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This a new story I'm co-writing with a friend is done in two parts. I'll be handling Ranma's side of the story and his new life as a Titan and my friend will handled Robin's new alter ego and his story line in Gotham. Our posting will differ in intervals as we are using two different fanfic sites (which I am not at liberty to say), but will progress albeit roughly at the same time. Please enjoy.


Wild-Birds Prologue

On remote mountain dojo somewhere in Asia a young man of nineteen sat in a lotus position in a meditative trance and pondered about his training journey. The two and a half has been anything but boring and the least bit ordinary. Thanks to one good deed his luck has been changed for the best, including the release of two major hindrances to him. He learned some of the mysteries of the arcane when he was apprenticed to good and "fate"full doctor and sorceress who cast her spells via speaking backwards. Both locked him in his not so favorite state, as it was the key to its cure and his martial art proficiency greatly enhanced during his stay with the "True Master." This was all thanks to helping out one man in the right place at the wrong time.

During his training with the "True Master," who he later found out that her name was Chu-hui; he met and trained with a young man he befriended who had a similar attitude like him when it came to the seriousness of training. They began as rivals, which was no surprise to him seeing as he defeated him without the slightest bit of exertion. In time they became very good friends, traded stories especially about their common connection to a specific benefactor and before his rival/friend had to leave, they adopted each other as brothers in arms. His friend said that should he need to find him, to seek him out in the west coast of America called Jump city. He thought about it, he just didn't know that they were soon destined to meet.

Further mediation was interrupted when the "True Master" entered the dojo. She carried with her a large package that she handed to him. Ranma looked puzzled as looked at the large box with no markings and then his sensei.

"Ranma the time has come for you to find you true calling," She said as sat in a lotus position in front of him.

"Got bored of me already," Ranma replied with a smirk.

"No boy, you may eat enough for an army and bit rash but you are anything but boring. However I taught you all that I know and even techniques that I swore that only my descendants were inherit is now yours. My time comes near and I have no one to carry my art to next generation, not with the deep respect and commitment like yours. So I am asking you, will you become my successor?"

Ranma thought about what she said and the true lesson in which he was cursed to begin with. His attitude changed about women largely due to her and the good Doctor's influence and teachings.

"I am honored that you find me worthy," Ranma said as he bowed to his master.

"Good," said his sensei as she stood. "See me after you open that package and before you leave. I must give one last gift from master to successor before you leave. So see to it that you see me in the "Dragon Nest."

"Yes sensei, but who sent the box?" Ranma asked.

"It was some gaijin in tuxedo and an English accent, said it was for you and it was important." The "True Master" said before she left.

Ranma opened the box to see a laptop computer, large envelope with a passport, some other legal looking papers, and a cell phone. Ranma opened the laptop and it automatically turned on and a large bat symbol was on the screen.

Titans Tower 48 hours (give or take transcontinental differences) later

He always knew this day would come; he jus thought it'd come much later. The call came around eleven at night just he was about to turn in. A signal came from his utility belt that hasn't been used in quite a while.


"Afraid not master Robin."

"Alfred what's wrong, where's Bruce?"

"I'm afraid master Bruce has been gravely injured and has asked for you assistance here in Gotham city."

"What? How?"

"I'm afraid I can't give you more details in the matter until you arrive here, master Robin. I was instructed to get in touch with you at master Bruce's request and ask for you to return to Gotham as soon as you can."

"I'm coming home tonight Alfred, please make the necessary preparations for my arrival."

" A special Wane Ent. Jet is already awaiting for you at Jump City Airport, please do hurry."

Robin worried as he rushed and packed his gear for unknown length of absence form the Titans. Bruce was hurt and he's got to go home and do some damage control not just for Bruce, but also for Gotham. If Batman is out commission, every yahoo and costumed freak will have the whole city as a playground.

In Raven's room a flash of panic that emanated from Robin's mind disturbed her pre-slumber meditation. Their brief mind meld during the Trigon incident made it a lot easier to know when something is wrong with the Titans founder and leader. She stuck her head out her room just in time to see a yellow-black cape turn the corner towards the elevators. Robin made unannounced trips like this, but never in this sort of panicked state. The door to his room was left open in haste to leave, so Raven went in to see if it she could find anything that could give her a clue to why Robin left in such a rush. What she saw frightened her. His spare costumes were hastily packed leaving miscellaneous pieces on the floor. Where ever Robin is going Raven thought, looks likes like he might not come back.

Raven teleported to first floor garage to see if she could stop him from leaving. She made just in time as she saw him strapping his gear to t o his R-cycle.

"Are you just leaving without saying anything at all," Raven asked in her usual monotone voice.

"I'm needed home Rae. He needs me," Robin said as he fought back the tears.

