"...why where you crying?"

"Your mom´s still in surgery."

"... she´s gonna be okey ,Will. Your mom is a fighter."

"... there where some... complications."

- Complications? What kind of... complications?

She looked at the man infront of her, saw the way he squeezed his sons hand. The tears that still lingered in his eyes, the panic he tried to hide.

She isn´t just the mother of his son. There´s more here then just attraction.

- Lexie, please...

He´s in love with her.

She saw it clearly written on his face and wondered why no one had realised it before.

They must´ve been blind.

- Is mommy gonna be okey?

She turned to his son and saw the same fear there as she had seen is his father.

The same love.

- We managed to stop the bleeding. We gave her a tranfusion and she´s stabilized now, but...

- But what?

It was John who asked, standing behind Lucas, looking like he hadn´t sleept in a week.

- Her heart stopped for a while during the operation.

Lucas´ face turned grey and she heard the strangled gasp that came from John. She looked at Will and her heart broke for the boy. He had lost so many people to this monster already. And now his mother could be next.

-Daddy, does that mean that mom´s gonna die?

To lose your mother when you where so young... It could destroy him. It would destroy him.

- No, she´s not. Remember what I told you Will, your mom´s a fighter.

Lucas talked to his son, but he looked at Lexie and she saw the desperation in his eyes. He didn´t believe in his own words and she couldn´t blame him.

She wasn´t very opitimistic herself.

- We got the heart going again but she´s still unconscious.

- So, what does that mean? Is she gonna be okey?

Lucas had his voice under control, trying to not to upset Will, but she heard the hope and the fear, saw the panic, and she understod it. All to well.

He knew he could lose her. And the very thought of it made it hard to breathe. To think.

The pain would be unbearable. The loss would shatter his heart, tear his soul to pices.

It would make him turn to the bottle, seeking a way to forget.

She knew how that felt. To lose the one you loved more than life itself, your soulmate, was one of the hardest thing you could ever go through.

Oh, Abe... I miss you so much.

- Yeah, is my sister gonna be okey?

Belle was standing beside her father, biting her lip, her eyes red and puffy.

Sami had so many people who loved her.

- The next twenty-four hours are going to be critical. We could still lose her.

She had so many reasons to live.

- And... and if she makes it through the next twenty-four hours?

The fear of losing his stepdaughter had eatched lines on John´s face, making him look like an old man. And it made Lexie wonder where the hell Marlena was. A family should hold together in times like this.

- Then, if she wakes up on her own within the next day or so, she should pull through.

- If she wakes up she should make it? What kind of diagnosis is that?

Lucas´ voice, filled with disbelief and anger, echoed in the waiting room, making the people turn their heads and stare at him.

- Lucas, calm down. I know you are worried, we all are, but yelling at Lexie dosen´t help. She´s doing the best she can. Everyone here is.

Lucas pulled away from the hand that John had placed on his shoulder, acting as if it had burned him, and turned his head, giving him a look that Lexie couldn´t quite define.

There was anger. Fear. Distrust.

And then something that made her heart stop.


- We all worried? Are you sure about that John? Where´s Marlena? You´d think she wanna be here. Sami is her daughter, after all, isn´t she?

Anger flared in John´s eyes.

- I haven´t been able to reach her. Are you insinuating that...

- I´m not insinuating anything. I just want some answer. Seems like you don´t like my questions. Now why is that, John?

- And why should I have to answer your questions, Lucas?

- Oh, you don´t have to. I´ll get my answers. Somehow. From someone.

They stood there, staring at each other, Lucas´ looking ready to kill someone.

Will looked at his father, then at the man he considered his grandfather, his eyes big with surprise.

He wasn´t the only one. Belle looked at Lucas and her father, her eyebrows knitted togheter in confusion. And Bo looked at John, suspision in his eyes.

Finally John looked away from Lucas, a flash of guilt in his eyes.

What is going on here? Why is John acting like he has something to hide?

Lucas still looked at John, like he was trying to figure out if he should say something more, then, desiding against it, he turned back to Lexie, a forced smile on his face.

- Sorry Lexie. I know that you take good care of Sami. I just... snapped.

- No need for apologizes. I understand. We are all worried.

He shot a glance at John, then at his mom, standing a few meters away.

- Yeah. So, when can we see her?

- As soon as we get her into a recovery room. I´ll send someone out here to tell you. But she needs her rest, so short visits by immediate family only. Okey?

- Okey. Thank you.

A few hours later, when she went to check on Sami she found Lucas sitting by her bedside, holding her hand. The only sound in the room was coming from the heart monitor.

- Your still here? I thought I told you to keep the visits short.

Not that she was all that surprised. To tell the truth, she would have been chocked to find Sami alone.

He didn´t even look up at her as he spoke, his eyes never leaving Sami´s face.

- If you think I´m leaving her alone, here, then you´re crazy.

- Lucas...

- Not a chance in hell.

- Your son needs you.

- He´s with my mother. He begged me to stay here.

