She's my daughter

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She couldn't believe it he couldn't believe why oh why did this have to happen to them. Why in the world did this have to happen. Alistair looked at Isabella Kirkucas-Hotchkiss he couldn't breathe the love of his life was having his baby he couldn't breathe he just couldn't breathe Katherine had left town two years ago and he well he was angerier then hell but his best friend came and calmed him down and she was the only person to see his sentive side but things got out of hand about a month ago and they ended up in bed together

Isabella: I can give the baby up for adoption Alex Alistair: No and don't call me that Isabella: why not?
Alistair: its my flesh and blood Isabella sighs daddy is going to kill me and so is John he is going to take Brady and and leave me she cries Alistair: but didn't he cheat on you Isabella: but it still makes it wrong for me to cheat on him Alex Alistair chickles oh dear why can you just leave him for me Isabella slaps him Alistar: we are going to have a child together I'll be dam if Isabella: I won't take this child out of your life Alex but I'm not moving to Harmony Alistair; this child is a Crane Isabella: I know and Rebecca is going to kill me if she knew Alistiar: she won't Isabella: oh but she will