"Will you come back?" She wanted to say more but she knew that if she pushed it he'd just with draw and fall back to his leader persona to change the subject.

"Maybe, I don't know. I…"

Raven just wrapped her arms around him.

"Just promise me you'll be careful."

"I will. I'll send help here and don't hesitate to contact me while I'm in Gotham."

Robin sped away leaving a stoic Raven. He never noticed a solitary tear that rolled down her cheek. Raven knew that even if Robin returns that nothing will be the same.

At a runway at Jump City Airport Alfred opened the bay door of the jet when he heard from Robin. The R-cycle made a screeching stop in the docking bay.

"Lets get this bird in the air Alfred"

"Very good sir. We'll leave post haste."

"It's good to you again Alfred."

"Like wise master Robin, it has been a while."


As soon as they arrive at Wane Manor few hours later, Robin having changed to his civies made his way to the master bedroom where Bruce is resting. When he entered the room, he was surprise to see turned to a make shift hospital room, with various devices to monitor his conditions. Bruce had an oxygen mask on and other tubes attached around him. He looked pretty bad and Dick worried that this could be permanent. He walked up to his bed and took his hand in his. This is his mentor, the one person who took him in and taught him how to make right the wrong done by men corrupt and during that time had became his father as well.

Bruce opened his eyes and turned to face Dick, his pale face smiled at him.

"Welcome home son."

"It's good to be home father."

Their reunion was slightly interrupted when someone came in the room that surprised Dick.

"Bout time ya got her little bro."

"Ranma! Ranma how long have you been here, what are you doing here," he asked after gave his adopted brother a hug.

"Mr. Wayne's butler sent me a message while I was at the "True Master's" mountain dojo. He said the Mr. Wayne needed my help, so I came here as fast as I could. I just got here yester day." Ranma said as he crossed his arms. "Besides I owe him for introducing me to Dr. Fate and Zatana."

"Right, well what have you learned so far," Robin. "How exactly are you going to help?"

"When I got here I met this real cute red-head and told me some of what happened."


"That's right," Bruce said as tried to sit up, but both Ranma and Dick stopped him from doing so.

"Richard listen, I know that this is an inconvenience to you, but I want you here in Gotham. I asked for Ranma's help since I know that you wouldn't want to leave the Titans undermanned." Bruce said between breaths short breaths.

"Mr. Wayne, I'll fill in bird-boy and catch him up on the situation, you should concentrate on your recovery. Your ki is still a little off and I'll consult my scrolls for ways to speed up you natural healing." Ranma said as motioned for Dick to leave the room.

Dick nodded his as he made a vow to Bruce before leaving. "Whatever need me do, I'll do my best father."

"Domo aritagato Wayne san for everything. I will not let you down." Ranma said as he bowed.

Bruce nodded his head and Ranma left the room.


Dick was waiting outside the master bedroom when Ranma walked out. Both had the look of determination in their eyes and both nodded to the other.

"Come on tweety." Ranma said as he made his way to the library.

"Where to?" Dick said puzzled and then surprised as Ranma flipped over the head of the Shakespeare bust and pressed the button that moved the large clock in the library to the bat-cave.

Dick followed Ranma down the hidden staircase that led to the bat-cave and saw Oracle at the comm center.

"We're going to get you suited up in something with no pixie-boots bro and you're going to meet with commissioner Gordon." Ranma said as he disappeared into one of the many alcoves of the bat cave.

Dick walked up to wheel chair bound redhead and gave her a hug.

"Babs I…"

"Don't sweat it wonderboy, we couldn't contact you in Jump city when it happened."

"Sorry, we had to deal with this Trigon thing and…"

"I said don't sweat it, now get dressed. My dad needs to talk to someone and let him know that this city will not fall apart without Batman."

"Look, I'm sorry that I left without saying goodbye, but… Wait your father knows?"

"Yes he does, but he knows the good that Bruce has done for Gotham over the years and that's why Bruce is not thrown in jail after the whole Joker mess. They are in an unofficial truce as of late but …"

"I get it, now tell me what happened."

"Gordon-san do I have to wear the cape, it looks so tacky." Ranma interrupted.

Dick was shocked to see Ranma in a new Robin suit that was red and black form fitting body armor and black and yellow scalloped cape.

"Aren't you ready yet bro?" Ranma asked.

"I told you, I'm not going wearing it." Dick said forcefully. "You're wearing mine."

"Who said anything about wearing that particular suit wonder boy." Barbara said as she clicked a remote in her hand. "And you look good Ranma, now loose the pig tail."

Ranma's protest was cut short as the vault that held the bat-suit opened to reveal a very different and recognizable costume and mask in side.