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Silver Dunes

By: Shinigami-Sama1



The coppery metallic smell reached his nose, while the rest of his body was either covered in some one else's blood or his own. The wounds on his body deep gashes running angles and burnt marks all but the reminder of the bloodied battle he fought for those he knew without knowing. Those that were related to him, their faces swam through his glazing emerald black rimmed eyes, his broken glasses laid not but a few feet away from his left hand. He could not die that he knew, he knew it like Voldemort knew he could never be immortal unless that Ancients granted it so.


It covered everything from the once deep emerald walls now looking brownish with the blood and the redwood floor now a deeper red. Pools of blood covered the floor from those that died defending the Dark Lord a Dark Lord who would leave them to die if he had a chance. Bodies covered the floor and their blood making the floor one inch deep where if anyone to walk would slip and fall into the sea of blood. But there were no one to stand, everyone laid slain; there were of course those who were let go freely and those who at first smell of fear ran for all that they were worth. Cloaks and masks scattered amongst the bodies of dead Death Eaters, who they once belonged to. A few scattered wands were visible through the blood where they had fallen.

Harry James Potter smiled not for the first time since the death of Lord Voldemort, it was poetic irony when he had slain Voldemort from his world and now had to do the same in this world where everything was much darker. . . much worse. Sure the first time he'd never forget as he tested his true power to its extent. He had more power than anyone alive. . . and all those alive combined could not even begin to touch the tip of the iceberg. Sure more than once during his stay with the Order of the Phoenix he had wished for death more than once. . maybe a hundred times, but he knew he couldn't die not with his power level. He, Harry, was beyond anything anyone had ever seen.

Harry's magical reserve was far from depleted and he wanted nothing more than to take off his elven power limiters and let his magic was over him and cleanse him of all the pain he felt yet he had weaken and his magic had yet to fall back on it's reserve, so he laid there wondering the thoughts of those who reach the doors of death and have yet to cross them.

How did all this blood came to be on the floor was no mystery to Harry as he had been the one to do just about the whole thing. He had no allies, no one to help him in this mission of to watch his back except Emilia but she was else where with the Lestrange. The Order of the Phoenix was a joke in the world Harry had come to know as the New World. Where Voldemort had all but stamped out the entire congregation of the light side in the present day Wizarding World and their only savior as it turns out is a fraud of a stuck up spoiled brat with a higher than thou personality. So close had Harry come to death doors many times since he had first entered the world, making his impact while releasing a tremendous amount of magical energy that was felt world wide and trans-beings. Many just knew the horrible night they were awaken at twelve a.m with thirteen seconds or where shocked out of their jokes and partying as they felt the shock of magic traveling through time and space. A wormhole in the space and time fabric of the universe, January first nineteen ninety-six would live in many people's memories.

Harry turned to the side his sight all but gone as he heard noises to the left, it was his snake Jewels as she slithered her way to him on silver scaled belie and black opal covered back. Harry had thought himself lucky to have a snake that spoke both English and Parseltoung. Jewels was a rare type of snake as she grew precious stones, gems and metals on her body, she also could expand her self to the size of a two hundred foot Basilisk but had yet to decide to go over a hundred feet. Jewels had very color changing eyes as to why she loved to change them to suite her moods and such. She was Harry's number one supplier of stones, metals and jems for his custom made jewelry.

/Harry sweety can you get up/

/No. . . I. . m. .too.o . . .we..ak. /

/Do you wish me to try and get some help/

/I. . .do. .n't. . know. .w/

/I'll see if someone is around, . .or something, do not fret my child I'll get help./

Jewels slithered away, out the slightly opened door and the away from Harry's sight. She was very cunning and reliable she love Harry like he was one of her children which she never had any so Harry's an only child tough Jewels loves him like a mother.

Harry's eyes glazed over and he gazed at the ceiling seeing yet unseeing, it had been two days since the defeat of Voldemort and the smell of death and blood was starting to get to him. He had yet to rise from his position by Voldemort's body which he was happy to note was still run trough with Godoric Gryffindor and Salazar Slytherin swords through the chest. He had used both swords to teach Voldemort that he was not the only heir to Slytherin as Harry was given the right by the Killing curse the Voldemort of his world had tried to kill him with yet had failed to do so regardless.

