Author's Note: So I finished New Moon and a bunch of thoughts have been running around in my head and I thought hey why not post some ficlits. So here are a few from New Moon.

Disclaimer: I do not own New Moon or Twilight I think we all know that…

Bella had lost consciousness after Charlie placed her in bed. It was then that Edward came through the window one last time. Afraid to make one wrong movement, to scared to breathe, to afraid that she may wake up. He cursed himself for coming back to see her, but he had to. He sat on the edge of her bed watching her lay there peacefully. Her chest moving up and down, blood pumping through her veins, she was so beautiful and so alive. Alice had told him that being with her calmed him. It made him happier and more human. They had laughed at that the Cullen Coven, but Edward had sighed. To be human would solve all his problems. He wouldn't put Bella or her loved ones in trouble. He would have a soul allowing him to enter heaven. Not the dark immortal life in hell. His hell. Having Bella had been heaven. It gave him existence in his immortal life to protect and love her. He never would have thought he could love someone as much as he loved her. Beautiful, peaceful, sleeping, Bella. He loved watching her sleep. He loved watching her twist and turn pushing all the covers away when she was hot and then pulling them back when she got cold. The thing he loved the most was when her beautiful full red lips murmured his name in her dreams. He smiled that crooked smile. She dreamed of him. Her eyes started moving rapidly showing Edward that she was dreaming currently. "Edward…" He smiled sadly. Her forehead then creased her perfect mouth turning into a pout. "No… don't…" He frowned now. With out realizing it he caressed her cheek in a loving motion. Her expression softened and the corners of her mouth lifted. He sighed, standing, he walked toward the window. He knew she would awaken soon, expecting to see the face that belonged to the hand. It would only cause Bella more tears if she thought he had come back. He looked once more at her sleeping form before jumping out the window.

So that's why I wont wake you where you lie
If I could now I'd freeze time
I cant find forever in your eyes
I should leave you while they're dry

Perfect Now


Sarah Blasko