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Previous chapter:

"No! Syaoran I won't listen to what she said; maybe she was right about Shimura but about you she is wrong!"

"Okay, okay…let's go to class!"

They had different classes. Surprising as it was, Syaoran has the same class as her

It was time for Physics.

"Okay class I know you have been having some problems with the programe today we will be solving exercises in pairs so gather round with one classmate and begin doing the exercises I've writen on the board while I'll explain questions.

"So we have to be together. Nice!"

"Good choice Miss Amanya, Mr Li is one of my best students!" They heard groans.

His fan-girls wanted to stay with him.

"Like I had any choice…"

"What did you say Miss Amanya?"

"Nothing. Nothing at all!"

"Lets get to work."

"Fine." She grumbled.

"So in the first exercise she wants us to find…?"

And then one of them answered.

"It is 245697 Joules."

"What?" The teacher looked at them, and them asked directly to...

4- Troubles of the first day!

"The answer is 245697 Joules." Karza stated the answer once more.

"Very good miss Amanya, I've never seen a student solve a problem so quickly! What's your secret?"

"There isn't any, I just did it mentally."

"Oh really?" But the teacher was getting suspicious, now, and the students were looking between themselves, eager for a little drama.

"The second answer is…134 watts."

"Give me your note book," The teacher grabbed her notebook, searching for an answer, but none was written. "How did you do it? You can't do that…who gave you the answers?"

"Miss, I'm new here, I don't know anyone, and the third answer-"

"I'm sure you can't do it."

"You said only college students could solve it…"


"The answer is 256 ohm."

"But how?" The teacher was stunned at her new pupil.

"It's easy." Everyone was looking at her as if she had two heads, now, all shocked that she was smarter than Syaoran, and had managed to solve problems they'd been attempting for months, without a pen, paper, or calculator in sight.

The duration of the class was like that, with the teacher testing Karza's knowledge, and Karza answering every question in a matter of seconds, completely correct.

Of course, that only made Syaoran angry; no one had surpassed him in this subject before.


"Well kids, you may thank Miss Amanya for not having any homework. See you guys on Friday. Miss Amanya, could you hold on a second, I want a word with you."

Syaoran, however, was completely dumbfounded. No one had ever managed to stop the Physics teacher from giving homework, and yet, here, the new girl had managed it in her first lesson.

"Close your mouth, or you'll lose your jaw, jerk!" Karza muttered, at seeing Syaoran sitting, with his mouth wide open in shock.

"Uh-uh…" He didn't hear a word she said, although he was in some kind of trance.

"Close your mouth, jerk!" And she headed to the front of the class, to hear what the teacher had to say.

"So, you're the new student the principal was talking about…he said you were intelligent, but never brilliant…maybe you could enter the championship for the school? I know you're new-" Karza didn't allow her to finish, however.

"I don't mind, but I don't know how long I'll be staying."

"Well, you can enter, and then, if you have to leave, at least you'll have earnt some points for the school."

"Okay, I'll enter."


Karza passed Syaoran on the way out, sighing as she saw his expression hadn't changed.

"Jerk." She muttered.

"Mr. Li!" The teacher commanded his attention, now.


"We have a new member to enter the championship this year, so, if you can't go, don't feel too guilty, she could probably win it alone…having said that, you'll need to enter as a member of the school. And please don't whine about social suicide. You'll enter, or your grade will suffer."

"You can't do that!"

"Yes, I can. The rules apply to everyone, , and I won't be making exceptions for you."

"Yes ma'am." He was at a loss for words, so used to being the best in the class.


But she's so like her, so cute!

Stop it, Syaoran!

He shook his head, trying to clear these thoughts, and jumped up, heading to his next class.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), they had the same classes all day, and nothing changed.

By the end of the day, he was already familiar with the way her auburn hair changed colour when she hit the light, how many braids she had, and how much smarter she was than him.

"Miss Amanya? Before you go home, the headmaster wants to speak to you."

"Thanks, miss." And she left the room.

"Syaoran, you ready?" Tomoyo stood in the classroom's doorway.

"Yeah, let's go."

Like every other day for the past eight years, Syaoran and Tomoyo walked home together. However, unlike the other days, Syaoran was silent, and didn't hear a word that Tomoyo said, lost in his thoughts.


No response.


He remained quiet until Tomoyo snapped and pinched his arm.

"What was that for?"

"You weren't paying attention."


"What's wrong?