As the light of the only window dimmed, Harry knew he would have to lay on the same spot for another evening in hopes of someone coming to check the commotion in Little Hangleton in the Riddle Manor. . but then again as it was renamed Drows Deep for the darkness that leaked through the ground and the army of inferi wandering the streets without cause for their master had been slain. The Dementors had one again returned to Azkaban as per Harry's imperial command over their life forms. Death it seemed was everywhere Harry walked, and he could do nothing to alleviate the pain and suffering of others around him but to Sacrifice himself to the kill the Dark Lord before more blood be shed. . .yet had not Harry shed so much blood of others? Is there a difference between dark and light? is there no shade of grey for those few who wish to not affiliate themselves with ignorant people who chose sides and became targets for many people on both sides of the coin?

Time froze for a split second as it stretched for hours and days in Harry's mind. The truth of the realization that he would never see his family again, even though he only seen them for a few months to him it had been but minutes. The cure to Lycanthropy and Vampirism will never be brought out to this world and he would never find love a second time in his life nor have the child he promised Ginny.


Like soothing rain her name ran through his mind calming his aching soul. The Ginny of his world had died on Valentines Day of his sixth year, after he proposed her to be his wife, the mother of his children, and owner of his heart. Voldemort had Killed her not with a spell but with a redwood arrow aimed at her heart through the back it had come in and the front the tip came out. He had promised her many things, many things for her sake. Yet he had also promised her he would not die till he had a child and a family of his own. . .that he would die and join her when he died warm in his bed with is family surrounded him and his children's children would know of him and would love him for who he was.


Harry had not cried for many years, not since the death of Ginny and yet he felt the stinging saltiness of tears as they ran down his cheeks to mix into the blood in the floor. He now cried for the fact that he missed Ginny and wanted her more than anything else in his life. More than to see his parents and siblings or to see Sirius and his family, more even than the possibility of being able to go home to his world and hope everything returns to normal. The pain of his wounds were numbing to his feelings and for once he really wanted all his emotions to mix and never find the right one to express himself.

The Potters.

They were his family in this world and realized that everything everyone ever told him about his parents was total bullshit. His parents weren't madly in love. . they were obsessively in love or more like insanely in love as they did answer in each other's place should the need arise, with a look they confirmed their decision in everything everyone asked them of. Aside from the fact that his parents were alive, Harry realized that he had siblings as well. His suppose twin Jezebel Azazel Potter, messy black hair sticking out everywhere and hazel eyes, Leonardo Alexander Potter, messy black hair and hazel eyes, the twins Alice Thalia Potter and Daniel John Potter both with red hair and hazel eyes and the youngest Lily-Anne Rose Potter with red hair and emerald eyes. . as it seemed the emerald eyes of his mother was rare to the Potter family. Leo was three years younger than Harry, Alice and Daniel were four years younger and Lily-Anne was twelve years younger as it seemed. Jezebel as his twin was the same age, but from what he heard was a total and utter snobbish, dumb, spoiled, stuck-up and arrogant bitch; which in Harry's opinion was way not his type of person to associate with.

As he laid there in the cold dark room on the blood filled floor contemplating the past Harry reviewed his memories of what had transpired the past couple of months. There was nothing else to do.

There are a bit of things many people would like to know about him, after all no one could say they know who Harry Potter was. In this world a death eater and in his world the Hero of the Wizarding World, The Riches, most eligible bachelor and a Mage like no other. He was powerful the people of this world would give him that, but then again they didn't know HOW powerful he really was. At twenty-four in his world he had everything he wanted, a growing enterprise, friends, girls by the millions, a great sense of style and a fortune. . the only thing missing was his love Ginny, but he had promised her to stay alive till a ripe old age. He could never refuse Ginny anything even her dying wish of him finding someone else to love and children by the dozen.

The first month of his imprisonment in this world had taught him not everyone was what they seemed or everyone told you about and the reality that he might get stuck in this world began to set in as Harry fell into a very memory lane sleep, waiting for the Auroro's to arrive and see the damage of the town or to see the commotion of the past couple of days.

