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Silver Dunes

By: Shinigami-Sama1

Chapter Ten: Preparations and Some Fun

One week after Harry's interview with the Daily Prophet and three days after the death of Fenrir Greyback the sky broke into tears even though it had been terribly hot all week entering summer. Rain poured like a dam had broken and many eyed the weird occurrence as an omen of misfortune yet to come.

Everyone that were staying at Moody's Residence were either at work or sitting by the fireplace in the living room drinking Harry's special Hot Chocolate. The little girls, Lily,Anne, Mary and Thalia in a circle by the fire wrapped in fluffy blankets and Anna sitting on Neville's lap, were happily drinking from sipping cups as to not burn themselves. Harry and the Weasley twins sat together hunched over a table filled with parchment, ink bottles, quills and books. Remus was sitting by himself to a corner with an accounting book, notes, a pen and large cup of hot chocolate. Molly had taken to viewing the twins album over and over again looking at the pictures of her granddaughters. Alice, Daniel and Alex had taken refuge in Harry's room where a Television set with a large audio speakers where placed for their entertainment. They were watching 'Hoodwinked' and eating popcorn on bean bags.

Knock. Knock.

Harry looked up meeting eyes with Remus who stood up with his wand drawn. Remus neared the door and asked with suspicion clearly coating his voice. "Who is it?"

"I am ship lost at sea." A clear feminine voice responded from the other side of the door.

Harry, Neville, Fred and George sat up. All four eyeing each other with wonder as to who know of their code of friendship. The code was written in many passages stating different levels of relationship, yet the code was only among the Pirates and their merry mates that were suggested for acquaintances or alliances.

"Seek Sirius the Dog Star. Open the door Remus who ever it is is a friend." Harry nodded to Remus who looked at Harry with suspicion. "It's a code Remus only known to Pirates and as such it means that you are a friend seeking another friend. Open the door Remus."

Remus sighed and opened the door to the storm outside. There stood two people dressed in leather trench coats with buckled boots. One has a feminine figure and the other was more broad shouldered and taller with a distinctive masculine frame. They stepped into the room and took of their coats.

Remus hissed and stepped back holding his wand ready to defend himself. The stench of vampire was most profound as the coat was off. The female he did not recognized but he could tell she was a vampiress as for her companion he smelled more like a Lycan but there was a distant smell of vampire which seemed to raise the hair at the back of his neck.

Harry stood looking over both figures that had entered the room. The female had her raven hair down to her shoulder and hazel eyes that looked more green than brown. She was tall but not too tall and slim with a figure many would kill for. The man had dirty blond hair and blue eyes with a square jaw. He looked fit for battle and yet Harry tried to piece the faces with names. It clicked a moment later.

"Selene, Michael a pleasure to see you on this rainy day." Harry smiled kindly. "Please take a seat or would you like to speak privately?"

"Privately if you don't mind." Selene told Harry.

"Harry who are these people?" Molly Weasley asked patting Remus on the shoulder trying to settle him back down.

"Oh this is Selene a Vampire Ex-Death Dealer in the Corvis Coven and this other is Michael Corvin hybrid Half-Vampire Half-Lycan. They will be helping me with the Voldemort situation. Fred, George, Neville coming?" Harry asked.



"Count me in."

"Do you mean the Psycho Vampiress who killed an elder in the Romanian Carpathian mountains. Then her hybrid lover killed the first Vampire and Werewolf. These is who you are associating with?!" Remus turned on Harry with a growl. "Your parents would be ashamed and horrified!"

"Remus CALM!" Harry growled back his eyes glowed completely emerald and a deep scent of wolf radiated from him. Remus balked and tried to show his dominance but before he knew it Harry was on him holding him down his nose pressed to Remus. "You Obey or else." Harry growled again. Remus eyes widen before he bowed his head in submission.

Harry stood up and motioned for Selene, Michael, Fred, George and Neville to follow him. Anna, Thalia, Mary and Lily-Anne watched the gathered go before turning to look at their babysitters.

"I think it would be wise to warn Professor Dumbledore. I would hate to see Harry do something that would belittle the Order of the Phoenix and may cause an upheaval in the Ministry." Molly told Remus who just nodded in a haze.

Molly kneeled before the fireplace and threw some floo powder in. "Headmaster's office, Hogwarts."


Dumbledore sat on his high backed red chair behind the desk filled with papers and a bowl of Lemon Drop candies. Fawkes was hunched on his iron perch eyeing the aged headmaster with one onyx pebbled eye. His red and gold feathers a bit unkempt but still looking good.

"Headmaster!" The head of Molly Weasley popped into existence in the fireplace.

"Is there a problem Molly?" Albus Dumbledore asked the matriarch of the Weasley clan.

"Uh Harry just received some visitors and from we are told they are the Vampiress Selene ex-Death Dealer and the hybrid Michael Corvin Half-Vampire, Half-Werewolf. They went to the study to talk. I thought you might like the chance to talk to them. I don't know what you think if Harry is on our side, the Ministry, the dark side or on his own like he claims." Molly told Dumbledore with wide eyes.

"I see. Then I'll be right over." Dumbledore lost his twinkle and got up from his seat as Molly vacated the fireplace.

"1969 May Madness Way, Lemon." Dumbledore stated into the fireplace as it burned emerald.


"So you have already established peace among the clans?" Harry took note on a sheet of paper. "That is great. They aren't going to get involved right? Okay."

Fred and George sat on a sofa they had conjured and happily eyed the decor of the room. Neville sat by the high window on a roll able chair he had conjured for himself. Harry sat behind the desk of the table while both Selene and Michael sat in the front of it drinking something Harry had served them.

"Amelia would be next on our list. As an Elder she is powerful but not as strong as Michael. I can control the covens if I must but I need something to give them. Emilia told us you have a cure to make vampires daywalkers? They would seek it and grant you what you will if you let them walk the sun again." Selene stated. "You can turn the tides without killing anyone by giving them what they want."

"I know but I need someone to present them the options without Amelia knowing and reporting back to Voldemort. Tell them I would give them a seat in the new council when I fix the ministry and the chance to walk the sun if they join me." Harry stated. "It would be dangerous, but I could supply you with what you need. Clothes, jewels, the potion and weapons so you may enter like a representative of mine into the coven with elegance."

Knock. Knock.

Dumbledore entered the room to find everyone staring at him. With his eye twinkling he conjured a seat to the right of Harry and parked himself to talk with those gathered. Harry glared at Dumbledore and nodded to Selene and Michael who stood.

"Very well then. We'll see you again later." Harry shook hands with Selene and Michael as everyone stood.

"I would like a word with you two if you please." Dumbledore motioned for Selene and Michael to sit.

"I'm sorry but our business is only with Harry no one else. Would you excuse us Harry we have businesses to run." Selene stated her eyes changing from their hazel to electric blue of her vampire kin.

"I am sure it would be beneficial to talk to ME, rather than just take the bones Harry throws at you." Dumbledore stood the air around him clattering with his magic. "After all I am the Chief Warlock at the Wizengamot! Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards and a Grand Sorcerer. I am more qualified to make arrangements that Mister Harry Potter is in any case."

"That's cute but they are making deals with me because I could promise them things that will come true unlike you who lies and manipulate people to do your bidding never really fulfilling your promises." Harry sated calmly. "Selene, Michael Neville would accompany you to the door. I'll expect movement on the date given to you by HER. Thank you very much for coming if anything call me I'll supply you with what you need. Have a nice day."

"Now wait just a-" Dumbledore's mouth moved but no sound came out. He looked over at Harry who smiled at him waving his finger in a scolding manner.

"I believe its time you and I have a long chat about who has more authority than the other and for laying down bare our thoughts of one another." Harry took a seat on the desk. Fred and George straightened up to better hear the conversation.

"I believe so as well Mister Potter as it's becoming irksome to see you sticking yourself where you are not wanted." Dumbledore lost his grandfatherly persona and sneered at Harry. "I for one think it would have been better to have your sister as the savior. Sure she maybe stuck up and spoiled but she is fit for greatness. I am a Grand Sorcerer for a reason not just for show and I could take you anytime you like."

"Sure you may have taken me out anytime years ago but not now. You may be a Grand Sorcerer but guess what? I'm a Mage, Shadow and Light Mage you can't compete with a mage not matter how hard you try." Harry sneered back looking at Dumbledore's blue eyes with determination.

"You lie. There is no such thing as Mages." Dumbledore stated.