"I'm not stupid, I know something's the matter with you, now tell me what!"

"I don't know…it was like, I had a feeling Sakura was near, today…"

"She would've told us, Syaoran. You're just feeling like that coz the new girl came from Egypt."

"Yeah…it's like, I could almost picture Sakura in her…and the way she looked at me, as if I'd betrayed her trust, or like I wasn't loyal to her…I must be going nuts."

"You aren't going nuts, you're just worrying for nothing. Sakura's in Egypt, and you haven't done anything wrong – no one can judge us! And besides, she's nothing like Sakura. Sakura wouldn't treat anyone the way Karza did."

"Yeah, I guess you're right, but-" She didn't allow him to finish his sentence.

"I know I am…but, Syaoran, be careful, especially with Shimura, I don't know what she's up to." Tomoyo stopped as they neared her home, checking her mail box for anything special – a letter from her cousin, but there was none to be found.

Not even something from Touya.

She looked back at Syaoran and shook her head, and saw his trace of a smile disappear, his head sink low, and his shoulders become heavy, as though he'd lost all hope.

He was suffering even more than her.

Please don't lose hope, Syaoran.

Sakura'll be back soon.

You deserve to be happy…even if you look somewhere else, I'll understand.

Syaoran walked slowly down the street, devastated once more at the thought of going home to an empty house, apart from his butler. He sighed, knowing he'd go to the bridge at King Penguin Park, to attempt at improving his mood. However, on the way, he stopped at a flower shop.

"The usual?" The lady behind the counter smiled, a smile that was almost contagious, and Syaoran found himself returning it.

"Yes." His answer, however, was solemn.


Karza made her away to the principal's office slowly, anxious at why the principal would want to see her on her first day.

Karza POV

Damn! What did I do so wrong?

I was polite today, apart from that one teacher…

But then again, I could blow my cover for being too nice…

I'd better hurry, see what he wants, I suppose…

Seeing him couldn't be much worse than seeing what Syaoran has become.

I wonder where my sweet Xiao disappeared to.

End of POV

Karza entered the principals office, and he looked up as she did so.

"Sakura, please, take a seat." He gestured to the chair in front of his desk, the one she had been seated on the previous day.

"Thank you."

"So, it seems you've already attracted a great deal of attention, normally, the new student goes unnoticed!"

"So it seems…I merely said what I believed in, and no one's going to make me change my mind, not even some fifth class history teacher."

"Actually, that's why I called you here – be careful with Miss Ryoko, she'll make your life much harder, otherwise."

"I can take care of myself, even if she gives me a bad grade, I'm already enrolled to Tokyo University!"

"I know, but still-"

"I'll be more careful when dealing with her."

"I also must ask you about your P.E uniform – here, we wear shorts and sleeveless tops. What did you wear in Egypt?"

"Shorts and a sleeveless top." Said with such innocence, the principal knew something wasn't right.

"How short and tight is the top?" He knew she was shocking everyone with her uniform.

"Enough for me to move around!"

"Do you have-"

"A picture? Yes. This was taken when we won a gymnastics tournament."

"This is too revealing, I can't allow you to wear…did you say you won?" He was still slightly scandalized by the photo, but was more interested in what she'd said.

"Yes, a continental one, but only a few countries enter, it's not a big deal."

"Impressive. But don't you still think this is a little too revealing?"

"I thought that at first, but I'm a student, from another country, and if I can wear my clothes to other classes, I don't see why not P.E, if they don't restrict my movement!"

"You came to shock us all, did you?"

"No, I think I'm giving the town a little dose of reality."

"But, Miss Kinomoto, you weren't always like this!"

"No, but I learnt the hard way…I know how world works and popularity and status won't get you anywhere. Only my hard work and determination made me survive it at all. And that comes with personality and individuality, not popularity and status!"

"I knew Touya's younger sister was coming back, and that she'd bring something new with her…I'll let you wear these clothes, but you'll have to fend for yourself against the hormonal teenagers we have here."

"I managed drunken men in Cairo, I'll manage a couple of teenage boys."

"And don't forget the cheerleaders…and if you're called a slut-"

"I've got a few tricks up my sleeve. I'd like to see them try calling me anything!"

"You'll find out soon enough." He sighed, not knowing how to change her mind.

"Is that all?"

"Yes, you may go, but remember to be careful."

"I will!" She smiled and left his office.

I'm not the one who needs to be careful, they are!

