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"You wanna hug?" Ana Lucia reached down to gather the baby into her arms.

"You're one heavy little boy, you know that?" she smiled as Aaron laughed and shrieked, showing a toothless mouth. He tugged at her loose strand of fringe and she looked at his face and couldn't help but wonder what it would have been like to raise her own child.

Claire came fumbling over with her baby's bottle in hand. She looked at them nervously. "Hi, Ana Lucia, right?"

"Yeah, he was crying so I -"

"Oh yeah yeah no problem… I thought Charlie…" she looked around and spotted him behind the crib, sleeping. She went over and kicked his feet, he jerked awake. Ana Lucia shook her head slightly and smiled at this.

"Hey, I told you to look after my baby."

"What! Nothing happened to him, did it? Where is he?"

"Here," Ana Lucia walked over.

"Oh" said Charlie

Claire took her baby back and began to feed him, "Thanks Ana"

"My pleasure, you got a wonderful baby."

Claire bobbed her head up and down cheerfully, "thanks"

Flashback Kate

"WE'RE HERE!" someone at the front of the bus shouted.


Everyone moved in their seats for a better look out the windows and Kate saw the arched doors, above which was a huge sign "Polar Park"

"Can we go down now?"

"Can we have one for a pet?" asked Pree jokingly who sat beside Kate

"Of course not!" said Tom in the seat behind them

"I'd love one too" said Kate

Sean sat next to Tom; he shook his head and muttered "girls"

At the end of the day, they clustered under the shelter in front of the souvenir store after slats of rain fell with no warning through the hot sunshine.

"Hey, get back in here Kate" as soon as Tom said that, his classmates burst out in a chorus of "whooOOOOoooo" and a few "Tom and Katie sitting in the tree…"

Tom went red and said "Aren't you guys too old for that?"

Kate however was spinning around in the rain. As the attention died down, Tom headed into the store.

As they boarded the bus, Tom tapped her on the shoulder; she turned around and was confronted with a soft polar bear which Tom squashed onto her face.

"ahh, it's so cute"

"It's for you"

She threw her arms around him and whispered "thank you"

"Hey, where's mine?" asked Pree

Kate whacked her with her new bear

End Flashback

Sawyer finally satisfied with his pyramid, stood up and stretched.

"Hey Freckles, how'd you pick my pocket?"

She looked up at him and down at the pendant and raised an eyebrow, "it's yours? I found it on the bananas." She gave it to him.

"Nah, not mine, I found it." He played with it in his hands and smiled his dimple-smile, "You want this trinket, Frecks? Here," he tossed it at her "you can have it."


Jack checked up on Shannon at the beach because she refused to be cooped up in the freaky hatch.

"You're healing fast."

"That's good to hear, Jack" said Sayid

"Yeah" Boone nodded his head

Jack stood up "have some fruit, I saw them bring some back" he turned to look at Sawyer and Kate who were not far away.

"Yes," chuckled Sayid, "I saw Sawyer constructing a pyramid of mangoes"

"I heard my naaame" Sawyer and Kate trudged towards them

"Whatcha talkin' -"

"Dudes, hey, did you guys see another polar bear?" said a puffed out Hurley, Libby was just behind him.

"I just gave one to Freckles"


Ana and Charlie watched as Claire patted Aaron's back to try to make him burp, he's almost fallen asleep.


Charlie was ecstatic "did you hear that? It was so cute"

"Yes, Charlie and you've heard it tons of times before" she said as she bundled him back into the cot.

Ana Lucia saw the crowd near the food area

"I'm gonna go see what that's all about, okay?"

"Sure, see you later" they answered.


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