fine. He's a bit thoughtless sometimes but that's not so bad. It's just that I... I... It just doesn't seem right." Akane stopped pacing and stared down at her feet. "Oh, you don't want to hear about this." Akane said as turned and looked up at Kasumi. "I want to see how good you are. Do you want to have a little sparring match?"

"I suppose." Kasumi responded, a little reluctant.


Akane set herself across from Kasumi in a combat ready stance. Kasumi assumed a loose defensive posture and prepared. At the door to the dojo, Ranma stopped and looked in. A little curiosity took hold and he walked in and leaned against the wall, waiting to see what Kasumi could do.

"Ready?" Akane asked and Kasumi nodded. Akane started off slow with a quick punch which Kasumi swayed to the side to avoid. Another punch, slightly faster, again easily avoided. A kick, Kasumi calmly blocked and spun Akane around by her caught foot. Akane stumbled then recovered and re-examined her approach. She then attempted a quick set of punches and kicks all of which Kasumi calmly and easily dodged. Akane stepped back and caught her breath. "Are you going to attack or what?"

"If you really want me to?"

Akane nodded and Ranma had a feeling that it was a mistake. Kasumi approached cautiously then let loose a quick punch. Akane dodged fairly easily and countered with her own punch. However, Kasumi caught it then, holding Akane's hand in one of her own, Kasumi lashed out with four blazingly fast punches, three times to Akane's body and one final time to the head, stopping just short of the bridge of Akane's nose. Ranma knew those moves would have easily put Akane completely out of action, maybe even have killed her if they were full force. Akane must have known too as she blinked in complete shock.

"That's... pretty good." Akane stammered out.

"Thank you. Your guard is a bit weak." Kasumi responded as she released Akane and stepped back casually.

"Yeah, guess so." Akane responded, slightly depressed.

"Don't feel bad, I've had some fairly... intensive training."

"I bet." Ranma commented causing Kasumi and Akane to finally notice him. "You got creamed Akane." Ranma teased.

"Shut up Ranma! Maybe if my regular sparring partner was half decent-" Akane replied angrily.

"Low blow! I'm better than you and you know it!" Ranma replied, getting a bit angry himself.

"Hah! You wish!" Akane retorted with a slight smirk and began to leave.

"Oh yeah? Okay then, let's go, right now!"

"Hmmh, later maybe, when I'm bored." Akane responded, dismissing Ranma's challenge with a wave as she left. "I'm going to take a bath."

Ranma was about to give chase when Kasumi walked up next to him. He gave her a look then turned from the door with his own dismissing wave of his hands. "She doesn't know nothing."

"I think she was just teasing."

"Yeah, I know." Ranma said as he went into a kata.

"Is there some problem between you two?" Kasumi asked, a bit of concern in her voice.

"Us, no, we're just fine... just fine." Ranma replied leaving Kasumi with a perplexed look. "So, I bet you've seen some pretty interesting stuff on the road."

"Oh, a fair bit."

"Hmmh, if it wasn't for the other stuff I would have loved to be in your place."

"Yes, if it wasn't for that other stuff I would love to be in my place too. However, there is that other stuff, more of it than you know." Kasumi sighed, turned and left.


Kasumi laid on her sleeping bag, staring at the ceiling. She was home, that had a very pleasant feel to it. Her troubles were behind her now save the curse but with some luck she'd find a cure someday. Kasumi mused at that last thought. She hadn't been having much in the way of luck lately.

Her mind turned to Ranma and Akane. What was their problem? Both said they were getting along yet... they weren't. They were all too eager to switch topics when it came to their relationship. So, what had happened, or not happened? It seemed that the original intent of this whole exchange had somehow backfired.

Kasumi scowled. Here she was again, worrying about other people's problems. She had enough of her own to worry about. She didn't need more. If they had some sort of problem, well, they'd just have to work things out for themselves. It was time for her to live her own life.

Kasumi pushed away the thoughts and attempted to sleep. After about an hour she finally managed to.


Kasumi was running, scared, from what she couldn't quite remember. All she knew is she had to get away. She ran until her lungs were on fire with pain but still kept running. She didn't even know where she was. She tried to force her mind to recall the place. Little lakes, poles, it was certainly familiar. Suddenly she saw something in front of her. She was still too afraid to stop. She continued to run directly at it. There was a startled cry then a splash of water.


Kasumi sputtered and coughed as she sat up, drenched in cold water. She, or rather now he, looked around in confusion to see his sister Nabiki, dressed in school clothes, with an empty bucket and a slight smirk.

"Time to get up." Nabiki said, pulling out a towel and throwing it to Kasumi.

Kasumi got up and began drying himself off. "A simple nudge would have sufficed."

"Yeah, but I owed you for that little stunt you pulled on me yesterday." Nabiki responded as she put the bucket on the floor.

"What stunt?" Kasumi asked in confusion.

Nabiki scowled and turned to leave. "Never mind. Breakfast is ready."

