Harry was flipping through his English book that Dumbledore expected him to at least attempt to read, Poisonwood Bible. Was the man crazy or something? The book was huge. Half of the words Harry didn't even understand. How was he going to attempt this? It was impossible. Harry sighed and set the book down.

Even though Harry had just woke from a coma, he had it already figured out. He had the mind of an eleven year old and the body of a seventeen year old. If attempting to learn everything that he had missed and senior material was hard enough, it was even harder with the added urges of a teen; especially the thoughts that made him blush like a school girl. He couldn't handle this, it was too hard. Harry knew that he was throwing his own pity party, and acting like a girl, but he just felt too weighed down.

Where was his family? Why did they leave him at the hospital? Didn't they know that there was a chance that he might wake? Didn't they love him? Did they care?

Harry massaged his head. An intense headache was coming on.

It didn't make sense, Harry knew that he had been left at the hospital, stranded, with bruises marring his body, lacerations covering his legs and back, and on top of all of that it appeared that his head been struck against something causing his coma.

He rubbed his temple.

His relatives had left him. At the hospital, with all those injuries, and then deserted him.

The pain increased.

The evidence all pointed to it.

You're such a little freak.

He had been abused.

"No!" Harry murmured. "I'm not. I swear."

You're the reason that you have no parents.

"No." Harry whispered, shaking his head. It couldn't be true. He wasn't abused, his family didn't desert him, and no matter what the voice said, he was not responsible for his parent's death.

The nurse at the hospital had told him that his mother had died in childbirth, and his father with a 'broken heart', but as said there was much speculation because when James had passed away he had been perfectly healthy.

James had been in perfect health, and that was the reason for all the mystery surrounding his death. Severus, or the bat, had been most unnerved when he was told it was Tom Riddle that had been the one to find James just sitting there in a chair, with an empty drink in his hand, dead.

Filthy good for nothing drunks the lot of them.

"Stop it." Harry shook his head as if trying to shake the nasty thoughts out of his mind. They weren't true now or then. Harry needed something to do, something to get his mind off of those thoughts.


Yes, that's what he needed. Milk always helps, especially the body. Maybe he would grow. Harry stood up from his bed, straightened the comforter, it seemed like a natural habit, and made his way downstairs.

"I see." Severus muttered, after Draco had finished repeating what he had just gone through "That's why I cannot back. I refuse to step back into that house." Draco said forcefully. "I have put up with him for the last time."

"Draco, it may not be that simple. I know it seems all cut and dry, but Lucius may try to get you back. It is possible that he may be able to."

Draco shook his head, "I don't think he will try. I know too much."

"You know nothing."

"I know some, and… look at my face." Draco's lip was in poor shape, but it was clear that he had been hit. "It means nothing." Severus said. "The court will assume that you were involved in a silly school boy fist fight. They will not take your accusations seriously. With the influences that Lucius has, it will be hard to get anyone to believe anything that you say." Draco slumped forward in his chair. "But in the mean time you are more than welcome to stay here."

"I knew that I could count on you." Draco said, a smile gracing his features. He a move to stand, but Severus stopped him. "Yes, Sev?"

"About what happened, Lucius has seen Narcissa? He has been in contact with her." Draco nodded. "I cannot believe this. She has been alive all this time. Did he say where she was?" He asked incredulously.

Draco shook his head, "No, all he said was that she was with Riddle and had been. The way that he said it, made it seem like that Riddle had double-crossed him or something of the sort. He was so livid, as if mother had betrayed him."

"It was your father that did all the betraying. The way that he treated her was inhuman. She didn't deserve it."

"Do you think that's why she left?" Draco asked suddenly.

"We have no reason to believe that she left on her own. For all we know, Riddle could have taken her, though I do not believe that he would do such a thing."

"You talk as if you know him personally." Draco concluded.

"I do. However, I have not seen him for more than 5 years."

"What?" Draco asked shocked. "Where?"

Severus opened his mouth to respond, but a sudden appearance of Harry ceased anything that he was going to say. "Mr. Potter." Draco made a pivot turn, as soon as Snape addressed someone other than him. "Harry!" Draco exclaimed, it was clear by his expression that he was quite pleased that Harry was there.

"Draco, I meaning to inform you there has been some changes since this morning. Mr. Potter will be staying here for the remainder of his days, as I am his unfortunate guardian." Draco nodded to shocked to speak. "Mr. Potter," Snape said, "Draco, my godson, will be occupying the bedroom directly across from yours. I do not want to hear any complaints about this arrangement from you, and I absolutely do not want to have any from Draco. You better behave, or I shall know." He made clearly.