Outside the moon sunk behind the dark cloud as the sky darkened more and it began to rain, as if god knew what had transpired in the hellish town and wanted to wash away all the blood from the ground. Ashes of many Vampires and other creatures that were burnt to a crisp washed away into the sewer as the rain increased in tempo. Nothing was moving outside the house of Riddle and inside only three snakes slithered into different rooms trying to find something or someone to help Harry with his injuries and other problems.

January 1, 1996

The whole Wizarding world was celebrating the New Year and many of those that had to work the next day, for their jobs did not permit a leisure day with the happenings of the Wizarding World, were most likely sleeping. Most of the people celebrating were shop keepers as they were going to be closed for New Years and those employees working for said shop keepers. Just about everyone near the Diagon Alley shopping center were gathered in the Leaky Cauldron sipping Butterbeer, Firewhiskey, Champaign and other very colorful spirits. They were waiting for the huge countdown from the radio on the Wizarding Wireless Network. There was a Weird Sister's song playing on the background as many danced and joked with those present

A couple of Auroro's were in their offices minding their business and enjoying the egg nog and champaign as they counted down to the New Year, each wishing for a better dawn. Auroro Tonks was one of those still working on New Year's Eve, she was wearing her dyed bubble gum pink hair in two ponytails and her blue eyes were flipping through a stack of Witch Weekly magazine as she chewed some bubble gum and tilted her chair backwards to lean on it. She too was waiting for the New Year in hope of finding some guy that liked her for her not for who she could become or look like.

In Hogsmead there was a huge celebration outside as many lit their wands in the air and threw firecrackers into the air. The Three Broomsticks pub was completely filled with party goers and more than many of the much older men were bloody drunk. Some of the girls present held on to their boyfriends with one arm as they sipped their drinks held in the other. There of course were no children present, all put to sleep or left at a babysitter's as the parents who wished to joined the celebration with total strangers did so without worry.

Hogwarts had the Professors sitting in the Teacher's lounge drinking Egg Nog, Butterbeer, Firewhiskey, Spirits of every flavor. There were a couple of snacks shared like scones and biscuits, but all those present were waiting for the big countdown. The students were in their dormitory a sleep or playing chess while listening to the Wizarding Wireless Network as they waited for the countdown in their common room.

Professor Severus Snape sneered in disgust as Professor Sibyl Trelawney the Divinations Professor tried to get some of the people believe her in her foretelling of their future. In Severus opinion it was a waste of time and effort as the witch had yet to foretell the future correctly, that anyone knew of and they all thought she was a fraud. . that is all except Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. For some reason he was the only one who indulgently believed Trelawney's idiotic and inaccurate predictions.

Professor Minerva McGonagall sat drinking her Butterbeer as she watched the rest of her colleagues try and play a guessing game as they waited for the big countdown. She herself was wishing for a brighter future, or for a soon finish for He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named and his merry crew of henchmen. It was sad to see so many of her Gryffindors worried of their families being next on HIS hit list.

Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry sat sipping the Egg Nog in his mug. He watched silently as his professor's intermingled with each other and what not. His mind wandered to the war and his Order of the Phoenix, it seemed that the war was turning darker and nothing could make it anymore even for the light side as it was out weighted by wizards joining the dark forces. Jezebel Potter the child of the only prophesy Sibyl Trelawney had made sixteen years ago was yet unprepared for the defeat of the Dark Lord, she was much too young in Dumbledore's opinion. It was a pity that he himself could not defeat the Dark Lord, it had been proven far too many times that the Dark Lord had power that only he could dream of, and it was starting to dawn on many that maybe there was no light at the end of tunnel.

/Okay people it's one minute till New Year's so get your glasses and party cheers ready. . . /

The Professor's turned to eye the little radio in the corner as they grabbed their glasses and quickly refilled them. It would do no good to toast without any drink to toast with.

/. . .Thirty seconds to go people, better start making your wish. . . /

The Professors closed their eyes as they nodded to themselves rehearsing their New Year's wish.

/Ten. . .Nine. . Eight. . .Seven. . . Six. . .Five. . .Four. . Three. . /

The Professor's raised their drinks to toast, counting down themselves.

