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DAY ONE: The Birth

Day: 1
Time: 0800
Where: Science Lab C
Ship: Ilford 4090
Quadrant: A-13

The enclosed room had a floor with numerous indented platforms, a roof, four white walls; one with a bullet proof window and another with a titanium door, and a laser light that covered the surface of every object. The laser not only provided light, but direct heat in emergency. On the other side of the bullet proof window, outside of the enclosed room, there stood a team of 7 scientists, 2 generals, and 4 armed soldiers.

"Raise platform number one." Spoke a scientist into a microphone attached to his headset. His voice was projected with a slight echo, and was heard in the other room through speakers situated in various wall spaces.

The silence in the enclosed room was interrupted by the scientist's voice and a small humming noise as a rectangular platform began to rise slowly from the floor. On the top, the platform was covered by an opaque glass like container, which slowly opened revealing what was inside; a body. The body didn't look fully 'grown', its features were grotesquely deformed. This was due to the fact that the body was a clone of one of the scientists, Professor Jier, and didn't have to be a fully developed human being to fits its purpose. Although it was made sure the clone had the basic features of a human such as the heart, spine, lungs, etc.

"Raise platform number two." A different scientist spoke this time, into his own microphone headset.

A second rectangular platform protruded from the white floor of the enclosed room. As the glass container opened it was revealed that this platform also carried a body, another clone, but of different DNA to the first. A few of the scientists' muttered uneasily to each other, but fell silent has one of the commander's who had been watching the procedure intently, turned around to face them.

"Step forward Professor Jier." He addressed to the group.

As instructed the Professor came forward. Professor Jier was in his late 60's but still physically and mentally fit. He wore a white lab coat, glasses, and a head set like the rest of his peers. He stood confidently in front of the commander.

"You understand that if anything goes wrong, any situations or emergencies occur, you will be held responsible? I know this project, experiment as you call it, of yours was voted in by this council and allowed, but mark my words it was not agreed upon." The commander informed Professor Jier.

"Of course, sir. There will be no "situations". I am sure of that. My whole life research and experience cannot be wrong. I do not permit mistakes." Answered Professor Jier.

"Very well. Take the lead and continue then."

At this, the Professor moved towards the control panel and glass, motioning a few of the scientist's to come with him to their positions and posts.

"Raise platform numbers three, four, and five." Professor Jier said speaking loudly into his microphone.

His voice echoed.


Three more platforms rose from the floor, situated in a triangular fashion around the other two. These new platforms each carried a xenomorph egg, incased in a glass container.

"Alright, I shall repeat the summary of events again for those still unsure." Said Professor Jier.

"There are two bodies inside that room, one is a clone with unidentified DNA, and the other is a clone with my DNA. Two of the xenomorph eggs are from the previous queen, and gentlemen, we all know why she was a failure none the less. The other egg, on platform number four is from the new queen. The initiative behind this set up is that the face hugger from egg number four, being the strongest theoretically out of the three eggs, will choose my clone. Seeing as that platform number four is situated closest to my clone it is only logical that this would happen, but I want to make one hundred percent sure. It is important that the xenomorph/human connection is developed from the very beginning! Now, without further ado, open containers three…four…and five!"

The glass containers enclosing the three eggs were removed, and almost immediately the eggs began to open.

Professor Jier stood silent, holding his breath. He could not afford failure in front of his peers and the commanders. He held enough respect to redo the experiment if there was indeed a problem but Jier didn't want to push his luck. He grabbed from his lab coat pocket a handkerchief and wiped the sweat from his forehead.

The face hugger from egg number four, now fully emerged, leaped. Another face hugger, from egg number five, also leaped. Seconds passed. And then…number five face hugger landed aimlessly onto the ground, whilst face hugger number four landed onto the head of Professor Jier's clone.

It would be a matter of hours before the chest burster emerged from Professor Jier's clone's chest, and then the real challenge would begin.

Author's Comment: Hehehe you're gonna love the twist further on in the story. Anywho...this chapter is just an introduction really, other chapter's will be longer and such. I couldn't really fit this part into the prologue, so thats the only reason why it gets its own little chapter. Oh and illustrations and a nice title picture will be made for this story!