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I bet the suspense is killing you. What happened to Ranma in the past? How did he meet Bruce Wayne the "Bat"? How did he get cured… is he cured? What's his past with Robin? Well ya got read to know, so keep an eye out of r this fic.


Wild-Birds Chp1

The bat-suit vault currently contained a dark body suit with a large blue bird on its chest and a mask rested just above the neckline aligned to where it should be placed if person wore it. Ranma let out a whistle as Dick walked up to the suit.

"What is this suppose to be?" Dick asked.

Oracle's chair whirled next to him and she took his hand in hers.

"Bruce was suppose to give this to you on your twenty first birthday, but I guess fate had another plans in store and why Bruce put a halt to project "Batman Beyond." The suit design came from a conversation Bruce had with Superman about a local folk hero in Krypton. The "Nightwing" project came to be. Bruce sees your commitment and sacrifices with the Titans and knew that he could not burden you with the mantle he bore. That was a decision for you to make." Oracle spoke and then turned his attention to Ranma leaning against the cave wall.

"And you Ranma, Bruce said that you need something to believe in once more. You have a reason for surviving everything that was placed in front of you. This is why he challenged your honor. He said that you took it upon your self to defend those who couldn't, well there is whole world out there and there are still people who need to be defended. Will you stand by and do nothing knowing that you have the power to help?"

Ranma walked up to Dick wearing a grin that Dick only saw when he was challenged and jabbed him on the shoulder.

"C'mon bro we got a job to do." He said.

Dick nodded his head and took the suit form the vault. Moments later Dick came out in the dark suit with out the mask. Ranma and Oracle saw the sudden change in Dick's body language as he placed the mask over his eyes.

"Welcome to the Gotham Knights, Nightwing." Ranma said he held out his fist to Nightwing.

"Same to you Wild Robin," Nightwing said as he knocked fist with the new Robin.

"Uhhggg! Men. Now get out of here and meet my dad before both of your testosterones suffocate me further." Oracle said as she clicked her remote and the floor a few meters from them opened up and a new Batmobile and Redbird came from beneath.

Both young men saw the new toys to play with and tried to race each other to them.

"Hey Robin always ride shotgun," Nightwing said as he tried to push Robin back.

"Flip you for it," Robin said doing the same.

"Oh! No, I'm not falling…"

Nightwing couldn't finish his sentence as he now found himself flat on his back on the Batcave floor. When he got on his feet he saw Robin revving up the Redbird.

"Race ya to the signal," Robin said as he speed off.

Nightwing gritted his teeth as jumped into the new Batmobile. When he settled in the driver's seat the blue bird insignia on his chest began to glow as a complex blue computer circuit-like pattern covered the entire suit and activated the onboard computer systems in the Batmobile.

"Nice," Nightwing thought as sped off the Batcave after the Robin.

"Men," Oracle thought as she retuned to the Batcave's main computer.

She then turned on a private videoconference between her and Bruce.

"Well they're off to see dad," she said.

"How are they taking all this?"

"Dick was a bit hesitant, he thought that you wanted him to put that particular suit on."

"And Ranma."

"Can't tell, he's pretty unreadable. Just like you. Are you sure this is a good idea?"

"No, but I have faith in both of them."

"So, what's the story with Ranma. He's quite a looker."

Bruce chuckled as answered her.

"Trying to make Dick jealous, I hear he just broke up with that Tamaran girl."

"Uhg! Seriously, you have to stop taking joke lessons from Big Blue."


Several miles away in Gotham city the new Gotham Knights raced through the streets toward police headquarters. The two parked in an alley near the GPD HQ and took to the roof the rest of the way.

"So you and Red?" Robin asked as they sailed across the rooftops.

"Got engaged to anybody I know," Nightwing said with a grin.

"I get it, ya don't have to use the fiancé card." Robin grounded out.

"Did you ever think things would wind up like this?" Nightwing asked as he fired another zip line.

"Nah, I never knew I would be the "True Master's" successor and yet here I am."

Nightwing near lost his balance as he landed on a roof near by as he heard the news.

"Say that again," Nightwing nearly yelled.

"You're looking at the head master of the "Gold Dragon Sinanju" of ninjutsu." Robin said as he held out the gold Dragon staff.


"The staff Kauro stole, which you recovered and presented to the 'True Master" so you could be trained by her."

"Crap you know what this means right?" Nightwing asked in shock.

"Yeah, Lady Shiva and probably that sicko Cain will now be hunting my ass to the ends of the Earth so either could kill me and be the only master of Sinanju alive." Robin said in bored tone.

"You don't seem too spooked about this." Nightwing said as he sat on the edge of the rooftop.

"I've had a cadre of wackos after me for some stupid crap or other, even a godling, this Shiva chick is just another drop in the bucket." Robin said emotionlessly.

"Man we got a hell of a messed up past between you and me."

"Yeah well at least I can kick your ass now then Grass Hooper." Robin said as he whacked Nightwing on the backside of his head and leapt of the roof towards the GPD HQ.


James Gordon, Gotham PD's police commissioner stood by the bat signal not knowing who or what to expect. Suddenly two figures came from the shadows, a young man in a dark black suit with a blue bird in his chest and Robin in a suit.

"Who in blazes are you suppose to be?" Jim asked the young man in the dark suit.

"Commissioner, its me Robin I sorta got promoted." Nightwing said.

"Then who's…"

"I'm the new guy." Robin cut him off.

Jim took a swing at Nightwing that he didn't expect and was now on hisrear.

"Sorry son, but that was for Bar…Oracle." Jim said as he clutched his hand.

"No, it's my fault commissioner I should have…"

"It's in the past and we can't go moping about it now."

Nightwing nodded when he got up and shook Jim Gordon's hand.

"I get where you came from, and the new Batgirl." Jim said to Nightwing and pointed to the new Robin. "So what's his story?"

Nightwing was about to answer when Robin beat him to the punch.

""He" showed me that I shouldn't waist my life in what could have been, but in what I can do now." Robin said. "I'll help in anyway I can before I have to go to Jump City and get acclimated with the Titans."

Jim nodded in the dedication this new robin showed.

"Commissioner… Who did this? Who hurt my father?" Nightwing asked with venom.

Jim handed Nightwing a folder and he and Robin looked at its contents, and then handed it back to him. Suddenly there was large explosion near by. Robin was the first one off and before Nightwing could fire his zip line, Jim Gordon asked him what to call him now.

"Nightwing sir and I'll be around so long as "he" as he needs me here. I will not let any of you down." Nightwing said as he took off after Robin.

When they were out of sight Jim went back into his office and tossed the folder on his desk. A picture fell out of the folder and landed on the floor face up. Jim then stomped on the picture as he took as shot of scotch he poured earlier and wished the two the best of luck, after all its all what they can count on in Gotham city.