A/N: Written because the day needs some cheering.
Dedication: To the Late Mr. Mouse we just found my cats playing with on my bedroom carpet that scared the living crap out of me.

"Ponyboy?" I heard Darry's voice come into the house from my position on the floor of the kitchen. "Where are you, Pony?" he asked, and I tried to answer but my mouth was full of Jello so I couldn't speak. I think I couldn't speak because I was full of food from my stomach to my mouth, but I'm not sure. Finally, I managed to swallow and answered, "In here!"

Darry came rushing into the room, probably thinking that I was in cardiac arrest. The doctors warned him that it could happen due to cholesterol 673 times over the normal person's, and he said that my being overweight would have a lot to do with it, but it hadn't happened so I didn't believe it. I didn't know what a cardiac was, but it sounded like something tasty! Maybe it was talking about jail; once you get arrested you get to eat cardiac's? I was overweigh from nothing but sheer muscle, and muscles a great thing. Isn't it better to weigh a little more than normal than a little less? People would complain if I was more than 2000 pounds underweight, and they can't accept that I'm over 2000 pounds overweight! People just can't accept me for who I am.

"Damnit Pony!" he shouted. "I told you we don't have very much money, why'd you go and do that!"

I thought for a second that he was talking about the bowl I'd broken when I'd fallen to the floor because I couldn't stand up anymore, but then I saw him looking all around the kitchen, opening cupboards, the refrigerator, and last, the shelves that he'd locked that contained all the chocolate and sugar in the house. I'd broken it open though, I'd felt my sugar going low! I didn't have a hard time of it, I just put my arm on the lock, and felt it break. I heard you couldn't put more than 150lbs on a lock, and I guess it's true.

"You ate all our food!" he said, turning from the cupboard to look at me. "AND you don't fit your clothes anymore! Look at all those rips, you should know better than to eat that much! Damnit Pone, you know how much clothes that big cost? We could clothe me, Soda, and the rest of the gang with the amount of fabric you wear on a daily basis if one of us learnt to sew! So now I have to go buy food, and find some clothes or something for you, because you can't go around like that!"

"Like what?" I asked, rolling over a little to see if I could see anything wrong with the way I looked.

"Aw, Pone!" he said, "AND you ruined the floorboards! What the hell? Now I need to get a new floor! What a mess! You'll have to stay there until we can get someone in to fix it, or the population of Tulsa is likely to fall down that hole you made!"

"I could just lie here forever," I told him. It was comfortable on the floor there. "Do you have a pillow?"

I was answered by the slamming door.

"Guess not."