Chapter 2

I wanted to thank my readers Return of Itsy and Delibird. I'm posting it here because it will become a bit dark and besides I couldn't get enough words to have it put in the times.

Dr. Sloth outlined his plan making sure Jhudora heard what she wanted to hear. He knew she was a good ally dangerous and cruel. She shook on it and left him in the darkness and into a small ship so he could slip away unseen. He glared at the mutant kiko pilot. "Get moving you green lump of snot." He quickly pulled the ship away from the cloud and upward toward the space station. The pilot didn't dare to talk in front of him he shivered from being in such a closed in space with him. They finally made it to the space station unseen. The radio came on. "Ship 666 is that you?"

The kiko spoke somewhat nervously. "Yes this is nc12b0t8 calling to land." He was careful not to say who was with him just in case someone listened in. The pilot carefully guided the ship in to the loading dock furthest from neopia. He landed gently and quickly got out before Dr. Sloth could say anything more. Dr. Sloth ignored him and headed for his secret lab. He shut the door and went to a small vat. He grinned evilly knowing what this stuff can do. He went to his desk and called in one of his scientists.

A blue grundo entered wearing a small lab coat. Unlike the others he need manual dexterity so he was not turned into a mutant. "Aah! Yasmark have you tested formula 4311f yet?"

The grundo looked worried. "Yes on non-living items so far it will burn through steel and most metals unfortenly flesh too. We had to send two assistants to the medical bay because of it."

Dr. Sloth dismissed this. " We can always get new workers. I will personally bring you a living test subject."

The scientist paled. "It would kill anyone to touch it. You're not going to kill somebody are you?" Dr Sloth relaxed. "No not kill just make them weak enough to control. Now leave me." Yasmark ran quickly away to his work. Dr. Sloth plans were going on according to schedule.

Meanwhile in central a small brown grundo called 4p was pacing the floor in the pound. He was bored stiff not too many people wanted him because he had low stats and wasn't painted. The day finally ended and the doors locked. He got ready for bed when he heard a bang. He looked out into the hallway and there were a group of mutants mostly grundos. He saw them grab neopets not caring what their stats were. He was afraid he could guess who was behind this. He wasn't the smartest pet but that was a no brainer.

He closed his door and hid under the bed hoping if they broke into the room they would think it was empty. The door was pushed open and a huge mutant grundo came in. He looked around then out of frustration he hit the bed splintering it. 4p afraid ran from under it toward the door. The grundo grunted, "Come here." 4p ran into the hallway and almost ran into a mutant Lupe. He dodged and ran into the dining hall. This was a bad idea because this is where the mutant had gathered all the pets. He was surround by mutants then was picked up by the same mutant grundo that was in his room.

They were put into a box and closed in. They could feel it moving. A skeith was scratching desperately at the box to get out but it was no good. One piped up. " Don't make it worse."

The stayed quiet as the box was moved and bumped around. The box finally was still and was opened. Some pets ran out others were cautious. 4p waited until some of the others ran out he didn't hear them scream or anything so he carefully went out. The box was in a large metal room with a barred door. Some others tried to get it open but it was locked.

A green techo looked around. "Where do you think we are?" A yellow Bruce spoke sadly. I heard the guards talk about loading up the space ship. I could hear very loud engines. I think we are either at the space station or Kreldor." This only confirmed the earlier belief of who captured them.

A large mutant grundo came in hours later and looked them over. He first took the ones that had higher levels and hit points. The skeith tried to fight but was zapped until he fell unconscious. The others clung to each other frightened. Finally 4p was taken away. He was quiet and pretended to not know what was going on. He was dragged into a small room. Where another grundo waited for him.

"You have a choice 4p join us or disappear forever." 4p shivered at this. He was not loyal to Dr. Sloth he was born years after his defeat. He looked around and knew he couldn't escape not yet. He was causous. "What's in it for me?"

The green grundo looked happy he asked. " For following Dr. Sloth you get paid handsomely. You get great medical care insurance, dental plan, shares in virt, and great retirement plan."

4p thought fast is sounded alright but he was kidnapped and dragged here. He knew that to agree and to work here he could find a way to escape later and save the others. "I'll do it."

The green grundo named Mambis gave him some paperwork to sign. 4p skimmed though it. Some of the words were above his understanding but he got the idea. The insurance didn't cover accidentally death by himself. He signed quickly and the papers put away. He was lead more nicely by the guard to a small room. It was sparcely decorated in a funky techno way. He shut the door and whispered to himself. "What have I gotten myself into now?"