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NOTE TO NEW READERS: I HIGHLY suggest you read through Revision, Housemates, Battle of the Shinobi, and the Comeback Tour first. These chapters will be set at various points in time, but it's IMPORTANT to read those four first! I've got over three years of story background here, and you need to read up. :-.

Before each chapter, I will specify the general time period, so you all have a point of reference. Also, on occasion, I'll put up goofy little shorts before the main chapter itself.

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Zero 2: Side Stories


Chapter 1: Phantom Limb




My left arm shouldn't hurt.

After all, it's gone.

I was always trying to be a good mother, even though I'm not his real mother…

Oh, what a worried woman I sound like.

I can remember everything clearly now; I have no idea why the memories of the Odaiba Fog Incident faded away; it was only when Gennai began explaining everything to us in that old warehouse…that was when the fuzziness faded away, leaving total clarity.

The fog. The battles.

The confession.

Oh my dear brainy boy, you've no idea how much I worry about you.

Izzy…I always dreaded telling you the truth. So did Masami. We didn't know how you'd react if we told you that we weren't your real parents…that Masami was actually a distant cousin of your real father…that your real parents had died in a car accident…

In hindsight, we probably should've seen the signs that you knew. But we never can truly know, can we? We were worried when you starting getting into computers all the time…never leaving time for anything else save for school, us…and that's all. We didn't stop to think that you had actually learned the truth…

Oh, when I found out that you knew, I felt horrible inside. I chided myself; what kind of mother can't tell what her own son is thinking? That only reminded me that I couldn't tell because I wasn't your real mother…

Even though we've been watching over you since you were a cute little baby…the thought of losing your love…it's unbearable.

I suppose my missing arm is a lot like the truth of your parents…invisible, not seen. Yet the pain behind it…it's still there.

I can barely remember what the doctor had said about my arm after he took a look at it after the Odaiba War. Something about "input from my left arm to my right somatosensory cortex being stopped" and other fancy medical terms that people have no business making so long or complex. Even when Izzy tried to explain it to me on the way home, I couldn't get it. I got "phantom limb", and that's all.

Oh Izzy…so smart. You are called the Child of Knowledge after all, aren't you?

Such a smart boy should be worrying about what he's going to be doing with his friends, or what he has to do for homework at night. He shouldn't have to worry about saving the world.

The Odaiba War…

I never would've imagined that such a hellish scene could've existed…fire stretching up for miles…monsters, demons, creatures of all shapes and sizes fighting one another…so much…carnage…

I can barely remember it now. The shock must have smudged so much of it…

I remember…policemen…other people, trying to make it to the Fuji TV Station…and then came…ghosts…Bakemon, I believe they were called. Gunfire…trying to fight them off…one broke through, tried to eat me…only got my left arm…


Lots of blood.

Everything else is a blur; I faintly remember arriving there…being bandaged…screaming…

The next coherent memory I have is seeing Masami.

I also remember the look on your face, my son. When you saw me without my left arm? Seeing you cry…calling me "mom"…somehow, that made me happy. It reminded me…that even though you're not our son…you're still our son.

Does that even make sense? I'm trying to stir-fry some rice for dinner, and I'm in such a rambling mood. My thoughts vary wildly sometimes nowadays; it's kind of funny. 'Not our son, yet still our son'…oh, goodness, I'm giggling now. I can feel the awkward stares of Masami and Izzy now, staring at my back as I giggle. I'll keep them guessing.

Cooking is hard with only arm. It takes so much longer…and it always reminds you of how limited you now are. Not many people realize how much you use your hands, let alone your arms. It's like a piece of me is missing. I am an incomplete puzzle.

The strange pain comes. It always comes at strange times, my phantom limb…you'd think it wouldn't happen. But it does.

I impulsively clutch my right shoulder…well, what's left of it. The pan begins to fall, and I fret. I know it's going to cause a mess, and I know it's going to cause them to help me clean up, and I know it's going to cause pitying stares…those eyes of pity hurt. I don't like being reminded of how weak I am.

Then I see two young hands catch the pan by its insulated handle, warily lifting it back up onto the stove.

I smile at my boy, who's asking me if I'm okay.

I smile at my husband, who gets up from the dinner table and starts cooking the rest of the rice.

I offer to get the plates out. They try and convince me to sit down, but I politely decline. I always do.

Just seeing them get up and help me…just seeing them care…it's enough to make me endure this phantom limb of mine.

I may be an incomplete puzzle…but one of my other pieces has grown enough to fill enough space for two pieces.

It's my heart. And it always swells when I see them care.

Even though Izzy isn't linked to us by blood, he is our son.

And no amount of pain – invisible or otherwise – will change that.

That thought always brings a smile to my face.


To be continued…


Author's Notes: I believe this is the first time I've written in a 1st-person POV since Fiery Courage, Stormy Friendship. How'd I do?

In case none of you have realized it by know, the one 'speaking' in this chapter is Yoshie. I've wanted to fully highlight her thoughts about this phantom limb of hers for some time now, but never had the proper place to put it.

And in case you're wondering why there's no name for the next chapter, it's because I'll decide what I want to write whenever I update again. This is a free flowing story…or, to be more accurate, a collection of stories.

This chapter was set during Housemates (and that story focused almost entirely on Davis and Jun's becoming part of the Inoue family).

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