"As there is no such thing as inter-dimensional time travel? Really for one who believes he knows just about everything about magic you are quite stupid and ignorant about things. Mages do exist and so does the Council of the Universe, which myself, Fred, George and Neville are members by magic. Lady Gin is also a member and as you might have heard she is the Time Mage and the second powerful mage." Harry smirked as he looked at Dumbledore's slaking face. "That's right grandpa I out class you in every aspect of life. I could have you executed for thinking you could rule over me and for thinking yourself better than a mage!"

"Hell yeah!"

"You tell him Harry."

"I know every move before you make it the same with Voldemort. You guys are so far out of my radar that I don't have to know you to have you killed for insulting me. There are people that say its bad to get on my bad side but if you want to find out how bad it is try it. I want you to leave me alone I know what I'm doing. I had to lead the Order of the Phoenix when you died and the war was still raging." Harry said his eyes emerald steel.

"Now Harry. . . I'm sure your sister could-"

"Don't begin with that bitch. She will learn her place soon. The reason I have yet to kill her are my parents, they wouldn't like me killing my sibling even though she deserves it. You may think she has potential to be powerful but you are just fooling yourself and others with it." Harry told Dumbledore with a sneer.

"Yes well even if that is the case I have more sway in this world than you. Beside that fact you are not from this world and should not be using those abnormal powers here. People would come to think you are a monster." Dumbledore stated.

"That's cute I guess you would be the one spreading rumors as soon as possible right? first that I'm working with you and then now that I'm probably working with Voldemort or I wish to replace the Dark Lord? I've heard all of those none are true but I would be kicking you out of Hogwarts soon." Harry smirked.

"Oh how would you be doing that?" Dumbledore frowned.

"None of your business but remember there are spells and enchantments that allow Hogwarts to take over herself and her children. She was created foremost to protect her heirs then to serve as an establishment of learning not the other way around." Harry got up and left the room followed by Fred and George who sneered at Dumbledore.

"We'll see who has the last laugh." Dumbledore growled before leaving the room with his twinkling eyes and grandfatherly persona on full blast.


Emilia paced her room at Riddle Manor also known as Slytherin's Den. She had conversed with her allies about the plans and had rehearsed their cover up for the ministry once all hell broke loose. Fenrir was gone and Voldemort was furious though Emilia thought she heard him mutter that he thought it was Harry's doing. Of course the missing Death Eaters that never made it back to meeting or their homes were blamed on Harry which seemed to be to blame for anything gone wrong. . . Like the death of the Seer Ivanna.

"Emilia a word." Voldemort stated as he entered her room.

"As you wish My Lord." Emilia bowed, she never would lower herself to kneeling and kissing his robes.

"I would like to know if you are prepared for battle?" Voldemort took in the doll collection to one wall and her weapon collection opposite that.

"I am ready when you ask it My Lord." Emilia responded.

"Good. I received a letter from our Mister Potter." Voldemort passed Emilia the letter to read.


I think its time to decide who has the bigger balls on this playground. I wish to do battle in an open space north of Aberdeen next to the Grampian Mountains. The Best place to meet. It's just going to be you, your Death Eaters, my friends and I. No Aurors. No Dumbledore. No Order of the Phoenix. Anything goes, battle to the Death. I will wait for you if the deal is broken then I'll make sure to fuck you over ten ways to Sunday. The battle for the right of the war starts June sixth at dawn till death do us part.

Harry Potter

Emilia Looked up to the stoned face of the Dark Lord. "I think we should accept any other way we would loose or there are chances of failure. We may have lost the Werewolves but we have more than enough with the Vampires, Trolls, Giants and Banshees to over take the little bastard. Besides he only has a limited amount of allies and the Ministry wouldn't put their feet into this one if the deal stays. And why does he think we will only have the Death Eaters? Peh! He really doesn't know how we Dark Wizards work."

"I think so as well. We have less than two weeks to gather our forces and prepare portkeys and other items for the battle." Voldemort nodded to Emilia who saluted him. Voldemort walked out the room closing the door.

Emilia stood for a second contemplating the letter and then the plans. Harry had twisted everything so there wouldn't be a battle at Drow's Deep but somewhere were there would be open space. What are you thinking Harry to decide such a place as the battle front of the war? Emilia bit her nail before turning to the assortment of weapons she needed to sharpen for the up coming battle.

The hours later many people in cloaks piled into the library of Slytherin's Den with Emilia closing and sealing the door from eavesdroppers. She wore a long flowing Roman gown that tied at her waist from a ribbon that wound about her abdomen. It fell in a trail with a silver shoulder wrap around her torso. Her hair fell in curling snakes down her back as silver clasps held her hair away from her face which she only had painter her eyes with black kohl and her lips with ruby red lipstick.

"Welcome to this meeting." Emilia walked around the room surveying the gathered.

Regulus and his father Orion Black sat on a couch by the windows. Severus Snape sat behind the stationary desk eyeing everyone with distaste. Bellatrix Lestrange sat with her daughter Delia in her lap on a reading couch by the far wall near the tall shelves of books. Narcissa Malfoy sat next to her sister on another couch and was sipping wine from a glass.

"I do not know if you are privy to the information about Harry asking the Dark Lord out for battle. The Dark Lord has accepted and we must rethink our strategy for getting out of it." Emilia walked by the windows before back into the middle of the room. "The best choice of action would be to disappear for the battle and come back out once it's all clear."

"How can that be done? Chances are that the Dark Lord would have cursed the marks to kill us if he dies and so even if we are on the other side of the world we would drop dead and die." Regulus asked arching a black eyebrow.

"True but Harry has a potion that would clear the dark mark making it impossible for the Dark Lord to summon and kill us." Emilia smiled at everyone. She reached into her shoulder wrap and withdrew a bottle with emerald liquid. "This my fellow traitors would be the potion to get rid of the dark mark. I must first ask permission from Harry if we may borrow his trunk manor for safety. Severus must take a leave of absence from Hogwarts on some errant or other and Narcissa must mail her son to keep silent till everything is over."

"I am sure I could ask a leave of absence after all I am over due for some vacation time." Severus sneered in a friendly manner.

"I will write Draco immediately or. . .Severus could you personally tell him? It would do best if that toad of a woman wasn't reading my child's letters." Narcissa asked Severus.

"Of course. He is my godson after all." Severus answered.

"The Blacks wouldn't be noticed gone, as they are presumed dead for a number of years now but Bella. . .that is where the problem lies as well as my disappearance because I myself can't leave the battle. I need to fight next to Harry. I'll get you to safety with Delia and keep the ring where you can't find it so it won't call to you." Emilia nodded to Bella and Delia.

"Okay as long as I am with my sister and my daughter take me where you will." Bella said with determination.

"Good we'll clear your name so you may have the Lestrange fortune and Narcissa could look after the Malfoy fortune while her son reaches his majority." Emilia nodded to them both in turn.

"I already sent word to the Giants and Trolls which don't seem to realize that if they follow the Dark Lord it means immediate death, but the Veelas and the Centaurs have accepted to remain peaceful and neutral till Harry reaches them. The Merpeople have also been briefed and so have decided to ally themselves to Harry." Emilia smiled. "Amelia will be taken care of soon enough and Fenrir is gone. The new leaders will follow Harry and only Harry as will everyone else. Lord Bolt would fight in the up coming battle but Harry would be the one to kill the Dark Lord."

"Will we get to meet the new Dark Lord then?" Bella asked with wide violet eyes.

"Yes. He would be making sure every Dark Wizard knows their place and is protected from the Ministry and their judgmental tendencies." Emilia turned to the door. "Now the meeting is over. I want everyone to report here June fourth for your departure, Delia would be sent by portkey on the day of the battle and Bella would arrive with her. When the battle is done and won I will retrieve you from the place where you would be staying. Have nice day gentlemen. . Ladies."

"Yes Lady Emilia." Everyone bowed to Emilia as she left the room and followed later to run errants and get everything ready for their departure from the battle and war for some time being.


Harry sighed for the ninth time as Lily and James continued with their meal. He could feel the tension in the room and knew many where looking at him with distrust. Dumbledore it seemed had thought it sinful for him to keep Selene and Michael to himself and so had retaliated by having an emergency Order meeting, excluding the mages, and told everyone the happenings of earlier in the day. Sad really when everyone he had to know as family shunned him and his friends.

