Draco Lucius Malfoy was lazing on the grass outside of Hogwarts High, clearly not paying attention to his friend's ongoing conversation.

"Draco?" Said Blaise.

"Yes?" Draco said turning his head towards his best friends. "What?"

"Draco, what are you looking at?" Blaise asked.

"Huh, oh nothing. Just glancing around. It's once again, time for a new year at this lovely establishment." Draco said dripping with sarcasm. "I don't see the need for school." He muttered.

"It's here for everyone to learn, and interact with each other." Said a voice. Draco turned toward his friend, Hermione Granger.

"Hello Hermione." He greeted. "Ready for school?" He asked.

"Hello to you too. Yes, I happen to fully be ready for the first day of school." She said smiling.

"You read the Chemistry book, didn't you?" Draco guessed.

She nodded. "It was interesting."

Draco silently laughed at his friend's antics. Hermione had always been like that, ever since he had met her in 9th grade. At first he hadn't believed that he could ever be a friend with a girl like her, but he realized after they had been partnered with her for an assignment that they were more alike than he had thought.

"Did you read it as well?" She asked.

"Not at all." He admitted.

"Draco." She admonished. "You're going to get behind."

"Not likely." He said. "I hope you didn't forget that the chemistry teacher happens to be my godfather." He said grinning.

"That is not an excuse to forget to study." She said lightly chiding him. "Anyway, how are you Blaise?" She said turning to Blaise Zabini.

"I am doing quite well." He said smiling. "Just got back from Japan. It was definitely a fantastic country."

"Oh, wow." Hermione said. "What was it like?" She asked.

Draco tuned his friends out, as he began to once again study all the students that were, like him, waiting for the first day of school to begin.

All the cliques were exactly where they should be. He frowned when he saw Ron Weasley and his sister, Ginny, coming towards him. "Weasley." He said in a greeting.

"Malfoy." Ron replied.

"Be nice." Hermione said to each of them. Hermione happened to be Ron's girlfriend ever since summer had started. It had started off with a rocky start, actually it still was, but it was looking up. Draco was hoping that it wouldn't last, he didn't like Ron, and Hermione knew it. But then Draco wanted Hermione to be happy, so he was stuck with Ron for the time being.

"How are you?" Hermione asked giving him a hug. "I missed you." She added. The Weasley's had just returned from their family road trip that they went on every summer that lasted exactly a week, in this case the day before school started.

"Missed you too." Ron said blushing.

"Oh, there's Colin. See you later." Ginny said rushing away. It was a known fact that Ginny had a slight crush on Draco, but she wouldn't admit it, and Ron would forbid it.

"See ya." Ron said to his little sister, as a loud bell sounded. "Great, time for school." Ron said sarcastically, standing up.

"Get used to it." Draco said. "We have a whole year left of it."

"And then college." Hermione added.

"Yeah, anyway, let's head to class." Draco said standing as well.

Ron put his hand out to help Hermione up. "Thanks." Hermione said blushing.

Blaise followed suit and stood. "Come on, you two lovebirds." He said grinning. "I swear five minutes to get to class is mad. And they say that we have time to go to the bathroom, locker, and class in that amount of time. Crazy." Blaise said outraged.

"Calm down." Draco said laughing. "Just hope that you never have to do all that at the same time."

The four of them continued into the school building, Draco and Ron glaring at all of the underclassmen. Being a senior had its perks.

As school started at Hogwarts High, Patrice Watermen, a nurse on duty at the local hospital was watering the flowers that were sitting on the side of the window. She lowered the water pitcher next to the sink, and started to make her rounds.

Most of the people on this floor of the hospital were young children. When she had started working here, she had been saddened when she saw all of them. The saddest story had to have been the boy that occupied room 410.

As soon as she started to think about the boy in room 410, a number of alarms began to sound. Patrice ran towards the bells, and saw that it was coming from room 410.

When she rushed into the room, she was expecting the boy to be flat lining, but what she saw shocked her to know end. The boy was sitting up in the bed, looking completely confused.

Harry had woken up after six years.





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