He brushed a piece of hair from Sami´s face, his fingers caressing her skin. The tenderness of his actions made Lexie´s heart ache.

- He´s so afraid he´s gonna lose his mother this time...

And your son´s not the only one who´s afraid, is he Lucas?

- All we can do is pray. Your son is a wonderful boy. So brave.

- I know. He´s getting it from his mother.

A soft smile touched his lips, and it was clear that he was lost in memories.

Sami? Brave? Now that was a word she wasn´t used to hearing when talking about Roman´s strong headed daughter.

Selfish, mean, vindictive. Those where words that Lucas had used himself when he´d talked about the mother of his son.

- She´s a great mom. She loves Will more than anything.

Although Lexie agreed, having seen Sami interact with her son, she was chocked to hear Lucas actually admit it.

- You really are in love with her, aren´t you?

Lucas was quiet for so long that Lexie didn´t think he would right had she to ask him that anyway? It wasn´t like she and Sami where friends. Far from it.

- She dosen´t even know. I´ve never told her and now...

... and now it may be to late.

Yeah, she knew how that line went. She had been down that road herself a couple of times.

- There´s still time.

- How do you know that? How do you even know if she´s gonna live through the night?

And he sounded so tired, so depressed, that Lexie couldn´t help but feel sorry for him.

- Sami´s a fighter, you said so yourself.

- Yeah, I did.

Lucas sighed, running a hand through his hair.

- Why don´t you go home for a few hours, get some sleep. I´ll call you if she wakes up.

She said it, knowing he´d refuse.

He shook his head, focusing back to the woman in the bed.

- You´ll be no good to her if you are exhausted.

- I´m not leaving her.

Understanding that it was a futil to argue with him, she went over to Sami´s bed, looking at her chart.

- There´s a coffee machine outside the room if you need some coffeine.

He gave her a tired smile.

- Thank you.

- You´re welcome.

She flashed a flashlight in Sami´s eyes, feeling relived when the pupils reacted.

- So, what does your mother think of you beeing here?

- She´s not too thrilled.

- That´s gotta be the understatment of the year, Lexie said wrily.

- She´s gonna have to learn to deal. Sami?

She gave him a reassuring smile, having heard the fear he was trying to hide.

- She´s hasn´t gotten any worse.

- Or any better, he muttered.

- You gotta give her some time. She´ll pull through this. She always does.

She saw something dark flash in his eyes, something akin to guilt.

A lot of that going around here.

- No, she dosen´t.

Lexie raised an eyebrow, curious a the look of self-hatred that she saw in his eyes.

- You gotta be optimistic Lucas.

- It´s a little hard when she´s lying in a freaking hospital bed, with tubes everywhere. IV drops... God, she hates beeing in a hospital. Being poked with needels...

Beeing injected with poision, actually dying on death row, might give you a small averasion againt needels. Putting it mildly.

- I know.

His hands shook as he took her hand and lifted it to his mouth, giving it a kiss.

- She´s so pale... My beautiful angel... Oh God, Sami...

His shoulders where shaking, silent sobs racking his body.

And Lexie´s heart, the one organ that had been shattered so many times, broke again at the sight of Lucas´ grief.

It was morning the next time she went to see Sami. She had told the nurses to let Lucas stay with her, doubting that even the security guards could have pried him away from her bedside.

He had fallen asleep in his chair, his hand still resting on hers.

He woke up as she entered the room, his eyes going directly to Sami.

- How´s she?

Lexie examined her, checking her chart.

- There´s no change.

Lucas looked the heart monitor, then back at her, his jaw thightning.

- I hate seeing her like this.

- I know. It´s never easy to see someone you love in a hospital bed.

First had her husband died. Alone. And her son had lost his father.

Then her thoughts went to her brother, lying in a similar bed as Sami, him too fighting for his life. And he could have had a chance, not a big one, but still. A chance.

Until someone mudered him, gave him a deadly injection.

Lucas must have seen the look on her face beacuse he sighed, starting to apologize.

- I´m sorry Lexie. I didn´t mean to remind you...

She gave him a small smile, shaking her head.

- It´s okey. It´s not like I can forget it anyway.

- Yeah. I just hope that they catch her soon, whoever she is.

The anger in his eyes scared her and she remembered how he had looked at John in the waiting room..

The hate.

- What happened between you and John yesterday?

And she could almost feel the shields going up. He stood up and went to the window, looking out at the parking lot, his shoulders tensing.

- It was nothing.

She furrowed her brows, hearing the warning in his voice.

- Nothing? You looked about ready to strangle him.

- Well, it´s between him and me. And his wi...

A small voice interrupted him, making turn around and stare at the woman in the bed.

- Lu... Lucas?

Sami had woken.

- Sami?

- Lucas. What..?

Her voice was hoarse and rough and confusion shone in her eyes.

- I´ll explane later. For now just let me... Oh, God Sami... you´re awake.

He rested his forehead against hers, hands on each side of her face. His eyes where closed, tears running down his face.

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