/. . .Two. . One. . HAPPY NEW YEAR 1996/

Glass clanged to each other as the Professors toasted as one in the center of the table. Hugging and congratulating each other as the grandfather clock in the corner ticked away the seconds of the New Year. When the clock ticked thirteen seconds time froze.

Elsewhere all over the Wizarding community of England and the whole world time stood to a silent still.

Then as if released by a rubber band it speed up.


With the feeling of a giant dong hit right beside them everyone stood still, not because time froze again but because of tremendous magical outburst that startled many party goers and those who were asleep woke in a cold sweat. The magical surge flew through the air and earth, touching and sinking into anything and everything it touched. Waves upon waves of raw magic speed through everything and continued onward, flowing like water over the whole world till every magical being, witch and wizard included felt the raw magic of someone very much powerful enter their world.

Albus Dumbledore was on his feet the moment the last wave of magic had passed, his wand was out and the ready to fight some invisible foe as his glasses were lopsided and his beard and hair looked like it had been electrocuted. The rest of the professors faired the same way, Minerva's hair had come undone from the tight bun, Filius Flickwick's beard and hair was much the same, Severus's hair was actually smoking.

With a sudden thought that the attack might be on Hogwarts Albus ran out the Teacher's Lounge and down the corridor to the Entrance Hall out the Door. He stopped as he spotted a body lying in the snow face down and smoking. Tendrils of magic leaked off him, but not enough to suggest he was the culprit of such power.


Lighting his wand Albus walked towards the now identified a boy lying in the snow. He had black robes and his hair was very much messy even though it was starting to be very long just bit past his shoulder. Turning the boy over he got the first glimpse of the boy laying unconscious in the snow. The startled gasp of Professor McGonagall and the sharp intake of Professor Flickwick had it confirmed that he also saw who their visitor was.

The Lightning bolt scar on his forehead confirmed their assumptions. Messy black hair and long dark lashes that hid emerald eyes to the world, though he looked a bit frozen he still looked like the boy that once was from a light family who joined the dark side and was known for the killings he had done. He was the second most feared wizard in the whole of the Wizarding world, maybe number one as he was properly named the Dark Prince.

"Tie him up, and we'll take him to the Order's headquarter's for interrogation and detainment. It would be best to get him to respond as soon as possible. Oh and make sure no one absolutely no one see's him." Albus looked at the two Professors with a grim face, this year was not turning out to look like they had hoped for, and it had just started too.

"Yes Albus do not worry about it." McGonagall answered before levitating the tied up boy who Flickwick put a notice-me-not and disillusion charm. They trotted back to McGonagall's office and stepped into the floo network calling out their destination in a clear voice.

"1969 May Madness Way, Cat, Dwarf and Cell."

On the dawning day of New Years many of those who were awake for the countdown would come to tell of the magnificent power surge felt through out the world wide community of the Wizarding world. As for the muggles who felt the surge or noticed the slight hum in the air thirteen seconds after midnight and the seven after waves that followed they would count it off as a New Year's excitement buzz of sorts.

In Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry the Professors would write it off as unimportant to the students when asked. For the few students that had stayed in the school it was the most horrible thing that could have happened, second only to HIM coming to invade the school on New Year's Day.

Professor Severus Snape on the other hand would not believe the cock and bull story that Professor Dumbledore had come up with; That of Hogwarts resonating for New Year's, it was pathetically unbelievable. So with a sneer at some Gryffindors and flap of his black robes he stalked to his chambers in the Dungeons near his House of Slytherin, as he was the Head of House of Slytherin, and entered the gloomy adobe.

Fifteen years of being a Professor at Hogwarts had done nothing to his private suite. Decked out in emerald green rugs with silver designs, black couches with silver lining, a cherry oak wood covered floor (Under the rugs that is), many cherry oak shelves lined the whole room leaving only the fireplace and two paintings on unoccupied walls. Stalking into the adjoining room he glanced at the ancient grandfather's clock which sat on the west side of the room next to a table littered with books and notes. Entering the black marbled room and towards the writing desk he quickly wrote a note to the Dark Lord highlighting the events of early New Year's day.

