Chapter 4

Flay awoke to find herself in a large shrine with pictures and gold, platinum, and chocolate statues of her brother. (DIRTY HENTAI PERVERT-Y THINKER, YOU! NASTY! NO MORE NAKED THINGS IN YOUR MIND, SO STOP IT! Your mind needs to be cleansed! From, Patricia)

At that moment , I turn around my shoulder and scream "Pat, why do u butchering my stories without a second thought. It was bad enough when Elena did it, but this is just wrong!" She just replied "Yeah well, YOU WROTE SOMETHING COMPLETELY PERVERTY! A boy your age shouldn't even be thinking, let alone WRITING about that kind of CRAP, Kenneth." Elena then appears "Yeah, and you kept my so-called 'butchering'" "SILENCE WOMEN!" I interrupt and then I shove toilet on Elena's head.

Pat said "Straight from the horses mouth… you butcher-er, you!"

I turned in an angry kind of way and said. "ALRIGHT! THOSE ARE FIGHTING WORDS! ITS TIME TO THROW DOWN! IT'S TIME TO PUT UP OR SHUT UP! ITS TIME TO BRING THE MSI BRAND PAIN THAT ONLY I CAN BRING!" Then I rip off my shirt and pull a sword out of my belly button.

Pat just looked at me and said "OH MY GOD THAT'S THE WIERDEST THING I'VE EVER SEEN! The power of Christ compels you!" She throws a holy water bottle at me. I swatted the water away and says "YOUR FEEBLE WATER DOES NOT WORK ON ME, PUNY HUMANS! MAN I SOUND LIKE SKELLETOR! NOW BACK TO YOUR INEVITABLE ASS-KICKING! AFRO POWERS OF SNICKERDOODLE ACTIVATE!"

"… You are… without a doubt… the oddest person I have ever met… which is really saying something because I'm the avatar and the avatar has those hidden memories that pop up without notice from the previous avatars and they were alive like… a kagillion years ago. But my point is this: You are… the weakest link, good bye." Pat says as she throws off cliff. I fall, but I land on a cloud that is oddly stable enough to hold your weight.

I contemplate this for a while and then"Oh yeah well I'm pretty much fucked but I have a plan."(cuts open cloud and puts the ultimate power of clouds, A Led Zeppelin Album in there) That should do it! (waits 15 minutes until the cloud begins to grow expand and rise into the air to where pat is. The cloud explodes and a legion of religious street punks appear all listening to "Obedience Through Desecration".) What you gone do now?"

"It seems that I have underestimated your imagination. Well done, young Kenneth. Fantastic use of the Led Zeppelin album, but I still have one thing that you do not it comes with being the avatar. :D . Muwah ha ha ha ha." Patricia begins to glow all avatar-like, floats in the air, and pounds my religious street punks into the floor "And now, you have no army, I will defeat you with my almighty avatar powers!" She then summons her power "FEAR MEH FOR I IS THE UBER EVIL!"

Note: Just think avatar glowing except that its red and she's in a kimono.

"You may be evil but I know the one thing that can beat you." I said as I did a badass pose. Pat replied "OH YEAH?! What's that?"

I just stood and said "Oh he's going to show up in three two one!" Pat gets glomped by random fanboys. They all scream"I wuv u Patricia unf unf unf!"

Note: No fanboys were harmed in the making of the fanfic…yet.

"… GET OFF ME YOU RETARDED FANBOY!" Pat screams as she throws the first fanboy she grabbed off the cliff, he see's the cloud and thinks that he'll land on it peacefully, but the cloud rejects him and he falls to his doom… forever… until… SPLAT! "Psh, no fanboys can bring ME down. I am invincible!"

I scream "WELL YOU KNOW WHAT?!" Pat replies "You're finally bored of this?" My power goes down and I say"Yeah wanna go watch my minion fight a random guy who appears to annoy me and contradict things when I use cliffhangers?" Pat shrug "Sure, why not." makes some popcorn and pops up some seats "Look, dinner and a show."

The fighting was fierce as RG and Evil Dan trade blows in SQFP style. Dan blocked a Gomu Gomu no Pistol puch from RG and countered with a Koryuken. "You fight well RG, from the last time my master blew you up." Dan said as he wiped the blood from his mouth. "Listening to Slipknot can do that to you." Said RG as he charged an energy blast. Dan began to charge an even larger energy blast when I finally intervened. "Ok quick question, How are you still here after I killed you and why should you care about what I do in my stories." I said with a sly look on my face. "I MUST FOR IT IS MY DESTINY TO ANNOY YOU WHENEVER YOU WRITE!" said RG.

"Okay just so you know that was just a distraction. DAN DESTROY HIM NOW!" I said as RG turned to see a large energy ball right in front of his face. "SHINKUU GADOKEN!" Dan screamed as he released the energy blast into his face.

"AHH THE NOES!" Screamed RG as the explosion covered his body. "VICTORY FOR ME! SIGNATURE POSE TIME!" said Dan as he reverted back to normal. "Hey master is that your GF?"

I reply "No Dan that's my coauthor for this chapter." Pat: rubs chin… "hmm… I see where this is heading. It's going into a disasterous direction. I might be able to explain it to you and your simple minds, but it's not evident. Me, being the avatar, know many odd, yet random things. Such as the premonition I just received before I started this shpiel."

Dan looks at Pat and says "… what premonition?!"

Pat continues "Well, it is quite simple for me, but maybe not for you. Would you care to see?"

I just shrugged "Well, all I was going to do is piss Elena off after she gets her head out of that toilet, but your plan works better.."

Pat does a stupid pose and says "Of course my plan works better. It always works better. I'm sending Elena off too school now because she's going to be late. There she goes. But now, my PLAN! It's revolutionary. First, my premonitions always come true. I saw that you, Kenneth, are going to die. It will be sometime soon because in my premonition, you were not aged. So, being so, do you have any last words before you die?" Ken just stares and says"Can I play this love song to Elena before I die?" Pat: shrug and says "Knock yourself out…"

"Okay!"says Ken as he pulls out a guitar and my band "Sonic Wildfire" appears. They start a gurtar riff.

I never meant to hurt you

Sometimes these thoughts have a way to making sure

Secrets that we keep turn into accidents

If you burn away the bones with the fire of selfishness

The positive and negative have a way of blending in.

End this now

We've gone to far

Let's take back words

That turn to scars

If I could find a way

To turn back time,

I had to to let you know I'm on your side!

I took the easy way out

I shut myself down

The only way to ease the pain

Is to drink until I drown

I'll sing it out loud

My voice is the only sound

So listen up I spell it out

I need your help and I need it now!

End this now

We've gone to far

Let's take back words

That turn to scars

If I could find a way

To turn back time,

I had to to let you know I'm on your side!

Am I


That you wanted me to be

I tried my best

Took a shot

In the dark

And I lost.

End this now

We've gone to far

Let's take back words

That turn to scars

If I could find a way

To turn back time

I had to to let you know

I'm on your side!

Pat: sheds a tear "… so weird…" tear tear. "Alright, well, your time is up. Au revoi, mona mi." waves

Ken:"I die ughhh!"(dies then come backs to life) "I sure love some pussy before I go.(dies again.)

Chapter 4 end.