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Previous on I'd rather have you:

Before I told my father I would like to come back I had send them one telling them I would surprised them soon, I didn't told them how though. They don't know I'm coming back home.

"Miss I notice you were lost in your own thoughts..." – said an airhostess – "We will be landing in a few moments please put your seat belt."

"Thank you..."

I guess this is it...

End of POV

"I'm back..."

2- Changings! 1st day! Pain!

(Part One)

Sakura and her father got their luggage and left to the arrivals, where they didn't expect to find anyone waiting for them. But for their surprised there stood Toya. They weren't expecting seeing him so soon. It has been eight years since the last saw each other. So it is only natural that he only notice his father and keep looking for Sakura.

"FINALLY. I thought you would never come back to Japan!" – said Toya while embracing his father. He continue to look around trying to spot Sakura – "So where is the squirt?"

"I can't believ you don't recognise your own sister. It has been only eight years!" – said their father slightly disappointed with his son. He was expecting everyone to do that, but not him, not Toya. "Well I guess Sakura was right he is baka..." – he thought.

"Seriously where is she?"

"I'm over here!" – she said slightly annoyed but happy at the same time, 'cause he didn't recognise her. He eyed the girl, from where the voice came, head to toe twice. She did resemble his sister.

"You can't be my baby sister... The squirt... can you?" – he aske looking once more at her and then hugged her.

"Toya...(cough)I can't... (cough) breath!"

"Sorry..." – he said – "Now explain this awful change on you!" – he demanded escorting them to his car.

"Why don't you like your sister new look?" – their father asked. He was proud of his daughter and how much she grew in those years. "He doesn't know half of the changes... He will kill me when he found out..." – her father thought.

"It isn't that... is just..."

"I look different from all the other girl... But guess what I don't care about that! And I won't change for nothing." – she said, she gave an apologelic look to her father, he nodded and she took of her jacket.

"What in the hell name is that!"

"This is my new look..."

"But you are so weird with that hair and what clothes are those. And is that a piercing and a tattoo?" – he said terrified with the change his sister went through – "It is okay squirt, now I'm here everything will be fine..."

"Stop that. I did this because I want to, not because I force to. AND yes it is a tattoo a PERMANENT one. It is symbolic. It means Good Luck and happiness..."

"DAD... how could you let her do such thing?" – Toya asked outraged

"Oh... it was very simple. She changed. She deserved doing what she want. She stayed away from eight years and helped me a lot. She learn new things. And Toya you won't do nothing about that and you will respect your sister wishes! Every single one. Without arguing or jeopardizing anything for her!"

"Wishes? What wishes? Did you tell Tomoyo and the brat you are back?"

"No, and tyhat is one of the thing you won't say. You can't tell Yukito we are back... Well that I'm back!"

"Why not!"

"Because I don't want to! I want to see some things first. For them populariry is everything for me that isn't enough. I don't care about it..."

"I don't understand what happen to you. But I guess you aren't a squirt anymore!"

"You got that right... Another thing is after dad leaves in two months you won't come back regularly. You will keep your life like it was before we came back. You'll leave me alone to live my life peacefully!"

"Dad what is she talking about?" – he asked walking inside their house after eight years.

"I'll begin another dig in two months and she will live alone until I cam back..."

"But she can live with me... I can take care of her..."

"Toya no. I want to live alone. I don't need any one to take care of me. And I won't take no for an answer." – she said firmly

"Fine... Well if you don't need me anymore... or don't have any more wishes I'll leave! Bye! And squirt although I won't be showing up to check on you that doesn't mean I won't be calling to see what you are up to and you better pick up the phone..." – he said.

"Bye!" – they said, and he left them.

"Sakura today is to late for starting talking about what we are going to do. But for tonight we wil satrt unpacking, and tomorrow we will decide what to do!"


Sakura POV

It is amazing how time went by everything is still the same. I bet nothing has changed. Well at least what I saw so far prove me right. It is like this city froze in time since the day I left.

It is small with the smae people, the same stores, nothing really changed, well I did changed. Maybe I was expecting to much of it. Maybe I was expecting major changings like it happened to me.

I guess this will be more difficult than I first thought...

End of POV

Ring... Ring...

Her cell phone rang.

"Hello this is Sakura..."

"hi..." – said a voice from the other side – "How was your trip?"

"Perfect... just perfect!"

"And how are things there?"

"E! This city stopped in time, they aren't ready for me!"

"Hey, take it easy. It cannot be that bad!"

"Believe me it is!" My brother didn't recognise me and almost had a fit when he sawe the piercing and the tattoo!"

"I bet you were mean to him!"

"Now I was mysel. I no longer go around the bush to say what is true and what I'm thinking!"