This might interest the Dark Lord, Severus thought, after all if the Professors are keeping it very hush hush, it has to be very important and besides who is powerful enough to create such a power surge. There was no body powerful enough to do so, . . well maybe Dumbledore or the Dark Lord but neither I think is powerful enough to do one with such power.

Leaning back on his black velvet covered chair Severus thought. If there is a new player on the field. . . may be it would be better to see if there is and if the new player might provide a bigger beneficiary to this war, who knows there might be a new dark lord. Smiling a very dark smirk, Severus sealed his letter and told his black hawk Sir Michael to deliver it to the Dark Lord.

Turning to his wine cabinet he took out a Red selection then took a glass to the living room with the fireplace to drink away and ponder the happenings of the wizarding world in whole.


Hogsmead- There had been a report of a gigantic power surge in the early seconds of New Year's day, as it was felt by all those awake and a sleep as well as world wide. I, Rita Skeeter, decided that the case is worth investigating as many people are wondering the same.

When asked about the power surge in the twilight hours of January 1, 1996 Auroro McBergison answered, "The matter is still under investigation and there had yet to be any evidence of the power surge having had been a warning from HIM." after being manhandled towards the front lobby of the Ministry of Magic I of course went in search of the direct location of the incident.

Hogsmead, yes as many people are wondering why the power surge was in a remote location and so near Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry where Headmaster Albus P. W. B Dumbledore resides I had to investigate further. Professor Dumbledore answered in request to a comment about the incident, "It was just Hogwarts Wards resonating after a much unused time, just checking and making sure the wards and enchantments were still in place. Hogwarts is a living castle and as such is enchanted to resonate and collect energy for an emergency so it is very logical that she was just stretching her senses as I say." Professor Dumbledore the only one HE fears, was just giving everyone the heads up of Hogwarts defense system in which had been active since the four founders: Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff, had laid in the foundation's stones.

Many believe the wizened wizard, but still the incident does leave some questions to be answered. Why now did Hogwarts decide to resonate? Is it for a reason? Or is there another logical explanation for the incident of the power surge? Dear readers I will continue to investigate and keep you all faithful followers of the news today up to date.

Rita Skeeter

Mr. Arthur Weasley put down the paper and turned to his wife Molly Elena Prewett as she put the pot of oatmeal on the kitchen table. Arthur took a good look at his wife, she was a bit thin not like those anorexic girls or thin enough to be a Veela, yet she wasn't the slightly plump woman he had married. Molly's caramel colored eyes held a haunted look as she walked around the table to sit and eat. Red hair was flaming behind her beautiful face. She did not look a year over thirty yet she was almost fifty years of age.

"Any interesting on the paper's, Arthur?" Molly said buttering a roll.

"Ah. . . uh. . . The. .paper uh talks about the power surge of last night." Arthur served himself some oatmeal, the quietness of the house tugged at his heart. Ronald his youngest was at the Potter's with his friend Jezebel, the girl-who-lived. Percy lived elsewhere and was spending New Year's with his girlfriend Penelope Clearwater. Bill was in Egypt as a curse breaker, but came when an Order meeting occurred. Charlie his second oldest was in Romania containing Dragons at the Romanian Dragon Reserve, he rarely ever came home and he really didn't much bother for the Order meetings at all.

Molly surveyed her husband with sad eyes. Arthur Weasley was a man that valued loyalty and the good of the light. His flaming red hair, almost like her own, yet he had blue eyes which he had passed to his two sons Bill and Charlie. He was thinning yet he did his best at work, not wanting to be promoted because he loved what he did in the Office of Misuse of Muggle Artifacts, dealing with enchanted muggle items.

"Oh. . yes dear, have they found out anything about the power surge?" Molly finished her oatmeal bowl and took some grapes and two flapjacks.

"Uh. . nothing much dear, just that it went world wide and everyone is still investigating the event and what could it have been. . though Dumbledore states it was Hogwarts preparing and recharging her wards." Arthur finished his oatmeal and grabbed an apple. "Well I'm off to work dear." with a kiss to Molly, Arthur get in the fireplace and threw some floo powder and called out in a clear voice.