Kasumi watched his sister go and tried to recall what he could have done to annoy her. He shook off the thought and got dressed, scolding himself for sleeping in so late. Evidently Genma was dodging him or he would have been woken up for morning practice. He stopped to consider that little quandary. Sure, he wanted to be as far from that man as could be possible but it wouldn't do for him to slack on his training.

It was funny, when he, or at the time she, went to live with the Saotomes she had absolutely no interest in the martial arts. She didn't even know what it meant to go training. Now it was her... his... whatever... whole life. Question was, now what? He was home, sure, but what was he going to do with himself?

Well, first off I am going to fix this gender problem, he thought. Kasumi made his way to the bathroom, changed back to normal, then joined the others for breakfast. Genma was looking quite bedraggled and Nodoka was giving him a cold look every few moments. Ranma and Akane, like Nabiki, were dressed for school.

Breakfast was rather quiet. There was the occasional curious look at Kasumi or Genma but no one seemed to know what to really say. Akane finally took the initiative and spoke. "So, Kasumi, are you going to school?"

"No, I graduated already." She responded.

"I would have thought you wouldn't have much time for school on the road."

"Well, I was a bit behind at times but I managed to keep up. Do you all go to the same school?"

"Yep, Furinkan High." Akane answered.

"Good school?"

"I guess." Akane scowled but quickly returned to a pleasant look. "Why don't you come and see it?"

"Ah, you just want to show off." Ranma commented then quickly ducked a punch from Akane.

"Shut up Ranma!" Akane snapped then looked back at Kasumi. "So, you want to come?"

"Well, I don't have any other plans so I guess I can come along."



Kuno stood in his usual waiting place, eyeing the growing crowd of boys gathering at the entrance to Furinkan high. Today was his day, he knew it. He would prove himself to Akane Tendo and she would confess her true feelings for him. It was inevitable. These heathens that tried for her heart were doomed to failure.

Kuno removed a single red rose from his shirt and examined it. It was a perfect match for the beauty that would soon arrive. He stole a brief smell then noticed Nabiki wending her way through the crowd.

"Ah, Nabiki Tendo. I trust your sister is on her way."

"Yeah, yeah, she's coming Kuno baby. So, when are you going to give up this nonsense?"

"Give up? Never. Tatewaki Kuno, the Shooting Star... no wait, the Blue Thunder of Furinkan High, shall never give up." Kuno replied, raising his bokken to the sky in a pose for dramatic effect.

Nabiki rolled her eyes then continued on to the school. "Whatever, Blue Thunder."

Kuno eyed the Tendo daughter with a mix of disdain and weariness. She was one to give a great deal of caution to. She was also very impudent but she was Akane's sister and she did occasionally come in handy so he just had to tolerate her.

Kuno turned back to the entrance and continued to watch and wait.


"Okay Kasumi? This is my fight so don't worry or anything. I can handle them." Akane said as she approached the school with Ranma and Kasumi.

"So this happens everyday?" Kasumi asked, slightly shocked at this whole concept.

"'Fraid so." Ranma answered then pointed to the entrance. "Here they come." Akane responded by tossing her bag to Ranma then rushing forward to meet a huge crowd of boys dressed in the uniforms of every sport imaginable. Ranma gestured for Kasumi to follow him as he traveled through the wake of destruction that Akane created. He stopped and hopped up onto the school's stone fence to get a better view of the fight. Kasumi did likewise.

As she watched Kasumi began to feel sorry for the boys. They didn't stand a chance. Akane took each down with a single blow and wasn't even pressed by their feeble attacks. Ranma called out the occasional piece of encouragement or sly comment about a particular knock out. Kasumi counted off the seconds in her head and was impressed to find Akane finish off the last of over fifty opponents in just under thirty seconds.

Ranma leaned over to her. "She's just putting on a show. She usual plays with them for a few minutes." Kasumi could only nod, still in shock at this situation.

Akane took in a couple breaths then put up her hand, as if expecting to catch something. A second later a single red rose flew into it.


Kuno, as usual, had simply watched the masses make fools of themselves. His own challenge would wait till the end when he could face Akane one on one. Today she seemed to have a slight fire in her. Her attacks were more powerful, more measured than usual. Perhaps this was an omen of his coming victory this day.

Akane finishing off her last opponent signaled that is was time for Kuno to act. He calmly took out the rose and tossed it to her in his usual fashion. She plucked it from the air and examined it briefly before turning to face him.

"Hello Kuno." Akane greeted, crossing her arms with a slight look of annoyance on her face.

"Ah, if it be not Akane Tendo. We meet yet again."

"Really? I didn't think it would be much of a surprise seeing as how you're responsible for this whole mess."

"Of course, you refer to these pitiful fools. Could they not but learn that your love is out of their reach? I suppose it is the destinies of the commoners to strive to obtain that which shines most brightly."

Akane's eyelids sagged and she let out a sigh. "Can we please cut the garbage today and just get this over with."

"Very well, but be prepared. Today the Blue Thunder shall be victorious." Kuno dropped into a fighting posture, his bokken held before him. Akane mirrored his actions and the two began to examine each other for openings.