"Yep... that is my Kari"

"Who did you think it was? My dead mother?"

"I don't know... I thought you would change as soon as you got there!"

"Nope, still lil old me. And what about you. In a week you'll be going back Hong Kong or is it London first? And then to where? How will everything be with you?"

"First is to London and the next one is a surprise. They won't notice me much. London is a big city!"

"I guess you are right!"

"Changing the subject. Are you still going through with what you told me?"

"Yep and don't forget before you enter..."

"The plane I'll send your letters. But are you sure about this?"

"Yes, I need to see if what they say the letters is true. You read them. You what they said in the letters. I want to believe them, specially him!"

"But you believe them, don't you?"

"yeah, but tehre is that thing about they being popular and the difference in the letters, when it is to express their feelings and missing they are like me, but then talking about school and their fiends..."

"I know it was like they were best, conceived that is what I would call them!"

"See you understand me, I need to see what they are before revealing myself to them. See if the are worth it..."

"If you are sure, i support your decision. Nad when your dad will come to the next dig. What will you gonna to do?"

"I'll be staying here. I'll rent a flat!"

"Good, I knew it your dad wouldn't mind doing that! And how many divisions will it have?"

"Probably 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, a living rooma na three balconies!"

"Three? Why three?"

"I don't know it is just a feeling I have. Like the ones I have lately. I don't know how or why, though! What are you laughing at?"

"You should know by now, not to question your gut feelings. Don't you?"

"Yep, but what do you think I'll be needing to extra rooms for?"

"I don't know probably for one unexpected guest and a friend in need..."

"What you mean by that?"

"Nothing I was just guessing! There is no need for you to get mad!"

"I'm not bad, but when you guess, you are normally correct!"

"Hey you can't blame me for that!"

"No I can't but I wish I could!" – she giggle

"Well now I'll leave you alone to lax from your trip and for the day you'll have tomorrow!"

"What do you mean?"

"Simply that you are not going to stay closed at home. You want to cause sensation. Isn't that right?"

"Yes and no!"

"Come again?"

"I won't be indoor but I don't want to attract attention to me"

"Oh, I see... I'll call you when I get back to London. Bye Kari!"

"Bye E!"

As soon as she got off the phone she feel asleep. She really was tired. Tomorrow is going to be a very long and frustating day...

Next day

Sakura it is time for you to wake up!" – said her father

"Hum... mmmmm... Do... I have to?" – seh asked rubbing th sleep of her eyes.


"But is still so early!" – she said looking at the clock it said 8:30 a.m

"Come on Sakura we need to talk!"

"About what?" – she half asked half whined from her bed covers

"Get up and come see!" – her father said leaving her room.

"Fine! I?m coming... Geezhe could have given more five minutes... it wouldn't kill him..." – she grumble while getting up

She took a quick shower, and dressed a pink tunic and one of her sandals. She ler her hair like it was. With braids all let down that reached her waist line, almost near her butt.

"I'm here..." – she said walking into the living room – "What did you want to talk about?"

"About you and what are you going to do now that you are back!"

"I was thinking keeping translanting ancient texts for your digs and preparing myself to college!"

"Ok... But for you to do that, you have to attend Seijuu high School!"

"But... but... why?"

"Because you will not stay at home avoiding Xiao Lang and Tomoyo. You talked about them in Egypt for the last eight years, all you friends knew about them!"

"I'm not avoiding them..." – she argue back

"But you will still go to school. Even if you already know what they are teaching. So you don't get to lazy and when you'll enter college!" – her father said showing he will not change his mind.

"Fine I'll go, but not has Sakura Kinomoto and..."

"But that is your name..."

"I know, but people still remember and are expecting the Sakura Kinomoto who couldn't fend for herself, and not the Sakura Kinomoto that got herself in some nasty fights and that doesn't look down at no one!"

"So under what name will you attend to school?2 – her father asked

"I'll be attending as Karza Amanya, like I was known in Egypt..."

"But there you were also a Kinomoto!"

"I know that. I love my name, i really do. But id on't want people to know I'm back. And you alreay knew that!"

"Yes, I did. But I never knew you were serious about it!" – he said worriedly, he was feeling that something will go wrong – "But if that is what you want I'll respect that. However you continue on studying and having good grades like you did so far!"

"Ok... Is that all you wanted to tell me about?"

"No, it is about your flat, the one you will be living alone..."

"What about it?"

"I know you want a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, kitchen, living room and 3 balconies in each room. I know you wanted to seek for it yourself but today when I went to my morning jog, I saw one that has everything you want. So do you want to check it out?"

"REALY?" – she squealed and embraced her father

"Yes, but if you want to see others..."

"Thank you so much daddy... Can we go see it... Can we?" – she asked excited pulling up her father from the couch.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Yes daddy... Thank you... thank you!"

