-1Emerald eyes looking back at me from behind the mask!

Eyes of the one I truly hate, the bringer of all my pain!

Devourer of all I had held dear, deflowerer of a life unwanted by the world!

Why do these Emerald eyes tell stories,

of a mother, I never knew?

Do I not deserve to live like all the others,

where is my happy window?

Who will be my loving Shepard,

my knight is sixteen years late his armor faded to lifeless brown!

Childhood fantasies of my knight in shining armor,

dashed at a school dance!

Here I lay wishing for a perfect normal life like all the other girls,

or the courage to face my challenges like Kitty and her shop-aholic friends!

My prayers are never answered my existence is suffering,

so let all the little sheep and their perfect lives suffer with me!