Easy Fluffy: Gravitation

Warning: Its gravitation what do you expect? OOCness maybe. Poor attempt at humour. Oh and I like referring to Shu as a pink fluffball-it just fits- but that was not meant as a reference to the title -

Me: Right then where's Kumagoro to do the disclaimer? (Rummages through the very messy room)

Me: AHA! (holds up bear in dramatic pose) Kuma please do the disclaimer.

Kumagoro:….. … … … ….. … … … … ..

Me: Thank you! Now…

Tohma: (condescendingly and disappointedly stares at author)…

Me: …What!

Tohma: (still staring)

Me: Oh okay okay…(mumbling) geesh moody much?

No CosmicEssence does not own Gravitation or any of its characters.


Me: How much do ya think it would cost to buy you though Seguchi?

Tohma: Too much.

Me: Awww. Phooey.

Kumagoro: ….. ….. … ….. ..(translates as 'Get on with it!')

"Talking" 'Thinking' Emphasized

'Characters not part of main point talking'


After a special concert containing all of NG's bands plus a few surprise extra performers had convened at the back of the stage which incidentally was actually the NG building itself. Seguchi Tohma had arranged for an attachment to be made onto his main building where the concert could take place and where it was accessible for a whole range of people.

As it happens both Nittle Grasper and Bad Luck had finished for the evening; Noriko with husband had already departed with their cutesy daughter in tow, Fugisaki disappeared due to school the next day, Hiroshi was animatedly talking with some other performers alongside his stable girlfriend and surprisingly Tatsuha had been completely forbidden to skip out on his duties and was not even there…much to his sadness.

Seguchi himself had gotten into speaking with his favourite brother-in-law steadily going through the same 'mother hen' routine much to Eiri's chagrin and annoyance. He had been wanting for the better part of three-quarters of an hour to get his little singer and get out of there before his head split in two. Instead he had got caught up in one person or another while waiting for his pink fluffball to finish up. It was just his luck that the second Tohma finished performing he would start sticking protectively to Eiri like glue as though the two rarely saw one another elsewhere…which in all honesty was fairly accurate.

Now though apparently his sister's husband needed his own hyperactive singer about something making both men realise that neither had seen or heard either of the two stars in quite awhile. Indeed they were nowhere in the hall or adjoining corridors. By searching slightly further afield they soon heard a whine sounding suspiciously like Shuichi and a plea in return like that of their other missing entity.

'But Why!'

'Because I want you to!'

Coming up to the door Eiri was about to open it without even knocking when something his lover voiced filtered through the metal doorway and tweaked both males curiosity –

'I don't know…What if I don't want to suck it?'

'Ah pwease Shu-chan. Just do it.'

– enough to station themselves on either side of the door to find out what the two idiots were on about. Apparently the notion of simply entering the room and finding out that way failed to cross their minds this time.

'Okay okay.' Then speaking as though his mouth is full 'Eh? What!'

'See! Does it taste good?'

'Yeah tastes like…strawberry!'

Glancing at each other in bewilderment neither Eiri nor Tohma could work out what tasted like strawberry? – it would not be pocky as Shuichi would not resist to sucking that no matter what flavour it was – and what exactly it was that Ryuichi had persuaded his almost twin to suck?

A clearer voice comes through 'Anou…Sakuma-san what did you do?'

'It's a secret na no da!'

'No seriously Sa…'




Both blondes jerked slightly away as Sakuma's impressively loud voice echoed straight to their already damaged ear drums.

'Ah! Okay!...Really…Ryuichi…what did you do to make a strawberry flavoured…'

'Come here.'

Rustling and indistinct whispering wafted through before a surprised gasp and an impressed OH! ensued.

"Tohma what?" Eiri asked barely whispering.

"I do not know."

'Oh that makes sense. For a moment there Ryu I thought you had done something crazy to your precious…'

'Shuichi thinks Ryu's crazy?'

'Ummm…maybe a little' his voice dropping to a softer pitch 'Sorry.'

'Hai that's okay! We think Shu-chan's crazy too!'


'Na no da!'

A loud thump and what sounded suspiciously like a groan seeped through.

"Is that Shu or…? I don't like the sound of this. They sound like their…"

"I am sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation Eiri-san."

"Reasonable isn't a word when it comes to those two!"

More little thuds and a gasp followed before Ryuichi started up again.

'Lookie Shu…I got you one too!'

'You didn't have…'

'Yes I did!'

One what? They wondered.

'If you suck off that one like you did before…then I can do the same to yours.'


'Then Shu and Ryu will be even and we can swap over again!'


"Seguchi if they're doing what it appears they are…your idiot-child will not know what hit him!" growling and jabbing at the room.

"Oh? You immediately assume this is Ryuichi's doing?" eyebrow rose inquiringly.

"Well he is over a decade older."

"Eiri they are probably on about a lollipop or something. Besides…how old was Shindou-san when you took him in?"

"…And that would fit the conversation would it?" completely ignoring Tohma's words.

"…..No. But Ryuichi knows he is with you and no doubt you will assure me against it being Shindou's doing, so I hardly see…"

'So you want me to suck off to the base. Right.'

'Mmmm…that's good na no da!'

Two heads snapped to the other as one, eyes locked in wide-eyed surprise despite their recent converse; eyes which rapidly misted over with a mixture of emotions, the prominent one being anger. Both blondes turned and forcefully barged their way into the room, surprising and freezing in place on the floor both Kami-sent singers to see, with their own measure of bemusement, that Shuichi's mouth was full of Ryuichi's…..

To be continued…

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'And then Kumagoro woke up completely startled over the very naughty dreams he, it…whatever…was having. Naughty bunny.'

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