Before heading home to start painting, Karza decided to go for a walk, allowing her feet to carry her wherever they so wished.

Karza POV

So, they really think I want that mumbo jumbo of popularity.

How stupid are they?

If I knew back then I what I know now, I would never had been like that…

But, I guess we all have to learn and grow up sometime. When I was little, I didn't know any better…

Not anymore. There's so much more than who's the prettiest, or who's more popular. I'd much rather just drink and dance, and have fun!

Ugh, and that stupid lying cow, that stinking bitch, Shimura?

I remember just how much she envied me, tried to make me screw up…

But I just used to forgive her, even when she used to hit on Syaoran…

Well, payback's a bitch, and this payback will suit her well.

What'll suit her well?

Hello again, Sakura, long time no talk…

What'll suit who well?

Payback will suit Shimura.

I guess it will, but you've gotta be careful with what you say and how you act.
Don't wanna blow your cover.

Not at all.

And what about the others?

They will have to wait and see what Sakura Amanya Kinomoto is capable off.

You might just lose everything…

You might get your heart broken…

I know and I don't care. I'm expecting everything to come my way. And I'll deal with it when it comes. After all I can always stop attending school and go travel a little and come back for college. I'm not worried if you're not.

I'm not, just protect yourself.

I will, everything'll be okay. And I'll teach them all a lesson, without getting hurt.

End of POV

She kept on walking, formulating her plans for the next day, until she came to a bridge, and was forced to stop as she saw someone leaning over the rails, and she just barely managed to restrain a gasp.

He stood there, a bouquet of sakuras and peonies in his hand, throwing flowers into the river and watching them float away.

She stood there watching his every move, noticing how much softer his features were than in school. He wiped away a tear, and her heart tightened.

He was suffering.

And so was she.

Syaoran POV

Life goes on like this river, I suppose. Ever flowing, into the ocean.

I wish she'd receive the flowers.

I know that's quiet impossible, but I still wish she'd get them.

End of POV

Karza POV

What is he doing here?

He just throws flowers into the river?

I wonder why?

Yes, I'm curious, so what?

My heart aches for him, and I hate to see him suffering.

I want to reach out for him, but I can't.

I need to be strong.

The curious thing is how guarded he is in school, he doesn't look miserable.

He has that stupid, silly grin, and that boyish look that the girls all love.

His eyes don't show any emotion, either.

Why the sudden change?

End of POV

Syaoran held his gaze on the flowers for a long time until he couldn't see them anymore.

Then he noticed someone's presence beside him, and sighed.

"What d'you want?" He asked coldly, his eyes once again cold and impenetrable, and she could no longer read them.

Those are the eyes I saw at school!

She tried to make eye contact, to see the pain, the hurt she'd seen before, but he merely shifted his gaze from hers.

"Didn't they teach you where you came from that it's rude to stare?"

"Sim, eles ensinaram-me isso e muito mais. Como é errado mentir. Que tudo o que se faz um dia retornará e poderá provocar uma alteração no teu destino!" (1) She muttered with a knowing smirk.

"What? What are you doing here freak?" He didn't understand a word she said.

"Eeba oti eene mia thimosia thessi, ke mboro na eeme etho, eesis nothee!" She said with a teasing smile, she was making fun of him.

"Come again and this time in Japanese!" He demanded, getting pissed off at her for trying to make a fool out of him.

"I said it is a public place I can be here. You bastard!" She said, still holding the smile that made him want to remove it from her lips.

"What did you called me?" No one called him that and got away with it.

Who does she think she is?

"Bastard! Is it a big word for you. I'll spell it out, so you can learn it. B-A-S-T-A-R-D. BASTARD!Did you catch it now?" She resisted the urge to laugh as his face got redder.

"I ought to-" He balled his hand into a fist, trying to stop it trembling.

He had been raised never to hit a woman.

"You ought to what? Hit me? Then you'd show me you really are one! You called me a freak without even knowing me, at least now, I have proof you are one!"

He grabbed her arm at this.

"Let go of me."


"I didn't ask you, I told you." And she snatched her arm away, turning to leave.

"What did you mean by that?"

"By what?"

"Calling me a bastard?"

"If you're so smart you deserve all the teachers to treat you like a freaking genius, you should work it out for yourself!" She yelled, not turning back. She knew he was glaring.

Syaoran POV

She looks exactly like Sakura, but she's such a freak!

She isn't even nice.

Jeez, what's up with her?