"Nev pass the Ranch." Harry told Neville who was seated across from him. The bowl filled with herbal white Ranch dressing passed into Harry's hands and was poured on to the salad that Harry was dressing.

"Soooo. . . Anything good Harry?" Fred tried to break the awkward silence at the table, ignoring the fact that none was talking to the four on the end of the table.

"Good meaning I am pressed to find someone else because I am loosing trust in Remus or anything meaning have I gotten laid recently which is a no." Harry shifted his salad around before stabbing the green vegetable and eating the fork full.

"Hmm. . .That bad hu?" George asked chewing on his steak.

"It could be worse." Neville told them. "We could have been kicked out of Headquarters or put in the dungeons."

"Been there done that got the t-shirt." Harry muttered and the other laughed shakingly at him.

"Anything new regarding spells?" Neville took a sip of his Coke. They had snuck out to buy junk food while everyone was at the Order meeting. McDonald's seemed the closest fast food restaurant.

"I am working on another shielding ward to protect against some elemental spells. You know the cancellation spell only works with some and then the absorbing sphere can take the unforgiveable but not the ancient type." Harry waved his fork around talking. "I am working on a rune based shield, but I have only gotten as far as the equation not the full fillings of it."

"Oh that good. I mean I am still learning my magical capacity and the many forms of healing. I haven't gotten to the real raw magic of it, unlike you. That was the last time I let Harry talk me into just using raw magic on a patient." Neville told them.

"We are working on something new." Fred and George said. "Something more Pirate related."

"Oh and what would be considered Pirate related?" Lily turned to the four boys at the end of the table.

"Anyway I was thinking of expanding Pirate's Booty to the mainland as I am having trouble establishing ground here." Harry ignored Lily. "I would make a tremendous profit in the Sates if I start there and I know that Paris is also a great place to establish a location. So far Emilia established ground in Asia and South America."

"I want to know what you are talking about this instant." Lily narrowed her eyes on the four boys while James and Remus who was seated next to Neville eyed them.

"Does anyone hear something?" Fred asked rubbing his ears.

"Nah dear brother it's just a fly." George smiled at Harry.

"Just a fly!" Lily took out her wand but as she aimed it at George who was seated net to Neville it flew out of her hand to land in Fred's.

"No my dear, it's un wise to point things at us." Fred warned. "We might take offense."

"Give me back my wand." Lily stood as did Molly Weasley who walked over to her children.

"Give Lily her wand Fred." Molly had her hands on her hips and a frown marred her face.

"Fine. But she is bothering us." Fred threw the wand at Lily who managed to catch it before it fell in her plate.

"It's unwise for you to misbehave and deny an interview that might benefit the Order." Molly scolded. "You do not know how ashamed I am to know that you two threatened Professor Dumbledore and then didn't dispersed the information of what went on in that room."

"It wasn't our information to give." Fred and George bowed their heads.

"The same goes to you Neville. I can't believe you." Alice scolded. Neville laid his fork on the place, looked down at his hands that now rested in his lap.

"Harry there are things that must be shared. If you are making dealing we must know what they are! They might endanger our standing in this war." Lily told Harry frowning.

"You know what? I'm not hungry, I'm going to go to my room and rest." Harry sneered at Lily with a steel edges gaze. He stood up followed by Neville, Fred and George who didn't look up at their parents. Turning to look at the table he caught Remus' gaze. "I need a word with you after you are done." The four left the dinning table with everyone looking at their retreating forms.


Remus entered Harry's room to find all the boys in there in boxers and pillow fighting. He smiled sadly at them because he knew how everyone shunned them for their refusal to submit to Dumbledore and his information seeking ways. He cleared his throat and was surprised when spells appeared out of nowhere to hit him and bind him to the door.

Harry stood stretching his abs and scratching his stomach walking towards Remus. His emerald eyes held amusement while his lips where set in a thin line to make McGonagall proud. Neville sat on the bed and Fred and George lounged in front of the television set by the fireplace. Each only wore boxers of different colors and designs.

"Ah yes Remus glad you could make it. Sorry for the spells we are always prepared for battle and we don't like surprises." Harry smirked. His smile turned serious after a minute. "The reason you are here is because I fear you might be leaking information about Pirate's Booty to Dumbledore."

"Harry you must understand that Dumbledore must be kept up to date with whatever you are doing. There might be things a foot that could endanger the little balance we have with the light and dark forces." Remus stated pleading for Harry to understand. "He must know where the power is heading so he could calculate if its a danger to the light side or not."

"That is what he keeps telling you guys but its not true. I know for a fact from the goblins that Dumbledore has been trying to get his claws on my gold, which isn't going to happen while I'm alive. I will level down the Order first and foremost if I smell someone trying to fuck me over." Harry growled approaching Remus."I am sorry. If I can't trust you then who can I trust in this world. I tired giving you a chance at a good life but you sold me out to Dumbledore as such I ask for your resignation till further notice. I can't have you divulging secrets of my finances to a man I do not trust."

"Please Harry. . ." Remus hung his head as he saw Harry's piercing glare. "Very well then let me gather the books and papers. I finished the book keeping of all the interest you have earned in the Wizarding Stock Market."

"Good. Give me your work table so I may pay you. When the war is over maybe I could trust you enough to re-hire you to Pirate's Booty as an Accounting Manager." Harry waved his hand and Remus was let go from the door dropping him on the blue rug. "I would like to review everything before you are given your pay and dismissed."

"Yes Harry." Remus said sadly as he walked back out the room.

Remus walked resignedly to his room the hallways looking dimmer and dimmer as he walked. He stopped twice to stare at a mirror on the wall. I shouldn't have told Dumbledore anything, Harry was going to cure me and now I'll have to wait and just take the treatment for the up coming months till Harry decides otherwise. Remus stopped by his door wiping away the tears. He could hear Sirius and Victoria across his room and James and Lily a bit farther ahead.

He walked into his room gathering the accounting books and notes that clayed on the desk. The book bag that held everything from the bag, keys and files Harry had given him was filled now with what he had gathered. He walked back out of the room going back to Harry's room.


Morning everyone woke to empty silence and no one in the kitchen. Lily and James which have always woken early to talk to Harry found him nowhere in sight. Nothing was cooked and Molly took the task of cooking again in a hurry for those going to work. Many sat in the kitchen wondering where Harry was and why hadn't he woken up to cook for them.

"I wonder where Harry is?" James asked Lily while moving the food in his plate around. "I hate to say it but Harry's cooking is better."

"Right there Jamie my little boy. Wonder where Remus is too?" Sirius asked taking a bite of the sausage on his fork.

"I haven't seen him since last night when Harry told him he needed to talk to him." James told the others as Victoria served her children some breakfast and handed Thalia to Sirius to hold.

"True." Sirius muttered.

"'arry bye bye." Lily-Anne said smashing her hash browns mixed in with ketchup. She had a sad face but was trying to act normal.

"How do you know that Lily sweety?" Lily asked her daughter.

"'arry went bye bye with birdies." Lily-Anne looked up to her mother. "I tink Fred and George go with 'arry. Neville too. I don't know why did I do something bad?" Lily-Anne eyes shone with tears.

"No no sweety. It wasn't because of you Harry just didn't want to keep us informed about what he was thinking that is all. He'll be back just wait." Lily soothed her daughter while she looked at everyone else for support.

"Don't worry my little flower, Harry will be back he just needs to think that is all." James smiled at the youngest while Alice and Daniel who were seated next to Alex shook their heads.

"Hello." Remus sat with a dazed look. He filled his plate not looking what he was serving himself. He ate without tasting anything.

"Remus? Are you okay?" Sirius asked patting his friend. "What did Harry tell you or did to you?"

"I got laid-off." Remus told his friends. His eyes turned a watery amber. "He knew I gave Dumbledore information about his Pirate's Booty account."

"But we needed to know that!" James told him. "We needed to know how much influence he had over Gringotts he must have understood that."

"He told me he received a letter from Gringotts telling him that Dumbledore was trying to take money from the Pirate's Booty account. Something or other of trying to get his claws into the money of his business, but the Goblins know not to let anyone anywhere near his vaults unless he has given them permission and only with identification and key." Remus sighed taking a sip of the coffee he had served himself. "I gave everything back. He paid me with a hefty bonus and told me he might hire me if I prove my trust after the war but not earlier because of Dumbledore."

"You are kidding me, Dumbledore wouldn't try to steal what is not his." Lily told Remus her eyes shone disbelief.

