Summary: Brief glimpses into what The Outsiders would be like if Ponyboy was fat.

A/N: Dedicated to anyone who reviews this wonderfully ridiculous story.

As I stepped out of the movie house into the bright sunlight, I had only two things on my mind: Getting dinner and not breaking the floorboards. I didn't have enough money to pay for them if I broke them, but I doubt the owners of the movie house would confront me about it anyways. They're scared of my 6242lbs of pure muscle, and I have a reputation. It used to be a pretty big joke about my rep, but we all know my reputation is for being rough, but sometimes people joke that it's for eating everything in site. People learned not to joke about it pretty fast once I started sitting on them if they did.

I was wobbling down the street when I heard a car come up behind me.

"Hey fat ass!" someone called from a car. My stomach had been grumbling so loudly I hadn't heard it pull up beside me; I hadn't eaten since I had the four large tubs of ice cream with double butter. I started trying to walk a little faster, but I accidentally tripped and fell on my face. Sometimes Darry says I don't use my head, which I guess is true because that happens every time I try to walk faster, but I still try anyways.

"FUCK!" I shouted as I tried to get up, but sometimes I'm like a turtle on my back. When I get down, I can't get up for the life of me because I weigh too much; I can't lift myself up. I couldn't even roll over onto my back so that I could see any traffic coming. I doubted they would run over me; they would bounce off all my muscle and they wouldn't want to damage their car.

"Hahaha!" the people in the car shouted and I heard the car drive off. Oh damn, I was in trouble now!