She's new round here, she should want to be in everyone's good books, but no, she doesn't want popularity.

What is the deal with that?

I already knew she was a nerd, doing the sums in her head without writing them down, but now she's calling me names in other languages!


I shouldn't have waste my time on her…with those clothes, she looks like a…a…

I don't even know what she looks like, but I don't like it.

Yeah, right.

Shut the hell up.

My name is Xiao Lang Li, but everyone calls me Li, or Syaoran, my Japanese name. I'm Chinese and I used to live in Hong Kong in a large mansion but one day when was four I moved to Tomodea, so I don't really have many memories from China, apart from those stupid holidays I've been forced to go on. I prefer being here, away from my family.

Before I moved here, I didn't know anyone, but one day, I met the girl of my dreams.

She's known as Sakura Kinomoto - the only girl that has my heart, the one I've been waiting for. About eight years ago, her father took her with him on a dig in Egypt, and, since that day, I've only spoken to her on the phone, or through mail.

Each day, I only love her more, and sometimes, I wonder how I even go on at all.

At first, the other kids only accepted me because of her and because of how I looked…but, over these years, I've worked hard to stop being the skimpy Chinese kid, to become the high school heart throb.

And all because of her.

I had to change for her, I want to be perfect for her.

I needto be perfect for her.

I love her so damn much that when I found out about her stay there, I got depression. Yeah, a ten year old with depression, what a laugh.

Her phone calls and letters were all that kept me going.

At home I've got 1,536,798,760 tickets to Egypt, but I never got on to actual plane to go. Maybe if I'd gone to get her, Tomoyo and I wouldn't have become what we are. I'm a player – I play with girls' feelings, I flirt with them, tease them, but, although I have the worst reputation in the school, I've never kissed another girl besides Sakura, and won't till she comes back.

Tomoyo's become cynical, and a hypocrite, she helps me play with the girls, sometimes she introduces me to new ones.

We have to, otherwise our status would be gone.

I guess I only began to act like this from jealousy. What was I supposed to do, when Sakura wrote to me about another guy, how good looking he was, how smart he was and how much he helped her. Maybe if Sakura hadn't written so much about him, I would never have become like this.

But, here we are.

Even though all that's happened, I miss her like crazy, and it seems to get worse every day.

I met her when we were only four, but since then, I've been unable to take my eyes off her. Even if I have become infamous for having tonnes of girlfriends, and no longer being a virgin, the truth is the last girl I so much as kissed was Sakura, the day I said goodbye to her.

Please, Sakura, come back to me…

I'm still thinking about that Amanya girl…who in their right mind would scream at someone they'd just met?

Let alone in another language.

That's like a one-way ticket to freak land.

But something makes her look like Sakura…I just can't put my finger on what it is…

But Sakura would've told me if she was coming back.

And she doesn't dress, or act like Sakura…

No! She isn't Sakura.

End of POV

-Ring Ring-

Syaoran looked round, and saw Karza taking her cell phone out of her bag, a genuine smile on her face, one that made her eyes shine with happiness as she began talking.

Wonder who made her so happy?

"E!" She said into the phone, forgetting where she was for a moment.

"The letters are on their way!"

"Really?" She became nervous now, wondering what the outcome would be from those letters.

"Of course dear Kari, would you think I would lie to you?" He chuckled on the other end of the line.

"Thank you so much, I owe you one! So, where are you?"

"I'm still here…"

"What? But you should've gone home!"

"I'll go tomorrow, but only for two weeks, then I'll be off again!"

"To where?"

"That's a surprise!"

"Oh! No fair!" She pouted.

"Kari stop pouting it isn't lady like!"

"It is still not fair you know me so well, if I didn't know any better I would say you were my boyfriend…Oh, E. Sorry, I forgot about that…it was cruel of me joking about it…"

"It's okay… So have you talked with her?"

"Yes last night. She is so sad. I end up talking to her mother."

"Me too. Hopefully everything will be alright…She deserves it…"

"Hope so too. Tomorrow I'll have my first P.E class!" She smiled at that.

"Sakura, don't you dare!" He screamed.

"My, that's the first time you call me by my Japanese name, you must be furious!" Her tone was the epitome of innocence now.

"Don't you dare use your work clothes."

"Which work clothes? I work in so many places…"

"The ones you wore in the tournament!"

"And why not? I bought them to wear them!"

"They aren't proper!" He tried to reason with her, but they both knew that was lost case.