"Ministry of Magic, Lobby."

For the next two weeks the Ministries all over the world were trying to put order back to the communities, yet the fear of someone with so much power frightened many into hiding in the muggle world or moving to a different country or city. Yet the young man that looked so much like the Dark Prince was being held captive unconscious to the new world around him, yet when he will wake up he would be muttering about the bloody bludger that hit him and wanting to sue the Appleby Arrows beater Markus Melflinger. He would be question at least once by Albus Dumbledore and ten times by Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody. He would be held captive in the Order of the Phoenix Headquarters, Moody's Residence at 1969 May Madness Way under the Fidelius charm, and being questioned for the next couple of days by every guard that took their turn.

And so we find that Harry, dubbed the Dark Prince by those ignorant to realize the attitude of both youths are as different as night and day; and that Harry looked way better than any fifteen year old could as well as that it had been three years since the death of Harry James Potter, the Dark Prince.

"So your new guard will be in in a couple of minutes, so I say you are going to like this guard." The crackled voice of Alastor 'Mad-Eye' Moody in all his horrid glory said from the chair by the table by the door.

"Really? Who would it be?. . . Santa Claus? The three kings? No wait Cupid? Tell Cupid he owes me those chocolates I bought last year, they sucked." Harry happily said eyes filled with mirth. . .It had yet to sink in from the tremendous amount of shock, that he was no longer in his world and in a rather new and twisted one. His long black hair was tied at the nape and some bangs covered the horrible scar, lovely square glasses adorned his beautiful emerald eyes which made his face far more attractive than it should be.

"Think it's funny, kid?" Mad-Eye growled at him with his good eye narrowing and his electric blue replaceable eye swirled round and round, up and down.

"Of course. This is some cock and bullshit dream I'm having at Hogwarts Hospital Wing courtesy of Madame Pomfrey who would love to keep me forever in her bloody hospital, strapped into a bed." Harry growled.

"Hate the Hospital Kid?" The evil crooked smile of Moody had Harry backing up till his back hit the back wall of the cell.

"Of course not. . just hate the fact that I always end up in one and under Madame Pomfrey's tender care and devotion. . . yeah right more like torturing bed. Things never change." Harry turned to the door that was opening to let in the new guard.

In walked the spitting Image of Harry, except for the lack of lightning bolt scar and emerald eyes replaced by hazel. James Potter was carrying a newspaper and he nodded to Mad-Eye who got up with and evil smile and left the room. James flicked his wand towards the door and it locked into place. Turning he was shocked to see the prisoner.

Harry was stunned. . . My Father?. .

"Well, well look was the order dragged in. A bloody little Death Eater,. . .who by all logic and reason should be dead." James lips where thin and his hazel eyes turned to ice when they saw Harry. Turning to put the newspaper down on the table he turned to really survey his son.

He wasn't thin just wiry, healthy and the same emerald eyes that Lily had. He wore a Quidditch uniform, black and yellow with a wasp on the front and POTTER 80 on the back. His glasses weren't the one he remembered Harry had worn, and there were earrings on both of his ears, three on each side. The scar on his forehead to the side was still the same one he remember seeing he had. . .probably from an accident back when he was one or something. The necklaces though he had never seen before in his life. One contained four little boxes, a key, a broom and other little charms attached to it. The other's he couldn't really see. The thing that had him more worried was the awed expression on Harry's face.

"Got something to say Death Eater?" James growled and took a step forward with his wand out. His red Auroro robes and dragon hide boots not really moving at all as he stepped forward.

"I'm no Death Eater and would never be. . besides they're dead or under probation-" Harry didn't even get to finish as his father put him under a series of spells that left him unconscious for the next couple of hours. And so Harry from his first encounter with his father learned to treat everyone as a Death Eater, for they sure did treat him that way. For the next couple of weeks he would learn to trust only after many visits and to differentiate from his family and the Potter's of this world. For ever time Mr. Potter would enter the cell room, it was sure to be a most painful experience which left him wishing to never see his family again. Constant Vigilance repeated it self over and over again in his mind as well as the question that has been bugging him since his first waking day in this world.

What was his purpose in this dark and forsaken world?

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