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In a void of blackness, Sai Argyle lies face down after being shot in the chest, trampled, and having his LAGOWE's head ripped off and thrown to the side of its body. He opens his eyes and says "Hmm where am I? The last thing I remember was…"


Sai is lying on the ground dying with Kira holding him in his arms. Lacus, Milly, and Tolle are watching. Although it seems like he's forcing it, Sai coughs uncontrollably while saying "Thank u my friends you… are honorable. Nowcough I can see Flay again…I'll tell her you said hi, Kira." He then makes one final coughs and dies. Kira begins to cry and screams "SAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! Okay I'm done put his ass in a body bag." The ZAFT soldiers then pick up his body and run off.

End Flashback

"Okay I guess I'm dead. But, WHERE THE HELL AM I?" Sai says as an unknown person in a hoodie walks towards him. The figure says "You are in the underworld." Sai jumps away from the hooded person and screams "Who are you?"

The hooded figure replied "I am..The guardian of the underworld, but you can just call me Sherbet."

The darkness disappeared and all that was left was a black person in pimp clothing standing in front of Sai. Sai looked at Sherbet dumbstruck and replied"Wait did u say this is the underworld?" "Yes." replied Sherbet as he brushed off his shoulders.

Sai"You mean the underworld where everyone goes when they die."

Sherbet:"Well sort of. This is the Mitsuo Fukuda prefecture of the underworld."

Sai:"Wait What?"

"Yes, this is where all of Fukuda-baka's characters go when they die and where he pulls their asses back to life when he needs them. As for your body, you're sort of in a comatose of sorts." Sherbet says after pulling out a chart explaining the life and death of a Gundam Seed Character.

Sai looked at him in shock for a moment, and when it all finally sunk it, he said "Then what the hell is happening to my body?"


The entire Le Crueset Team AKA The G-Unit and all their friends & allies are at Sai's funeral watching Reverend Malchio drone on about crap that didn't even concern Sai. "Blah blah blah blahblahblah. Blah blah yap yap dribble dribble dribble!" Malchio said with a smile on his face. Everyone there is either playing a DS 8000, Listening to an Ipod 5.0 4 million gig, bashing their heads in on the chair, or staring at Reverend Malchio crotch. "Well now that I'm done talking, its time to burn the corpse, Ken If you may." Soon a black man wearing a black jacket, a black church shirt, and blue church pants and a fire mask and says to the crowd. "With Pleasure." He pops in a pair of Ipod earphones and starts singing to the ear popping song "5, 4,3,2,1 WHATAREYOUWAITINGFORBURNTHISCITYBURNTHISCITY!" Everyone just sweat drops while the corpse is being burned.

Kira leans over to Lacus and whispers in her ear. "Why was he our priest at the wedding?" Lacus just shrugs her arms and smiles. They begin to make out to pass the time.

Back with Sai & Sherbet.

"Well what are you doing here?" Sai says to Sherbet while he picks his nose.

Sherbet stops and says"well I'm here to give you a grand tour of the prefecture." A moment of awkward silence passes until Sai yells out "WHAT THAT'S FREAKIN YOUR JOB, YOU'RE A GLORIFIED TOUR GUIDE! THAT'S AN S… " Sherbet turns into a troll and grabs Sai by the neck. Sai is wailing like a little girl despite the fact that he is a cybernetic enhanced Natural.

Sherbet pulls him close and says" I may be a glorified tour guide, but that doesn't mean I can't f you up, bitch Got it!" Sai nods in fear.

Sherbet lets him go and says" Okay now let's begin the tour."

" Okay but I have a request." Could you put on some more casual clothing?" Sai says massaging his throat.

" Fine." Says Sherbet as his clothes transform into a pair of ripped jeans and a shirt that says "By the time you finish reading this chapter, you have this long to live." So Sherbet lead Sai through the Fukuda prefecture of the underworld, seeing stupid people, drug addicts, and other various crap. About three hours later Sai says to Sherbet" Wow the underworld isn't so bad after all. Hey Sherbet can I ask you something. " Sherbet replies" What?" " You can find anyone in this prefecture right?"

" Yes. Why?" Sherbet replied while looking at his watch.

Sai looked as Sherbe with desepration in his eyes and said" Then can you bring my beloved Flay back to me?"

Sherbet said yes and on instant Flay Allaster appeared in front of them wet and naked singing an R&B song " N you must be crazy, what u gonna do with a bitch like me? I'm so good at being bad, and I bet you know the ad, I demonize the word sexy. Wait, WHTF am I?" Flay said as she looked up at the two them. Sai screamed out" FLAY-CHAN!" Flay just looked at him and replied " Sai your dead? How'd you die?"

Sherbet interrupted and said" Here's a brief synopsis." "After you died, Sai went insane and joined Blue Cosmos, gained cybernetic implants to make him as strong as a coordinator, fought against Kira, but ended up having a one-on-one duel against Tolle, who also had cyber implants. Then, they proceeded to beat the shit out of each other only for Sai to be shot by Milly."

After finishing Flay just said " Ooookay, can I get some clothes here."

Sherbet replied" Oh yeah sorry about that" and Flay disappears for about 10 minutes. Flay reappears wearing a pink miniskirt and a Tank top with a heart impaled to a wall by a turkey leg. She thanks Sherbet and disappears Naruto style, leaving the two former fiancees alone.

Sai:" Well…"

Flay:" Um."

Sai:" How you been?"

Flay:" Well fine I guess."

" Okay I'm done with the chitchat, let's have sex." says Sai as he rips off his shirt and lunges at Flay. Flay dodges the lunge and dusts herself off.

Flay:" Sai I can't."

Sai:" What WHY THE F NOT? I been waiting for so long to hold you in my arms, embrace forever must we girl!" Flay turns away from Sai and wipes her eyes and says "Because there is someone else. I met him when I came here." "Who? Who could you love other than me? I'm rich." Sai screamed with authority.

Flay ignores Sai becuase she hears the sound of popcorn crunching. She looks over her shoulder and says" I know your still there, guardian. Show yourself." Sherbet reappears with a bag of popcorn and says "what you want?" Flay grabs him by the collar and says "Bring my boyfriend here or ELSE!" "Okay fine" Sherbet says and magically teleports Flay's boyfriend to where they are now. He is only wearing a pair of underwear. Flay's new BF appears and says" Where the hell am I?" Oh Flay-honey bunny!" Flay turned around and put the boy in a fan girl hug and said "Rusty-wee! Sai just looked at him and screamed "WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?"

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