"I don't know. Dumbledore seemed very interested in how much Harry was making and everything about his accounts in the meeting." Victoria told them moving her golden hair away from her face. "And remember he was trying to get Remus to give him the key Harry lent him."

"That's right." Sirius eyes widen. "He did asked James to see if he could get into the vaults as he was Harry's father."

"But why is he trying to steal from Harry?" Lily asked them.

"We have to talk to Harry and ask him as I wouldn't put it past Dumbledore to dismiss us on a conspiracy theory or something." Victoria told them. "Remus are you going to be able to babysit? Molly has to go meet with Charlie who will arrive at the Burrow sometime around noon."

"Of course, I have nothing else to do." Remus replied.

"Don't worry Remus we'll get Harry to give you your job back. We'll just find someway you could work for him without having to see his accounting books so that Dumbledore can't ask you anymore about Pirate's Booty." James patted Remus and continued to eat not really caring what he was eating.

Once everyone departed to their work and Remus was left with the children, Molly Weasley left through the fireplace to meet her child all the while worrying about her twins which have disappeared.


Harry sighed as he rode the black stallion on the sandy beach of Rosarito as the moon rose over the hills. Neville, Fred and George each rode their own horse rented for the evening. They had taken their robes off and were riding in the moonlight with their white muscle shirts, faded jeans and sandles or tennis shoes. Music from the clubs drifted to them as they robe by the sea.

"Sooo. . . Where are we going next?" Neville broke the silence as the sea glowed silver under the moonlight. Waves crashed going from silver to black along the sea and sand.

"I don't know. . ." Harry said his eyes locked with the sky as he maneuvered his horse forward with the reigns.

"We could go to Las Vegas or something." Fred told them.

"Or New Orleans." George commented.

"I was thinking more along the lines of off-roading to relax." Harry told them.

"Then Buttercup it is." Fred said turning the reigns of his horse to make it turn back to the clubs.

"It's May you idiot do you know how hot its going to be out there?" Harry asked exasperated.

"Oh well then. .. .Where do you prefer we go to? Rosarito's sand dunes or San Quintin's beaches?" George growled at him irked.

"I rather be here in Rosarito than San Quintin the drive is murder." Harry turned to them. "How about we go to the Rosarito sand dunes, I have my sand rail and some quads. There are taco shops by the toll-free road and I know for a fact that the beach is just down the dunes."

"Okay I'm in." Neville told them.

"Oh and what about the thieves that wander at night into the campsites?" George asked as they rode back slowly.

"Ever heard of Anti-Thieves Charm?" Harry batted his eye lashes at him.

"Smart ass." George grinned. "Are we going clubbing?"

"You bet cha arse bubba. I feel like a bit of flirting and some drinks." Harry said with a smile.

"We are fifteen except for these two." Neville pointed to Fred and George."It seems highly unlikely that they'll let us in."

"Money talks Neville." Harry said with an air.

"Bullshit walks Harry." Neville responded.

"Got you there Harry." George smirked.

"Yeah. Yeah heard that one before." Harry muttered as they dismounted and handed the horses over to the men they had rented them from. They walked a bit up the paved streets to the lines of the clubs.


"It's been a week!" Lily shouted at James as she paced the study they were in. Sirius, Victoria, Remus, Alice and Frank Longbottom and Molly and Arthur Weasley. "My god what if something happened to them."

"Lily love calm down." James took hold of his wife holding her in his arms. "I am sure they are okay don't worry Harry is powerful if he can take on Voldemort and only come out with scratches. He's okay I swear."

"I wonder where they are." Alice asked holding on to Frank.

"I just pray my boys are okay. I can't believe they followed Harry, he is such a bad influence on them." Molly said holding the hand of Arthur.

"What do you mean my son is a bad influence on yours? I believe your children are old enough to decide if they want to follow Harry or not." Lily turned with a glare a Molly who stood up with an equally angry scold.

"From the moment of the arrival of your son there has been nothing but trouble. It's like death follows him and I don't want my children to die no matter how powerful your son is he is nothing but trouble to the Order. In times he is worse than You-Know-Who, even though he has healing potions." Molly shouted back at Lily who was being held back by James.

"Well at least my son does something to fight this war unlike you! You worry about your children as do all but hasn't your son gone to the Ministry out of bounds and after hours? He could have died if it wasn't for Fred and George coming to this world. Why did they come, have you forgotten? Because of Harry MY SON!" Lily shouted back her temper boiling.

"IT MATTERS NOT WHY THEY CAME! YOUR SON COULD GET MY TWINS KILLED!" Molly shouted back and before anyone could blink they had gotten loose from their husbands and attacked one another.

Lily scratched Molly as Molly latched on to her hair pulling. Lily was on top and punched Molly in the face to the horror of those gathered. Molly rolled and pinned Lily bellow her and took a swing that bruised Lily's cheek and jaw. Lily kicked and threw Molly off her. Then she jumped on the much older woman and began scratching and pulling on Molly's hair. Lily punched Molly in the stomach as Molly kicked her off. They rolled on the floor for a few more minutes before Remus and Arthur pulled Molly off Lily who was held back by James and Sirius.

"My god have you two lost your minds?!" Alice asked her eyes wide. "My son is with yours and yet I do not fight because I have confidence my son will return to me. As for you, you blamed them for not telling Dumbledore about some things like Harry's accounts but what interest is that to him if it's not his account? Or blame Fred and George for not letting Dumbledore question the Vampiress and the Hybrid if they only had business with Harry but Harry had let them in for the meeting."

Lily and Molly looked ashamed with their heads bowed.

"I trust my son but it goes to show how you trust your own. They are grown men let them make their own mistakes." Alice glared angrily at them. "They know what they are doing, so just let them be and wait till the dust settles who knows if what they are doing could end this war or not. It is about family here and because you have let Dumbledore into your family affairs he has turned it all to mud for you. In a moment of weakness I let the Order sway my behavior towards my son and see what's it got me? My son hasn't written to me or anything. I scolded him for his loyalty to his friends, which I am ashamed of my self for my behavior."

"Are you saying Dumbledore is trying to separate us?" Arthur asked raising his head.

"More than likely. The boys are powerful so they are a threat to him and his status as the most powerful next to You-Know-Who." Alice told them. "He would want them out of the way or under his control. Aside from that Harry is making gold beyond anyone's dreams and in a far lesser time than any business wouldn't you want a piece of that given half a chance?"

"He has begun to separate your families. Remember before the boys left you have scorn them for not letting Dumbledore put his prints in anything they did. Harry fired Remus because Dumbledore wanted to go behind him to get gold from his accounts for Merlin knows what." Frank looked at each of them in turn. "I think they left to keep their ideals and plans clear, not because they have joined the dark side like Dumbledore claims."

"I guess that makes more sense than what Dumbledore is spewing." James rubbed the back of his head.

"I'm sorry Molly."

"As am I Lily."

"All better now?" James asked. Lily just nodded.

"We have better come up with a plan to find Harry, Fred, George and Neville before something happens to them." Victoria announced. "The problem being we have no idea where to start."

"I know where you can find them." A white phoenix with sky blue eyes appeared in a burst of white flames.

"Yuki right?" Lily asked raising an eyebrow.

"Right." Yuki nodded her long white feathery mane falling to one side of her face.

"What information do you have for us."


Dumbledore entered Gringotts Bank in Diagon Alley with an air of importance as he looked for a free teller. His eyes twinkled as he looked at all the wizards present most had attended school while he was Headmaster so they greeted him. Young children clung to their parents hands and robes staring in awe at the wizard who lead the light side, the great Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore. He saw to his dismay that all the wizards present where either in the Order or of no affiliation, no dark wizard that he knew of was present.

"Next." A goblin to the right at the far end mentioned in his grizzly voice.

Albus Dumbledore smiled at the teller when he walked up to the counter. "Yes I would like to speak with the Director of this brach of Gringotts."

"Oh. And you would be?" The goblin whose name plate read Taloneye asked with narrowed eyes.

"Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts. I wish to speak to the Director about a potential student of mine." Albus smiled.

"Just a moment." Taloneye wrote something on a spare piece of paper and slipped it into a box. Moments later a letter appeared and Taloneye took it from the box. "Hmm. . . Director Ragknot will see you. Gradd escort Mister Dumbledore to the office of Director Ragknot."

"Follow me sir." Gradd said as he led Dumbledore though doors and hallways. At last they reached a gold door adorned with jewels and done in the fashion of Goblin Metal work. Knocking they waited.

