The four some got back from Hawaii that night. Now how about a nightcap Fox says I m too tired Isabella says O come on Iz lets go have some fun Theresa says putting her arm around her friend and Isabella frowns. Fine one night cap but nothing more Isabella says and Fox smiles. Theresa smiled and at that moment Fox saw the Crane smirk in her. He just shook his head So a night cap at the cottage I thought that was Sheridan s Isabella says Yes it is but she s out of town so what do you say Fox says and everyone agreed. They all went to the cottage where Fancy was What are you doing here Theresa asks Fancy hugging her. A Sleepover She says smiling I m not sleeping over Isabella says That s all right no one really has to just thought it would be fun I never had one Everyone sat down as Fox poured everyone a drink.
After that he went to sit by Isabella Ah so you decided to break the law Rules are meant to be broken Ah even the one not talking to an ex No You talk to Tom True So you break that rule Yes but there are two important rules I don t break Which are Well one but now two Which are Never get back with an ex and never ever get with a best friends ex so if Jared and Theresa were to break up and Jared was interested or I was interested in him I would never go and be with him What if its true love Fox asks getting a little jealous at Jared Then we suffer Isabella says and Fox stiffs up and she notices this what s wrong Fox Nothing I know there s something wrong What if he dated her for two months Still breaking the rule Two days If she has feelings for him no So there are loop holes Maybe What if two minutes two seconds Did you sleep with someone I m friends with No why Yes you did who was it Isabella asks I don t know what your talking about Then I guess our deal is nulled and void What no way Yes way Oh come on Tell me who she is Isabella asks and Fox looked straight at Whitney and Theresa Its one of them isn t it Fox looked at Isabella and nodded his head.
Which one your aunt or Whit Whitney Hmm for how long Three Months Did you have feelings for her Yes Do you still No Isabella saw he was telling the truth and she looked over at Whitney. I still can t be with you She says getting up but he held her rest We weren t really together together she was hung up on Chad still only using me Still doesn t erase the fact you were with her You were only aquatiances Yes So doesn t that exclude something Isabella sighs We start as friends and the deal is still nulled void we wait two years before we start dating and you can ask me to marry me a year to whenever after that Okay I can live with that Could you really No but I ll do it anyways if it gets you to be in my life Isabella looked at Fox and for the first time in her life she wasn t sure if the Cranes were that evil. She looked up at Fancy who was smiling and talking with Theresa. She saw something familiar with those two just their smiles. She then looked at their eyes they weren t the same but their smiles and how their faces looked it was uncanery. Isabella s eyes went wide and then she looked at Fox. She bolted out of the door. Fancy, Jared, Theresa, Jason, and Fox all looked surprised. I ll go after her Fox says getting up off the couch.