Kasumi leaned over to Ranma. "Does this man always speak like this?"

"Kuno, oh yeah. He's got this thing for melodrama. I sometimes wonder if it's some sort of over all strategy, bore her into submission." Ranma answered in jest then called out a cheer. "Go get him Akane!"

With that Kuno made his first strike, a simple thrust with his bokken. Akane dodged to the side and countered with a kick directed at Kuno's face. It connected sending him stumbling back but he quickly shook off the hit and attempted a charging slash. Akane flipped over the attack and upon landing twisted around with a spinning kick. Kuno blocked this and started a quick series of thrusts, forcing Akane to back flip away.

"Hmm, Kuno seems a bit more serious today. He's usually out cold by now." Ranma commented as he continued to watch the match. Kasumi also continued to watch, examining her little sister in action as well as this young man she was dueling. Akane was quite good, not in Kasumi's league, but still very good. She masterfully dodged or blocked every one of Kuno's attacks and slipped through many of her own blows. Kuno on the other hand was a harder one to judge. He was outmatched here but Kasumi sensed that it may not be due to lack of skill. He may just be pulling his punches and in a way letting Akane win. He did seem to have a determination that would not quit and a fair storehouse of endurance. If he was really into a fight he might just be a formidable opponent.

Kasumi scowled as she realized she was giving into an old habit of examining every one as a potential foe. She had to relax a little. She was back in Japan, at home. Nothing would happen here.

Kasumi looked up at the school clock and noticed the time quickly slipping away as the fight continued on. She returned her attention to the fight. Akane would likely win but it was going to take some time, more time than she had. Without further thought Kasumi dropped down into the school yard and began approaching the two combatants.

She could hear Ranma call out to her but paid him little mind. She stopped just short of the fight and waited. Neither fighter noticed her presence. They were too intent on each other. Kasumi saw her opening as Akane flipped backward to avoid another bokken slash. She made one quick motion and came back holding Kuno's bokken. There was one thing Kasumi definitely knew about Kuno, he was a kendoist. Without his bokken he was basically harmless.

Akane ceased her attacks as she noticed Kasumi. Kuno on the other hand stood dumbfounded, staring at his empty hands. After a moment Kuno finally regain enough of his wits to turn to Kasumi.

"You, Madame, took my weapon?" He asked, a bit of surprise showing on his face.

"Yes. I'm dearly sorry but it is getting late and I'm sure you and Akane do not wish to miss your classes. Perhaps you can continue this duel at some other time."

Kuno looked on at Kasumi in confusion then looked up at the clock. He then returned to look at Kasumi. "I see. Of course, you are correct."

"Good. Why don't you go on in Akane. I'll see you later." After a moment of her own confusion Akane nodded and dashed into the school. Kasumi watched her go then placed the bokken back in Kuno's hands. "You should really consider having these duels after school. Again, sorry for the inconvenience." She said then turned and started off towards the street.


Up in Nabiki's classroom Mr. Choy was amazed at what he had just seen in the school grounds below. For months now the situation at Furinkan was getting severely out of hand. This whole contest was completely unacceptable but what was to be done? The students involved were barely controllable in the classroom. They were totally out of control outside the classroom.

However, what he just seen below had made him re-examine that conclusion. That young woman had not only disarmed one of Furinkan's fiercest fighters without any effort, but she had also talked him out of the fight. That was an even more amazing feat than disarming him, considering who he was.

"Does anyone know who that young woman is?" Mr. Choy asked his class.

"She's my sister, Kasumi. Why?" Nabiki responded.

"Your sister huh? Could you give her a message for me?"


Kuno continued to stand, watching the strange woman leave. He barely even noticed the hand being waved in his face until he realized it was obstructing his view.

"Hello, Earth to Kuno, anybody home?" Ranma asked. "Ah, so you are there," he said when Kuno finally took notice of him.

"Who was that... woman?" Kuno asked as he tried to catch one last glimpse of her.

Ranma turned to look at the departing figure as well. "That, my friend, was Kasumi Tendo. She just arrived last night."

"Kasumi, a fine name." Kuno said then looked at Ranma in confusion. "Did you say Tendo?"

"I did indeed. You remember, she's the sister that got switched with me." Ranma replied as he looked back at Kuno.

"She is formidable."

"I guess she is. Anyway, you actually had Akane trying today. What, did Kodachi give you some pep pills or something?"

Kuno frowned as he turned to head into the school. "Of course not. I merely put a bit more effort into today's battle."

Ranma made a quick run to catch up then walked along side him. "You know, I still say a more romantic approach would work better. She's not exactly keen on these morning fights."

"Ah, but I must prove my worth. She must be shown that I am truly a great warrior."

"Ahhh, yeah. Anything I can do for you today?" Ranma asked as they reached the door to Kuno's class.

"For now no, but I may have a request for you later." Ranma nodded then headed off to his class. Kuno entered his class with one thing on his mind, Kasumi Tendo.

End Chapter 1

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