"Enter." A voice from within the room told them.

Albus entered the room where behind a huge marble desk sat the Director of the London branch of Gringotts Bank goblin Ragnot. He walked up to the high back royal blue lion feet chair taking a seat he cleared his throat. Alubus looked Ragnot over, he had seen many goblins in and out of Gringotts. Curse breakers employed by companies to bankers, tellers and accountants. Goblins known accuracy with number being recognized world wide. Yet, Ragnot seemed a bit too calculating by the steely eyes and the many wrinkles on his face. A beard stretching to his stomach and fine clothing gave an impression of old world.

"How may I help you, Headmaster Albus Dumbledore?" A creaky voice much like that made by an old house on the verge of collapse asked.

"Director Ragnot I have come to inquire about an account a student of mine has here at Gringotts." Dumbledore stated with a twinkle in his eye yet no hint of friendliness in his voice. "I have concern he might be using his gold to fund illegal activities and I would like to ask for his bank statements and other information regarding his account."

"Oh and who might this student be and why aren't the parents here to ask for the information themselves?" The voice gained a steely note.

"The parents aren't here because they have asked me to inquire, they have enough work at the Ministry as it is. Harry James Potter is the student I wish to inquire about and his account named Pirate's Booty." Dumbledore told the goblin.

"I am sorry but information about that account can't be given without prior authorization." Ragnot shuffled some papers on his otherwise pristine desk.

"What do you mean I need prior authorization? I am Albus Dumbledore, Chief Warlock of the Wizengamot, Grand Sorcerer and Supreme Mugwump of the International Confederation of Wizards You cannot deny me information that I seek you insufferable creature!" Dumbledore stood up with a thunderstorm clouding his face, magic revolved around him showing his power to the goblin.

"Gringotts is separate from this war which has nothing to do with us. Wizards trust us with their gold and we take care of it and invest it to the benefits of them. Information is not given without prior authorization as is rule here at Gringotts. You must leave now or we shall sever all ties to the Dumbledore vaults and your account will be canceled if you continue with this course." Ragnot stood his golden green eyes shone like gold, his sharp teeth bared in a snarl. "Leave Gringotts!"

Dumbledore sneered at the creature before him. "I will not leave without the information I seek."

"Then you will have to face the new wards of Gringotts courtesy of Pirate's Booty." Ragnot sneered making his face a mask of such horror that had Dumbledore sweating for a second. "You Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore are as of here banned from stepping into Goblin Territory till the Council of the Goblins decided it otherwise. So Mote it Be!"

A green light surrounded Dumbledore who had his eyes widen at the touch of magic. Before he knew it he was sitting outside Gringotts bank being stared at by those wizards who have decided to visit Diagon Alley that day. He frowned standing up and was preparing to march into Gringotts and demand an explanation but when he stepped on the first step leading up to the golden doors at the entrance a force threw him back several feet to land on the floor again in front of Madam Malkin's Robes for all Occasions.

"Are you well Headmaster?" A man in his late twenties asked.

"Perfectly fine Mister Droog." Dumbledore responded politely. He turned to the Apparation Point by the bank and left with a frown marring his face.


Harry, Neville, Fred and George where in shorts driving around in quads. Harry was grinning madly while being followed by the other three who were shouting at him. He had one of the other boys boxers up like a flag and was jumping over the dunes in Rosarito with ease avoiding them.

"You'll never catch me!" Harry yelled fixing the goggles on his face keeping his vision clear. He swung the quad to the side as he saw a tire in the sand. He went down the hill leading to the beach followed by Fred and George, Neville in the back trying to keep the bandana around his mouth.

"Get back here you little rodent!" Fred yelled waving his fist in the air.

"Take it like a man!" George fell behind Fred as the waves crashed closer.

"Harry I swear you are going to get it!" Neville huffed from the back.

"HAHAHAHA." Harry laughed his emerald eyes dancing as he rounded a group of girls in bikinis and went up the hill leading to the campsite.

"Wait till we get our hands on you!" Fred shouted as he busted a wheely going up the hill.

"You'll wish you have never been born!" George came over the hill rubbing his eyes as he had forgotten his goggles at the campsite.

"HARRY!" Neville yelled.

"I'm hungry who wants tacos?" Harry asked as he finally stopped at the entrance to the site.

"I do."


"Count me in. . Who's paying?" Neville asked looking around.

"I am. I invited didn't I? I still have some cash on me." Harry told the other three as they all stood together. "Let's go." He rode the Quad up to the paved street and took a right to where the street led to the toll-free lanes. Making sure no vehicle was coming he cross to the right side of the lanes and rode for a quarter mile before stopping to the little stands beside the road selling food.

"I want some Birria that thing was great." Neville smiled as he parked his quad next to Harry's in front of a red stand with the Coca-Cola logo.

"That one is to the side. I'm having Carne Asada tacos with everything." Harry smiled at the twins as they decided what they wanted.

"Tres tacos de Carne Asada con todo, por favor." Harry told the man at the gill behind the counter. The man nodding began to cut the long piece of meat to little pieces.

"Dos de adobada y uno de carne asada." Fred approached Harry. "Neville and George are going to ask for Birria tacos. They'll be back in a moment."

"Okay. Keep an eye on the bikes we don't want someone to try and take them now do we?" Harry looked over to the four bikes sitting innocently in the shade of a tree.

"Yup." Fred smiled as the man placed a plate of tacos in front of him, grabbing lemons he squirted the juice out of them on to his food and asked the little boy cleaning the counter for a coke.

"I wonder how everyone is at headquarters?" Harry asked before taking a bite out of a taco. He motioned for the boy to bring him a coke while he stood around throwing looks at the biked and then concentrated on eating.

"We already paid." Neville told Fred and Harry as he and George arrived with paper plates filled with birria tacos with cilantro and onion.

"Oh." Harry smiled at them as he took a drink of his soda.

"Did you see them chicks at the beach?" George smiled at Harry.

"Which one, the one that lost her bra or the one that was waving at us with a smile?" Harry asked leaning on the counter to the little shop.

"Both I guess. They looked great." Fred turned to look at the American Tourists walking out of the little store just down from them. "I wonder if we could get some in before we go."

"Unlikely." Harry muttered taking out colorful bills and placing them by the plate where the waiter took them and their plates. "Keep the change." Harry walked away to the quads.

"Lets go we need to get going. I want to stop by to gather some of those mirrors they sell, I'm going to make a room like Lady Gin has that allows her to keep an eye on everyone." Harry told them. "I also need to get back so I may have Pirate Potter's Private Paradise ready for those Death Eaters that are going to be staying there for the battle or something."



"Professor." The blond youth looked at the dark haired man before him. His grey-blue eyes showing confusion while his facial features stayed mask like. "I don't understand."

"It means Draco that I am going to be leaving for a few days and I need my Slytherins to step in on my behalf. You cannot know where I am going and for the reasons but come next week I am gone." Severus Snape eyed his godson for a second before continuing in a soft tone. "Your mother is going with me for safety reasons. She doesn't want you to join the Dark Lord comes the summer so we are doing this to keep those whose life will be ruined if the war continues as it has. Respect her wishes and you will see everything will turn out fine."

"Why Uncle Severus?" Draco Malfoy asked his face breaking in fear. "If my father finds out. . ."

"He will not find out. We have taken every precaution to ensure our safety and of others that think like us. Your mother wished to write you be fears the letters intercepted. I was to deliver the news of our departure and to keep your wits about you. No one must know of what is going to happen." Severus told his godson. They were in his private chambers in the living room with the fireplace blazing and the black couches being in use. "The final battle is to take place soon and when the dust clears only those who are loyal to Lady Emilia and Lord Bolt will survive."

"Lord Bolt? Is he to be the new Dark Lord?" Draco asked with a sneer.

"Yes and thanks to him we will rise from the mud we have fallen into. Dark will be recognized for what they are just a form of magic not the personality of a person and their intentions." Severus patted Draco on the shoulder. "We will speak on this before I leave again, to pass any last messages from your mother."

"What about Aunt Bella?" Draco asked staring into the fire.

"She will survive as will your cousin Delia. Lady Emilia will provide a portkey for their safety before the battle commences. Everyone who was forced into the service of the mad Dark Lord will be redeemed in front of everyone and their names will have standing." Severus opened the door to the corridor. "Now behave yourself and keep and eye open and an ear out for anything."

