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Chapter one

Darren was running form Steve and Darius. His wound was bleeding hard. He needed to get away.

Okay Darren think. Darren took the arrow, and broke off most of it, it was not too small so he would be able to get it out, but not to long either, it woulnd't be in the way. Next, Darren had blood on his shirt, get a jacket. As if the god had heard his thoughts, Darren found a jacket lying in an ally. He took it. Darren countinue walking. He came by a train station, great, I'll take a train away. He went in.

Darren tried to walk as normal as possible, but it wasn't easy with an arrow in your sholder. He walked betweene platform 9 and 10. He suddenly saw a a boy with raven black hair and a cage with an owl in. Beside him was a ginger head boy. The boy ran strait at the wall, and went right through it. Darren steared in shook. Nobady else saw it. Then the boy with the owl also dissapared. This is perfect. Steve won't find me inside a wall, so Darren followed.

When he came through, he looked at an old train named Hogwarts express.

Well, that's not to bad. Darren jumped at the train as it was aboat to leave. He tried to find a empty room, but it wasn't easy, the last one. In there he saw the two boys form the train station sitting with a girl, and an adult.

Well not to bad. He went in, he didn't even bother to ask if he could sit down. He took the seat over form the adult by the window. He did as the adult and close his eyes, that man was sleeping, and Darren pretended he was too. He knew the three kids were watching him. When they thought he was asleep, they countinied talking.

"So Harry, your saying Sirius Black is out to kill you?"

"Yes, " Harry said .

"They'll catch Black, won't they, I meen everybody is looking fore him," a girl's voice said.

"Let's hope so," Harry responsed.

Darren tired to focus on the memories of his family, they were the only thing that keept him from screaming out in pain there and then, he thought about christmas, and all the happy moments they had had together.

Out of nowere the train stopped, and Darren could feel someone comming on the train. He opened his eyes, the light was out, but he could se just fine. There was somebody outside, Darren didn't know who, but he did have a bad feeling about them, they were evil. Darren just new they were evil. It suddenly got really cold, he could se the three others start to rub their hands together. Darren saw something black outside the glass door.

The door opened, and in stepped a black cloked thing. It looked at every one, but stopped at the raven haired boy. He looked stiff, but Darren didn't feel better himself. Darren suddenly felt the pain, he started to scream, he saw the raven haired boy already on the floor. Darren was screaming by the pain the arrow made, somehow the happy memories that keept him from screaming was sucked out of him, like it was something someone could just steal.
Darren notice the man stepped up, and somehow got the thing away. Darren put himself together, and stopped screaming, and sat back in the seet. The others in the room tried to wake up Harry. The man came infront of Darren, he smiled a friendly smile, and gave him a bit of chocolate. Darren took it, and forsed a smile to his lips.

"Harry," the girl asked.
"What was that thing," Harry said.

"That, was a dementor," the man said. "If you'll exuse me, I think I will have a little word with the driver," then he went.

"Who was screaming?" Harry asked. Now Darren felt like an idiot.

The two kids looked at him, and Harry followed their eyes.

"No, it was a woman, I think I know her, but I don't know form were,"

"No woman was creaming Harry," The girl said.

They didn't talk much after. The girl took some clotes with her, and the boys change in to some robes, Darren didn't know why tough, but didn't ask. He new he wasn't suppose to be there. The two boys steard at him, but didn't say anything. Darren was glad, he couldn't have answered if thay asked. The girl and the man came back. The train had stopped, and they were going out. After they had dissapeard, Darren went.

He came out and found some horses, or they looked like some kind of horses, only more frightening. They went toward the castle, Darren joined one carrige, and it went. When he came to the caslte, he blended in with the kids, and snuck out of site.

Out of Darren's eyes it looked like a bording school. All the kids were wearing the same robes. Black robes, some in different coulers on the tie, but otherwise alike. Darren could hear singing from a big room, then talking, and the sound of people eating. Darren waited, then he heard footsteps, and the kids were walking out of the big room, and in all derections.

Darren ran up some stairs. Luckely he was wearing black, and wasn't that notiseble. He followed a groop of kids in to a room behind a portrait of a fat lady, and he fell down on one of the couch's in the fare distant corner. Nobady seeme to notice him and soon, the room was emty. Darren stood up to find the room wasn't emty, the three kids form the train was siting there, and was now looking at him.

"Okay, we were polite to not ask questions at the train, but your not gryfingdore, so what are you doing here?" the girl asked.

Darren couldn't answere, he felt so sick, dissy, he had lost too much blood, and he found himself faint.

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