"Are you done yet? Can we leave? This is boring." Ron whined to Hermione, as she sat at the computer reading over the old newspapers. Right after school, they had headed over to the local public library so Hermione could research Harry Potter, and Ron was dreadfully bored. He didn't have anything to do, if he even tried to help Hermione she would glare at him. He knew this because they had been in this situation many times before. So he tried to keep himself occupied, but it never really lasted long. He had a short attention span.

"If you keep asking, it's going to take even longer." Hermione reasoned as she scanned over an article. "But I'm hungry, and tired, and hungry, and bored, and hungry, and" Ron walked up behind Hermione, put his hands on her waist, and whispered in her ear, " I'm horny as hell." Hermione blushed. "Ronald, this is neither the time, nor the place."

"But Hermione, haven't you ever dreamed of doing naughty things in the stacks?" He said taking her head in his hands and turning it in the direction of all the long rows of shelves. "Think about all the things we could do, and no one would ever know since anyone could easily get lost in them." Hermione blushed even deeper. "You have, haven't you?" Ron whispered huskily. "Not the point." She added. "Ron, we have a job to do, and once it's done…" She leaned forward.

"Yes?" Ron said closing the distance, and shutting his eyes. "We can have all the fun we want." She said, giving him a quick peck on the lips. "Time to get back to work." She said playfully. Hermione went to the next article in the paper, to scan it. Ron groaned, lowering his head in his hands. "Tease."

"You bet I am." Hermione smirked, her eyes never leaving the computer. "Ron…"

"What?" He asked curiously, lifting his head at such a serious tone. "Look at this." She pointed to the screen. "What's it say?" He asked bending closer. "It's the article about Harry." Ron began to read.

"Oh my god."

With appearance alone, Draco seemed calm as he stood outside the door of the Malfoy manor, but the people who knew Draco thoroughly would be able to tell that he was anything but calm. He wouldn't go as far as to say that he was terrified but he really didn't want to walk in that door, to his father, but he knew he had to. It was his home. Home. What a stupid word. Home is where the heart is. What a load of crap.

If Draco had a normal family, then when he returned home from staying at his Godfather's, he would have been greeted by an opened arms mother, more commonly known as Narcissa Malfoy, and an almost smiling Lucius Malfoy. They would have a splendid dinner where they would ask about each other's day. Mother would complain about the nosey neighbors that had just moved in, and Father would grumble about the horrible meeting that he had to attend. And finally Draco would tell his family about the new boy, Harry, and all the mystery that was surrounding him.

But that would only be if Draco had a normal life. However, he didn't. Draco knew that the minute that he walked through that door there would be no welcoming mother because truthfully she wouldn't be there. She has been missing since Draco had been around thirteen. He had no clue what happened to her. That morning had been the same as every other morning, he had breakfast with mother and father, left for school, but when he got home, his mother wasn't there. It was as if she had just disappeared off of the face of the earth.

Draco had tried asking his father what happened but all he had got was a good smack across the face. Since that day, Lucius had become more badly tempered. He was more easily angered by the simple things; things that would usually just cause someone to get annoyed. He didn't like Draco, or anyone for that matter, asking questions about Narcissa, his job, or Riddle. He was secretive about his work life, and Draco figured that he knew more than he let on. But Lucius wouldn't tell.

Draco braced himself, and pushed open the door.

Severus Snape held stepped inside his house, and held the door for the boy. Harry was staring at the house in bewilderment just like he did every time they came home. Harry had already been introduced to his new living arrangement such as his bedroom. "Come on." Severus commanded. "I don't want to waste the cool air. I'm not paying hundreds of dollars every month for the outside to be cool." Harry's face reddened in embarrassment, and he rushed inside.

Snape shut the door, and faced Harry. "Well, go do something." And he walked off. Harry stood there, not really sure what to do. He knew that the bat didn't like anyone, especially Harry, touching any of his precious paraphernalia. He also didn't like Harry wandering off into the many rooms that the house had. The only places that he was actually allowed to go into are his room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the living room.

Those places didn't leave much room for Harry to do anything. So he did the only thing he could think of. He went to his room, and read. It's not like the bat had a television, which Harry wasn't really interested in anyway, though he didn't know why, probably because it destroyed brain cells.

Harry flopped onto his bed and looked around his room. His room. He couldn't believe it. He actually had his own room. The bed had a down comforter, which was light and fluffy. It was probably made of feathers; at least that's what he thought. The room contained a dresser that was filled with new clothes, all for Harry.

"You don't deserve new clothes, those are for good boys, not nasty little liars like you."

Harry shook his head. What was that? The voice was filled with so much venom and detest. He shook his head again, and his eyes landed on his bookshelf. It was filled to the brim with books.

Harry had enough to read since he had a lot to catch up on. He felt so stupid. When he had been sitting in the chemistry class all day, he didn't understand a word of it. How did Dumbledore expect him to do this? He was just released from the hospital, and in no fit to absorb everything that he had missed in six years. If they all really believed that he was going to be able to do this, then he would definitely need some outside help. But who could or would want to help him? He didn't have any friends, or maybe he did. Draco seemed really sincere when he had talked to him. Maybe he wouldn't mind?

Draco stormed out of the Malfoy manor, bags in hand, and he drove to his godfather's. He was never setting foot in that place again. His father had hit him for the last time.

Draco walked quietly through the manor, hoping that he would be able to avoid his father, but there was no such luck. As he had made it up the stairs, Lucius had walked out of his study, diagonal the staircase. "Why are you here?" He demanded.

"I was told that you were home." Draco made to walk off, but Lucius stopped him. "I didn't say that you could go. Follow me." Lucius walked back into his study, Draco right behind. "What?" Draco asked once he was seating in the leather chair, Lucius across from him, with a table between them.

"I just wanted to talk."


"Can't a father have a damn conversation with his son?"

"You never wanted to before."

"Well, I do now. How was your day?"

"You've been drinking." Draco stated.

"So what if I have? Answer the fucking question?"

"It was fine. Met a new boy, Harry. He doesn't talk."

"Why doesn't he talk?"

"He just woke up from a coma. How was your meeting? Sev had the impression that it didn't go quite well." As soon as Draco asked about his father's meeting, Lucius' calm expression was gone, and in it's place, was a face of anger.

"I quit."

"What? Why?"

"Because Riddle betrayed me. Him and that damn bitch."

"What are you talking about?" Draco asked.

"She left me, and then she has the nerve to show her fucking face with my own business partner."


"Fucking Narcissa. Who else?" Lucius slurred, as he took a sip of liquor from that bottle that had been sitting on the table.

"What? Mother? You saw her? Where is she?" Draco questioned, standing up. Lucius, in his drunken stupor stood as well.

"Don't ask fucking questions. She's as good as dead, when I get my hands on her, and away from Riddle."

"Don't you dare hurt my mother." Draco threatened, glaring at Lucius. Lucius, not liking his son's rebellion, smacked him across the face. "Don't touch me." Draco said, finally standing up for himself. Lucius swung his fist at Draco, and caught him on the lip. Draco staggered, but steadied himself, and kneed his father where it hurt the most. His father went down, and Draco got himself out of that hellhole.

Draco parked his vehicle in his godfather's driveway, and made his way up the sidewalk to the door. He felt absolutely no fear as he walked inside the house.


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