"Okay you can go now... and you in the afternoon..."

"Will go and sign in to go to that school!" – she let go a sigh

"Okay lets go."

They went out of the house and begun walking towards the apartment building where her father discovered a flat for her. They walk through the streetys and many people gave them odd looks because of their looks.

They walked through Penguin Park and started to talk once again.

"How will you manage to work with everyone looking at you without saying anything back?" – her father asked

"Simply I don't care if they are looking... Look..." – she said gesturing at her – "This is me and I won't change for nothing at all..."

"My girl grew up... Your mother would be so proud if she was here..."

"Wherever she is right now, I bet she is!"

"You know, sometimes I think it was a mistake taking you to Egypt, removing you from the place you called home and take you to a place where I didn't know if you'd fit in! But then it is times like this that I know that I did the right thing!"

"Dad, I would never wish for these past eight years be any different! I love evrything I learned and everyfriend I've made. Even if I don't fit in anymore, I don't care I learn more and that, nobody can take away from me!"

"You are welcome, but lets go. You remeber every place in Tomoeda right?"

"Yes, how could I've forget, specially since the city didn't change. This is the park where Moyo and I used to play, this is the park where I met Xiao Lang for the first time!"

"You know it was also here I met your mother..."


"Yes, come on! The building isn't far from here!"

After walking another 10 minutes they entered a flat complex, by the lift door there was an estate agent who was in charge to sell that flat.

"I'm guessing you liked the flat Mr. Kinomoto?"

"Yes, i did. But the flat isn't my call. Let me introduce to you my daughter Sakura Kinomoto also known as Karza Amanya, in fact the contract we will sign it will be under that name!"

"So this young miss, is the one that is going to decide. Well nice to meet. Let me show you the flat."

They entered the lift and got out on the sixth floor. In there, there were only 2 apartmenets. Apartment A and apartment B. They headed to the A.

"Here it is. Come in!"

"Thank you!"

"Your father told me you had specific request and that this is what I have like that, with only a differnce."

"I can see..." – Sakura said walking around the flat she saw the bedrooms, the balconies, the bathrooms, the living room, the kitchen but there was an extra. A library/training room – "So this is what is different for my requests?"

"Yes... That and the extr balcony outside the living room. So what do you think?"

"I don't know, it need to be furnitutred, it need to be clean and I need to give it my personal touvh, if I keep it. The extra spaces are fabulous..."


"But I need to know more. Not about the previous owners, but about my neigbour!"

"Well he is quiet, he used to live in a mansion, but then decided to move in with his butler. I can't tell you more 'cause I really don't know. So will you take it!" – the lady was unsure on how to avt towards her, only with her neighbour she felt like this. "Teenage this days, are so intimidating..."

"Yes she is..."

"But dad..."

"Stop making the lady anxious with your excrutiating details about everything!"

"So is that a yes?"

"Yes, can you have the contract ready for when?"

"Today. At two o'clock!"

"But wjhat about the buying and all that burocracy?"

"Your granfather and I took care about it. This flat belong to him, so it will only chnage names. And since I call him telling himwhat you were up to. Don't worry he won't tell her, in fact he said "It will be good for Tomoyo" – he whispered the last part in her ear.

"So I guess I'll be seeing you this afternoon to sign the contract?"

"Yes. Your grandfather will also be there!" – she left the keys with Sakura and left.

"Thank you daddy!"

"Don't thank me now, you still have to go and buy furniture for your first flat..." – he said – "Shall we go?"

"Now? You meant it?"

"Of course I did. I know you want to stay with me, but you need to begin working on your flat now, or you will never have it ready, and also you'll have to try live alone if you want to be known has Karza!"

"I guess you are right!"

"So what do you want to buy first? I know you brought some furniture from Egypte..."

"Yes. I brought xcarpets and some statues. But I need the essentials."

"I figure that much, so we will go to your granpa's shop."

"Which one?"

"The one in Dunes Avenue!"

"Oh... I bet he is there. Isn't he?"

"Yep. In fact the shop will be open only for us, with your granpa to help us!"

"Really?" – her dad nodded – "Let's go then!"

She grabbed her father hand and drag him all the way to the shop as faster as she managed. She knew she was acting like a child, but she couldn't help it. She missed her grandpa to much and he was going to close one of his shops only for her, that was something great.

"Sakura, calm down..." – said her father chuckling slightly.

"But I want to go there quickly..." – she pouted

"I know that. You want to be there so fast that you didn't noticed that we are here already!"

"Hehe! Sorry about that!" – she said stopping on her tracks and walking to the door. She was hiperventilating.

"Sakura... Calm down... Breathe honey..."

"Is that my spring flower..." – said a voice behind them.

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