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In the looming darkness of the forest, emerald eyes could be seen piercing through. As a figure stepped out into the pale moonlight, her soft features illuminated. Long red and black hair hung loosely around her shoulders; which were draped over with a worn, brown cape that had definitely seen better days. Her eyes were fixed upon a figure not far off that donned a red cape similar to her own. A sly smirk drew across her face…yes, a perfect target. Slowly, light steps were taken on the dimmed grass that covered the terrain. The smallest of sounds could be heard when she disappeared into the murky shadows of the woods …a sound that could only be heard by a thief.

Matthew flinched slightly as the leaves rustled in one of the many trees that towered over the clearing. A slow grin spread across his features.

"Like recognizes like." He smirked to himself. Standing still, he readied himself for the obvious attack…that never came.

"Wha…where'd she-aargh," He swung himself around clashing his sword against hers just in time to save his head. A wide smirk was plastered on his assassin's face.

"Quick one aren't you."

"Yeah, I'd like to think so," Matthew whispered between clenched teeth. Beads of sweat were trickling down his creased forehead. He was suddenly forced backward when she withdrew her daggers from his sword. In the corner of his eye, he could see her disappearing into the dense foliage.

"If that's the type of fight you want, young miss; I'll gladly give it to you," he teased in a mock gentleman tone.

"Don't even start the formalities…," Came a reply that even the trained thief had to strain to hear.

"Hmph, peachy one aren't you?" Matthew grinned as he leaped into said tree. "Let's make this an honorable fight, milady; it'd leave a rather sour taste in my mouth if it was otherwise,"

"Why would yo-" The she started before Matthew tackled her straight out of her perch.

"I did recall you saying that this would be an honourable fight, young sir," she shot back in a fake ladylike tone; that only received her a genuine Matthew Quick grin.

"There is no honor among thieves, milady, don't try to make me feel guilty, that would just be plain low wouldn't it?"

"Hmph" She said as her daggers came daringly close to Matthew's neck. "This fight is taking much too long, better end it now hmm? I'll give you the privilege of dying a quick death; be thankful, there aren't many as caring as myself."