A/N: Yeah, yeah... I know, a disgrace to The Outsiders and fat people and restaurants and humankind and whatever else. The Outsiders aren't mine.

I could tell Johnny was starting to panic, but I wasn't worried. I was sure that with all my muscle I would be able to defend us, and if we were lucky, they might have some food in their car that I could steal. Socs were so rich maybe they'd have some caviar in their car- I'd been dying to try that for a while. Some people said it was disgusting, but most people also said that eating Pepsi bottles was disgusting. Just goes to show, I have better taste.

"Lets walk, man," Johnny said, and he started to walk towards to jungle gym. I wasn't too keen on going- once I'd found a half eaten doughnut in the trash over there and it had made me sick. Ever since then I'd been leery of the playground equipment on that side of the park.

"Where we goin', man?" I asked as I heard the car full of Socs pull up beside us. Johnny started to walk faster, but I was so tired I sat down on the grass right there and leaned up against the fountain. It had been such a hard day, I just imagined that the fountain was full of Pepsi and that I drank it all. That would be good- Other than hamburgers, ice cream, and butter, Pepsi was one of my favourite things. I think I like it more than Darry.

"Come on!" Johnny said, and before I knew it he was pulling my hand.

"Downtowns thattaway," I said, pointing back towards the road, away from where Johnny was trying to get me to go. "If I'm going anywhere, its down there for some food. You can forget about me playing on the jungle gym with you, remember what happened last time?"

Johnny groaned, pulled out his switchblade and held it behind him. I didn't know why- surely he wasn't still mad that I'd broken the bars and had crushed him when I'd fallen. He hadn't been mad enough to knife me then, so I didn't think he'd do it now. Of course, he might have not knifed me then because I'd broken both his arms and three ribs when I'd landed on top of him.

"Come on, Pone, get up," he said, urgently nudging me with his foot. I briefly considered trying to grab his shoe to eat, but rethought it- he probably didn't have another pair, and last time I'd done it I'd had to give him my shoes in replacement. Besides, it hadn't tasted all that good.

"Yeah, fatass, what's the matter, can' t get up?" someone asked. I'd been looking around on the ground for something to eat when I heard that voice, and looked up. It was a Soc. I'd been so consumed by my hunger that I'd forgotten that they'd been circling around for five minutes or so. Man, what a waste of gas- in five minutes you could go through the drive through at least three times.

"Why would I want to," I started to ask, but then a Soc yelled "Get them!" and some of them came running at me. The thought of the physical exertion of running just about made me sick, and I broke out in a cold sweat. I desperately licked my lips, hoping to lick up some of the sweat. No luck.

"Johnny!" I called out as they grabbed me and tried to come lift me up. I thought maybe they were going to carry me to a restaurant if they saw how hungry I was, but they weren't having any luck picking me up. "Johnny, come help-!" I started to say. Maybe if he helped as well, they'd be able to carry me, but one of them cut me off by punching me in the head. It became apparent to me that they weren't taking me to Dairy Queen. Still, I wasn't worried- they weren't having any luck picking me up.

"Drown him!" one of them yelled. They started pouring something on my face. That ticked me off- they weren't pouring it into my mouth, how was I supposed to drink it? I was so hungry, my stomach started to rumble. A drink wouldn't have satisfied my hunger, but it sure would have helped me make it to the nearest restaurant.

"What the heck was that?" One of them asked. I saw then all look at each other. My stomach rumbled again.

"Earthquake?" One of them asked as they started to back off.

"Must be," another said as I gave off another rumble. I was sure I was going to die from starvation then and there.

"Lets get out of here!" One said and they all ran back to the car as my stomach continued to roll with hunger.

I was glad they were gone, I wasn't too keen on being punched in the head and grabbed all over, but couldn't they have at least left me a sandwich?