The Chatroom Massacre

Tsuzuki waited in the chatroom for Hisoka to come on, to chat about the case they were working on that day.

Hisoka16 Has logged on.

Welcome to the chatroom.

SweetsLuvR: Yo Hisoka, whats up?

Hisoka16: plz tell me again y we r talking about this case in a chatroom?

SweetsLuvR: Bcuz I wanted to try out something new! ...Y didn't u pik a cool name?

Hisoka16: This is stupid, I'm getting off.

SweetsLuvR: No! Wait! cmon lets try it out! I love chatsites plz plz plz?

Hisoka16: Fine...but this is stupid.

SilverChaos Has logged on.

Welcome to the chatroom.

SweetsLuvR: so anywayz that seemed to B odd how the girl kept going into the bathroom and calling down the toilet...

Hisoka16: We can't talk about this now sumone just logged on.

SilverChaos: Hello my doll ...,and I assume Tsuzuki?

SilverChaos: How are you two doing?

CrazyFusions has logged on.

Welcome to the chatroom.

SweetsLuvR: Who r u?

CrazyFusions: HI everybody! Its me Watari!

SweetsLuvR: No, not u silverchaos.

Hisoka16: Hes Muraki!

CrazyFusions: What Muraki! Why on earth are you two chatting with muraki?

SweetsLuvR: MURAKI! ...I thought you were dead?

SilverChaos: I'm not dead and thanks to you, my plans of restoring my brother is impossable! Now I cannot kill him! I swear if its the last thing I do! I'll get my revenge upon you Tsuzuki!

Hisoka16: No you won't! You won't come near Tsuzuki, or I will strike you down!

CrazyFusions: ...()-()... I made a cake who wants some?




Crazyfusions: Great! Come over to my house and we will eat it now!

MoneyMaster has logged on.

Welcome to the chatroom.

MoneyMaster: What are you all doing? There is still paperwork to be filled out! Tsuzuki! You went over the budget!

SilverChaos: I'll destroy you all!

Hisoka16: Throws keyboard at Murakis head! Take that!

SilverChaos: dodges HAHAHAHA you'll have to do better than that dolly!

SweetsLuvR: Dun call him that! Hes no doll! Also throws keyboard at Muraki

CrazyFusions: Attaches heat seeking device to Tsuzukis keyboard.

SweetsLuvR: OOO ty Watari u r soo smart! .

Silverchaos: Not smart enough! Blows away keyboard with rocket launcher! (He just so happened to have in his coat pocket)Throws toilet seat at Watari!

Hisoka16: Oo

MoneyMaster: - What is going on here?

SweetsLuvR: oO

CrazyFusions: Holds up reflective shield! Toilet seat bounces back to muraki! HA!

MoneyMaster: I demand an explination!

SilverChaos: Squirts Tatsumi in the face with water, from his ultra squirt gun 3000!

MoneyMaster has logged off.

Hisoka16: You'll pay for that! Throws bag of cotton balls at murakis head!

SweetsLuvR: YEAH! Is secretly happy tatsumi isn't going to yell at them for the time being.

CrazyFusions: Throws a pile of darts at muraki! ( He can't dodge them all!)

SilverChaos: Arauuughhh! Pulls Dart from his nose

Hisoka16: Throws a pooltable at murkis head! GAHHHHHHH TAKE THAT YOU BASTARD!

SilverChaos: (O.O) doink!

SilverChaos has logged off.

SweetsLuvR: OO Hisokas scary when hes mad...

CrazyFusions: OO um...yeah...cake?

SweetsLuvR: You betcha!

SweetsLuvR has logged off.

CrazyFusions: Um?...comeing?...Baa chan?

Hisoka16: Yeah sure.

CrazyFusions: OK!

CrazyFusions has logged off.

Hisoka16 has logged off.

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