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Captain Jack Sparrow climbed up the last boulder and took in the view. From the highest vantage point he could find, he had a fairly good view of the island he was stuck on. There wasn't much to it; a long stretch of beach, a cluster of palm trees and tropical foliage growing dense against the ocean winds, and the high pile of boulders he had just scaled.

All things considered, it was rather ungrateful of his crew to abandon him there after the mutiny, and with only two bottles of rum. "Ingrates. I'll be off this rock , and have the Pearl back soon enough. . . I'll show them what it's like to be stuck with minimal rum rations then."

An annoyingly happy voice spoke up, "You should forgive them, and be nice. Then they might be nicer to you in return."

The expression on Captain Jack Sparrow's face was, for lack of a better term, one of utter 'WTF?'. This was not without just cause, for before him stood an odd green-furred creature with a white belly, about the size of a dog standing on its hind legs. "And who are you to give me orders like that? And how'd you get here?" Regardless of how odd it was, it might have a boat.

The . . . thing . . . giggled. "I'm Gentle Heart Lamb, and I come from Care-A-Lot. I'm going to stay until I've helped you take a kinder view of the world."

Jack gave this statement proper consideration.

On reflection, the lamb-thing had been right. After a good meal of mutton, Jack's mood had improved immensely. The meat had been oddly sweet, though, as if it had been marinated in sugar, but a splash of rum was enough to wash away the saccharine aftertaste.

Looking at the bones and bits of wool that remained, inspiration struck. He could make a rope of the wool easily enough, and the sea turtles he'd noticed sunning themselves earlier would be simple enough to harness. . .