"And why aren't they proper?"

"Because they're-"

"They're what? Too revealing? I know, but the principal said it's okay!"

"How did you pull that off?"

"I showed him what it looked like, you know in the photo where I won with the girls in the tournament."

"How desperate are they for school trophies?"

"Pretty desperate…"

"So I guess there is nothing I can say that'll change your mind?"

"The answer to that one is obvious."

"So I guess it is a no?"

"Pretty much."

"Okay, so I'll call you tomorrow so you can tell me how shocked they all were."


"Bye sweetie!" And they hung up.

Karza POV

I know what I'm doing, most of the time, but I can't help but wish he was here…he'd see the positive side of things, and make me stop being so mad at those two.

This was going great until I saw him on the bridge…he looked like a lost puppy.

What was he doing, anyway?

For a player, the heartthrob of campus, he's very attached to where we-

No Karza, don't think that or you'll back out of the plan.

I need to do this.

End of POV

"Dad, I'm home!"

"Are you going out?"

"Yeah, I'll be going to paint the walls of my bedroom today and tomorrow so that maybe on Saturday I can move in."

"So soon?"

"Yeah, don't worry."

"I'll miss you." Her father smiled warmly at her now.

"I know, but-"

"You need to do this, I know all about it."


"Okay, go on."

"Thank you for being so understanding." She hugged him.

"Take care…I'll be leaving soon." She stepped back and looked at her father, shocked.

"You said you'd be staying two months!"

"They called me, asked what my plans were, and since I didn't have any, we agreed I'd be going sooner. Besides, you'll be settling down for the next year, you know I want you to go to college."

"Yes, daddy."

"So you'll be a good girl while I'm working, and if you need anything, you can come and meet me."

"Okay." She pouted.

"Now, you'd better get going, otherwise it'll be too late to do anything."

"Okay, see you later." And she hugged her father again.

Karza went to her room, changing her clothes to some baggy jeans and an old shirt. She rushed downstairs, grabbing herself an apple as she went, practically running all the way to her apartment.

However, when she got there, she realised it was a little late to start painting, and decided instead to take another look around the place, deciding what needed to be done. The living room, the library and the bedrooms.

Damn, so much to do so little time.

I shouldn't have wasted my time with him.

Oh well, at least I told what I thought about him!

Tomorrow I'll start painting, after school I'll come right here and start working…

She didn't even notice how long she'd been there until it started getting dark – too dark to return home, all alone…

At least, it would be for a teenage girl raised in Tomodea, but seeing as she didn't want to draw any attention to herself, as everyone knew where she was from, she didn't want people catching on to who she really was.

Tomorrow it'll be a brand new day and soon I'll be living all by myself.

Then I can work on the other ones!

Next day

"Hoeeee! I'm late!" She dressed in the first set of clothes she came across, not really paying attention to what it was. She put her gym clothes in her bag and run downstairs.

"Good morning, dad!"

"Good morning, Sakura. Late again?" He checked his watch.

"Yeah! I have to go, see you later!" And she ran out the door.

"Honey, you got a letter! Sakura? Never mind!" He continued, though he was fully aware he was speaking to an empty house.

Karza ran all the way to school, stopping only when she reached her homeroom.

Thankfully, she wasn't late yet.

She walked slowly to her seat, fixing her clothes, and finally noticing that she was wearing a long brownish skirt and white tank top, with sneakers, so she wouldn't have to put them in her bag.

Her homeroom teacher come in and made a few announcements. Manly about the tournaments the school was entering that year, so everyone must do the tryouts since some of the students on the team had graduated, that the clubs would be opening pretty soon, so they had to join in…

She didn't really pay much attention to her teacher speaking, sooner or later, she'd have to leave anyway, once she'd revealed her true identity.

She'd promised her father she'd try and stay in school till the end of the year, but then again, she always liked to travel.

Karza didn't notice when her teacher left the room, and a new one entered the room until she heard her classmates getting up.

Oh yeah, they still stand up to greet the teachers…Retard town…

She still didn't know what class she was having next - she didn't even know who the teacher was, she simply opened her mouth and said, like the others;

"Good morning, Miss Ryoko." Her eyes widened to the name they all said, and she looked to the front of the class and saw her.

The teacher from hell.

Crap…and it was such a beautiful morning so far…


(1) "Yes, they taught me that, and so much more – that everything you do will come back to get you and can make a difference in your destiny"


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