Grey sky Morning

A small Kacheek was watching a sad figure sitting alone all other pets and humans avoided looking at her. She felt no fear of who ever it was because she was young and still innocent. She walked over and spoke softly. " Hello their why are you alone?" The figure looked up surprised that someone would talk to her. "It's a long story." The kacheek sat down next to her. "I like stories to tell me one." The figure wrapped her grey cloak around her shoulders and started. "A long time ago it started…"

The sun was setting lighting up the clouds of faerieland turning them pink

and a soft purple hue. It was the end of an ordinary day. The wheel of excitement was being locked up for the night. Faeries were closing up their shops for the day. Pets and humans hurried to buy last minute items. Meanwhile Jhudora was impatiently waiting for the final quest to end.

"Now where is my blue kacheek toy?" She snarled tapping her long nails on her chair impatiently. She wanted to have plenty of toys for target practice. She stared at the door as to make the tardy pet hurry up. Finally a small green ixi hurried in with the toy. The pet ran in and barely stopped in time in front of her. He huffed "I'm sorry I had to get some money out of the bank and the line and the teller was new..." Jhudora sharply interrupted. "I don't care about that." She grabbed the toy from the tired pet and told him to. "Leave and next time be on time or I will test a new potion on you." The frighten pet rushed away. She threw it into a pile of items she gathered for the day. She levitated the items to the back where she stored them. She had to lock things up even though she was sure she scared the pant devil away. Few pets were

Stupid enough or desperate enough to rob her.

She then heard a deep voice from up front say. "Good evening Jhudora." She yelled up front. "No more quest today go before I turn you into a rotting mushroom." Jhudora heard the intruder walking back to her storage. She murmured a curse she plans to use on the intruder. The footsteps came closer and she was ready to aim her attack. The figure standing in the receding sunlight was tall and thin. An amused voice laughed. I wouldn't do that if I were you." She attacked with a quick spell that was easily blocked with a shield of glowing electricity. The figure moved so she could see his face.

She was taken aback. "Dr. Sloth what a pleasant surprise." Jhudora wondered what he was doing here and how did he get past the faerie guards? She hurried up front and did a quick spell to lock the front door. She came back and invited him to a more comfortable room. She invited him to sit in a

chair that was in what other color than green and purple. "What are you doing here?" He smiled evilly. " I want to have us work together so we can take over Neopia. You see I can provide the troops and weapons to take over Neopia three times over but I can't defeat the faeries. That's where you come in. Join me and I will allow to rule over a large potion of neopia and complete control of all magic." Jhudora was thinking it took her a moment to agree to this. "I will take your offer." With this started one of the greatest wars Neopia has ever seen.

Authors note. Hmm I thought this would be a great combo. I know it is short but I wanted to end on that note.