"Yes Professor."


Dumbledore sat down at his desk rubbing his face and then with out a warning he threw all the papers, files, knick-knacks and other items to the flow with the sweep of his arm. He yelled and took out his wand destroying many of his things and some of the shelves on the walls. Fawkes stared and then blew in flames disappearing out of harms way. The portraits of the past headmasters were destroyed but not before the inhabitants had fled.

"Are you mad?!" Phineas Nigellus Black shouted before exiting his portrait fleeing for his life.

"Shut up you fool! It's all your fault!" Dumbledore shouted destroying more windows and the rest of the furniture in the room. He finally sat down on the floor and thought. After a while he waved his wand a couple of times and mostly everything repaired itself. The few metal items refused to mend and Dumbledore sighed as he looked at the pensive in pieces on the floor.

"It took me forever to get that." Dumbledore called a house elf. "Clean the rest and I want no evidence of what happened to be found got it?"

"Yes Headmaster Dumbledore sir." The little house-elf bowed and waited for the headmaster to leave before she looked up. "Mistress Leila not like Dumbledore's behavior but Tweek can't do nothing about till Master comes home." Tweek tilted her head up as if listening to something. "As Mistress Leila wish." Tweek cleaned the room leaving behind nothing that could implicate the headmaster in having lost control. The ex-headmasters and headmistresses was another question for as soon as Tweek had left they burst into conversation.


A lone red head crept through the library eyeing every isle she passed and stopped every time she saw movement. She brushed some of the red hair away from her face and continued on her way holding her wand inside of her robe sleeve. At the far back of the library she saw her friend, a misunderstood blond with radish earrings and a butterbeer bottle cap necklace and her wand tucked behind an ear.

"Hi Ginny did you find anything?" The blond asked her sky blue eyes shining with mischief.

"No Luna, what I did find was that Potter girl with someone I am sure if Gryffindor knew they would throw themselves out of their tower." Ginerva Black told Luna Lovegood as she took a seat across from her.

"Oh who was she with?" Luna asked.

"Charles Warrington." Ginny leaned forward and whispered.

"What? Oh she must have gotten a case of Stupidentia, affected by the hormones dispersed from the armors lying around like art." Luna stated with glazed eyes. "Or she took a sip of the Great Lake after the squid came out for sun and the merpeople decided to steal the flushed water from the restrooms."

"Yeah I am sure that is it." Ginny smiled despite herself. "Okay back to business, I have the calculations to potential shielding spell but it still needs work, what have you found?"

"I took to asking one of the younger muggleborns for information, bribing them with the chocolate you gave me for Christmas. I'll have you know that Fudge put something in them to control everyone who eats them." Luna scolded at Ginny. "I am disappointed you haven't been listening to me about what Fudge has been up to."

"Of course I have! That is why I don't go near Moaning Myrtle's restroom because as you say she died while on PMS, which I do believe you might be right about that one." Ginny scrunched her face up in disgust. "But did you get the information about muggles I needed?"

"Of course I'm good for it. Did you get the pictures?" Luna asked.

"I asked a friend of mine to do the honors." Ginny took out an envelope and passed across the table.

"Hmm. . They look good." Luna smiled looking at the pictures. "How much do you think they'll give us for these?"

"I don't know its worth something to have a picture of Slytherin Prince, the Shadow Prince and the Silent Prince all in the shower like that. Hell even I have copies of them." Ginny smiled. "I'm going to use them as blackmail if they try something."

"Hmm. . . Too bad there isn't someone hotter." Luna mused.

"Luna! I can't believe you. I mean I know you are a dealer in the underground cult but to try and find someone to your liking its. . .its blasphemous!" Ginny clutched her hand to her heart and leaned back with her eyes wide. "I though you weren't really interested in boys not interested in what you liked? Or have you changed your requirements?"

"No. I. . oh Hi Hermione." Luna smiled at the brunet that turned the corner browsing the shelves.

"Hi." Hermione blushed. "Luna Lovegood right?"

"Yes. Did you know you have Dreprix around you?" Luna asked tilting her head to the side to get a better view of Hermione and her giant book bag.

"Oh, nonsense." Hermione returned back to her browsing.

"Aren't you going to say hi to me Miss Granger?" Ginny asked with a stony face.

"I don't associate with Slytherins." Hermione told her as she took out a huge tomb from the shelfs.

"Oh you mean you don't associate with anyone other than your books? I mean that is just about all the friends you are going to have aren't they?" Ginny sneered before turning back to Luna missing Hermione wiping her eyes with her sleeve.

"Don't listen to Ginny she's having trouble with Muggle Studies, but as a muggleborn maybe you could help her. . .in exchange for say Ancient Runes and being friends?" Luna smiled as both girls looked at her like she was insane. "I mean we are all house rejects, right? No one in Ravenclaw likes me, no one in Gryffindor likes Hermione and no one in Slytherin likes Ginny so what is the problem?"

Ginny turned to look at Hermione noting the busy hair and slightly larger teeth. Her robes were ink stained and she had took many books sprouting from her book bag. Her clothes were organized and in pristine order but she had a very conservative style going on.

Hermione looked at Ginny with a calculating gaze. She took in the slightly long and wavy/curled red hair and the caramel color eyes almost amber. The way her robes were of the highest quality much like the rest of the Slytherins and her attire was much like the latest fashion of smaller skirts, tighter shirts and hoses instead of socks. She had freckles much like her ex-sibling Ronald Weasley but her posture exalted authority and elegance even for a fourteen year old.

"Fine. I'm okay with it." Hermione stated looking at Ginny for her decision, hoping beyond hope that might have finally found friends.

"Okay but here there is no house loyalties and everyone speaks their minds. Foremost nothing that happens or is discussed among us is spoken to anyone else." Ginny looked at Hermione in the eyes challenging her to refuse the rules.

"Sure. I mean I'll probably get killed in Gryffindor if I said I was being friendly with you of all people." Hermione smiled shyly at Ginny who grinned and turned to Luna.

"Show her pictures to see what she thinks if we could get some money out of this or not." Luna passed the envelope to Hermione who opened it and took one look at the first picture and dropped in on the table blushing red.

"Oh my god where did you get those?" Hermione looked at Ginny then at Luna.

"Oh I asked a friend to take them. You are dealing with dealers of the underworld of the school. From here pictures, clothing and other items from people pass into the hands of fanatics." Ginny smiled. "Gossip costs a pretty knut and many are willing to pay for the dirt on people."

"Oh so you are saying you are violating the privacy of people just to make money?" Hermione scolded at the two.

"Pretty much." Ginny smiled.

"It helps get all those rumors out and helps to pass the days not being bored." Luna inputed taking the pictures back and slipping them into her bag taking out a stack of papers. "Here's all the information I could get about Muggle household items."

"Yeah yeah." Ginny reached across the table to take the papers. "They better be correct."

"I could check them if you like." Hermione told her and for a second she thought Ginny was going to refuse.

"Thanks." Ginny smiled.

"You know about Ancient Runes?" Hermione asked shyly while she over viewed the material in front of her.

"Yes. My mother Cassiopeia has taught me the value of learning runes." Ginny smiled at Hermione's puzzled face. "There is magic to be done using only runes. You could ward a house if you can combine the right runes together and the magic will hold for eternity unless someone more powerful than the caster can counter the rune. Most people don't even realize they could use runes to lay down magic for time. Ancient Runes is just the theory you really have to be a pureblood to know some runes but my mother took it upon herself to teach me all that she knew and acquired books so I may learn the latest."

"Wow. I didn't know that. Why don't they teach it here at Hogwarts?" Hermione asked interested.

"Because it is considered ancient magic and as such prohibited to use or cast but for purebloods our roots extend father back than the Ministry as such we ignore their rules." Ginny brushed some of her hair out of her face. "The old mansions hold magic that shields the Ministry from knowing if underage magic is being used as such they label us dark because we are embedded in the olden days."

"So because you know more about ancient magic than anyone else you are considered dark?" Hermione asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Yes." Ginny looked at her, Luna was humming to herself while looking at the pictures with a glazed look.

"That is hyprocosy as it means anyone with ancient knowledge is dark just because and not dark because they have done something bad or killed someone." Hermione said out raged.

"Shh. .. Madame Pince is going to get us." Ginny pulled Hermione to a chair.

"Sorry but that is just wrong." Hermione stated.

"I know and so is the theory that Slytherins are evil and Gryffindors are good." Ginny told her.

