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Chapter twelve

"Look there we are," Hermione said, pointing at the Womping Willow (sp?).
"Let's go then, Sirius, Darren and I will be down there in a minute," Harry said and started running.
Darren followed them and saw himself, Harry, and the werewolf. Lupin started to go towards Harry when he threw a stick at him. And Harry was going to die, if something didn't happen. Darren remembered a wolf cry, but didn't hear anyone.
"Aaaaoooooo," Hermione howled.
"What are you doing," Harry said as he shut Hermione up.
"I am saving you life, aaaaooooooo," she said.
"Now he is coming for us," Darren said.
"Yeah, didn't think about that, RUN!" and they started to run.
They hid in the woods, the werewolf was hunting for them, and Darren knew he would find them, a wolf always found its prey.
"Is he gone?" Hermione asked.
Just then Lupin appeared in front of them, and they waited for the paw to hit them. But it never did, they saw Buckbeak chasing it away.
"Thanks, now I am glad we saved him," Hermione and Harry looked at him.
"What? I didn't mean it like that, just that if we hadn't, we would be dead now,"
Darren saw the dementors fly over them and pointed them out.
"Sirius!" Harry yelled and ran toward were the lake was.
When they came there, the dementors were already surrounding them, and they were sucking out Sirius' soul.
"Harry, do it!" Darren told him.
"Do what?" Hermione said.
"Do the spell, or we will die!" Darren said again.
"EXPECTO PATRONOM!" Harry yelled. Darren saw the white stag once again run over the lake, and it was chasing the dementors away. He saw himself and Harry fall unconscious on the opposite side of the lade. Then Snape came and levitated them to Hogwarts.
"We have to save Sirius," Harry said. Just them Buckbeak appeared, and they all sat on it, and flew to the tower Dumbledore had said he was in.
"I don't like flyIIINNNNG," Hermione shrieked when Buckbeak fell down towards the tower.
"I am not doing that again," Hermione said.
"Then you'll just have to stay here and tell the minister that you let Black out," Darren said and walked over to the door.
"Bobbareder (sp?)" Hermione said and pointed her wand at the door, and it blew open.
They all got on Buckbeak, and flew down to the park.
"Thanks, all of you, for saving me," Sirius said. He looked at all of them.
"Harry, I am sure you are tired of hearing this, but you look so much like your father, except your eyes, you have your…"
"My mothers eyes," Harry finished. "Yeah I know,"
"Now I have to go,"
"But I want to go with you," Harry said.
"I know, but you belong here, and I will be on the run, that is no life for a 13 soon, 14 year old kid,"
"Will I see you again?" he asked.
"Yes, bet now I have to go. Oh, and you really are the brightest witch your age," he said as he turned towards Hermione.
They all saw Sirius fly away, and Darren saw that Harry would miss him.

Darren went to Remus' office, to talk.
"You're leaving?" he asked.
"I resigned, parents wouldn't want a… someone like me to teach their children,"
"Wouldn't want a werewolf to teach defense against the dark arts, you are suppose to be some dark creature, who is better to teach that then a werewolf?"
"The parents wouldn't want me to teach their children, they will want them safe, not bright,"
"That is just rubbish, I wouldn't have been bothered with that, and I wouldn't have been stupid enough to tell my parents,"
"Well, these pupils will,"
"Anyway, you should tell Harry more about his parents, I know that he would have loved to hear more than "you look so mush like your father, except you eyes, their your mothers", I know I would have wanted to know, and his Patronus too, that's his father, isn't it, he was a stag?"
"How did you know that?"
"Sirius told me when I saw him in Gryffindor tower,"
"You saw him and didn't stop him?" Remus asked.
"Yeah, but that is not the point, you should tell him…"
"Tell him what?" Harry asked when he came in.
"Yes Remus, tell him what?" Darren smiled at him.
"Darren just told me that you would like to know more about your parents before I left."
"You're leaving? And yes I would."
"Yes, I resigned this morning. I could tell you much about your parents Harry, but I know Sirius would love to do that too. But I can tell you, as Darren mentioned, your Patronus for, the stag, is you fathers animagus form,"
"Really?" he asked.
"Yes, we called him Prongs, Sirius was Pad foot (sp?), I was Moony, and Peter was Wormtail," he said.
"The Marauders, you made the Marauders Map,"
"Yes, we did, we needed it for good pranks,"
"Well, know you can always owl me Harry, and I will tell you more, but now I have to go," Darren and Harry saw him leave.
"So, it is over again, another year at Hogwarts,"
"Yeah, I guess it is, and this was my only one, I have to get back to the fight, I guess they are wondering were I have been for a whole year," Darren smiled at Harry.
"Will I see you soon?" Harry asked.
"I don't know," Darren said.


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