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"How can you read that crap!" Edward yelled tossing the book on the ground and stomping on it until it was at least a yard in the earth. "Edward it's just a book. You don't need to get so worked up about it." "Bella there kids running around with sticks and casting spells on each other. How ridiculous is that! And goblins please like they exist and a giant crossbreed with a mortal what is this woman smoking!" Bella sat there in the valley suppressing a chuckle. Edward had asked her a few days ago what was big with teenagers. Since it was July the only thing Bella could think about was Harry Potter the last and final book ever in the Harry Potter series. She had given six to Edward for him to read. Two days and six books later Edward had dragged Bella out to the meadow to voice his frustrations. "Really a "good" werewolf I mean come on they're so much more dangerous then that. It's an awful book! But I did like the sound of blood-flavored lollipops but it's entirely impossible. And a Vampire hunter killing ninety vampires that's ridiculous. She must be deranged. Those stupid kids at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry!" Edward continued to pace for a while before slowing down a little before Edward turned and addressed Bella. "So when's the next one coming out?

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