"But that is true." Hermione told her but her eyes held doubt.

"No. I know for a fact that there are many Gryffindors, Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs that are Death Eaters and on a side note have been a witness to seeing Gryffindor's Princess Potter kissing a Slytherin known soon to be Death Eater." Ginny looked Hermione in the eyes. "Keep quiet about it or you'll disappear like Donna Draken."

"I though she switched schools." Hermione furrowed her eyes brows in confusion.

"That was the cover-up. Professor Snape made the letters and had her parents sign them as they were neutral. No one really knows what happened to Donna except for the Slytherins who witnessed it and it stays in the house that is house loyalty." Ginny told her. "We watch our backs because no one else is going to."

"Oh. . . Then it doesn't matter because I have no one to discuss it with." Hermione smiled sadly.

"Oh but now you have us." Luna smiled with a bit of drool. "I mean we are now friends and you could now dicuss problems and theories with us. . .and share information about Gryffindor tower just like we share information about our houses."

"Luna." Ginny rubbed her chin motioning for Luna to clean the drool off her face.

"I'm sorry but they were really great pictures. . .lots of flavor in the mix." Luna smiled with glazed eyes.

"Okay remember I get seventy five percent cause I have to share with the photographer and pay up for the potion they get reveled in." Ginny told her.

"Okay." Luna got up and left discreetly.

"Look if you ever want to talk bump into us. That way everyone would think you got some balls and are willing to start a fight with us. We are going to have to keep up this charade for a while so you are going to have to come up with insults, come backs and some fighting moves because I can fight and so can Luna. You got to learn to have everyone respect you for your bravery which is just a show." Ginny smiled friendly and shook Hermione's hand. "Glad to have another someone to talk to."

"Yeah. I know Tae Kwon Do." Hermione smiled at Ginny as she stood up.

"Oh and don't go into Moaning Myrtle's bathroom because Luna came up with the theory that she cries a lot and changes mood swings because she died while on PMS." Ginny smirked at Hermione's paling face. "I know. Later.



Jezebel moaned as the lips on her went down her throat and nibbled on her neck. Her arms were around her lover as her skirt rode higher due to his hands exploring her. Her eyes glazed over when he bit a spot and then soothed it over with his tongue.

Their robes were off and his shirt was unbuttoned as her was in the process. The darkness of the broom closet a comforting shadow as they only could see by touch and what good touching that was. Her vest was taken off as her shoes were abandoned on the floor when her feet decided they would like to curl around his body.

"Charles?" Jezebel's breathless voice spoke.

"Hmm?" Charles Warrington moved to a spot just bellow her collar bone but above the swell of her breast.

"Has the Dark Lord mentioned any new plans?" Jezebel tilted her neck to the side.

Charles lifted his head his eyes held annoyance not that Jezebel could tell in the dark. "No the Dark Lord has not dispersed any plans as to the future. It is rumor that the Dark Lord is deciding on a final battle but that is just speculation as it is assure we will win and many will die from the light side. It is just a rumor and nothing has been decided."

"Oh. Well I am going to join come this summer. Thank god we only have to wait one month and a half for the summer to begin." Jezebel smiled before the door was opened.

"Well Well look what we have here students out of bounds." Argus Filch smiled a crooked grin and pulled them out. There was a flash from two sides but when he turned there was no sign of anyone. "Anyone out my precious?"

Mrs. Norris the bane of many students adventure seeking years meowed in response.

"You sure my precious? You don't smell anyone?" Meow. "Okay. As for you two it's to your Heads of House to decided."

Argus Filch pulled the two slightly undressed students who stared at him in horror. There were a couple flashes but to his dismay Mrs. Norris clearly said there wasn't anyone around. Argus dragged the two protesting students to Professor McGonagall's office on the first floor.

Mrs. Norris groomed herself while Argus disappeared around the corner heading towards the stairs. She stood and stretched walking over to a nitch in the wall she meowed. Instantly the same spell was cast twice and two girls appeared with wide eyes and cameras in hand.

"Oh my god Luna did you see that?" Ginny asked as she turned to make sure no one was around.

"I am not blind. They were trying to preform the battle ceremony of the Pixies versus Fairies. But they didn't get to finish." Luna actually sounded disappointed.

"Well we got some good pictures and by tomorrow everyone is going to want evidence and we are going to hit it big." Ginny smiled.


"Oh right your pay." Ginny reached into her robe pocket and pulled out a bag putting on the floor she gave the cat a crooked smile. "Best cat treats Magical Menagerie can provide for you. Tuna, chicken, liver and sea food. Pleasure making business with you."

Mrs. Norris picked up the slightly heavy but small bag and trotted away with her head held high lifting the bag off the floor. She went down to the ground floor to wait for her master to return from punishing errant students that didn't make deals with her.


"So. When do you think they are getting here?" James asked Lily as they laid down for bed.

"I don't know James. You ask the same thing every night. How should I know?" Lily turned to face her husband, her emerald eyes clashing with hazel brown.

"You keep company with Yuki. She HAS to have told you something." James responded before yawning.

"She only said to watch out for the sixth. It would be the sixth hour, sixth day, sixth week, sixth month, sixth year-"

"Yeah I get it. *sigh* Well. . . . . At least we know he is fine wherever he is."

"Do you think he'll forgive us James?"

"I don't know Lily, I don't know."

"I mean it was bad enough OUR son became a Death Eater and hated us but to have a very loving an accepting child hate us. Our second chance gone down the drain. I don't like it when Dumbledore hints at having Harry arrested and thrown in Azkaban for something or another."

"I know 'failing to aid the Light Side' and 'Aiding and abetting the enemy'. I mean you told me Emilia is a part of Harry and I believe you cause she looks like a female Harry part the designer clothes and attitude. I wish Jezebel was more like her."

"Yes. Jezebel. . . . .Well she always was one to stand in the spot light and to see Harry stepping up I think she's a bit jealous even though she had always been our favorite."

"I think we spoiled her too much."

"Should have listened to your mother, she has always posessed a sixth sense of things."

"Yeah. . . Goodnight Lily Love."

"Goodnight James."


"Everyone ready?" Emilia turned to look at those present. Severus Snape, Narcissa Malfoy and the two Blacks nodded. "Good. I have the potions." Emilia handed out the potions to the three soon to be ex-Death Eaters the emerald green liquid swirled in the bottles.

"Cheers." Regulus Black quirked his lips as his eyes shone fear.

"To Life." Orion Black raised the bottle. Everyone raised their bottles and toasted drinking afterwards the tasteless liquid.

"So where are we going to go?" Narcissa sat from the chair in the living room of Severus Snape's Spinners End rented home. Everyone's carrying bags where by the door and all where waiting for the time to leave.

"A trunk manor." Emilia told them when they just blinked she sighed and began explaining. "Its a manor inside a trunk expanded to cover space where there is none. Seven stories high with fifteen towers, thirty acres with a part being sea. There are over twenty bedrooms, studies, laboratories and other random rooms through out the house much like Hogwarts like it was designed to imitate by changing rooms and others."

"So you are saying this trunk manor may be able to house us?" Emilia nodded to Narcissa who spoke. "For how long?"

"As long as necessary. There is a house-elf by the name of Dobby who does the whole property. He is a freed elf-"

"A free elf? That is absurbed." Regulus told Emilia who stopped to glare at him.

"Yes well Dobby is an unusual house-elf who gets paid, vacation and gets to decided what he wishes to do or not to." Emilia smirked as she watched everyone stare at her in horror. "He is very nice and has accepted to accommodate and protect you."

"Protect?" Severus sneered.

"House-elf magic is powerful especially when those put under their care are threatened. If say the Dark Lord was to enter the manor chances would be he would get kicked out by Dobby and the wards on the property. House-elves are underestimated by wizards which is the main reasons they make the best spies and allies give them what they want and they will do all in their power to keep you safe and happy." Emilia smiled and turned towards the door. Opening it she was greeted by four people dressed in black. "Hello Harry."

"Emilia." Harry entered the room to see everyone with their wands raised and trying to back away.

"Fred. George, Neville." Emilia let the others in before closing the door and going to Harry. "Got your trunk ready?"

"Of course." Harry smiled and unclipped a trunk charm from the necklace around his neck and threw it to the floor. The little charm glowed and began to grow till there was a full sized three by two by four foot trunk in a mahogany wood polished to glow.

