She wished she had not bumped into Russ in the village, but as luck would have it, she did, "hi Louise, how are you," Russ asked, "good thanks Russ, sorry, I cant stop, I am in a bit of a rush, I am expecting an important call at the salon" . It was a lie of course, but she was too worried that she would let something slip, or that Russ could tell she was hiding something. She promised her she would keep the secret, and it was not her secret to tell, besides he would find out soon enough. "no problem Louise, see you around," "bye". Louise sighed a sigh of relief.

As she headed back to the salon, she noticed Mercedes sneak up behind Russ, and wondered what he saw in her. She also could not help thinking back to that telephone call a week ago, the repercussions of which she had know idea what was to happen. She only hoped that it would turn out for the best and that the past could be overcome, but only time would tell. And that time would be very soon indeed.

Flashback to the phone call - "Louise, its me, I hope you don't mind, but I have a favour to ask", "of course, what is it" "I was wondering if I could come and stay with you for a few days?" "of course you can, I would love the company, its been so quiet since Mel and Sophie died, but are you sure it is a good idea, he is still here in the village and it will be very hard to hide the truth from him?" "I know Louise, that's partly why I want to come, its about time I find out the truth, if not for my sake, for Lucy's and if it turns out how I hope it will (she pauses, dreading of the alternative possibility) he has a right to know, and choose what he wants to do" "A lot of time has passed though, are you sure it's a good idea" "I have to do it Lou, else I will spend the rest of my life and Lucy's wondering, I need some closure one way or another" "what if it is not the closure you want" "then I will have to deal with it, I am a lot stronger than I was when I was last in Hollyoaks" "that's true, of course you are welcome here, I would like the company, and it has been a while" "thanks Louise, plus it will give me a chance to pay my respects to Joe, and the twins, and to visit the graves, I still cant believe they are gone, I could not have got through what happened if it was not for the three of them." "I know what you mean, when I still sometimes come back to the flat at night, and half expect them to be here, I just does not make sense, I will definitely welcome the company, when will you be flying out?" "I should be able to fly out in a week or two, I will call you and let you know the details, are you sure that we wont be imposing" "of course not, and I cant wait to see Lucy, the pictures you emailed me the other month were so sweet." "thanks Louise, you have been great for keeping the secret all this time, I know I should have told him before, but I just couldn't find the strength to do it" "no problem hun, call me as soon as you get the flight details, and I will get the room sorted for you both," "bye" "bye"

End flashback

Well, what did you think, my first attempt at fan fic ever, I will hopefully have the next chapter soon.