All right! I admit defeat! I am not going to finish this project. It was my very first fic and clearly, I was waaay too ambitious. And I've tried to come back to it a few times in the last few years, but I find that my writing style has changed, and it didn't feel like anyone was really reading it. (I actually still have two avid readers of this story, and one of them is my husband...)

Anyway, someone left me a comment today, and I just thought... you know, I actually have like 60-70k words of content that are written. If I know I'm not going to finish this, why not post it! Some of these unposted scenes are my absolute favorite pieces of this project! Someone might as well see them. It's not complete at all. There are holes everywhere (outlines or notes one what is supposed to eventually go there), but there are also some areas that are almost fully fleshed out as well. (Basically, anything to do with Frog/Glenn's arc is pretty fleshed out. And Lucca, Marle, and Magus each have some awesome scenes and development. I felt like I was JUST starting to get a handle on Ayla when I stopped working on this, so she doesn't get as much). I have bits and pieces all the way to the end. And if you're reading this fic at this point, you REALLY must like this game, and well, you probably KNOW what more or less happens in the gaps?

So, I posted every snippet and outline that I had written for the end of this story. But I only posted it on ao3 because preparing all the separate chapter files to upload and then edit for this site was going to take me forever. Ao3 let me just copy and paste giant sections of text. (Though the formatting is atrocious!)

BUT if you wanted to read the ending and some scenes inbetween, you can read a lot more of this story at ao3 (with the same author name). For your convenience, I am providing you a link, but this site doesn't let me actually link it, so here it is:

www dot tinyurl dot com slash CTFightingFate

You just have to delete the spaces, and replace the "dot"s with . and the "slash" with /

Thank you all for your support and encouragement over the years.