"The trunk belongs to Potter?" Regulus asked his eyes wide.

"Yeah who did you think it belonged to Big Foot?" Harry quirked an eyebrow before opening the trunk reveling stairs leading down.

"Come on you idiots don't you guys want to disappear before Thursday?" Emilia shouted at them as they looked at her then at Harry. "He is a part of me and is also Lord Bolt though I highly doubt James would be interested in you guys this early on."

"He isn't going to massacre us in there right?" Regulus asked while picking up his luggage bags.

"Of course not. If he wanted to kill you, you wouldn't be alive this minute so get moving or I'll kill you myself." Emilia helped Narcissa carry her bags down the flights of stairs.

At the bottom of the stairs stood two giant metal doors made from Mithril embedded by colorful stones and opals. The edge was covered in gold with runes carved into the mithril and gold surrounded by the many sparkling jewel dust. On a pedestal a clear sphere held by extended claw of the dragon sprouting water on to the basin bellow it glowed and swirled with colors.

"It requires a drop of blood for you to enter." Harry got closer to the dragon pedestal which the scales instead of being painted where real amber and rubies. "It measures if you have no real ill will towards me and lets you enter as a sanctuary for many."

"I will go first if you don't mind." Narcissa stepped forward her head held high. She placed her hand on the sphere and felt a prick on her finger then the light within the sphere changed to reflect a bright green color and the door glowed blue for a second as a click was heard.

"You may go in. The sphere approves you as a guest to my house." Harry smiled and motioned for Emilia to lead Narcissa into the house.

Severus Snape sneered at Harry but placed his hand on the sphere and waited as the light turned a golden color much to the charing of the Potion Master. He grabbed his bags and went inside the doors.

"I'll go next dad." Regulus steeled himself and walked forward. Placing his hand on the sphere he waited as the liquid within the globe swirled before it settled on a deep violet. He stared at the color for a second before turning to look a Harry who smiled at him. "What does the color mean?"

"It means many things but it represents the characteristics of your soul and magic. Violet is a good color success, wisdom, and power plus a sense of psychic awareness follow the color purple." Harry told Regulus who nodded. "Go inside I am sure you'll have to hunt for a good room."

"Hunt for a room?" Regulus turned to stare at him.

"Everyone has their taste, and so the rooms represent a different part of the world or a combination of many. You just have to find one you like for your stay here. Have fun."

"Mister Potter I thank you for what you have done for my family and I." Orion stepped forward and placed his hand over the sphere. A deep blood red filled the sphere and Harry looked over to Orion before shaking his head and motioning him to go it as Harry brought up the rear with Fred, George and Neville arguing about the benefits of a raising their own herbs to that of store bought.

"Would you three please be quiet for a second I need to talk to them for a second." Harry entered the living room.

"Master Harry Potter Sir." Dobby shouted jumping Harry's legs. He bounced around for a while pulling his ears. "Dobby thought Master Harry Potter not come back to apartment then knew Master would go to Manor if given chance so Dobby come here."

"That's good Dobby you have been informed of what is expected of you during these people stays, right?" Harry asked.

"Of course Master Harry Potter Sir. I is to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper then give refreshments if they wish or tea. I is to clean bedrooms and make sure they not go to the dungeons or the caverns bellow the floor. They may visit the gardens but make sure they not get hurt by Old Man Willow." Dobby pulled on an ear thinking. "I am not to let Mister Snape harass the animals and plants and keep them from taking any books from the Great Library. I have to try and get information about the old Harry from them with innocent questions."

"Atta Dobby. Thanks for taking on the job." Harry told Dobby.

"I is knowing Master Potter not do anything without his Dobby." Dobby smiled then disappeared with a pop.

"That Dobby got you wrapped with his psychology." Neville smiled before the four refugees came into the room to take a seat on the couches and lounge chairs.

"Any questions before I give out the rules to my house?" Harry asked looking around. Narcissa raised her hand. Harry nodded for her to continue.

"I was wondering why is there almost no red in the house? We have presumed you would be a true Gryffindor with the colors and everything that had any relation with the lion house. What house were you in if I may be so bold to ask?" Narcissa eyed Harry with her blue eyes.

"Gryffindor but I detest red. I use more calming and warming colors. Blues, greens, golds and creams I like most." Harry told them. "Besides I seem to have developed a great taste in decor haven't I?"

"Of course I love the colors and the textures." Narcissa quirked her lips. "I didn't know anyone could combine such colors and make it look beautiful than that of a muggle child's finger painting."

"Why do you dislike red?" Regulus asked. Fred, George and Neville glared at him.

"It reminds me of blood." Harry's eyes glazed. "The blood I had to shed to end a war. The blood shed to start a war and to continue war for ideals that benefit no one just a mad man who wishes for more blood. I've seen too many deaths and taken too many lives all for the sake of peace and war."

Regulus stared before his father frowned at him and he lowered his head. Narcissa stared at Harry with wide eyes before leaning back and slipping her expressionless mask over her shock. Severus stared at his hands as if seeing the blood marring them and the many lives he had taken intentionally or by accident.

"Too true." Emilia walked back to the main lobby. "Lets go. I need to get back to Slytherin's Den before I am missed. Bella and Delia will arrive in two days they will already be admitted because I placed their blood on the wards."

"The rules are simple and easy to follow. Keep out of rooms that are locked and don't take anything that is not yours. Dobby is serving you as a favor not by requirement so if he decides he doesn't want to serve you anymore you will have to figure out living how you are going to make do without house-elves. Another, there is an old Whomping Willow which protects some of my plants and I suggest you keep away from him and his little girls. There are herds of magical creatures roaming my territory keep out of their way they live here permanently and you do not. " Harry looked at everyone before continuing. "I can't give you a tour but the portraits will give you directions where ever. There are five green houses four are in towers and the other works as a courtyard with in the castle walls. Ten studies and five libraries are hidden behind doors but only three are accessible to you. The lower levels of my house are out of bounds to you all unless you wish to encounter the violent wards keeping those levels sealed.

"Very well then. When this is over be expected to be put on probation for the crimes committed and your wands monitored for some time." Harry told them his eyes turning an artic green. "I will not tolerate people who switch sides to save their arses not to improve themselves and move forward with an open mind."

"Of course this has to be some Gryffindor noble deed." Severus sneered but was startled to see Harry smile at him.

"Oh but it would be best to move forward. You have a little girl, Eileen Snape, who just happens to be my goddaughter in my world. A prodigee in potions just like her father but she is just turning four. She is the reason I would prefer you to keep you comments to yourself. Clarissa Leilani Malfoy just happens to be Draco Malfoy's daughter but you, Narcissa, had killed yourself and never got to see your first grandchild. The Black line ended when Sirius died so in a sense this world is better with your family Regulus." Harry turned to stare straight at Severus eyes.

/ Memory /

"Now uncle Harry I would like to get my potion ingredients if you don't mind." A little girl no older than three stood in front of a much older Harry. She had a pale complexity but not as pallid as her father and remarkable blue eyes as light as the sky mixed with a tint of green as light as the grass. "My daddy said I must get back by Lunch time."

"Okay Eileen, I'll go get your ingredients. Anything else?" Harry walked down a crowded passage as people slipped into some of the doors with their bags of purchases.

"Hmm. . . Can I get some phoenix tears? And a new robe?" Eileen Snape asked smiling at her Godfather.

"Uh sure. We'll just got to-"

/ Memory end /

"What was that?" Severus asked dazed.

"Your daughter, but enough time with the chit-chat. You will stay here till everything has passed and everyone has calmed down chances maybe a month but your subscriptions to the Daily Prophet will come true but any letter that might contain spells and enchantments will be disposed off." Harry turned and left the room.

"Bye you guys." Fred and George saluted everyone and left smiling.

"Don't worry much. All will turn out well, enjoy the acomodations." Neville smiled and waved exiting.

"What did you see Severus?" Narcissa asked immediately.

"A little girl." Severus stared in a daze at the burning flames in the fireplace.

"What did she look like?" Regulus leaned forward on the couch he was sitting on.

"Slightly long black hair, blue-green eyes and from the looks of it very intelligent because she was asking Harry Potter for some potion ingredients and other items with a clear voice and good vocabulary for a three year old." Severus leaned back and stretched his legs out. "When this is over I am going to get the whole history of my self from his world out of him."

"I would like to know how we died." Regulus looked around the room.

"Then we will have to wait till the dust settles and we see the ruins of the war."


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