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Chaptet one

Darren Shan had left his life, there was a pause in the war, and everyone could have some time alone to get ready, just have a life, do whatever they wanted to do.

Darren wanted to have a normal life, of course he was a half vampire, but he wanted to have a normal life as possible. So he had begun school once again, but this time a school he could manage to be on the same level as his class mate. He had begun to study journalisam.

Darren had no idea of why he wanted to do so, but it felt right, maby it was Destiny's will. Darren didn't want to think that he couldn't control his own life, so he desided it was something inside that wanted to become a journalist.

Hellhole high school of journalism was a well known school, and there was some famus journalist's that had gone there.

Darren was aweare of the name, Hellhole, Darren wondered why it has such a dark name, but wouldn't ask, since he tought it was something everybody knew.

Darren was glad he didn't have to wear a school uniform, and was alllowed to wear anything that didn't go against the rule's, like fore girls to walk in just their underwear, or something similliar.

First day, Darren just hoped that he would get some friends.

It wasn't a normal school with all the normal classes, no they had a paper and the student's got assigments every week and the best ones made the paper. That's all they had to do. No, Darren was going to have fun, and he wouldn't be laughed at the fact that he hadn't much nowlege of the human world. But writing wasn't that hard, a spell check, and thats all he needed, and no student worked alone. The wery first day was the day you got your partner, and that would be your partner untill you graduated.

When Darren walked the hallways he emediatly notice that almost every girl was looking at him. Was he that handsome, or was he wearing something that was so not cool. When Darren saw the eyes cheking him out, he new he looked good, even tough he never had thought of himself like that.

He had dark eyes, really dark hear, like raven. He was wearing black clotes, he was . He was from a nother town, a nother contry. So nobody knew him. And that was good, he could start with clean sheets.

The class he was in, was nice, there were bouth girls and boy's there were only one girl that didn't look intrested in him, not that it bothere Darren, he wasn't used to much etention.

"Welcome to Hellhole high, when I call your name and the name of you partner, you can come up here and get you asigment, and you computer number.

" , ,"

" , ,"

" , ,"

Just my luck, Darren thought. The one girl that wasn't intrested in him, was his partner, and that was good, because then they may be able to get some work done, other than have to do it all himself.

Darren walked up, took the asigment and number, and followed the girl out.

"So, what's you name, surly you don't want me to call you ?" Darren smiled at her.

"My name is Alisa, and can I ask fore yours?"

"Yes, you may, my name is Darren," She smiled.

"Then Darren we can proside to our computer and start doing some recearsh,"

They walked to the computer room, and found cmoputer 74, that was theirs, and the one futures away from any other people. Good!

Darren looked at the asigment.

"What is it that we are going to write abaut?"

"The lockal museum," Darren wasn't too happy abaut that, that was boring stuff.

"Well a journalist always take what he or she gets,"

"I know, but it is boring,"

"But what are we waithing fore, lets go," She took her jacket and left, Darren followed.

In the hallway every girl shoot Alisa evil glears. Couldn't they just leave the girl alone, she hadn't done anything. Outside Darren faced Alisa.

"Sorry abaut that,"


"Abaut the evil glears all the girls sent you,"

"I am not going to let stupid girls come betweene ours partnership, those silly lovers will get over it,"

"I am glad you take it this well, and that it semes that we can get some jobb done," he smiled.

"Then lets go,"

The museum was just some blocks away, so they walked.

"Do you know anything abaut the museum?" Darren asked.

"You don't?" she looked like he was a unnoing kid.
"If you can see, and hear I am not form around here,"

"I guess. The thing that made the museum stand were it does, is that there was found ancient culture here, it was really old," she stopped there, but Darren could see she wasn't telling all.


"And, this isn't been published, but the Ă˜sciences have found traces of an unknown minneral,"

"Wow, thats cool, we may come in the paper," Darren smiled. "And it will all be because of you," Alisa smiled but didn't say anything.

Darren and Alisa was walking in the museum, and looking around, it looked like an ordinary one, except it had a big setcion fore the ancient culture that it was buildt on. They were allowed in to the back and they sat down and read some books. They talked abaut what they had found and they interviewed the persons that worked there.

They wrote a really good article when they came back and handed it in, it wasn't supose to be finnished until friday, so Alisa and Darren had the whole week off,

"So do you want to do something?" Darren asked.

Alisa looked like she had just been hit bye something hard.

"I, I can't, em, I have to make dinner, bye," she said and went.

Darren didn't know why she did that, but guessed he had to do something bye himself.

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