"I," He gulped, "understand." Harry didn't know who was more shocked, himself, or the other two occupants of the room. He had finally talked after six years. Harry had to admit that he felt quite proud of himself. Draco's face was absolutely shining; he looked as if Christmas had come early. He must have been excited to be one of the first people that were able to hear Harry speak. The bat on the other hand hadn't reacted at all or at least from Harry's perspective. Once Harry had spoke, Draco had looked at his godfather, and he was able to clearly see a slight twitch of his lips.

"How long have you been able to speak, child?" Snape asked, not nicely at all. Harry shrugged. Honestly, he wasn't sure. "I do not know." He said helplessly. "I only now tried it at all."

"You should have tried it sooner." Snape commented. Harry did not know what to say to that, so he said nothing. He figured silence was better than making a fool of himself. Snape seemed to have tired of him and Draco as well because he dismissed them. "Dinner will be soon." With that, Snape walked off into the kitchen.

Draco stood there, staring intently at Harry, who looked as if he was inspecting the floor. "You do that a lot, don't you?"

Harry looked up. "Do what?" He asked quietly. "Stare at the ground, or avert your eyes from other people."

"I…" Harry didn't know how to reply. "No need to be shy." Draco said, turning away from Harry, and walking to the stairs. "I need to settle in." He said, grabbing his bag that was waiting for him out in the hall. "Want to come?" He asked. "I'll show you my room." He winked. Harry blushed, but continued forward, after Draco.

All was silent as they walked towards their destination. The silence was broken, though, as Draco suddenly stopped, and Harry plowed into him with an "Oomph." Harry was about to fall to the floor, but Draco spun around after the impact, dropped his bag, and grabbed Harry by the arms, pulling Harry against the body. "Sorry." Harry mumbled, stepping quickly away from Draco.

"Quite alright." Draco muttered, straightening out his shirt. "Well, this is my stop." He gestured to the door to his room, "Want to come in?" Harry nodded, not sure he could speak without squeaking. Harry heard Draco mumbling, and gave him a questioning look. Draco, realizing that he had been heard, explained. "I was saying to myself, that this scenario, reminds me of a bad chick flick."

Harry raised an eyebrow, confused. "Haven't you ever seen a romantic movie, where after the date, the girl goes to her apartment, and asks the guy in?" Harry shook his head. "Oh, I guess you wouldn't."

Harry felt his face redden in embarrassment, and he looked down. "I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories, or anything." Draco said, trying to make an apology. "You didn't." Harry said looking up.

"Do you know what happened to you?" Draco asked suddenly, as he opened his door, and walked in, Harry following.

Draco plopped down on his bed, and Harry stood there staring. The room had a homey feeling that the whole house lacked. Whereas his room had the bed and bookshelf, Draco's had a Draco persona to it. The room was decked in greens and silver, his favorite bands covered the walls. "I like it." Harry said, looking at Draco. "And no I don't remember."

Draco looked crestfallen. "That sucks."

"It doesn't mean that I don't know. Or at least part of it." Harry said slowly. An awkward silence followed as Draco tried to work up the courage to ask his next question. Harry figuring what that question was going to be, decided to cut him off, with his own. "Do you think you could help me?"

Surprised, Draco said, "With what?"

"Professor Dumbledore gave me everything that I need to learn, and attempt to learn, and I don't have a clue what any of it means." Harry said frankly. "What kind of stuff?"

"I'll show you. It's in my room." Harry walked out of Draco's room and right into the room across the hall. The bat wasn't kidding; their rooms really were directly across from each other. Harry held the door for Draco and then followed.

Draco glanced around at the bland room, and then his glance landed on the bookshelf. "What is all that? Like to read?"

Harry followed his gaze. "Read, yes. All of that for pleasure? No. That happens to be everything that I have to familiarize myself with."

"I see. That really sucks."

"So you won't help me."

"I never said that." Draco commented, surveying the piles of books. "It's going to be stuff, but we can do it. On the brightside, if you ever need any help, I'm not that far." Draco chuckled at his own joke. "Seriously though, if you ever need anything, I'm here. Always. I know that you don't know me that well, but I hope we can change that."

"I hope that we can too. I don't have any friends, and I feel as if I can trust you. Please, don't prove me wrong." Harry said seriously.

Draco nodded.

All of a sudden, "Dinner," was shouted throughout the house. Draco and Harry smiled at each other, and headed to the dining room.

Lucius stood pacing in front of his study's fireplace. He couldn't believe that he had been double-crossed by his own business partner. Narcissa had no business going to Riddle. She should have stayed with him. He would make her pay. The both of them.

He would have to have a talk with Severus, his old business partner before he had gone off to teaching. What the hell had Severus been thinking when he left his partners, his brothers, for such a crappy job?

Riddle had been their teacher, and then after that unfortunate death, Severus had left them for a teaching job.

All of them had been in on this from the beginning, a Riddle, a Malfoy, a Snape, and last but not least, a Potter.


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